SLIP INTO FALL-6 Easy ways to bring early fall to your home

Hi StoneGable friends. I’ve been hearing from lots and lots of you that you are still enjoying summer but love thinking about fall too. You are a smart group! It’s important to look ahead when seasons are beginning to transition… but you knew that! Make a list, or better yet a Pinterest board of all the amazing ideas you want to work on for fall so you don’t forget! Today, let’s get inspired by 6 fabulous ideas that will help you slip into fall!


The start of each season is full of anticipation. The turning of the calendar brings new experiences, as well as the tried & true traditions we all enjoy celebrating.

Slip into fall graphic

Fall is a season particularly full of anticipation, as it cusps on the start of the holidays.

The east coaster in me has a long standing love of all things fall. I look forward to celebrating this season for its colors, coziness and of course, pumpkins in every shape, size & color.

My friends love celebrating fall in their homes & decor too. Today we share with you our early fall inspiration.

Let’s Slip into Fall together…


Janet from ShabbyFuFu takes her early fall inspiration from a rock. Now that is creative!

Purple toned fall mantle

Sharing a mantle for fall styled with jewel tones rather than the more typical fall rust tones, Janet shows us a beautiful way to transition from summer to fall.

She incorporates rich jewel toned colors with the use of flowers and textures, as well as some of what you might expect to see in the fall but in a different palette.

I love the look Janet achieved here. It is especially wonderful for those of us who live where it stays warm, even hot, through September & October.

Love of Home

A fall ‘staple’ done right is Indian Corn by Susan of Love of Home.

Adding this Indian Corn Swag to your door says fall is here for sure.

Susan gives us her easy tutorial so we can hang this touch of fall on our front doors in well under an hour.

Indian Corn Swag

On Sutton Place

Like so many of us, Ann from On Sutton Place says Fall is her favorite time of year. She can hardly wait for it! Ann loves when the days get shorter, the temps get cooler and the leaves turn.

To move the seasons along a bit Ann decorates her front porch in the colors & feel of fall.

As you can see, cozy throws, colorful pillows and mums are all it takes to add a touch of autumn to your outdoor space. Click HERE to see the rest of Ann’s porch.

Easy Fall Porch Decor | Inspiration for adding a welcoming touch of Fall to your porch. Budget-friendly and fun ideas that are simple and quick!

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Grace, family, forgiveness & a beautifully set table. Anita of Cedar Hill Farmhouse talks about all that, sharing, not only her stunning style, but her heart too.

I know you will enjoy everything about Anita’s early fall post. Read it here.

Cedar Hill Farmhouse crystal glasses

Stone Gable

Fast and fabulous! Two words describe the fall decor Yvonne of Stone Gable shares with us today.

Got 5 minutes? You can get this look, just listen to Yvonne…

“My favorite seasonal decorating is fast, easy, pretty and creative. It only takes 5 minutes to put a sweet and fall inspired vignette together. Really!

I love the mix of hydrangeas and pumpkins for early fall. If
you don’t have real pumpkins yet use faux. And if you don’t have white pumpkins… paint orange pumpkins white! Easy peasy!”

Pumpkin white hydrangea

My Soulful Home

In fall Kelly of My Soulful Home sees pumpkins everywhere. Even in the cleaning supply aisle at the grocery store!

Passing thru just such an aisle one day her mind conjured up pumpkins from copper scrubbing pads.

After the groceries were put away, her scrubbing pad pumpkins made their debut!

Get the easy tutorial here & whip up a patch of your own pad pumpkins to scatter on your table, use as place cards or to top gifts!

( Get a 12 pack of scrubbing pads here. )

Pumpkins scrubbing pads


The creativity & beauty overflows in every season with this group so take moment to visit my friends. I think they will become your friends & valuable resources too.

Enjoy reading all the posts now or PIN them for later so you can take it all in when you have the time.


Early fall table scape

Love of Home

Indian Corn Swag

On Sutton Place

Fall porch decor Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cedar Hill Farmhouse crystal glasses

Stone GablePumpkin white hydrangea

My Soulful HomePumpkin from a scrubbing pad - a repurpose


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SLIP INTO FALL-6 Easy ways to bring early fall to your home


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  1. What beautiful & unexpected ways to slip into fall! You never disappoint me with fresh ideas! Your home is still my favorite! I love your style!

  2. When I get them out of storage next month, I plan to paint one or two of my fake pumpkins with white chalk paint. I also like the pumpkins from copper scrubbing pads – very cute idea.

  3. Some very useful ideas in this post Yvonne. I love your home and style so much and enjoy the great photography. I am thinking about slipping into “Fall” now, thanks to you and your friends.

  4. Can not wait to bring fall into my home,love all the decorating tips . Have a great day Yvonne!

  5. Oh what great ideas to PIN!! I love the Indian Corn Swag & was thinking that I could take my burlap fabric & brush with a light coat of mod podge and dry and then cut the leaf shapes out for this beautiful swag! It would make the leaves do what I want them too! Also I love the brass scouring pad pumpkins — it is exciting to get new ideas as a blessing from someone else’s imagination!! Just thought – maybe I could also take a little bit of acrylic paint and lightly paint a little color on the burlap to make colorful leaves!

  6. I love all of these ideas and inspiration, especially the Indian Corn Swag! I love the burlap leaves, now I will be hunting for some of those at my craft store, or I’ll make them. That is such a cute idea. That would look great on a front door, beside the front door, or on the stair banister. Super cute! I’m totally over summer, and ready for the upcoming Fall season!

  7. Yvonne, love all of this fall inspiration! It is so hot, I wonder if fall will ever come!! Love the pumpkin and hydrangea topiary! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  8. Pumpkins are my favorite for fall. I have a pumpkin place that I visit every fall that has all colors. White and green are some of my favorite along with the orange. Your blog today has me thinking and planning on my Pinterest board.

  9. This hot weather has me yearning for fall, but the cold and snow comes too quickly. I appreciate your ideas and will tuck them away for another month.

    1. We’re suffering here too, Ann, in southern Ontario. I can’t recall a Summer EVER like this one! With this “jungle weather”, I just can’t put away Summer decor yet … but completed a cotton-boll wreath and know where I stashed my once ugly dollar-store pumpkins that are now painted a warm white. Keep cool!

  10. Fall is my favorite season. Love love love the white pumpkins. The scubber pumpkin. I may use that for my take away gift for my Bunko Babes. Always like to put a useable or yummy treat on each plate. Thanks always for your great pictures and info.

  11. Love all these ideas…especially the scrubbing sponge pumpkins! How cute! I will definitely be making a few of these to get my kitchen in to a “fall mood”. Thanks so much!

  12. Love all of the great ideas for decorating and getting ready for fall….thanks for sharing! Enjoy the weekend!

  13. Well, you’ve got my creative juices flowing! What a great idea to just paint a traditional pumpkin white…now why didn’t I think of that simple idea? The copper mesh pumpkin is a hoot.

  14. Perhaps I’m wishing my life away but Fall cannot get here soon enough. I’ve had enough of the oppressive heat and more – the humidity. Will be grateful for a long sleeved shirt! I think I’ll go out and cut a few blooms from my hydrangeas. Your picutes are beautiful!

  15. Love this post, as fall is my favorite season. Love all the ideas starting to think on what I want to do and one thing is paint some faux little pumpkins. Yours are just too cute!!
    Be blessed

  16. Fall is not my favorite season, orange my least favorite color BUT your inspirational ideas have me rethinking outside of my comfort zone. Thank you!

  17. Summer is in full swing here in Southern California and unfortunately it doesn’t start cooling down until October, however I am chomping at the bit to start my fall decorating. I will be pulling out my decor in the next couple of weeks to see what I have , but am inspired to create a door wreath this year.

  18. Although I now live in the Southwest I grew up in the Midwest so I love the fall colors! I decorate my home with leaves, pumpkins and burlap. Love the fall season!

  19. Love white pumpkins and hydrangea is my favorite flower! I used to buy a few white pumpkins every year, thanks to your past post on painting orange ones white, I don’t have to do that now! So I thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

  20. Love everything about fall. Can’t wait for cooler days ahead. With a high today of 104 I’m ready to say good-bye to summer and hello fall.

  21. Fall is my favorite season – if only winter/snow didn’t follow. Love all the different ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I do not think fall will ever arrive in Missouri. The heat is unbearable! I love the white pumpkins and the burlap leaves. If fall arrives, I will add these to my fall decor. I love the color orange but don’t have it in my home. I’ll have to look for orange pillows!

  23. Love love love fall! Nc annot wait for a break in this heat. But I still will break out with “I to fall” inspiration!! Great ” nee” color ideas too!!

  24. I made the copper scrub pad pumpkins last fall and everyone that saw them, loved them! I can’t wait to try the indian corn hanging for my door this year! Thank you for collecting all of these great ideas. I LOVE your blog!!!

  25. Love your home and all the fall ideas! I am ready to decorate. Going to paint my pumpkins while love love this!

  26. Gorgeous ways to introduce Fall. I can’t wait to get started in my own home. Thanks for the all the inspiration.

  27. Love all the ideas but I think will go with the white pumpkins first. Love that idea for now. It is so hot here in Texas it’s just hard to think of fall.
    Linda O.

  28. Your post has sure gotten my creative juices swirling.
    We are getting cooler nights here in Northern Ontario, Yvonne.
    I wore my flannel pj’s to bed last night!

  29. Thanks for all the great ideas. I love fall and have a lot of fun deciding what decorations to use in each location – inside and outside. I will try some of these new ones.

  30. I love the non traditional colors, beautiful! Great inspiration for when I want something a little different and unique to me!

  31. These rainy days we are having here in Louisiana would make you think fall is quickly approaching. In reality, we know we still have a lot of hot and humid days yet to come. Regardless, on September 1, I will start my fall decorating. I just can’t take it any more… seeing all of your ideas…not to mention everything I’ve been dreaming over on Pinterest. As always, thanks Yvonne!

  32. All the fall ideas are great! I just love yours Yvonne and I’m gonna do just that. Now, to the basement to hunt down some orange pumpkins and paint white!

  33. So glad you are posting about this topic! I had just started to make some transitional changes in my décor and was afraid I was jumping the gun. but your beautiful ideas inspired me. Thanks you for your words of wisdom about purging the décor bin too!

  34. My husband and I retired to Florida this past February so this will be my first autumn outside of Central New York. I’m a little sad but I will keep reading Stone Gable to get my “Fall Fix” Love the purple velvet pumpkins.

  35. I love summer, But am always ready for fall…cooler temps, fall décor and craft shows. Love all your decorating ideas.

  36. I am looking forward to fall and your pictures have me yearning to start working on some new arrangements. Thank you for such a wonderful blog.

  37. What great inspiring posts by all! I love all of the creativity!

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s post brings.

  38. Fabulous fall ideas! I pinned most things shown here and love seeing those lovely velvet pumpkins you introduced us to last year, Yvonne. I am so ready for fall!

  39. The little white pumpkins in the candlesticks and the hydrangea “nest” are perfect for hot ol’ Texas, while I daydream about places that actually have Indian summer and Autumn in the air!

  40. You inspired me last year with the white pumpkins. Since then I bought a lot of all shapes and sizes at yard sales and clearance in our favorite stores. Gonna have a major painting day soon. Some will be white and others a creamy beige. Thanks for all the ideas.

  41. I love fall, and with temps in the 90s it is nice to think of cooler days to come! What great inspiration. I loved the crafty pumpkin made from a scrbby. ~Ginny~

  42. Great ideas for Fall decorating, Im so looking forward for cooler weather. Here in central Texas gets very HOT!

  43. I won’t lie, I spend most of the summer wanting and wishing for Fall. I love the cooler temperatures and the decor especially. I think one of my favorite fall decorations is definitely pumpkins, but I like the use of multi-colored, unique ones. They make for a great centerpiece, or addition to your coffee table! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  44. I really love the little velvet pumpkins! I splurged last year and bought 2 of the little velvet hearts (with stems) and leave them out year round! Maybe this year I can add some complimentary pumpkins! I just love to see them all year!