HOLIDAY BLOG WALK- The halls are decked in silver, gold and celadon green. Come visit and get lots of inspiration!

Today I’m so excited to share a couple rooms of my home decorated for Christmas!!! If you have followed me for awhile you will probably notice a big departure from my usual black, red and white Christmas colors. This year it’s all about shine and sparkle and a little hint of green! Christmas can be decorated in many colors!



I’ve been waiting for this day for months! And it’s finally here! I’m more than tickled to be part of this year’s Holiday Blog Walk put together by my blogging friend Jennifer Rizzo.Thanks for including me, dear friend!

All this week our BLOG WALK  will be featuring the most beautiful homes ready for Christmas! Stop back at StoneGable every day this week to see who’s on the tour!

If you have missed Jennifer’s home you might want to start the HOLIDAY BLOG WALK 2017 HERE.

NOW, come on in Beau and I are waiting for you…

Today I’m sharing my living room and dining room! Make sure you stop back to see the rest of my house over the next week or so!

It’s all about the tree in my house. How about yours? This year’s tree is silver and white. I’ve never an all white tree before. What do you think?


This year’s colors are a big change from my usual red, white and black. I went very snowy and sparkly and shiny with a touch of my favorite shades of celadon green.


Now let’s head to the dining room…

Instead of using paperwhites or amaryllis I used white orchids. I love orchids! The blooms will last for a couple months so I’ll have the after the new year.



So many of you have asked about the darling little sheep. You can see it HERE.


I hope you have been inspired today! I’m thrilled to invite you to stop by one of the most talented blogger’s I know. Lucy from the Craftberry Bush is a blogger, painter, entrepreneur and such a sweet spirit! Her home is a must on this stop!!!!

Visit her HERE


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  1. Stunning, Yvonne. Your color scheme is my all-time favorite, with that green shade! I have that throughout my home in ALL seasons. It’s my go-to accent color b/c it works in any season. I love to wear it, too! Great job. Thanks for the peek.

  2. Just gorgeous! You inspired me to finish up my decorating today. It is fun, but also very tiring. I’m really trying to weed out some things and simplify a little bit. I also LOVE using that beautiful green color, I love it as much if not more than Christmas red. Your home is just beautiful, especially at Christmas!

  3. Yvonne, you have created another beautiful look for your home at Christmas! I, too, love the citrus/lime green you used with the metallic colors and whites. It makes such a statement anytime of the year. I love, love, love the precious lamb, with the crown, in the dining room! I will await the remainder of the tour with excitement!

  4. Your Christmas decorations/trees (not to mention your home) are beautiful! I wish I could hire you to come decorate my home!

  5. Just beautiful! I especially love the lamb you have in one display. I always put a lamb out
    at Christmas, after all, it is all about the lamb of God! Yours is so special with the crown!
    Now I’ll be on the hunt for a lamb with a crown!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Wiw! I love your color choices for this year! Stunning and yet the beauty is in the simplicity! I love it! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  7. Exquisite! Love the color choices.
    On a practical note for those of us who only have one table…will you plate the table around the snow or scoop it back or what?

  8. I love the silver and white – years ago when the pre-lit trees first came out we had just moved into a brand new home with high ceilings in the family room. We decided to splurge on a very large (heavy) pre-lit tree, but with snow flocked branches. We bought it at a very expensive gardening/gift store, but we thought we would have it for a long time. We live on a wooded wetland area and the flocked tree was a bit of the outdoors brought in. Well, after lugging the box home and testing it – we put it up – only to have half the lights quit. This was about 2 hours after the purchase. We had to dismantle the thing and repackage it – it weighed as much as a coffin!! The store wasn’t very happy (what’s up with that?). They took it back, and we ended up buying another simpler tree – unlit!! Fast forward about 20 years and after getting yet another new tree – we now have an 8 ft. slim tree that we just love – getting ready to downsize in a few years and this one is beautiful – and it made me love Christmas like a kid again!

    1. Wow, what a tree story!!! It’s so important to check those things twice and there still is no guarantee. Next Christmas, I’m getting a flocked tree for my master bedroom. Can’t wait!

  9. I love the color combinations! That’s one of the benefits of going neutral isn’t it? You can bring in some new awesome color like celedon. I’m going to be studying these pictures – there is so much I love here.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous Yvonne. Proof that going neutral works beautiful especially when you add a pop of color in certain places like your beautiful celedon green. Can’t wait to see more! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Yvonne what can I say be absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t expect anything more from you.
    Love love love the Lamb with the crown. Please share where you purchased it.
    I look to you for inspiration all year long ❣️

  12. Your Christmas decorating certainly gets one in the holiday mood. Thank you for so many wonderful ideas. You have boxwood wreaths shown. Where did you purchase them ? I have been having a difficult time finding them – especially ones that are as beautiful as yours.
    May you and your family have the joy , peace, and love of Christmas.

  13. I absolutely LOVE your soft color scheme this year, Yvonne! Your home is always stunning, but especially so this Christmas!

  14. So beautiful Yvonne! These are the colors I also decorate with in my own home at Christmas. It feels so calm and serene. Thank you for sharing your lovely home !

  15. Yvonne, I love your all-white tree. So pretty. And I’m in love with celadon green! Great choice. What really caught my eye is the simple sheep with the crown. Love him! Thanks for sharing your beautiful holiday home with us.

  16. Your tree is beautiful this year! I love the soft colors paired with your zebra rug. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    Angela @Number Fifty-Three

  17. Absolutely lovely! I adore the color scheme and you made me want an all white tree for next year 😉 . Well done friend!

  18. What a delightful, elegant yet doable inspiration rooms and tree. I find it just breathtaking! How wonderful it must feel to not be in a sickbed. Yes I like this color scheme! It snowed in our mountains this morning and a friend sent photos of the evergreens flocked out her deck. Your flocked tree ? is just like nature. The Lamb but yet our King is touching. I like the touch of snow on the surfaces. I do not live where we have snow so I still get excited over its beauty. I don’t have to shovel nor blow it off nor drive in it. Wink.

  19. Everything is STUNNING!! I love every piece! Thank you for the inspiration always, Yvonne! I could stare at your decor all day. 🙂

  20. Love everything! Where did you get your sheep with the crown? I have been looking everywhere for one. Thanks again for the great inspiration.

  21. Hey there sweet lady!! It’s all so very beautiful! I love the natural touches with all the sparkle. It all blends so well together! Merry Christmas

  22. Everything is so beautiful and I love your softer colors this year! Can’t wait to see the rest of the tour!!

  23. Yvonne,
    I love the soft colors,,love your dining room table,,love it all,,But I just adore that little Lamb,,,I bet you’ve had him for years,,if not, Where can I find him,,


  24. While I really enjoy all what you do, Yvonne, creating a “Winter Wonderland” look with the tree and decor is what Christmas is all about to me. The softness of it all is so pretty and I never tire of it! I’ve had every color of Christmas decorations (pastels, jewel tones, bronzes, etc.) under the sun but always come back to silvers, golds, whites, soft greens (with maybe a touch of blush pink or soft blue). When I see a tree like this, it reminds me of those nights when it’s almost mild out, the snow is falling so softly and so slowly down and illiminated under the streetlights that the flakes look suspended. That’s Christmas to me! Your tree reminds of those Winter moments.

  25. Yvonne. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, beautiful home with us! It’s a lovely winter wonderland!!!

  26. I’m loving the look you did this year! I too love Celadon green along with white, black and mirror glass. I think it has such a soothing affect. I could sit next to your tree for days. Along with Beau the wonder dog. Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Boston after 14 years of being a faithful friend. Your Beau looks just like her right down to the white chest. Thanks for sharing him!

  27. I LOVE your tree!! It’s dazzling!!And celadon is my favorite Christmas green; I have celadon ribbon and several ornaments (which I have found are not too easy to find.) By the way I have already borrowed one of your ideas posted today: the wooden box filled with evergreens, pinecones and the 2 pillar candles. So simple yet so elegant! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your holiday home Yvonne!

  28. It’s all beautiful! Love! love! love! your dining room- the beautiful arrangement on the table and the lovely vignette on the buffet with the sheep and also love the finish on the buffet. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us.

  29. I love this green too! I changed my red, silver and gold christmas to a similar color of green 2 seasons ago. I’m still on the hunt for limey green crystal drops 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  30. I love your sparkle and bling with the soft green accents! Nice change and can take you into the New Year too.

  31. This is such a fresh, yet sophisticated look. Love the celadon accent. Thank you for showing how transform my decorating with someone simple change-outs and a few upgrades. Those large white balls on your tree immediately define the color scheme and the celadon ribbon is a easy change. love!

  32. Stunning as always!!! You never can go wrong with green and white and neutrals. I love the celadon green; that’s what I use in my home. I so enjoy your posts and suggestions.

  33. Yvonne, I’m giddy with excitement! Your pom pom throw is adorable, and I got a bee in my bonnet that I NEEDED one…so I shopped all over online, and I found one…for $5! It arrived Friday and it is so wonderful!! I’m finally getting a chance to get caught up on some of your posts, and I have gained so much inspiration from your little tips and all the sweet little touches you place here and there! It truly is the little things. I hope you are having a fulfilling Advent & preparation for our Savior’s birth!


  34. Beautiful, inspiring visuals to nourish the creative side and thoughtful reflections to feed and balance the spirit.
    Perfect accompaniement to a steamy mug of tea or coffee! Thank you

  35. I agree about the orchids; paperwhites seem to go hand and hand with the season, but I’d much prefer orchids. Your rooms are stunning; would love to be a fly on the wall in your home on Christmas day!

  36. Stunning ! I am a mother of 6 and with son in laws, at around 12 immediate family members to prep for these holidays. I need this type of inspo since I am decor-challanged, ha!!!

    I listen to your podcasts not once, but over and over while I am at work. Hoping some of what you ladies say starts to sink in and help me become more improved in all these areas!

    It is all so dreamy ! Kind regards, Marsha Cousino

  37. I love the fact, that you incorporate Christ in everything you do. I so look forward to your emails everyday. YOU, have a fabulous gift for design…so suttle & beautiful…elegant but rustic…forever design…it will last a long time because it is classic. Thank you so much for the gift of your God given talent!

  38. As always, your home is so lovely. I would have thought nothing less in you Christmas decor for the holiday’s, but fabulousness.

  39. In re: the lamb!

    Step 1- buy a lamb. There zillions of them, all sizes, all price points, all over
    Step 2- buy a crown. There zillions of them, all sizes, all price points, all over.
    Step 3- Glue Crown to lamb.


    Cute Tip: I used an ornament thingie…that holds the hook, you know? Mine actually look like little crowns of you take out that wire and turn it upside down. It looks adorable on my little lamb.

  40. Looks beautiful. I have never been a red /green Christmas person….use white and old silver and mercury glass for my bedroom tree and the citron green…

  41. I absolutely love ?? your ideas. It’s a change from the usual Christmas colour scheme, and gives a rather refreshing and inviting feel. Thank you for giveing me ideas to save money by using things I already have at home.


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