ARCHITECTURAL SHELF-A little architectural element gives big interest to a room.


Architectural elements make my heart sing!!! I love to add a little bit of old chippy pieces of old homes in my house! They have a history and a beauty all their own. So when I saw this great architectural piece on a recent antiquing trip I could not grab it up quick enough. I knew that it would look great above an old dresser I painted to look sleek and a little modern. LOVE the juxtaposition of smooth and chippy paint…. vintage and modern pieces living together. So much interest…

ARCHITECTURAL SHELF-above the painted dresser-


The top molding was wide enough to use as a little shelf. Yea! 

ARCHITECTURAL SHELF-great detailing-


The story of this piece is written on the back of it. It came from a historic home that was demolished in Harrisburg, Pa, our state capitol. I love the thought of having a little piece of history… that a piece of crown molding with great dentil work from an historic home lives on here at StoneGable!

This piece was very very inexpensive. Much less than any new shelf I could get!  Don’t you love getting a great bargain!




I’ll be sharing the guest room reveal later this week! Bobby and I painted it… again!!!!  This room was my son Christopher’s room. When he married Abigail I began to make it over because she loves chippy furniture and etsy-style furnishings. 

This little shelf fits right in with the style she loves so much!

ARCHITECTURAL SHELF-shelf in guest room-


Think about bringing a little piece of vintage architecture into your decor. It adds lots of texture and warmth!

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ARCHITECTURAL SHELF-A little architectural element gives big interest to a room.



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  1. I just wanted to kindly point out that the “chippy” paint in this piece is crumbling lead paint!
    I should be sealed! I think that will make it safer. A little research may reveal that. But it is truly dangerous.

      1. The patina is so amazing. Have you figured out how you might achieve that same finish? Love the look!

      2. How do you suggest dealing with an old chippy piece with potentially lead paint? Sealing it may change the look and appeal of the piece. I have an old window that I have been waiting to hang indoors but have not for that specific reason, lead paint.

  2. Yvonne, that is simply gorgeous! Perfect color and age, and you couldn’t have found a more perfect size for over that dresser!

  3. Erica Thomas says:

    I love that style but my husband does not he likes new we struggle a bit with our decor choices but this piece is fabulous! Thank you again for sharing!

  4. Hi Yvonne ~
    I love old pieces as well ~
    My husband surprised me one year for Christmas with an old window ~ I now have 3 around the house ~
    One over the fireplace is from my home growing up, which is so special to me. It still has the pulleys where the rope use to be. ( I think that is how they would open the windows years ago )

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love it – I love anything that is unique and makes a statement. It’s especially neat that it came from a historic home in your state.

  6. How luvly. Luv all that vintage chippiness.

  7. Melissa Leach says:

    What a pretty vintage accent! Tell me please, are the flowering stems in the blue chippy vase Bridal Veil? It’s soooo pretty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes they are Bridal Veil from the bush near the front porch!

  8. That piece is gorgeous and an incredible find . . . so very perfect for the room and great to have a little piece of history from your home state!
    I love that you used it as a shelf!

  9. So BEAUTIFUL. I adore architectural pieces too


  10. GwenCondit says:

    I put Maison Blanche clear wax on a chippy frame that was so old the clear wax just was absorbed immediately but it did not chip off anymore nor did the color change because it absorbed all the wax. I covered the inner part of frame with chalk paint and more wax.
    Have I set us up for lead problems now? I thought about a matte clear spray paint coat that would hold on the paint. And this pressed wood design. It would not change the color of the piece. Goodness the wax did not even change the color as the dry wood soaked it up!
    I’m just confused as to what I’m to do in a situation like this for I absolutely love what you found and brought home. Nothing like that here. No salvage places.

    1. Gwen, I use a clear poly finish on my chippy pieces. It does not change them and keeps the paint in place. Hope this helps. I don’t get too worried about it because I don’t use chippy pieces where little hands can touch them.

      1. GwenCondit says:

        Thank you. I’ll do that next time for I did not want to lose the very thing that drew me to the frames in the first place. I think of all the times my Mom painted our 100 year old farmhouse kitchen. Every year. She painted the screened in wrap around porch and flooring. Our kitchen table and six chairs–every single year for seventeen years! She is 97 and sharp in the mind. We kids did not eat it nor did it get chippy for her to breathe particulates.

  11. Marjorie Miller says:

    My husband would not let me bring that into our home…he would say that it might have hidden termites which would then damage our house. It made a beautiful picture, though, especially with the decor surrounding the shelf.

  12. I think you meant dentil work.

    1. Thanks Hannah. I’l never take a job as a proofreader! Much appreciated!

  13. Yvonne,

    I love that the story is written on the back of the shelf – priceless!

    I think it is absolutely the sweetest thing that you have chosen to decorate your son’s former room in the style his wife favors. I have never heard of someone doing that and it is really a lovely thing to do.

    As always, I love your style.


  14. Well, I’m not into details as some appear to be, but I do LOVE that piece and will remember such as I make the move into our new home shortly. Lovely piece!

  15. Yvonne, I just love the look of that wonderful shelf- you really can’t replicate that kind of decrepit beauty. Gorgeous!

  16. Mary Billmaier says:

    I loved the shelf but I loved the floral arrangement even more! It sent me down Memory Lane! It reminded me of when my sisters and I would play with our Barbies out on the front yard and bride Barbie always had a bouquet of those Bridal Veil flowers in her hand. Of course, we always got in trouble with my dad when the shrub had huge bald and bloomless patches on it……

  17. What a stroke of good fortune, Yvonne! It looks lovely where you’ve placed it and of course, you’ve staged it so beautifully. How wonderful that its history was included on the piece.

  18. Looks wonderful! I’d love to know more about the pretty blue vase. Is there a particular name that it’s called? The whole thing is quite lovely!

  19. Chippy and architectural love from me Yvonne! I love the contrast of your piece of history over the clean lines of your painted chest. ♥

  20. I have been wanting a piece like this to put over my bed. I just don’t know where to go to find something like that.

  21. Pam Fogal says:

    Love love love your ideas on using old vintage chippy architecture pieces!