I don’t want to sound braggy,  but I love the color palette at StoneGable! It’s so easy to live with and finding accessories, furnishings and other items to decorate my home with is a breeze. It’s not because I’ve come up with a revolutionary group of colors that has turned the decorating world on its ear… it’s that I’ve tapped into classic, tried and true colors that work together and almost always look fresh and oh, so pretty! Today I’m sharing 6 reasons I love StoneGable’s color palette!

I can think of lots and lots of reasons to love StoneGable’s colors here are just six…


Yes, most of us don’t like to admit to playing it safe. Not me I revel in it! Yes, when it comes to decorating I’ve been all over the color wheel and back and have finally landed on colors I feel right at home with. I LOVE these safe classic colors! They have been around for ages and ages and no wonder, they look great! Let decor styles change but enjoy these quintessentially beautiful colors!

There is no special magic with any one of these colors on their own, but when put together they give out the most restful yet fresh vibe! These colors will work with lots of styles too. Classic, Modern, Farmhouse, French (with a tad of blue), Industrial, Mid Century Modern (with one big bold color on one piece of furniture) just to name a few.

They aren’t called a classic for nothing!



White has been a leading color in decor for close to a decade now. But it is not new on the decor scene. It has always been a popular color choice.

I love white, in decor and fashion, and tend to gravitate to it.

I often get an email or a comment asking if it is okay to mix shades of white and cream and I say yes with gusto! I love the contrasts white’s shades and hues and I think a room is so much more interesting mixing whites with different undertones and values! Go for it! Mix away!

I’m wild about white walls too. The walls in the living room are Benjamin Moore Sonnet a very soft and neutral bone white. Not too yellow or too pink. Just right! 

I think the sample is a lot darker and pinker than it appears on my walls.

The other wall color I love and use here at StoneGable is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. This is a gorgeous soft white! We just painted our bedroom, sitting room, and office with this delicious color!


Again, Simply White appears much whiter and far less yellow on my walls. It is also great for casework and trim.



I like a scoop of neutral color alongside my dollop of white when I decorate!  When we think of neutrals in decor it means “without color”. But that is far from what neutrals really are! They are very colorful!  Neutrals can run the gamut from beige, cream, taupe, black, gray, brown and more!

It’s so important when decorating with them that we understand the undertones each neutral color possess. Neutrals can be cool or warm. And they can have undertones of almost any color making them vastly different.


I like warm neutrals. Light but toasty colors with brown, honey and gold undertones. However, not all the decor at StoneGable has warm-toned neutrals. Just look at the buffet in the foyer above. It definitely has cooler gray undertones. But for the most part, I’m a warm color girl!

I have loved soft golds and spiced mustards for as long as I have had a box of 120 count Crayola Crayons! And even then I was mixing colors to get that gorgeous gold I love! I’m bringing this saturated neutral (really not a neutral, but I’m calling an audible on this one) back to StoneGable in little drips and drabs! Oh, be still my heart!!!!!



I am not a drama queen except when it comes to a touch of dramatic colors in my home. I love a splash and pop of black with my neutrals. I think it gives visual weight to neutrals, which can use a little grounding! 

Since I am not using a real accent color like blue or green or aqua, black is the perfect neutral to all the light colors going on in a room.

If you decorate with neutrals give adding a little black a try! You will love the results!


So many of my decorating friends are saying “yes, please” when it comes to decorating with gray. Although I love their decor I could never, ever, ever, in a million years live with gray! I know it’s so hot right now but I am not a gray girl. I get my hair dyed to not be a “gray girl”!

Now saying that… a touch of gray is not a bad thing. But there is a very big BUT! It has to be the right gray. Remember me saying that neutrals have lots of shades and undertones? Gray is particularly vulnerable to looking B-A-D in a room if the undertones are off. Too violet or too yellow and YUCK!!!! I say be very cautious and judicious when using gray!

If I use a gray it tends to be a graphite. Sorta a cheater color. I say gray but you may say soft black?

I have many friends that can make gray look amazing but I’m not in that club!


Texture is not a color but without it, when using neutrals, our rooms would look dead! Texture is our ability to “feel” things with our minds when our eyes look at them. And using lots of different textures is the number one best tip for decorating with neutrals that work and look stunning in a room or home!

Texture includes adjectives like bumpy, soft, fuzzy, hard, abrasive, hairy, wooly, shiny, leafy, silky, chippy, velvety just to name a few. Texture equals interest.  And because neutrals are well, so neutral, they need lots and lots of different textures to make them interesting to our minds.

I could probably tell you 10 more reasons I love the colors of StoneGable but then I would be braggy! YIKES!!!!!

I hope I’ve convinced you to give StoneGable neutrals a try in the next room you decorate. You just may fall in love with them too!!!!

BTW: Did you see where the Daniel Kessler Picture is? Yes, my fabulous readers, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!  That’s why I love you so!

You can see the painting HERE



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  1. What a great post! All the reasons given are great (and I wouldn’t have minded 10 more!) All the neutrals are so lovely in your home! I plan to paint our master bedroom and will definitely be trying Sonnet and Simply White!

    I love your little touches of color and contrast with texture. I’m a “blue:” girl, so will dip into blues for a little color.

    Love the painting above the couch! Thanks for all you share!

  2. My favorite blogs are yours and Thistlewoodfarms. I love the neutrals in both houses.Almost three years ago, we moved into a new-to-us house. For all of my adult life (50 years), I had lived in houses with cream-colored walls. I was ready for a change. I let my daughter choose the paint colors and many of the decorations because she has a better eye than I do. We went with different shades of gray for the walls, and there is some shade of blue in most of the rooms. My sofas are a dark teal that look gray much of the time.(I was afraid to go with cream or white with 17 grandchildren.) I like my home, and we get many compliments on it; but I wish I had gone with creams and white. I am stuck with what I have for a long time. Because I have allergies and my husband has a bad back, we had to hire painters for the entire house–about $10,000 for the inside and outside. The outside is also gray with white trim and black shutters and door. I am very happy with the gray outside.

  3. Brag away! I love your use of neutrals, and they are put together in such a way that it creates such comfort and interest. I love that you don’t cover your house in gray 🙂

  4. I love the colors in your home, Yvonne. No need to be humble–your lovely decor really shows your passion.

  5. Love Love Love Love….. Your home with all the neutrals, beautiful whites and textures is simply lovely. Not to mention the splash of green plants! Wow! Where did you get that lovely vase of white tulips? I’ve been looking for white tulips that look real and simply can not find them. I gleaned a lot of ideas from your post… thank you!

  6. You have influenced my recent decorating decisions. After listening to a recent pod cast, I made a list of what I didn’t like about my house, then took some pictures (what an eye opener some of those where!) I decided to update our dining chairs- scored some upholstered beige chairs with nailhead trim on sale 70% off – they sold out quickly. Next I am working on putting a solid neutral slipcover on our patterned sofa and if that doesn’t work, I will be shopping for a new neutral sofa.

  7. I do agree about neutral colors allowing more versatility in styling. We are renting right now and I am loving theses neutral cream/white walls! I’m able to “play a lot” with them.
    Yes, the painting over your sofa was noticed, did you take out the shelves also? It seemed like the spool chairs were where the shelves were? The shelves did make your room seem rather busy and you don’t seem like a “busy” kind of decorating gal.

  8. This post takes me to a happy spot! You have earned bragging privileges! I too use whites and creams, shared with black and my beloved red. I am a quilter and enjoy these backgrounds for the quilts I choose to display. Finding the most natural sunlight in every room is key for me. Hold the heavy drapes, No Thanks!

    Now what sheen of paint should we be using on walls, ceilings, and woodwork trims?
    This always confuses me. Thank you!

  9. I LOVE your color pallet! Your house is interesting and restful to the eye all at the same time! I could live there! I recently saw a house that was so full of color, it made me nervous to look at it. I could not imagine coming home from work at night and relaxing in that house.
    By the way, I love, Love, Love the podcast. I listen to you girls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while I drive to work. I am learning a lot, laughing along the way and thoroughly enjoying it! I follow all three of you now! Thanks for all you do! You have all definitely found your calling.

  10. I like to use neutrals, but I need a little more color in my home. When I look at your design I love how you effortlessly (wink wink) pull it altogether. The fact that you use black I think really makes all the other features work together! I just love all your tips! I pin quite a few of your suggestions so I can back later and use it how I want in my home! I was looking at your entryway, I think, and I saw a mirror that looks like a tray? Is that from Magnolia Farms Hearth and Hand? I bought one and put it in my entry too! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. YEA!!!! You moved the picture! Looks FABULOUS above the couch! It stands out there and comfortably shares its beauty!

  12. Do you happen to recall where you purchased the round woven tray on your coffee table? I’ve been looking for something like that.

  13. Lol…loved that you moved the picture back over the sofa! It just didn’t feel right on the shelf, but I would love to see what you replaced it with.

  14. I always enjoy your posts. Your home is very serene and classic. Every time I look at pictures of your living room, I am drawn to your three drawer chest with the swirly pattern on it. Gorgeous! Could you share where you purchased this? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jane, I found this chest a few years ago in a local shop and it was love at first sight. It was also way out of my price point! I was in the process of recreating a version of this chest myself and I found it on Joss And Main! Score! 1/3 the price. The chest is a Hooker. I’m not sure they make it anymore.

    1. Hi Ginger I guess I should have explained. Daniel Kessler is the man who painted the picture over my sofa. I love his Americana style. The painting made a brief appearance off the wall and onto the top of a shelving unit. Not a popular move! Now it’s back by popular demand where it belongs. And looking better there !

  15. Love the picture back over the sofa!! What did you put on the top of the shelf??
    I too love neutrals! Just a hint of color! You can do so much more with your decor!!
    StoneGable is awesome!!

  16. I love the colors in your home. Your rooms are bright and cheery with the neutrals. I didn’t think I would ever have white walls in my home, but I’m seriously considering doing that! And I totally agree with you about the gray!

  17. I’m slowly changing my home colors to more neutrals with touches of gray greens and warm grays.Maybe it’s getting older and needing a neutral and calming environment.I have always incorporated black in furnishings and accents, love the contrast it creates and like you said it grounds the room.

  18. Loving the neutrals in your color palette. I have a rug very similar to the one in your living room and love the farmhouse feel it gives to my little house.

  19. I too like the picture in it’s original spot! Sometimes it’s best to leave things the way we originally had them. Change isn’t always the best choice! I love your neutral colors. Yours is my dream home.

  20. I absolutely love your decorating style – it is inspiring me to redo my living room – have been
    wanting a neutral/warm design but bright and light at same time…Where did you get the accent chair w/the print in the room with the large clock? I’m learning so much from reading your articles –
    Love all of it – now if I can just get you to come to my house I’d be all set lol

  21. Even a professional kitchen designer in this area loves the look because it never goes out of style. Easy to add accent colors without breaking the bank.

    1. It makes me crazy when people spend their hard earned money to choose something trendy and then have to live with it. Well, I guess it’s their money. I say big big ticket items should be very classic. Use accessories to bring in trendy things.

  22. These are my favorite decorating colors also. Glad you moved the picture. I wanted to comment on it when I saw it on the shelf but I don’t like to give negative comments. I figured you would change it sooner or later.

  23. My house is painted in neutrals and many suggest I add some color but I like it, as is. You’ve just given me permission to stick to my decorating taste and not cave to others. I find your home calm, warm and tasteful.

  24. There are so many things I love and have admired in your beautiful home. I am pretty much a “neutral” person, myself, when it comes to decorating, although I am thinking of painting my breakfast room a coral color that I love even though I am usually not that adventurous. I did notice you changed some pillows on your sofa. In your post about your chair, I noticed that you had some floral pillows on your sofa which picked up on the floral pattern of the chair. I will say I didn’t notice the picture was back over the sofa until it was mentioned today- guess I was looking at the pillows.I really enjoy all of your posts and am so glad I subscribed to your blog.

    1. About 8 years ago I painted my breakfast area a beautiful sage green and loved it until recently so repainted it back to a more neutral color. That is the nice thing about paint, it can always be repainted over. Go for it.

  25. Yvonne, I love the way the pattern on the chair mingles with the swirl design on the chest, then the coffee table, chair, and chest blend in with the texture and color of the floor. I agree neutrals are very adaptive with many other neutrals. Love the print over the sofa too.

  26. I’m chiming in on the picture saga…I agree with most everyone here, I too did not like the picture on the shelves. I was wondering, did the comments give you pause, or did just living with it bring you to rethinking the placement?

    But, to the post today, I like neutrals too. It makes it easy to change out colors and decorations, which I do seasonally. They are just so easy to live with. My neutrals are in the beige/brownish tones. I don’t care for the grays either. They don’t speak to me. Not a bad color, just not my color.

  27. I’m with you, Yvonne! When gray came on the scene in the decorating world I was sooo disappointed because I simply don’t like it! I am a warm girl too. It’s just what I feel comfortable and at home with. Love your color palette.

  28. I love your home and your blog is my favorite. You are making me a convert to the neutral scene. All of my life I’ve loved blue. I have blue eyes, and that might be the reason I love it so much. I love blue in every shade. When I was a teen, powder blue was my favorite blue. But now I believe I like robin’s egg blue best. My “black” has always been navy. I can’t wear black but I can wear a deep navy that is sometimes mistaken for black. For these reasons, I wonder if I can use blue with my neutral design scheme. I know blue comes in warm and cool shades. Life is an adventure. I guess I will need to discover what colors will be in my home as I go along.

    1. Of course you can use blue with neutrals. In fact, blue is an excellent choice. One little tip, don’t use lots of different blues. Stick to one or two that work together. And think a little muddied or mutted down when you are choosing a blue except for royal or navy. Have fun with it and use any accent color judiciously.

  29. My husband and I were able to build our dream house when we retired and I studied at length about color schemes since it would be very expensive to get it wrong. Since I had moved around a lot in my life, I was weary to the bone of beige in all it’s incantations. So I went with a light warm gray, cream and light gold. This is, I suppose, a variation on your classic colors, Yvonne.

    I have to say, these neutrals are also very flexible. Since my gray (SW Passive) has a warm undertone, it goes fabulously with wood and stone. I think it’s all about picking a COMPLEX neutral as the starting point. And a heaping helping of texture? – yes, please! And that’s why we love this blog!

  30. Yvonne, the neutral hues and textures you’ve chosen to use in your home are very restful, and, to me give a soft vibe to the rooms. I think I am moving in the direction of being more intentional in decorating my own home with neutrals. In looking back over the years I can see where I’ve leaned in that direction for a long time. Except during the period when I had an orange couch! It had to be orange to go with the gold and orange run that I’d gotten for a song! Yup, that was in the ’70s!

    I do like little pops of my favorite colors amid the neutrals, though. Like blues in particular, but also greens, shades of rose and sometimes a jewel-like purple. But only in very small amounts. They just give my spirits a little lift sometimes when I need it.

    I enjoyed this “neutral” post and look forward to more of your posts.

  31. Reading your posts makes me feel inspired and happy. Do you remember where you purchased the jute rugs for your living room and entry? Your color palette is so serene.

  32. Yes I do love your home!! I was so busy looking at your letters on the ceramic balls in the cylinder jar and loving that vignette that I had to scroll to look for your painting!!! That is a wonderful piece of art. There is no place where it does not look great!! I even liked it on top of the new bookcases!! You have a true sense of style. It makes me sing!! I like how you have wood floors that are classic plus the architectural chippy frames in the same room. The mix of all you do looks great and I get ideas from every post!!

  33. I decorate with tans cream walls furniture brown and black as accent and blue and tan pillows lots fake greenery this time of the year

  34. Yvonne, the golden, spiced mustard is a beautiful color to add to your magnificent neutrals. I love to wear this color and to use it to accessorize in my home. You have mastered the use of texture in your lovely home, and I think that is one of the very best lessons to learn in home décor. Add texture, then add more texture!!! Oh! Your fiddleleaf fig is the happiest plant around…it has grown so much! Thank you for this superb post!

  35. Yvonne, you inspired me to paint the whole first floor of my house in a beautiful, neutral white last spring and I love it! Like you, I also like splashes of black in my rooms. I’m growing my collection of pillows and throws and love switching them out for the seasons or just because. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Your blog is one of my favorites 🙂

  36. Yvonne, you have such a lovely home. I’ve been following your blog for several years and wish I had the courage to paint my good wood pieces as you have done. Love how light and uplifting your home is. I too am not a gray girl and love the warm whites, creams and have to say that yellow pillow on your sofa is calling my name. Where did you find that? I’ve often wandered which direction your home faces. Natural light makes such a difference in the way colors look and love the way your beautiful home looks in all your posts.

  37. I am so in love with neutrals! And, I too, am not a fan of gray, it’s just too cool and cold! You’re home is beautiful!

    1. Hi Alisha, the pillow came from Pottery Barn. I was looking for it to give you the link but I don’t see it online. But if you look at their furniture pictures one is gracing a sofa. Sorry

  38. Yvonne, I love the sofa you have in your living room. Where did you get it? I’m guessing Pottery Barn.

  39. Yvonne, I totally agree & love your comment, “I don’t get my hair dyed to be a gray girl “ I know it’s hot right now & can be calming but can also be cold, I’m tempted but just can’t take the plunge. Thank you for the reviews on the colors, there’s so many whites & off whites it can make your head spin!

  40. Good morning!
    I’m looking for an extra large clock. Can you give me some tips of where I can find one?
    Thank you!!!

  41. Yvonne, In one of your upcoming posts, can you do a tutorial on how you make your arrangements in the gray urn that you often display in your dining area. They are always so beautiful. Thanks Marjorie

  42. Yvonne, your SG color palette is lovely! And, I so appreciate your comments on texture. I am looking at my rooms differently now… trying to incorporate some texture. 🙂 Thank you!!

  43. My Mother had a Daniel Ridgeway Knight painting (old master from Holland, has a great color palette)in her bedroom I never got tired of, and all my sisters fought over it at her estate sale, so happy to see I can get a print.
    so happy to see your Kessler above your sofa I like his other architecture paintings, but tell me about the platters, is that fad, texture, mood or restful? I’m in love with your podcast n tell all my friends to listen.

    1. Thanks, Marian! As far as the platters… the painting was a big small for the area and looked a little odd. So I bolstered up the visual weight of the area without adding more color or pattern. I love using white dishes to work as a filler.

  44. I am SO HAPPY to hear someone else say, thanks, but no thanks to GRAY! Everywhere I look, read and overhear conversations, it’s someone asking what color gray should I use/paint. It’s on kitchen cabinets, furniture, outside shutters, house exterior, even in baby nurseries. For goodness sake, let’s move on people. Have a thought of your own and stop copying everyone else. It’s like Adult peer pressure.

  45. Loved your “What’s Out” podcast. You ladies are a hoot! One thing we all need to remember is that the design industry is there to make money. When everyone has the trendy item, sales on that item are down. SO, they come up with a new trend, declaring the former one “out”. It happens in clothes as well. (Skinny jeans, tunic tops and boots beware!) Yvonne, that’s why your classics and what you love approach is the best. Most people don’t decorate a whole home at once, so our homes will be a reflection of multiple decades–hopefully not more than 2, but I’m edging toward 3 in some rooms. I like your painting over the sofa, but since it’s in a “sitting” room I find my eye wanting it to be lowered about 3-4 inches. That way it’s more connected with the sofa and more at a sitting eye level. I don’t think you would have to move your platters down if you lowered it. I was taught to factor in whether a room was a “sitting” area or a “standing” area when deciding how high to hang artwork. Just a thought from an old designer.

  46. Happy New Year Yvonne! You deserve to be braggy! I love all of your StoneGable’s color palette! Such a beautiful home!Thank you for all your design tips & tricks.

  47. I agree with Carol from PA. Blue is my favorite color and everything I buy has some variation of it. I don’t like gray or white so I use an off white neutral leaning toward the browns which goes very well with the off white creamy. I do love your style and have enjoyed your blog of which I’m a new follower.

  48. I just love the art work (buildings) on your wall and those framed wooden pieces are fabulous. Are they available somewhere to purchase or are they one of a kind? And I also agree, beiges and creams, whites are the way to go!

  49. I love that picture and I have it too. For my 70th bday, my traveling 3some and I rented an OLD apt. On the left bank of Paris for 2 weeks. We looked out at Notra Dame from our window in the morning. This picture is exactly where we stayed and I absolutely love looking at it.

  50. Could you tell me the name of the print with the houses with black roofs? I have a French impressionist oil painting that has the same houses in France !! Thanks! Love your blog and home!

  51. Such a joy to read about StoneGable, every picture is an inspiration. I always want to sit down with you and share a coffee, but at StoneGable. Every time I see it I change something in my home. Your accessories are amazing.

  52. Thank you for this post. Last year my daughter and I renovated a house. We painted the walls a white, installed charcoal carpets with wood vinyl on the kitchen and wet room floors. We painted the bathroom and powder room in a soft blue. The drapes were charcoal. This house was then tenanted and this past week we went back to do some more work on the house and fell in love again with the decor as it looked so fresh and clean. I almost wanted to move in myself!!!

  53. Have always decorated with these colors. I learned this neutral decorating from my mother.

    Gray, by the way is “out”. Use only of you love it, which I don t .

  54. Your palette is beautiful…but it would not work for me….but I’m with you on the warm neutrals part. My absolutefavorite thing in all your rooms are the GREEN leaves on the plant. “Colors” are also more of a challenge. Your house is beautifully restful though!

  55. I have learned so much from your posts. I sure miss you on the DTTs podcast! I have followed your advise on sticking to classics in furniture and decor. I love the neutrals and how easy it is to shop from your own home when you follow this. Also how a little black in every room is so eye catching! Enjoy when you add a new element and share it with us. Keep up the great work!

  56. I just love all that you do. So perfect in everything that I see. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the white spindle chairs in your living room and the mirrors that are just alike stacked on one another.

    1. Hi Patricia, These are custom chairs from Ethan Allen. They were a big splurge! But so worth it. If you are looking for a more reasonably priced chair that has the same look for spindle chairs on Wayfair.

  57. So beautifuly easy to live with and love as a color scheme. Your ideas and home are beautiful!!. I played around with lots of colors in my past, and got tired of it all. Been there, done that, and I decided really the dream design I had for our home is cozy but hopefully sophisticated simplicity. I pared back and donated a lot. I realized my house’s character was to be a white, tan, and green cottage style. It is serene and restful. It is probably too sedate for some to like it, but I am content. I am still working on it and do not want clutter. Even cute clutter or too many accents are a no go. I found it stressful to have it. I want it peaceful looking, and to not feel stress from having “too much.”. I have seen designs online or in decorating videos that are too much for me. I love that you urge and inspire beautiful things but not so many accents. It is easy to end up with too many things. So easy.

    I think in older generations, sometimes because it took longer to get anything, it was a more special item that was more quality made (not always), and today the short cut can be not saving for a special something but buying a more disposable but kinda aesthetic item today rather than waiting and getting the more special thing that may cost a little more. I think between a great color palette and great quality items (which you can find at a bargain now, too), it is possible to have a lovely looking home. I think it would be better to have one great single statement item rather than 5 cute knicknacks of the same cost once you add your knicknacks together in cost.

  58. Yvonne, my name is Lori and a big fan. How do you determine what color drapes to purchase? I’m guessing you prefer white but I’ll wait to hear back. Changing room to neutral pallet of cream, brown furniture/ end tables and light gray walls. Trim color is white.

    Lori Axtman

    1. Hi Lori, white linen drapes go with everything! I would really need to see your room to give you suggestions about drapes. Send me a few pictures of your room.

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