Today I am suspending our “I Am A Warrior” series for one week. I hope you will use the time you usually read Sunday Scripture and pray instead. Please pray for our Country, France, Turkey… and our world God is sovereign, Jesus lives and the Holy Spirit transforms lives! 

Keep praying. After prayer, if you would like to leave a prayer, go HERE.

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  1. Karen VanLoo says:

    Amen! I am continuing to pray for peace around the world. God bless you!

  2. Bonnie Balderson says:

    God is sovereign over all things. He has no plan ‘b’. He reigns. We know he raises up nations and sets their boundaries and the length of their power. He is doing a work ‘in our day’ as the prophet Habakkuk said. He is good. Lord, help us to believe and help our unbelief. Amen

  3. The world desperately needs our prayers …Amen.

  4. rosie protzmann says:

    Praying for peace, understanding and courage. We have a difficult path ahead.

  5. We studied Revelations this year in BSF. It changed me. Father,,we know you are sovereign, and nothing happens that you are not in control of. We pray for your second coming soon so that we may live in paradise with you. I pray for the unsaved, that you would help them find their way to you. In the strong name of Jesus amen.

    1. Kathie from IL says:

      I add an amen Candy. The only thing that will bring true peace is people following the Holy Spirits leading come to God confessing their sins. Praying for the family and friends of the those who have died or injured both here and abroad. Pray for the police who so willingly try to protect us.

    2. Deb Gregory says:

      Amen. The Spirit & the Bride say come.

  6. Only the light of our Lord can stop the hate increasing everyday in our world. Please pray that He will send his light to all of us so we can spread it and overcome hate and anger.. God help those greiving , let use share our love to those who need it. In Gods love I pray.

  7. May you hear the prayers of your children, Lord. Give us peace in our hearts that though we WILL have trouble here, You have overcome the world! May Jesus Christ be praised.

  8. And now we need to add Baton Rouge. More policeman have been shot and killed in an ambush. Evil is in the news everyday, but we know that God is in control. The world seems to be falling apart, but God has things falling into place. Pray.

  9. Our prelude this morning was the French National anthem with pastor at the piano and our great organist. It was beautiful and then the pastor praying the Prayer of St. Francis in French and then during our prayer time we prayed for Turkey and our members who are missionary’s there and live close to one of the bridges. It was a very touching service

    1. Kittyluvr says:

      What a beautiful service! And what an honor to those lost….

  10. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    In Jesus name I pray dear Lord that each day you bring peace and harmony to our world. How sad it makes me feel when I read in the newspaper the uproar in today’s world. Dear Lord take your children into your arms and show them the path of righteousness.

  11. Rebecca Silverstone says:

    It is unbelievable what is going on in the world today. Also in our own country. My prayers are for the innocent police officers that were slaughtered in LA today. These are the men & woman that protect ALL of us & they need our love & support. Those poor families that will now be missing a parent, it breaks my heart.

  12. But, this is the plan of God and going forth as scripture indicate..right.
    Pray for peace in Israel hasten the return of our messiah. Jesus Christ.
    When your hear concerned..for unbelievers or fence sitters.
    Daily now the postcards are coming faster and faster for our father God in heaven. Be waters of the signs and especially, watch world news

  13. correct..last watchmen of the signs of the times…etc.
    The birth pains are coming faster now

  14. Lord we. Come before you today and ask for your mercy and grace to be poured out upon us. Father we ask that you bring healing and peace upon those that have suffered loss and that are hurting. I ask that you touch thier hearts and lives with your piece that pass all understanding. And that you would send ministering angles to them Lord , In Jeasea name I ask father. Amen.

  15. Further…this is nothing compared to what will come.
    We can hear the footsteps of Jesus coming to the door.

  16. Dear Father God we come before you and ask for healing in a hurting world. We ask your blessings and grace for yThe families of the 5 police officers who died this past week in Dallas. Pour out your love and comfort to them in their grief. We also ask for your love and comfort for the Baton Rouge families today. We cannot conceive all the evil and ask you to remove these awful killings. We pray for France and Turkey as those countries try to deal with all the tradegy as they too have seen terrible evil at work. Come Lord Jesus Come. I pray in Christi’s name. Amen

  17. Been praying and I am doubling down in prayer.

  18. Amen; the world needs to get down on their knees and pray!