POP OF C OLOR SUMMER TOUR- Need a little summer color in your home? I have easy to do tips for adding a great pop of color to summerize your space!

When I think of summer decorating I think of adding a little bit of color to my decor! A “pop” of summer color! Some years it might be blue or red but this year I am smitten with the black/yellow/white combination! No matter what your style or the color palette of your home it’s simple to add a little color of the summer season! I’ll show you how! Today is the SUMMER COLORS HOME TOUR!


I’m thrilled to be participating in “SUMMER COLORS HOME TOUR”!  A big thank you to Jennifer from Town And Country Living for organizing this tour!  Please check out the posts at the bottom of this page.



What color will work best in your home for summer? Here’s an easy way to find out…

Using your existing color palette, find a summery version of its complementary color. A color wheel will be your best friend for this!  Let’s say you have a predominantly blue and white room, try adding a fun pop of a vibrant zinnia orange to brighten up your space! If a bright orange is just too much for you try a burnt orange or tangerine!

Complimentary colors are directly opposite on the color wheel spectrum and by nature look nice together. Look at all the gorgeous hues you can use!



Here are some complimentary colors…

  • red/blue
  • orange/blue
  • yellow/purple
  • lime green/violet
  • green/pink or warm magenta
  • aqua/pink


A neutral room is a blank slate for adding color. So choose what you love.  Even black can be a very dramatic pop! 


I LOVE yellow and black and white! So this summer I’m adding just a little bit of this happy and dramatic trio to the front of my house.



Decorating with one added color is the smart way to go this summer. Choose your “pop” wisely and stick to it. You can use different shades of the same color but don’t get too far off track!

Go easy on the color you choose! Just a tad will work! Don’t overdo!!!!


If you have connecting rooms make sure to carry your summer color to and through those rooms too. Keep your home happy and fun this summer with a tad of color wherever you look!


You can add color with rugs, pillows, and accessories. For me, I only want a hint of my golden yellows and powerful blacks so I’m using a few well placed color filled accessories to create a summer-worthy look! 

Pillows are my favorite way to introduce a new color to a room. These pillows will be in our DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS SHOP soon. Be looking for them and some fun bee motif designs as well!



And I love to add color with vignettes!



One of the easiest ways to add color is to grab a couple bowls or small dishes in the same color! Do you have a buffet or bar cart? Stack dishes in your favorite pop of color there. How fun!



Flowers are the perfect way to add a much needed summer color to your home! Real from the garden or faux like my sunflowers they make quite a big statement!

It is really worthwhile to invest in good quality faux blooms. I’ve had these sunflowers for years and they still look like new.


Big Easy Tip!  When the leaves of faux flowers get too crumples, iron them! I set my iron on low and put a thin dishtowel over each leaf and gently iron it.  Test ironing one leaf of your faux flowers to make sure they can stand up to the heat.

I hope you have enjoyed my summer home! What color will you be adding to your home?

Now please visit my blogging friends and see what color they are adding to their home!


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  1. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Yvonne, I love it when you add your beautiful pops of color to your rooms of classic black and white. Your selections of beautiful pillows always make your rooms come to life with “happy”…. Happy Summer dear Yvonne!

  2. Yvonne, you really have a knack for using color in your home! I so appreciate the different ideas you share in your blog as I learn so much and become more aware of my surroundings! Thank you!

    1. I’m thrilled to hear that Karen. I try to share a mini design lesson each time I show decor.

  3. Your black and white and pops of yellow look fabulous, Yvonne. Loving that big zebra hyde in your living room.

  4. I love your home with a POP of color. And the yellow really suits your pallet. For my home I went with a POP of turquoise this summer. It makes everything look so FRESH. Plus it makes me happy! Thanks for all the great ideas, I’ve used a lot of them in my decorating choices.

    1. I LOVE your blog. You’re so generous to share your lovely ideas! May I ask where you purchased your rugs? I’m having a terrible time finding the right ones! Thank you so much and God bless!!

      1. Hi Leigh,I’ll get those sources to you. Right now we are glamping and I had to come down the mountain to check things out. When I get home I’ll be working on all the sources for things in our home. Thanks so much for your patience.

  5. Yvonne,
    Please share with me where you purchased your wooden criss cross dining chairs. The detail is lovely. I enjoy your blog and read every post through and through. Thank you.

  6. I just noticed that you have a new (to me, anyway) sideboard inyour dining room! It looks quite nice with the rest of your furnishings. Did you also get a different zebra rug for the living room? Your home is always so lovely and filled with inspirational ideas for those of us who are not as talented in decoraating our homes as you are, Yvonne!

    1. Hi Carol, Look again. I just got a new sideboard for the dining room. It’s white so it might blend in.

      I’ve had the zebra rug for several years now but last summer I added a sisal rug to the living room and placed the zebra rug on top of it and it stayed!

  7. Yvonne, I just love your beautiful home and can’t wait to see your bedroom reveal. My question is , how do you keep your sofa clean? When originally purchased did you have it treated with a Scotch Gaurd type spray or….. what an you suggest? Thanks so much. Patricia

    1. Hi Patricia, Yes I did have it treated. And every year I have it cleaned and retreated. So worth it to keep everything looking fresh. Hope this answers your question.

  8. What is NOT to love about your fabulous addition of color??? Yellow is such a “happy” color, and black and white is so classic that using this trio together is like hitting a homerun in decorating! I love, love, love the new pillows! They would easily work in my home! Did you say “coming to the DTT Shop soon”???

    1. ?Hi Bunny! These gorgeous black/white and yellow pillows will be in the DTT shop within the month!

  9. Love the addition of yellow.I have a lot of black and white that I add some yellow and sage green to , looks very fresh.

  10. I love the pops of yellow you’ve added. It looks great with the black accents.

  11. Lovely! I get excited when I see a post with you doing what you do best! I still love seeing the ways you make your home inviting and beautiful! This is a summer home run!!

    1. Oh Sherry! Thanks so so much! I really love adding a little color to StoneGable!

  12. laura janning says:

    Yvonne, always such a breath of freshness everytime I come to visit. love the yellow against your black and white. Hope all is well with you!

  13. Hi Yvonne! Love your pops of color! Even though I’m not a fan of yellow, these look so fresh and inviting! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    So beautiful, Yvonne! I love black and yellow together. Love all your tips – especially the one about ironing leaves on faux flowers. I never would’ve thought to do that! Thanks so much for being on the tour.

  15. Louise Adams says:

    I love your color combination, so new, so “happy.” What I was really drawn to was the urn which holds the sunflowers! I LOVE it! Can you tell me where you got?
    (I know this is weird, but I keep going back to look at it!)

  16. Yvonne, your home is always pretty – no matter what your accent color is. But I adore the yellow and black and white so much! The yellow is the perfect summer color – so happy and cheerful. And the buffalo check pillow is so adorable!

    I always enjoy your tours and looking at every detail of your pretty home! Happy Summer to you!


    P.S. I’m in love with that large urn holding the sunflowers!!

  17. Love your pop of color, YELLOW!! The sunflowers look wonderful in the room. It all looks great with the black and white. I just love looking at your decorating and getting fresh ideas for my home. Thanks!!

  18. Beautiful, Yvonne, as always, and I love your new dining room buffet!

  19. Kath y M. says:

    Your pop of color of using yellow with the black and white buffalo check pillows is beautiful. Reminded me of a favorite spring outfit I had years ago, a black sleeveless dress with a crisp yellow jacket.. …Have always loved that color combination. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

  20. Kim - Sand and Sisal says:

    So pretty Yvonne! The yellow is so cheerful!

    1. This is just lovely! Would it be possible to ask the color of the walls?
      Thank you!

  21. Great tips, Yvonne. I love your pops of color. Those sunflowers 😉 are gorgeous. xx

  22. Yvonne, I just love your clock in the pic above, I have been looking for one that is large like that would you mind if I asked where you purchased it? Love your blog I have been following for a few years now. And I love your Sunday posts we should never forget who guides us through life.

  23. Michelle Leslie says:

    Love all those beautiful, yet subtle pops of warm, sunshine filled yellow Yvonne. So lovely

  24. Dang girl, is there anything you can’t do? Wow, you can take a piece of paper, and turn it into a fabulous design, that make it and everything surrounding it look like a million dollars. My mouth drops at how outstandingly gorgeous your decorative palates are. Thank you so much for sharing.

  25. Cecilia from Ga says:

    What a week of entertainment; it was fun taking a “scroll” through the beautiful homes! This is such a great idea and I look forward to the next tour with so many talented people. I would not have seen the tour if I had not been reading your blog daily! I am delighted Jen included you in the tour (as she should have without a doubt)!! Your yellow and black are so elegant with a touch of whimsey!! You just have what it takes, girlfriend!!

  26. Good morning, Yvonne! Thank you for this fabulous post! I’ve been sharing with my oldest daughter as your design ethic is SO close to yours!

    Ha! Ha! I had to run out and find fresh lilacs so that I could share your aromatics! Thanks, again!


  27. I so look forward to your daily posts. It reminds me that the possibilities when decorating my home are limitless.
    In many of your posts my eye goes directly to the decorative porcelain alphabet balls. I’ve waited for you to supply a post of where I might acquire these but unless somehow I’ve missed it over the months, I’m still waiting. Please do so, if you can. Thank you.

    1. Hi Cassandra, I did post a source when I first got them. I picked them up from The Pottery Barn. Hope this helps.