5 Best Small Space Gardening Ideas

Looking for creative ways to garden in small spaces? Look no further! These five unique garden ideas will help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Gardening is a great way to add beauty to our home and to spend time outdoors, but what if you don’t have a lot of space? Don’t worry, there are plenty of creative ways to garden in small areas. Here are five colorful and unique gardening ideas that will help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Friends, small garden ideas will work no matter the size of your outdoor spaces!

Container Gardens

This is my absolute favorite way to garden! It’s amazing how many annuals, perennials, herbs, and even vegetables you can put in a pot! Planters are perfect for low-maintenance gardeners and people with limited spaces for digging in the dirt.

You can use a variety of containers, including traditional flower pots and hanging baskets. Or find something unique to put plants in. I used a Chinese fishbowl that had been kicking around in my basement for over a decade. It worked perfectly as a planter on our patio!

Planting colorful blooms in containers produces a summer of flowers to enjoy and pick. And an herb garden in a planter is a great way to create a kitchen garden!

Just make sure to choose the right size container for your plants and provide proper drainage.

Our own patio is graced with an attractive assortment of floral container gardens scattered around our cozy seating area.

We enjoy homegrown vegetables, so we plant them in planters. Many varieties of veggies like tomatoes, peppers, beans, and even potatoes can thrive and flourish in pots or other containers.! We’ve even grown bush cucumbers in a pot and held them up with a small trellis. Our pear tomato plant has lots of green tomatoes on it, and we are looking forward to harvesting delicious yellow homegrown tomatoes!

Create a colorful focal point with container gardens, infusing your outdoor space with seasonal beauty. Container gardens offer an opportunity to showcase your creativity and personalize your surroundings. These self-contained gardens will become the centerpiece of your patio, balcony, deck, or garden.

To help you with container gardening, you might like to read The Ultimate Guide To Container Gardening. And Herb Container Gardening Guide.

Use Every Space Available In Your Garden Beds

If you have foundational beds or landscape around your home planted with shrubs and other plants, consider adding seasonal annuals or herbs to them. Tuck plants in foundational beds around your home or around any other plantings in your yard.

This not only adds more greenery and pops of color to your established garden but also helps to fill in any empty spaces and create a more cohesive look.

On the side of our home, we planted white geraniums. These showy blooms have the ability to draw immediate attention, particularly when tucked among green shrubs. The white geraniums complement the perennial purple salvia as well as the vibrant red flowers arranged in pots on our patio. The combination of these elements create a delightful red, white, and blue aesthetic we love in the summer.

And as summer turns to autumn, toss the summer flowers and plant annuals that love the cooler weather, like mums, marigolds, and ornamental cabbage.

Pro tip: consider the condition plants like the best. Plant annuals and herbs where they will thrive.

How To Plant Plant Hydrangeas In The Ground And In Pots, Urns, and Planters will help you to plant and care for hydrangeas.

Raised Bed Gardening

I like to think of raised bed gardening as a cross between container gardening and having a big garden in a yard. Raised bed gardens are bigger than a container garden but a lot smaller than a garden in your yard! And that makes them just right for many small backyards!

A raised garden bed allows you to maximize your growing area and cuts down significantly on the weeds! I plant my raised beds intensely and cut the blooms to bring them inside. This not only gives me pretty arrangements of garden flowers but encourages new flowers to grow.

I am a huge fan of this kind of gardening. I like to head out the front door every morning to tend the raised beds. It’s good for my soul! And I’m rewarded for visiting them with a handful of vibrant flowers and blooms to take inside.

Embrace the benefits of a raised garden bed, as it optimizes your growing space while minimizing the most unwanted weeds. And I don’t know anyone who likes to pick weed!

I also like that I don’t have to keep bending and kneeling while tending raised beds. It’s much easier when a garden space is waist high. This is a great way to garden if you have any limitations.

Window Box Gardening

Window box gardening is another way to add some greenery and color to your small space while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Window boxes can be attached to the exterior of your home or apartment building or placed on a windowsill inside.

We used window boxes as long planters on a sitting wall on our patio. We opted for these because they were not as high as other long planters we found.

Window boxes instantly boost the curb appeal of your home. Is there anything as charming and welcoming as a display of pretty flowers, vibrant foliage, and trailing vines in a window box? A well-maintained box can significantly enhance the overall attractiveness of your house and let you utilize vertical space.

They provide a brilliant solution for homeowners with limited garden space. If you live in a space with a balcony or terrace, a window box can be your balcony garden! Or in urban settings, window boxes enable you to enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers. Wouldn’t it be amazing to fill a window box with plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds?

Whether you want to add a touch of color to your home, grow your own herbs, or simply enjoy the beauty of plants, window boxes offer lots of benefits that make them a delightful and savvy addition to any home.

Hanging Basket Gardening

Hanging baskets are beautiful compact vertical container gardens. They add a decorative element to any home. With a wide variety of plant choices available, they can be customized to suit our color palette and style, elevating the look and feel of any outdoor space. They add so much interest that they literally lift our eyes up.

Hanging baskets allow us to make the most of vertical space, particularly in areas where ground space is limited. They are ideal for balconies, patios, porches, and small gardens, enabling us to enjoy the beauty of plants without occupying precious space.

I like to put together my own hanging baskets, like the one above and below, in interesting containers. I choose plants that grow upright, spread out, and like to spill over the edge of the basket. Just like other container gardens, I choose thrillers, fillers, and spillers!

This year we have hanging baskets with strawberry plants in them! Personalize hanging baskets with your favorite flowers, herbs, or even veggies!


Follow these tips, and your small space gardens will thrive. These are tried and true garden ideas!

  • Choose plants for your garden zones.
  • Understanding the sunlight requirements for the plant you are considering and plant accordingly.
  • If you are planting in a container garden, window box, or hanging garden, make sure these containers have good drainage holes.
  • Deadhead and trim off dead or spindly leaves and stems throughout the growing season.
  • Use good quality soil. I like soil that has fertilizer already in it.
  • Plants in containers may need to be fertilized since they do not get nutrients from the ground.
  • Water regularity, but don’t let a container get waterlogged. Plants in exceedingly wet soil often suffer root rot.

With these small space garden ideas, you can transform even the tiniest of areas into beautiful and bountiful gardens. Embrace the potential of your limited space and unleash your creativity to create a garden that reflects your personal style and brings beauty to your home. So start planting and enjoying the beauty of your small spaces with these garden ideas!


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  1. I am with you itching to get the flowers out. Your pop of colors are so pretty

    1. Maryellen says:

      Beautiful flowers. The porch looks really nce.

    2. Faye Hunt says:

      Im a garden designer in south florida so some of this doesn’t work for me, but love all flowers and for sure your porch!!!!

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    I would like to receive a blueberry plant like Chandler Midseason Blueberry

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    Plant low-water landscapes by planting shrubs, such as Red Filli Crape Myrtle: needs only occasional watering and low maintenance.

  4. Just planted the salvia in my yard and love the ranunculus tip. Look at Lowes here I come today to finish my yard. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Lovely! And I can remember that feeling in the spring, living most of my life in the mid-Atlantic. Now that I live in central Florida, I can pop with color all the time and it’s wonderful!

  6. Saw fields of Rannuculus when traveling in Southern California Beautiful . Did not know they could be grown in zone 7 N.C.. Are they for spring planters only or will they hold up for the summer? Love to do color themes in my gardens and can’t wait to get planting.

    1. I’m not sure about your zone Kathy, but here in the mid Atlantic they grow all summer if they are cut back.

  7. Marsha McClendon says:

    Beautiful flowers and I love the blue and white pot!

    1. Amen! I love this time of year. God’s promise of renewal

  8. Kim O'Donoghue says:

    Here in New England it’s been so cold and wet. Can’t wait to get out in my yard. Celebrating my daughters best friend’s bridal shower in our yard this summer. Would love a gift certificate to help with the extra flowers I will be purchasing.

  9. Sherri G. says:

    These pictures are gorgeous, I am hoping my newly planted peonies will bloom this year!

    1. Sherri, I adore peonies and look forward to them blooming every year in my garden!!! They smell almost heavenly!

  10. Oh so pretty…cannot wait to start planting

  11. Kristen Shields says:

    Oh, how I love your color combination of purples and peaches. I think I will need to plant a similar color combination somewhere on my patio. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  12. You were smart to hold on to those blue and white fish bowl type planters, I gave mine away 🙁 the colorful flowers look so nice in it!

  13. Love the ranunculas! Saw some at my local grocery store! Need to go back and get some!

  14. Alissa Wiggam says:

    Loved the bright and happy plants! Makes me smile and almost giggle with delight! Thank you for adding such happiness to our world!

  15. Joy McGlohon says:

    Beautiful blog – I love your ideas!

  16. My husband and I are in the process of moving to our new home in Ohio. I think I’ll plant a garden with the theme of the colors of Ohio – red white and blue! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Nancy Marino says:

    Love the blue and white planters. They have become a classic.

  18. Lynn Dunkin says:

    I do the same thing…I pick a color theme every year for my flowers to coordinate in my yard and on the porch. I am in love with the ranunculus….love, love, love the hot pink and orange with the blue salvia. I am headed to Lowe’s for my Monrovia blooms this morning to get porch flowers as we are cleaning and “Opening the Porch” for business this weekend!!!

    1. Don’t forget to get extra ranunculus to plant in your yard to cut and put inside in bouquets. Gorgeous!

  19. Fran Braun says:

    Thank you! You just colored my rainy morning! Yes Yvonne! There will be warm sunny days.

  20. I signed up! I want that newsletter to give me more color ideas!!!! I love POPS of color — I do the same on my front porch and along the backdecking! So cheerful – rain or sun!!! No all white or blah for me!! :)-

    1. I signed up too! So much great information. And I really do love Monrovia. Such great quality plants!

  21. Patricia T says:

    I’m loving this post! Your pops of color will make you smile every time you see them. I’m going to try one of Monrovia’s new Seaside Serenade Hydrangeas since I live in Florida. I also plant in themes each year. This year will be red, white and blue, as you’ve had previously. Thank you for the chances to win 2 drawings this month!

  22. Cheryl Bell says:

    I love all of the color and especially love the ranunculus which I have never grown, but would love to. I just don’t find them in my part of the world in central Texas. I’ll definitely be checking into them to see if they grow well here because would love to have them in my cottage garden….or on one of my porches. Thanks for all of your great tips Yvonne, love your bog!

  23. Kathy bruns says:

    Oh, how I wish Spring would warm up! This makes me want to get planting!

  24. Candace Geldreich says:

    Can’t wait to be back in my house so I can enjoy beautiful flowers agt

  25. Linda S Sink says:

    I can’t wait to get their newsletter. Thanks.

  26. Love the blue and white planters with the brightness of the flowers. Spectacular.

  27. Good Morning, Yvonne. Thank you for posting the link to Monrovia. I have been planning and dreaming about my flower beds. I have been looking at various garden supply companies. I really like Monrovia. I have never used ranuculas in my garden, I will need to spend some time reviewing best location and soil needs. Warmer weather please come my way!!

  28. Love the idea of having color themes. I will try that this year.

  29. GORGEOUS!!! That’s a welcome sight for sure after winter! I love Monrovia. It seems like they’ve always got fun new varieties and nice healthy plants.

  30. Took today off to work in the flower garden, but with the wet weather your inspiration has helped me make alternate plans and will head to the nursery for some pops of color.

  31. So funny to read this post. I have typically used red in my window boxes on the front of the house and on the back deck I used all white as I like how it stood out well against the olive color of our home…..But now we have painted our house light grey so I just said to my husband yesterday we need to add brightly colored flowers on the deck this year for a pop of color! I love your choice….might have to look at purple and pink!

  32. Lovely pops of color! Thanks for brightening my morning!

  33. The ” POP ” colors go well with the beloved and classic blue and white theme that is repeated in all our Southern magazines right now!! Lowes is our go to nursery here in GA too. Such great inspiration and easy to grow containers will make everyone’s garden BLOOM. Thank you!

  34. genie steger says:

    Oh I love the containers, love the colors you picked it!

    Ranuculas are ykummy

  35. Your idea of a theme each year is very creative and also helps to mark history just like your apron post! Regrettably, I don’t have a green thumb, so I stick to Lantana’s that are drought tolerant and always flourish! Also, I thought it was interesting that you used the pot the arrangement came in. I always take mine out and plant directly in the container. That idea definitely makes it easy to pop different colors or switch a theme easily! ?

    1. Melissa, lantana is one of my very favorite blooms. They are amazing! I put them in my pots every years.

  36. Lynn Paterson says:

    Love all the beautiful pictures and colorful flowers! Signed up for Monrovias newsletter

  37. My goodness! That pot is just gorgeous!

  38. Love your combination for your pop of color. Off to my Lowes today. Thank much.

  39. Bonnie Trott says:

    In Florida it is spring too! Our winters are not like they used to be so not much dies off , but the annuals, so it’s s bit blah. But yesterday I cut my first roses of the year, beauties! So I’m fired up to get to lowes and discover some colors for my porch, etc. thanks for the inspiration.

  40. Your creativity is so inspiring. I can not wait for spring to stay so I can get planting too. Love your choice of colors, now you got me thinking. Thanks so much, enjoy your day!

  41. I signed up, too! Love seeing the gorgeous plants on your blog today. Spring is coming, hurray!

  42. We moved into a new townhouse late last fall. If the snow ever melts we will have many days digging in the dirt!

  43. Nancy Schipper says:

    I also do color themes. I am loving the ranunculus. It has such depth and dimension and comes in many color selections. I too am anxious for that pop of color. I may have to get some pansies now to satisfy my need for instant color as they can tolerate our cold Michigan nights (we had snow last night – weekend temps to be in the 60’s!!).

  44. Thank you for the Monovia link! Their company has a great reputation for healthy and beautiful plants. I am a container gardener, so today’s post was most useful. I love, love, love color!!!


  45. Snow is just about all gone here. Cannot wait to get outside
    and start taking care of all the plants and flowers.
    I loved your beautiful post.

  46. Very pretty, can’t wait to put some flowers in my planters!!! Tulips, Hyacinths and daffodils are blooming now, love them!!


    Good Morning Yvonne, Thank you for sharing Monrovia with me. I will be going to Lowes over the weekend for sure. I always buy my hanging baskets there. I would love to be able to cut flowers and bring them in to enjoy. Yours are beautiful!

  48. No potted flowers out safely in my region until after Memorial Day, so a good time to dream now!

  49. nancy limestall says:

    It’s lovely…love Runiculous…have some in a vase of water right now….your pot of flowers is perfect….

  50. Stunning combination, really beautiful! I am so excited to play in the dirt! I would have no problem finding plants and containers to splurge on!

  51. Love your flower choices. Anxiously waiting for it to get warm enough in our area to plant.

  52. Good Morning! Once again you inspire. I am off to Lowes tomorrow to gather some color for my patch of Mother Earth. xx-hb

  53. Sandra Barnhart says:

    I can’t wait till it’s warm enough here in Iowa to plant my flowers. Don’t even realize it when I am picking my flowers out but when I am done there’s usually a lot of lavender colors.

  54. Love your flower choices.Can not wait to garden.Still too cold here in New York!

  55. Our daffodils are blooming here in New England. Such a welcome pop of color after a dismal winter.

  56. Thanks for the Monrovia site and your beautiful arrangement. I am heading to Lowe’s when they open. Getting read for a luncheon tomorrow!

  57. Stunning combination, so pretty! I love this. Thanks for the great idea! I would have no problem finding plants and pots to splurge on! So looking forward to playing in the dirt!

  58. Although I’m not a spring chick and most my life I’ve had a thumb you would consider “not green”, I’ very decided to turn it around and finally learn to garden. Can you believe it’s finally working! This year’s new task is container gardening and here you come with these brilliant, beautiful tips! Thanks so much!!

  59. Doris Campbell says:

    I’ve just joined and love it. So many ideas that with great instructions and attention to details. Love it.

  60. Joan Moore says:

    Love your Pop of Color plantings!!! I am also so ready to plant up my pots, just waiting for this weather to settle down!!! Maybe today……?????

  61. Have never tried growing ranunculus, but you have inspired me to give them a try! Thanks!

  62. What a beautiful post this morning! Great minds think alike – in anticipation of the snow we were going to receive I felt I would need a “Pop of Color” to keep positive about spring arriving! Purchased a hot pink ranunculus bouquet to put in a stoneware teapot. Just brings a smile to your face.

  63. I’m with you, Yvonne, can’t wait to play in the dirt! However, we are finally getting a touch of winter in Southwest Ohio. Ugh! Meanwhile, I’m so glad to have read Monrovia’s tip about Fresh Color Combos as well as your tips. Time to break loose and let the colors fly… when it finally warms up that is. I loved Goldenrod which grew wild where I lived up North, but rarely see it here. Will definitely want that in my garden for the bees and butterflies too. Thanks so much for this great post.

  64. Monrovia’s Peony page is to die for. Peonies are my favorite flower! Their gorgeous blooms scream Ta-da!

  65. For the past several years we have been container gardening – even planting blueberries in extra large pots. I wrote notes during last years planting season to help remind me of what worked and what didn’t. Let the planting season BEGIN!!!

  66. I will have to check at my local Lowes for ranunculus. It’s always a sure sign of spring when the garden centers start popping up at the local stores!

  67. Karen Robbins says:

    I enjoyed this post. I am so ready to get out and dig in the dirt. I am doing red, white and blue again this year on my front porch. I love that color but it’s also to honor my grandson who is in the military. Your information about Monrovia is very helpful and I’ve already signed up for their news letter. Looking forward to seeing your gardens as the summer goes on.

  68. I love the colors of the hydrangeas and the peonies. I can’t wait for growing season to come to the mid-west.

  69. BettyAnne says:

    Beautiful!! However, we just received a warning to cover all plants tonight due to an expected frost. Maybe we can buy flowering plants soon.

  70. Now if it will just stop snowing…

  71. Sherilyn Jennings says:

    Beautiful! I love seeing the Monrovia containers. My grandfather moved his family from OKC during the dust bowl to California and went to work for Monrovia Gardens. He retired after working for them for many years. Every time I see those containers I think of him!

  72. I can’t wait to start planting too! We are in a freeze warning for this weekend, but I know spring is just around the corner and I’m ready for some color.

  73. Cathy Fix says:

    Can’t wait to get out and find some of the NEW flowers I just discovered on your site when entering your contest! I am southern born and bred but transplanted in MN 25 years ago. I never realized there are so many beautiful peonies! Thank you for a perfect article and contest which taught me so much!

  74. Pam Richards says:

    I love your “pops of color”. We put in a pool last year surrounded by a newly landscaped yard which includes palm trees and lots of native grasses. We are going to use containers with pops of color to highlight areas around the pool. Can’t wait to get started! Thank you for the ideas.

  75. Babette Thurston says:

    Great pops of color Yvonne!!! I’m so excited that you shared this! It all looks so beautiful! I love ranunculus too but we are so hot down here that I dont have much success. I’m so glad you are doing this giveaway because we went to our ZooMiami this past weekend and I found a flower species that I hadn’t seen before, imagine that, and when I went to the Monrovia site to look at the flowers there it was the Red Passion Flower! I knew it was part of that family but wasn’t sure! We are always finding things at our zoo that we would like to try at home! Now I know I can get it through Monrovia or at Lowes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I love so many kinds of flowers but have never tried the ranunculus. I may give them a try! Yours certainly sold me!!

  77. Beautiful,just like the sweet Lady that planted them

  78. Our weather here in PA has certaintly not been cooperative. After purchasing a new build we have landscaping as our project this year. I just heard this morning there is a chance of a freeze warning tonight. I’m soooo ready to be outside…but the garden centers are just starting to get in some plants. Loving your pop of color and the idea of themes. I do something different each year by color. Love your blog – it’s one of my must-haves!

  79. Now you’ve gone and done it!! I have been trying to be good and finish up some projects before family arrives next week but I think I need a quick trip to the garden center for a little color :). I never realized that ranunculus would rebloom. If only they could create peonies that would rebloom! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  80. I signed up for the newsletter! Love those pink peonies!!

  81. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to receive the Arapaho Crape Myrtle. I love these so pretty in boom with beautiful red flowers all summer long!

  82. The flowers are beautiful! Joyce Meyer, a TV minister, said this morning that she “Thanked God for color” while on a morning walk. She also commented that we may have a favorite color but how boring that could become. God’s garden is absolutely beautiful, and you’ve displayed some of His beautiful colors!! Thank you.

  83. Beautiful flower choice! I love ranunculus, & this makes me want to add them to my flower boxes & planters this spring!!

  84. Stephanie Phelps says:

    One tip I read about is How to tell if a plant is H2O thrifty? Look for plants with silver, furry, waxy, fleshy or glossy leaves. Often, those with aromatic foliage are tells that a plant will hold up well even when the faucet is turned off.

  85. What a timely post this morning! That pop of colour is just what i need after the 2 inches of snow we had here last nite! While my planting will have to wait a it longer I’m luvin’ the idea of using the ceramic fish bowl for planting in. Gorgeous plants you’ve shown us Yvonne:)

  86. Georgia weather!! 80’s last week 50’s this week with storms….Feeling Spring Fever…..Purchased ferns….This is the summer I’d like to copy your potting bench…I LOVE it!!….Now to find an antique sink! 😉

  87. Can’t believe that now Spring is here, we had snow this morning! But tomorrow 70 degrees is coming. I’ve been out preparing for my colors when finally I can dig! Can’t wait!

  88. Nancy Moore says:

    What a wonderful idea to use patriotic colors in your plantings! Thank you for this giveaway! I would love some ranunculus!

  89. what a great favor you have done by introducing me to this site!! I will be sneaking back every spare minute i can find! thank you!!

  90. Susan Williams says:

    I love spring, I have already bought some plants. and started some in my green house. I love all your ideas they speak to my soul and make my day at work a brighter place. Thanks for all great ideas.

  91. We just moved from Oregon to Colorado and are in an apartment for now. I do miss all the flowers in the backyard just waiting to be cut and brought in. But I think it’s just about time to get some plants on our balcony.

  92. Nancy Carroll says:

    Oh my I LOVE the hot pink Ranunculus!! Are they perennials by chance?

  93. I love spring, when the earth wakes up…beautiful colors

  94. Shelley Anderson says:

    Love your POPS OF COLOR! I love ranunculus and bought some last week from my local Lowes. They have the most vibrant color. Splashy and colorful are my pots also. One of my favorites from Monrovia are phlox which have a very aroma scent and remind me of my grandmother’s garden when I was a little girl…sweet memories. It’s time in my area to start splashing color all over my garden and your giveaway would surely make a big difference in the beauty of my yard! I hope your weekend is filled with vibrant blooms and memories! Thanks for all your hard work and I have watched 23 episodes of your DT&T and love everyone of them. I’m very grateful for all the tips and tricks and have put many to good use. I’ve got to get over to iTunes and comment this weekend.

  95. Love the planters…Love blue and white…great idea!

  96. Love spring, my favorite place to buy flowers is Lowe’s. Love your combination of flowers.

  97. Marcy Leonard says:

    Two of my most favorite plants–at least the salvia grows well in Texas! Maybe I can baby some ranunculus in pots before the summer heat sets in. Only thing I would add is to hide the cracked black rim of the planting pot with a ring of Spanish moss!

  98. Cheryll H. says:

    I love the blue and white planters. I have a cobalt, white and black theme on my porch also. It will be a month before we can start putting out live plants…..it is hard to wait.

  99. What a joyful post. Everything speaks of spring and the beauty surrounding us.

  100. We took out all the hedges around our house and put in all new
    plants, many were Monrovia.Living my entire life in New Jersey
    and migrating to Florida,planting is a bit different here, there are
    only 2 seasons, hot and hotter !You have to plant draught tolerant
    plants and plants that like sun.I love container gardening and always
    would start planting with geraniums because they are hardy.and loved
    the colors.

  101. Jill Miglin says:

    Great colors, Yvonne! I can’t wait to be able to get my hands in the dirt again!

  102. Leslie O. says:

    Beautiful! I’ve had great results with Monrovia also.

  103. The flowers look beautiful, and those pots are perfect. I love the little wood stand you used. Thanks for sharing.

  104. I love the monrovia plants. They always look so healthy and full. I have had good luck with all the plants I have bought in the past. I always love your plants and outdoor posts! They are so inspiring.

  105. I have been a fan of salvia and blue and white for over 30 years. But I have never had any blue and white fish bowl planters for outdoors…I could buy a couple if I won this awesome give-away! Isn’t Lowe’s a great place to buy plants! Love shopping there! So looking forward to finally “pop some color” on my front porch in a few weeks

  106. Beautiful color combination in your planter. Those pots are gorgeous….bet you are glad you kept them! 😉

  107. Mary Nell Harding says:

    Love all of your posts!

  108. Suzy Weisz says:

    In October I moved to Texas. I left behind 1/2 acre of my own secret garden. This year I don’t have my beautiful peonies blooming in my yard or my hydrangeas popping up. My new yard is the size of a postage stamp but we are trying to make it work. I love your pop of colors and I plan to hit my Lowes this weekend. Thanks for the good idea and inspiration. I did bring most of my pots with me and they are still empty so I have an empty canvas to work with. Keep bringing it girlfriend!

  109. I love salvias of any kind and ranunculus are the closet to a peony looking bloom I can get here in the Deep South! Love the color combo-That definitely says spring-heading to Lowes here shortly…I will tell the hubby Yvonne made me do it!(he’s a grass guy where as I’m more a fill the whole yard with beautiful flowers with “patches of grass”!)

  110. I already have my red/white/blue glider cushions ready. The container flowers will be red or white

  111. . Yvonne, I love the combination of flowers in your blue and white containers on your porch. I have always loved and trusted the quality of Monrovia’s products. Thanks for a great post.

  112. Love the pops of color, and I love the fish bowl planters! Ranunculus are showing up on lots of Instagram pages and other posts and yours are just beautiful! It is making me want to get to my Lowe’s soon and buy some. Digging in the dirt, planting and pulling weeds has always been one of my favorite things to do.

  113. I can’t wait to get into the garden, too!!! After such a long, hard winter, I am dying for that POP of color, as well. I love your planter. It is just what I need!

  114. How beautiful your porch pot is.
    And what a great resource the Monrovia site will be for me. I’ve already learned several things I wasn’t aware of, I love learning new things, and I always do when I visit you. Hey that rhymes!!
    Have a blessed Palm Sunday weekend.

  115. Love the color combination!! I am” itching” to get started planting myself but, also like the “hunt” for the perfect combination as well!

  116. Yvonne, I am also a fan of Monrovia plants, we have many nurseries nearby that carry the brand here! I have even found some Monrovia plants that actually are deer resistant in my yard, which is no easy task!! I have not put my fingers in the dirt, as yet, but with the temperatures forecast for next week, that may change!!! Thank you for both awesome and generous giveaways.

  117. Flowers always make me happy and your ideas make me smile!

  118. I love the look of ranunculus. I have some good “permanent botanicals” in my home right now, but maybe I will look for some Monrovia ranunculus to put in my pots this year. I have never tried growing them.

  119. Karen VanLoo says:

    I think I’ll go to Lowe’s tomorrow. I love ranunculus. I’m itching to get out in the yard, I have had bronchitis just after getting over a bad cold and I am tired of being sick and ready to enjoy some spring weather. Seeing these beautiful flowers just inspired me to get my hands dirty and plant some flowers!

  120. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Love the spring color…waiting for it to warm up enough to get some spring color outside. My daffodils are just poking their heads up!

  121. I love Monrovia plants and usually buy a good many each year at our Lowes. I love Rannuculus but they are short lived here in TN – early spring. I always do pink, white and blue/purple flowers. My favorite color flowers and looks good with our light brick and dark green door/shutters.

  122. What a pretty combination for your planter. I’m ready to get to work!

  123. Deb Weber says:

    I loved looking at the peonies on Monrovia’s site. I’m itching to buy and plant a small row of them off our back deck.

  124. I have the same beautiful blue and white pot. Your flowers look fabulous in it. Keep inspiring us. Thank you!

  125. ROBIN E. CHUBB says:

    Thank you Yvonne for sharing this… as always, you never disappoint. The Pop of Colors is simply amazing. It’s been raining in N.W. Indiana for days, seems like weeks! I can’t wait to go to Lowes and find my pop of color inspiration. Thanks again!

  126. Karyn McBride says:

    Welcome Spring!

  127. Beautiful combination of bright color and blue and white in your pots and rug. Finally got some pansies in a few pots to enjoy the cool rainy weather here. I have trouble with squirrels rummaging through my freshly planted pots. Any ideas?

  128. carol clark says:

    Fruiting Pomegranate i love i have one but i heard they wont flower unless you have two

  129. Karen Mosher says:

    Hi Yvonne –

    Our weather has been dreary too. The ground is so squishy you sink almost up to your ankles – I need to be patient to get my garden on. Till then I’ll concentrate on our front porch to get our curb appeal going. Love ALL your ideas.

  130. Love the ranunculus in your planter. I’d love to try something white this year, like the Toki Clematis. People usually think of MN as being cold and snowy, but it can get really humid in the summer months; white seems very cooling to me.

  131. Jan Schouw says:

    Thank you. I’ve wanted to do gardening but am a complete novice. Now that you’ve shared, I’m ready to plunge in!

  132. Vickie Macfarlane says:

    Your plants are absolutely beautiful in the blue and white pots. I love bright colors and the pop they give a porch or garden. Thank you for sharing.

  133. I signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for letting me know about it. I love your blog.

  134. Carol Elkins says:

    I’ve never heard of the ranunculus flowers! They are beautiful! I just bought some bright pink geraniums to plant in my blue plants on my back patio.

    1. Carol Elkins says:

      I meant blue pots on my back patio.

  135. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer and I can start thinking about flowers. I always look forward to seeing my plants grow. Started a Butterfly garden last year. Looking forward to buying more plants this year. I enjoyed seeing your plants and pots.. Yvonne. I would love to buy some colored pots this year to place in the front of the house. This would make things a little dressy.

  136. Nature has not been cooperating here either, it’s been a cold and rainy and dreary here this spring too. I’m doing eight containers this weekend. Yes I am! I’ve never grown ranunculus, they’re very pretty, will reconsider using it in a pot or two.

    1. Done! Ranunculus and salvia in two pots! Your pots are a 10, mine are a 3, but I’m hoping the flowers will steal the show! But first I hope they do well, it’s still early here.

  137. Denise Cox says:

    Yvonne, your flowers are lovely! I have always loved saliva and used to grow them when I had a hard. I plan on purchasing a Monrovia Southampton hydrangea this year. I do container gardening for my Mom and we have the perfect lighting conditions for a hydrangea.
    Yvonne, what is the name of the hydrangea you use in the urns flanking your front door?
    Hope your daughter is feeling well during her pregnancy… and that you continue to feel well post-recovery. Have a Blessed Easter!

  138. Macinda Wolff says:

    Can’t wait to try some of your ideas

  139. Good Morning … How very beautiful and charming! I have antique peonies in my garden area that once were in our Daughter-in-laws Grandparents back yard! They are stunning and I feel blessed every time we get to watch them bloom! Then I get to carry bouquets into our kitchen arranging them on my island, using my husbands Mother’s green depression glass vases! It is truly a spirit lifter and a special trip down memory lane… Happy Gardening Dear Yvonne… Hugs, Judy

  140. Don’t know what I like more, the beautiful pot, or the gorgeous flowers. I work with a friend in her nursery for growing season and just love being in the greenhouses this time of year as everything is so fresh and beautiful. Have never grown ranunculus, but they will be part of my potted plantings, as soon as the weather gets warmer. Love cut flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  141. Debi Day Foley says:

    Love the combination of flowers with the blue and white. I may have to copy you. ??

  142. Our weather in the Pacific NW has been rainy and gray too. I’m so looking forward to planting my spring and summer flowers, but we typically wait till mid May. I’m not acquainted with the Rannuculus, but they look gorgeous in your blue and white pot. I’m defitely going to check out our Lowe’s store. Thanks for featuring them!

  143. I am so eager to start planting colorful flowers, but it must wait until we return from a month long vacation. Don’t want to come back home to dead flowers from lack of watering!

  144. Jacy Cole says:

    Love it Yvonne! Thank you for the inspiration-a POP of color is just what I need as well!! Happy Spring

  145. Robin Riley says:

    The last few cold weather days have been hard to get through! Trying to be patient but I need to smell the dirt!! I plant everything that hummingbirds love. I had about 20 of them last year!!! A few more weeks and they’ll be back too!

  146. So pretty! I just planted rannuculus also. Always love getting all my pots and flower beds planted so we can enjoy the beautiful blooms.

  147. The plants and the blue and white pots are beautiful.

  148. Robin Talley says:

    I love your suggestions for planting, I enjoy working in my garden so much!

  149. I have never planted ranunculus before, but after seeing these beautiful pictures I will be doing several container gardens with them and the salvia this year. Yours are just gorgeous.

  150. Constance Colvin says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!

  151. Barbara Bachus says:

    My husband just added ranunculus to his list of new additions to the garden and I can’t wait! They are so beautiful!

  152. I love your colour combinations and choice of plants!!

  153. JoAnne Wujcik says:


  154. I am also a Lancaster Countian and the outside of my house is exactly the same stone and shutter colors! But I do not have beautiful flowers planted and my rockers need a fresh coat of paint!! Apparently summer is arriving next week with 80 degree weather so that will be a change from the cold and dampness we have been having and help me get it all done. Love your blog!

  155. Your flower pots are so beautiful and I especially love the ranunculus. The colors in your porch pot are so pretty together. You always have such beautiful plantings on your porch. I was not familiar with ranunculus until recently and am planning to purchase some for my patio planters.

  156. Yvonne! Love your theme idea for annual garden/porch plantings! However, I must admit, I will be happy if I just get anything bought and/or planted. I actually purchased seeds this year, and they still SIT in their packages! I actually also got ranunculus bulbs, too (they are tiny little things … )!

    I could use either of the gift cards, since it seems I will be buying plants. In my defense, we are investigating a possible new problem in a disc in my spine (where I had surgery years ago) … so I am a little under the weather just now.

    Thanks for these opportunities!

  157. Beautiful ideas and colors!

  158. Lanita Anderson says:

    I loved the colors you chose for your “Pop of Color” container gardens….so vibrant and pretty! Although I have to say, I’m not sure which was prettier, the flowers or the beautiful blue & white containers!?!?! 🙂 I’m a “sucker” for anything blue & white! Happy Friday!

  159. I want Monrovia’s First Love Gardenia! Hubby and I both LOVE them ~ as did my father-in-law. He loved them so much that we used them (though hard to find!) at his memorial service! I also crave hydrangeas … that new variety Monrovia has sounds as though it might be a great one to try. My parents always had huge hydrangea plants in Austin … not sure they’re as easy to grow here in farther North Texas. (Will have to go back, because I forgot to.check zones for them.) thanks again, Yvonne!

  160. I’ve always liked Ranunculus because they remind me of miniature roses without the thorns. I got rid of a LOT of furniture, accessories, planters, etc. when I moved into my condo but never parted with my pair of blue & white Chinese style pots. Mine are the same as yours (I also put plastic pots inside) and I also have the very same Oriental style plant stands!! I have another Chinese pot that I keep in the guest bathroom that holds extra toilet tissue. It looks nice and frees up space under the vanities and in the linen closet.

  161. I love the beautiful flowers in the classic containers.

  162. Susan Jackson says:

    Such a beautiful color combo!

  163. Such a beautiful combination of colors!! I love the idea of front porch themes each year!

  164. Heading to Lowe’s this weekend for some pops of color for my porch! Thank you for the chance at a give away!

  165. Susan Kohr says:

    Was surprised to learn peonies can live as long as 100 years and still produce flowers! I had no idea! Love the beautiful pops of color in your blue & white containers!

  166. I have blue shutters on a grey house and I have always loved salvia, I will definitely do this!

  167. Being from Florida … we kind of have a little taste of spring year round… HOWEVER… thank you Lowes.. because right now.. they have the most gorgeous plants and flowers ever !!!! Yaaaaa…. planting time !!!

  168. I am itching to get outside and play in the dirt! Thanks for the beautiful pics to inspire and motivate me. :)) The podcast was very helpful, especially about the soil nutrients. I will be saving my egg shells…..sorry snails, no free meals for you!

  169. Your arrangements are so lovely! I want to be sure to check out the ranunculus at Lowe’s.

  170. Linda Schooley says:

    The blue pots are gorgeous! Monrovia is definitely quality and all of their plants are beauiful!!
    Love the plant theme idea. As soon as our weather warms up, I will be shopping!

  171. Mary Nell Harding says:

    As soon as I get off work today, I’m going by Lowe’s and get some new plants!

  172. Gorgeous flowers ! Food for the soul !!

  173. Love your blue and white pot with all the lovely flowers. Its a classic!

  174. Connie Hester says:

    Can’t wait to get gardening! It seems that Spring is going to finally arrive here in Central IL. this weekend. 🙂

  175. What a great color combo! Lovely to see these 2 together.

  176. Great idea, as usual. I am going to go blue this year, since my son is getting married in May and their color is blue.

  177. Needed to see a pop of color today! Thanks for the lift!

  178. Just like you, up here in CT has been miserable for a while now. I keep thinking that April showers bring May flowers!

  179. The colors of the flowers together are very pretty. I love to look through the Lowes garden center and they let me bring my two dogs there and in the store too.

  180. Love your gardening! I am in the process of putting the garden indoors with lots of botanicals!

  181. Always love the pops of color you insert in a natural design style. It makes it easier to change with the seasons

  182. Love it!! Those colorful flowers with the blue and white! I must duplicate! Absolutely stunning!

  183. Ever since going to Mexico, I’m a huge fan of color. I’m not quite ready to paint my house brilliant purple, red, or blue, but your flowers are gorgeous!!

  184. I love these one of a kind beauties!!

  185. Nancy Morris?? says:

    I love the colours of the flowers you choose, but love the blue and white pot. I have lots of blue and white porcelain, just love it. ?

  186. Beautiful color combinations. I love ranunculus. You should come visit the Carlsbad Flower fields just north of San Diego to get your fill of them!http://www.theflowerfields.com/

  187. My favorite blogger never disappoints! Thanks, Yvonne for this post on pops of color. I am all signed up for the newsletter. Anxious to learn more about gardening.

  188. I would enjoy a warm sunny day here in Northern Jersey. They next week so fingers crossed. We barely have daffodils bloomed. Super tips and I am making my hubby listen to this podcast. He argues with me every year about over packing pots to mix plants. Big fan of Monrovia for years


  189. Your porches are always so beautiful and inspire me! I live in the southwest so I plant colorful succulents and just love them. Very easy maintenance and hard to kill since I don’t have a very green thumb!

  190. Look forward to emails from you..such great ideas..went out this morning to plant a few things but still JUST TOO CHILLY! Know what you mean..

  191. Shirley wisner says:

    Beautiful pictures. So ready for spring and warm weather. Keep up the good work!

  192. Love the Monrovia Seaside Serenade hydrangeas. Hope I can find one at my local Lowe’s. Also love your blue and white pots!

  193. Nita Hiltner says:

    Your colors compliment each other. I love the pots. I wish ranunculus was a perennial, it is so lovely.

  194. The flowers you choose are so cheerful!

  195. I am so ready for spring weather to arrive!

  196. Theresa Nolan says:

    Bring on Spring! Love your pops of color!

  197. Beautiful flowers. I can’t wait to have flowers sprinkled throughout my yard. Patience for now…Minnesota weather not

  198. I would love a Julka Clematis.

  199. So pretty , we just woke up to more snow in Western, NY. I cant wait till it stays warm enough to get some planting done here!

  200. Tina Schock says:

    I love your pop of color theme! And I’m all registered for the Monrovia giveaway, thank you!

  201. so excited by your posts! I love blue and white and NEVER get rid of my containers! came in handy for my niece’s wedding when i filled all my blue and white pots with flowers for her wedding!

  202. Just signed up for the news letter. I am re doing a corner of my yard where we lost a huge pine tree this winter. It is going to be fun redesigning.

  203. Bonnie G. says:

    I absolutely love the Seaside Serenade series of new hydrangeas. I have to comment on the Ranunculus, when I saw your photo of them in the blue and white fishbowl, I really thought they were made from crepe paper.

  204. Bonnie G. says:

    Forgot! I found the tip to make Hydrangeas blue useful.

  205. I love ranunculus and can’t wait for mine to bloom. They are gorgeous clustered tightly in a vase. I’ve been a long-time fan of Monrovia.

  206. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Ranunculas, is a new plant to me! I will definitely give it a try. It is lovely.
    I will check out my Lowe’s tomorrow.
    I like to visit KEN’S in Intercourse, PA. Just one more highlight of my trip to your area.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  207. Beautiful flowers and I love the blue containers. Once in a great while you can pick-up nice containers at yard sales, so I’m keeping my eyes open. God bless!

  208. I have never planted ranunculus flowers. If that is the hot pink and orange flowers I will look for them. Love the POP of color!

  209. Ronald Gagnon says:

    We love the Kopper Kettle Itoh Peony..it’s unique coloring offsets the others floral colors of our yard…though we live in Alberta and only the hardiest of perrenials seem to grow properly, this is a mainstay of our landscaping

  210. Thanks so much for the much needed “Pop of Color”! Just gorgeous as usual and inspiring me to get cracking and visit Lowes this weekend. I have a few black spots I’d like to fill in, but live in zone 10 (I think) and not sure what is good for here. Now I have some incentive to find out and get a move on! 🙂

  211. Christine Maroney says:

    I love the flower choices you did. Ranunculas are my new favorite flower and hope the local flower places will have some this year.

  212. Kathryn Barton says:

    I love gardening. Picking the beautiful plants that will make such a huge difference on our little deck. Makes me happy.

  213. Dianne Lanier says:

    I signed up! Can’t wait to begin my planting!!!

  214. Beautiful colors! Thanks for always giving so much information.

  215. My blue and white pot has been begging for its spring fix. Now I know what to plant!

  216. Denice Metz says:

    can’t wait to get to get started!

  217. Janice Stewart says:

    I signed up and digging out my blue and white pots and heading back to the nursery.

  218. Your flower combination is stunning…can’t wait to check out those flowers!!!!! Thanks for the post….I LOVED it!!!

  219. Love the colors of the flower combinations Yvonne!! I often wonder how many hours a day you plan and work everyday to make this blog as wonderful and popular as it is. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative ideas.

  220. I too have enjoyed Monrovia plants for years. I use their website frequently to research palnts, especially size estimates, when planning my flower beds. Their emails have great tips. Right now, I am looking at frostproof gardenias, first as container plants, later as garden anchors. Thanks for sharing your lovely color plantings, and for the giveaway!

  221. Love your blog and arrangements

  222. Love to plant and work in my flowers. Spring is the best time of the year.

  223. We just moved into a new home-to-us last December and I am ready to do some planting! I love that Monrovia gives you the plants that will grow in your zone. That’s a big help! I can’t wait to try some of these plants!

  224. Chris Lippe says:

    I always learn so much from all of your posting.
    Thank you for bringing color into all our lives and bringing joy and happiness from trying something new and finding pleasure in it.
    God Bless.

  225. Love the blue flowers, I find them hard to find. My deck colors are ble and yellow and blue flowers are limited in my area.

  226. So pretty! I love Monrovia. I just picked up some at my local Lowes yesteray. Everything you do is beautiful, Yvonne!

  227. You have such beautiful ideas. I love your ranunculus! Thanks for the tip about Monrovia plants. I am always a bit overwhelmed when I first walk in the nursery, but now I have a great starting point!

  228. Love your idea of having a theme each Spring!
    Flowers are beautiful in the blue and white pots. I feel a pot shopping trip in the near future for me.
    Thanks for your daily inspiration.

  229. Hi Yvonne,
    You have me convinced to try Ranunculous! That is one plant I have yet to use. Will try it as an annual here in Wisconsin.

    I signed up for the Monrovia newsletter. I have purchased Monrovia plants in the past and they always did very well.
    Happy planting!

  230. Pam Ballard says:

    Lovely giveaway. I have been enjoying spring. However in the PNW today we have a storm of rain and high winds. Had some things blow all over. Down power lines and trees throughout the town. Happy Friday.

  231. You are so inspirational!

  232. Your beautiful flower pots give me hope that Spring is certainly on its way! I can’t wait to get to the nursery to pick out flowers for my porch !

  233. I love Monrovia plants and financials. Must visit Lowe’s quickly.
    Thanks for beautiful pictures.

  234. I love ranunculus and am going to give them a try!!!

  235. Pam klocke says:

    Love the color palette of your plants. I am checking out our Lowes soon.

  236. Annabelle says:

    Beautiful Colors for me to enjoy on a dreary rainy day here. Thanks

  237. Love Monrovia plants and flowers. The quality is amazing and always reliable. I too will place plants in a stock planter and slip it into a container filled with rocks at the bottom. I do one additional thing. I cut the rim around the black plastic pot and it fits nicely into the decorative containers. Can’t wait to start planting too!

  238. Barbara Lipari says:

    I love a lot of color on my patio! I have the same blue and white pot! I can’t wait to ‘dig’ in….

  239. Always love your inspirational gardening tips, but will have to wait a bit to get to my joyful planting. Sadly, its not really Spring in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania just yet!

  240. Karen Cadden says:

    The color combo is beautiful! Love the inspiration and tips for container plantings!!

  241. Karen Thompson says:

    Lovely flowers! I am undertaking a renovation on our perennial flower garden. I am looking forward to adding pops of color with annuals. Thank you for lovely ideas.

  242. Kathy Davis says:

    Red and purple are my favorites colors to plant for spring and summer in Oregon. I have made several trips to the nursery for perennials but now I’m thinking summer annuals and can hardly wait to get my gernaiums. Gusy winds today prevented me from gardening, it was so bad we lost electricity for a few hours too. Sometimes I wish I lived in your part of the country!

  243. Beautiful Gardening! I love the peonies on the site and your garden is looking spot on for spring and summer. Would love to add some pops to mine especially in planters around my porch.

  244. Melissa Storms says:

    I need to get the Etoile Violette Clematis. The colors are just amazing.

  245. Melissa Storms says:

    I love the tips on planting a Non-Stop, Fuss-Free Summer Color for my zone. I have a couple areas that I need to plant with perennials, but I get to the store online or in person and I get overwhelmed by too many options. I like the suggestions in the article are narrowed down for me.

  246. Tammy Moon says:

    beautiful cant wait to plant but its not untill mothersday

  247. beautiful flowers ,love the ranunculus!

  248. Love this!! I have enjoyed beefing up my container gardens for the last few years. I’m so into it that now I keep specific notes on what flowers I like best! Thanks for the great tips – I’m going to do a theme for sure!

  249. Pamela R LePage says:

    I love your POP of Color!!! they are just beautiful….. I was reading on them monrovia website that Peonys livle to be 100 yrs old and still bloom even at 100yrs old.

  250. Pamela R LePage says:

    Sorry for the second post, but i read on the Monrovia that you can eat the peony petals you can steep them in tea, float in punch and candie them and put on top of cakes.

  251. Donna Condon says:

    I do love the colors however this year we are choosing some simple shades of green

  252. Too cold here in the NC mountains for planting now, but flowers will bloom beautifully in a few weeks. Thanks for the links to Monrovia.

  253. Minnie mccoy says:

    I can not wait to get in the garden! Here in northern cal. we had such a storm, don’t know if my dirt will ever dry out. Sunny wishes to you my friend!

  254. Thank you for an opportunity to win some extra money for my flower bed I am redoing this year. And I love Monrovia’s site. The ranunculas are so beautiful.

  255. Oh those flowers! I love that POP of colors. Never heard of or had those Ranunculus plants. I will know thanks to you Stonegable. You really do know how to inspire your readers. Love that.

  256. Mary Lecea says:

    Such lovely color! Spring is very welcome.

  257. Debbie Gregory says:

    You inspire me!!!

  258. Ranunulus is one flower I have tried. They are really beautiful. Now that I know they will re bloom; I’m going to plant them.

  259. I too like to change up my container plantings from year to year. It is an opportunity to exercise my creativity. I love to btowse gardening magazines and blogs, take pictures of gardens I visit and of landscapes I drive by that I like. I walk around and around our property to view from every angle and look from the inside out (have lots of windows) to come up with a design.

  260. Their zone recommendation tool is great! I would love to plat the Blue Light® Clematis – so pretty!

  261. Loving the new Seaside Hydrangeas. Too early for spring plantings here in Wisconsin!

  262. I learned that when moving and replanting peonies, position the tuberous roots just two inches below the soil, that way they are more likely to bloom for you.

  263. Yvonne, Anita , and Kelly, OMG I have NEVER seen so many comments. This blog subject has REALLY caught a lot of readers interest! I have soooooooooooo many plants in containers…200 and counting..LOL too many if you ask my husband. I LOVE succulents, bromeliads, aloea and anything that blooms-which would explain the thousands in the ground…But, I have never tried Ranunculus. I thought I could ask Anita since I am near her (south of Houston), but after listening to this podcast, she may need to call ME…LOL LOVE the podcasts… keep them coming… and Anita, if you want plants, call me.

  264. Martha Miller says:

    I am inspired by your gorgeous flower arrangements! Love your blog!

  265. I love to plant with Monrovia Plants as well. You can definitely trust the name brand to have healthy plants. The ranunculus you bought are gorgeous! Looking forward to better weather as well, rule of thumb here is don’t plant until after Mother’s day…although spring has seemed to come early for us I’m still nervous we will have another snow day. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I look forward to reading through it and viewing your beautiful pictures. Keep up the good job 🙂

  266. My favorite is tall spikey purple/blue like salvias
    I love salvia

  267. I spend almost every Tuesday at Home Depot, lowes and local mom and pop garden centers
    That’s the day for new arrivals

  268. I am a happy lady. Today I purchased and planted my Monrovia Peony bush at my front door. I will be anxious awaiting it’s blooming.
    I will be planting some peppers in my containers this weekend.

  269. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Love your pots of flowers. We love Monrovia plants here also and have added many throughout the years since they are of the highest quality and seem to do better than most others we have planted!

  270. Beautiful! Love your blog, I get so many wonderful ideas. Thank you!

  271. I want to bring some of your ideas to our home in Burgundy, France – our dream home. I would LOVE to have the wonderful ideas you have in our home there!

  272. mattsgramma says:

    Lovin’ your POP’s color combination!

  273. Yvonne, I’m new to Ranunculus. Are they a spring choice and when they die off you’ll replace them, or will they bloom through summer? Thanks…. love your blog!

  274. mattsgramma says:

    A 200.00 Visa gift card would sure go a long way toward some new plants and seeds!

  275. Marcia S. says:

    I love the blue pot! The flowers are beautiful!

  276. G R plank says:

    This flower is new to me. Love the color!
    Thank you for your wonderful posts. You are a true blogger and not just a running ad for who ever.

    1. THanks so much GR! I am very very particular about what I post and who I chose for sponsors.

  277. I love the flowers and the pot, I signed up for the Monrovia news letter. There flowers are beautiful .

  278. Debbie Gaura says:

    I just want to say Thank You! I love everything about your blog. You have the best taste in every area, from recipes (that I have tried and loved) and your tips and ideas. I really enjoyed the Monrovia Grow Beautifully site and will be letting others know about it. I look forward to your posts. I am definately going to use your Pop of Color theme this spring/summer.

  279. Oh how I would love to be a winner this month! We have gotten warm enough here in Oklahoma to plant our planters and pots and also in the ground. I have been busy because I LOVE my flower beds to be beautiful. Now if the weather doesn’t throw in a late freeze we are good to go! Love your blog! Thanks!

  280. Love having my own roses to cut and bring indoors!!

  281. Blue Enchantress® Hydrangea with those blue pots just add that extra edge to the whole décor.Thanks

  282. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    HI… I luv SPRING… the bright green of new growth… flowers blossoming everywhere !!
    Monrovia are great plants… from coast TO coast !!

  283. Deborah Gullett says:

    I had never heard of ranunculus before! They are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing about these.

  284. I have to laugh….at myself. I live in a condo and I try to ignore the fact that I should plant SOMETHING! And in spite of my resistance…..after all that’s why i moved here….not to do anything….I find myself strangely inspired by you (among others) talking about and showing pictures of flower pots, baskets, ground gardens flowers and greenery to plant. Doggone it! I may have to plant something now and it’s all your fault!!!

  285. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Thanks for the awesome planting posts!! Very inspiring!!

  286. I am living vicariously through you and your flowers right now! Here in the Rocky Mountains it’s not safe to plant until after May 15th and even that is taking a chance on snow!

  287. Going to Lowe’s today, must make a trip through the gardening section and pick up some flowers. I usually wait too long to plant spring flowers, but the sun is shining today and you’ve inspired me to get moving!

  288. I have not planted ranuculus before but want to now. They are so colorful. I may try to emulate your plantings ’cause it is really pretty. Thank you for all your help.

  289. Doris Campbell says:

    I had never heard of ranunculus before and can’t wait to try them. Your posts always inspire me. Thank you!

  290. Beautiful. I am so excited to start planting. My friend just dropped off 3 huge empty pots she is not using and this article gave me some great ideas for them. Thank you. ? Annmarie

  291. Marva Tarara says:

    I am so glad to see gardening tips that we condo dwellers can use! I left my eight perennial gardens behind but not my love of flowers! I gave away my blue and white fishbowl when I moved. I could kick myself now! It would have been great for the porch!

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  293. I planted a pop of color on my back porch. I used an antique chair of my Grandfather’s and a vintage galvanized bucket of my dear sweet mother. I planted red and white petunias under my red “Howdy Ya’ll” welcome sign. I love your Stonegable site. I was inspired by a mantle you showed and changed mine into a lovely spring welcome n my house! Thank you!

  294. Marva Tarara says:

    It is great to have gardening tips for containers which I can actually use at my condo!

  295. Hey Yvonne, yes I’m going to plant all my window boxes and pots this weekend. We have the amish where we live and the plants are AMAZING and cheap too. They hold auctions every week and come into the auction house in there horse and buggy it’s just fun to see all of the amazing colors all under one roof, just beautiful. Love the ranunculus the remind me of Peony’s I’ll have to try them. Thank you for your beautiful post as always full of wonderful ideas.

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  298. Among The Treasures says:

    Wow! I am truly inspired by your blog. I sadly, don’t comment often enough to let you know, but I go to your website and Facebook page often for inspiration. Whether for vignettes, tablescapes or just eye candy, Stonegable has it. We are hoping to re-landscape our yard soon, so I am very thankful to know about Monrovia’s website. It will answer many questions I have about planting in north Georgia.

      1. Among The Treasures says:

        You are welcome! I love the Palm Sunday printable!

  299. Jennifer Lopez-Reis says:

    I also prefer Monrovia plants they are always so beautiful and healthy, first time to see your blog and love it. Your POP of color is absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to receiving your newsletters ! Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer, so glad you found us! Welcome to the StoneGable family!

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  306. I really enjoy shopping at Lowes and getting the Monrovia plants for my pots and beds; they always have such a good selection and the plants are always healthy. I think the Monrovia website offers such a ton of helpful info as well. I did get signed up for their newsletter and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put my answers to the questions here or in the boxes that are part of the raffle box above. I already did it there but I’ll include my answers here in case. For the plants on Monrovia’s site I picked creeping jenny and zinnias and the tip would the helpful tips in hiring a landscaping pro. I do all of the planning and what not myself but I do have an area on the side of our house that has mixed lighting that I could use some help with in deciding what plants to put in so the article was very helpful. I love your pots by the way.

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  310. sherri Irwin says:

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  314. Avis Cooper says:

    I’m itching to get into the dirt! Went and picked out garden seeds this morning…colour is showing as the bulbs begin to open. Love your colour arrangements…thanks for sharing.

  315. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    I have a white brick ranch, so I never shy away from color. My local nursery has “warned” us of new varieties & colors for the upcoming season. While I live in Buffalo, NY, it’s too soon to be planting, but I will be planning on rich colors of yellow, red, pink & purple. Bright, rich colors make me happy!!

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  320. I too, have used color themes for my flower beds and pots. I live in California on 2 acres and I have 30, 26 inch terra cotta pots that keep me busy with feedings, transplanting, and trimming. Due to the drought the pots were easier to maintain than the flower beds. I am so very happy that we had a reasonably good rainy season this year. I just renovated my patio flower bed with various colors of daisies and transplanted dahlia bulbs that will be very productive through the summer season.

  321. Rhonda Atwood says:

    I am NOT a person who enjoys getting down and digging in the garden like you do. But you have totally inspired me to put a colorful garden in pots on my porch! Thanks!

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