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PLANS AND PROGRESS FOR GABLE ROOM MAKEOVER- I love planning a room. Here's how I do it!

Today I’m sharing the plan and progress of my Gable bedroom makeover. I’ve wanted to makeover this guest room for awhile and all the pieces are finally coming together! As you can see from the mood board above the new room I’m planning has a very neutral look. It might be neutral, but it has lots of color variation and tons and tons of texture! And it has a comfortable, come-and-stay-for-awhile feel… just what I want in a guest room! Today’s sponsored post will help you understand how I planned this room! I’m so excited to share it with you today! A big thank you to my friends at Carpet One Floor And Home®!

But first, some Podcast news…

Today on our Podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS, episode 13, we are talking about using VINTAGE SILVER, CHINA, AND CRYSTAL IN FRESH NEW WAYS.

You can listen below and hear how I got a box of silver during a hunting trip! And not a shopping trip either!

You can listen to all 13 podcast episodes and get all the show notes HERE. And don’t forget to listen on your iphones and androids when you are on the go!

Now let’s decorate a guest bedroom!

My gable room is a jewel box of a guest room! The smallest of our four guest rooms with a majestic vaulted ceiling and a big gable window. The light in this room is almost magical. If I were a guest at StoneGable this is the room I would choose to stay in!

It has been well used and in need of a makeover for a couple years. Here is how the gable room looked before:

My tastes have really changed over the years and now I want a guest room that plays nicely with the rest of my home. I must admit I’m very fond of the wall color, but it really does not work with the rest of my neutral home!

I love this room but it is a little too sweet for my current taste.  I’m a bit sorry to see the antique bed go, but it’s going to a good home and will become the bed of a precious little girl!

Change is good, so we decided to give this room a total makeover, bed and all!


One of the biggest aspects of change in this room was the flooring. Because it is a guest room, I want it to be cozy and warm and bright for my guests. I love love love hardwood floor but I think they make the room look a little cold.

So I started looking for a rug that would fill most of the space in the center of the room. Because the center is almost square in size we decided to look at wall to wall carpeting. Did you know that you can have wall to wall carpeting bound or serged to create beautiful custom size area rugs?

Bobby and I took a trip to our local Carpet One Floor And Home® to look for a Relax it’s…Lee’s® carpet. 

We certainly had lots and lots of choices and colors to pick from! Because I wanted a very light and large area rug in the gable room the carpet had to stand up to stains, spills, and pets (we are a pet-friendly home). I thought it would be a tough bill to fill for an ivory colored rug!

We decided on on a Relax it’s… Lee’s ® carpet called HOP TO IT, in Ivory!

Here are just a few reasons we chose this carpet…

  • This carpet has great style and a pretty loop weave. Just what we were looking for! And the color was a home run!
  • The Lee’s carpet stands up to spills and everyday life as well as pet messes! A big, big factor in looking for a light colored carpet… and in a pet-friendly home!
  • We were able to shop for Lee’s carpet at our favorite local carpet store… the one we’ve shopped at for years! I got to see the great selections of Carpet One Floor And Home ® products first hand. And the store owner was so knowledgeable and super helpful! I also found a kindred spirit with their new designer!
  • We could get a serged edge on the carpet which will give it a more professional and polished look! LOVE that! Always asked for a serged edge when having wall to wall carpeting made into an area rug. So pretty!
  • Carpet One Floor And Home ® has a BEAUTIFUL GUARANTEE.  If we are not satisfied with our carpet after it is in our Gable room the carpet will be replaced for free!  You can see the guarantee HERE. To me, this is a no-brainer plus!
  • Their Healthier Living®Flooring installation System delivers antimicrobial protection which minimizes dust, inhibits allergens as well as mold growth and odors. Perfect for keeping my guest room fresh and clean!

The rug really ties the bedding in this guest room together giving it a soft monochromatic look! This is especially important since I want my guest room to be welcoming and serene!


The rug also grounds the bed, drapes, dresser and chair too! And I love it with the soft white color I picked out for the walls of the Gable room!

I really can’t wait to show you the finished Gable guest room in a couple weeks! The walls are painted and a good deal of the furniture is ready to be put into the room as soon as the installers lay the carpet!

I’m also excited to be a part of LOVE IT WITH LEES Room Makeover Contest! When my Gable room reveal post goes live you will have a chance to vote for my room or other rooms in this contest. I really want to be your “fan favorite”!

When you vote you will be entered to win a $500.00 HomeGood Gift Card! And if I win I’ll get one too! Whoo-Hoo!

I really hope you look for the “reveal” post and vote for me! And I’m counting on one of my StoneGable readers to win too!!!! Let’s sweep the contest! 

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PLANS AND PROGRESS FOR GABLE ROOM MAKEOVER- I love planning a room. Here's how I do it!


Plans and Progress for a guest room makeover. See how I put this cozy guest room together from the flooring and carpet to the ceiling. And every thing in between!


Again, a big thank you to Carpet One Floor And Home ® for asking me to participate in this decorating event!

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  1. I’m ready for sheers in my living room for spring and summer. Like Barbara I love the choice on your board. Tell us quickly where we can find them.

    1. Hi Sarah – a serged edge on a carpet is the same as serged edges on clothing. I have hardwood throughout but bought broadloom (wall to wall carpeting) to the exact specifications to fit my new residence then had the edges serged for a finished look. It can work out cheaper, many times, than buying area rugs AND (bonus!) you get the exact sizes you need!

  2. I love the neutral tone on tone look. I’m doing this with gray in my home. I just started and am a little nervous that it will end up looking flat and undecorated. I am going to go for it anyway with layers and texture and warm wood to, hopefully, add interest. But if one more person tells me I need a “pop of color” I’m going to lose it! Lol!

  3. Both the current room and the makeover are lovely! Just shows what great taste you have!! I, too, would love info on those new draperies…

      1. Can you give some tips on creating the mood board? I mean, I can copy and paste…but would love any advice on making one myself.\!

  4. Oh I cant wait to see this makeover. You gave me a great idea for the rug I have been searching for..I love your site!!

  5. Enjoyed your p c about silver and china.
    Lots of antique hotel silver is available at P.O.S.H. in Chicago. Go for it!

  6. I like the idea of room carpeting on the hardwood floor. When you get out of bed, it is warmer on your feet. Anxious to see finished project.

  7. Love what you are doing to this guest room. If I was visiting I might be tempted to stay a bit longer. I love the bed that was on your mood board. Could you share where that came from?

  8. Thank you for all of your decorating posts, they contain valuable information. This carpeting info is very timely for me. Love that bed and the lucky little girl should feel like a princess sleeping in it!

  9. I hope you do not mine me saying that I really love your room as it is now.
    Good luck with the new room.

  10. I love the colors you have chosen for your guest room. I have been eyeing some of the exact things for a room in my house. Great minds think a like. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  11. Love the neutral color scheme; will make seasonal accents pop! I’m looking for ideas for a master bedroom makeover, can’t wait to see how this room turns out. Will certainly vote for your room!

  12. I love the ideas and the colors you’re looking at for your guest bedroom! So beautiful, I can’t wait to see the final room when it’s completed!

  13. Oh my gosh, I love both the beds! Lucky little girl for the old one and lucky you for the new! Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  14. We are currently looking at carpet for our new home. Lee’s will certainly be on my list. Your selections are beautiful!

  15. Really nice looking inspiration board, Yvonne.

    It will be great when complete, but I can’t lie – I gasped out loud with you not using that bed – it is the best ever!

    Oh, well, you are right – a little girl will be so happy to have it, I know this big girl sure would, haha.

    Best of luck changing this space – how exciting!

  16. Silly question. But. What did you do with your replaced bed? I need to do some changing but always have a problem with item being replaced.

  17. I love, love, love the mood board you created and can’t wait to see the finished room! Would love to know where you are getting your curtains and the bed!

    Thanks for inspiring us once again, Yvonne!

  18. I love the plans you have for your guest room… pretty and inviting! I’m looking forward to the final reveal! Happy Monday! 🙂

  19. Love everything about the neutral guest room and can’t wait to see finished project. I too am wanting to change our drapes for spring and summer, so looking forward to your product listings.

  20. I can’t wait to see the end results!! Great idea on the rug. I plan to redo my bedroom this spring, so I will certainly be looking into that idea.

  21. Yvonne, I would LOVE to be a guest there! BOTH rooms! 😉

    Could you please tell me how your make your design boards? I am a fledgling interior designer and need to know! Blessings!

  22. I’m sure the new room will be lovely, but that antique iron bed is awesome!! It must have been hard to let that go… glad to hear it’s going to a good home!

  23. This room is going to be the place I would love to visit and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding me. You surely have my vote Yvonne!

  24. Love the neutral tones, timeless as one can add seasonal pops of color in throws, pillows, etc. without
    changing the basics. Very nice.

  25. I love all the components and can’t wait to see them all in the same room! But I’ll miss that GORGEOUS iron bed!

  26. I can’t wait to see your guest room all finished. I know it will be beautiful! I love what you have picked out.

  27. Your room was lovely “before”. Can’t wait to see the finished product! This is very similar to what I’m wanting to do with my guest room. Thank you!

  28. I love your guest room makeover! It’s so comfy and cozy! And so beautiful! I could do some serious sleeping in there! Gorgeous as always Yvonne! Thank you for sharing with me!

  29. Thank you so much for the information on the Lee’s carpet. We have a black lab and two chocolates who visit and I need pet friendly carpet. That said, I have always preferred carpet in the bedroom for the same reasons you mentioned. I will be starting a project soon and really appreciate your ideas.

  30. I know where you got the inspiration for the smoked burlap curtains! I follow her blog. The room is going to be amazing!

  31. Your guest room is going to be lovely, Yvonne. Re wall to wall carpeting, I did the very same buying broadloom then having it cut to my specifications and serged around the edges for a finished look. It certainly can be less costly than buying area rugs and (bonus!), you get the exact size carpets and runners you need. “Broadloom” is named as such because the carpeting is woven on … broad looms!

    By the way, I still haven’t received the December gift cheque you said you’d be mailing to me and am hoping it hasn’t gone astray. I was SO looking forward to enjoying my (first time ever) win!

  32. Love the new look you’re going for in your guest room! I made over my entire house last year in neutrals, and I love it!! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  33. Yvonne,
    I love your plans for your guest room! So cozy. Would you share the BM soft white color? I’m redoing my master bedroom in all neutrals and the white would work very nice. Love, love your blog and podcasts!

  34. We did the carpet/rug thing in our den many years ago because of the size of the room (couldn’t find a rug that big). I, too, am redecorating a guest room. I have had the room painted/comforter bought. Just trying to decide on an upholstered headboard and paint color for the furniture. This will be a first for me to paint real furniture, so it has been a long/hard decision!

  35. Every time I read one of your post it makes me want to do a make over room or refresh one! Your such an inspiration!

  36. Love the Stonegable blog! Very thankful that a sweet as well as savy friend shared it! Lookning forward to many more post

  37. Thank you for this room preview. I was so happy to see that white dresser with those pulls in your items for your room. I have a dresser in my bedroom with similar pulls, that I wanted to chalk paint white this weekend. I couldn’t decide how the pulls would look on the white dresser and now I have a good idea about the look because of your picture. Thank you all of your inspiration!

  38. It will be interesting to see what the carpet rug looks like. I would not be able to cover that beautiful hardwood floor with carpet!
    I also love, love the antique iron bed. I would not have been able to switch for the new one!

    The new curtains will be so lovely! I am interested to know more about them when you are able to share with us.

    I’m sure the new bedroom makeover will be lovely, even though I love the hardwood floor and iron bed!

    And, yes, I agree with the person who wrote about your voice on the podcast–you have a lovely voice, so nice to listen to!

  39. Thank you! Beautiful! I can hardly wait to see the finished dream land!!! I am currently looking at new carpet. Love the option you are going with. Inspiring.

  40. Did not know you could serge a wall to wall carpet to get the size you want for area rug, so that was nice to know. Love the concept of the idea board. For me, at least, getting it “all at once” is a dream not to come true but, it does help to keep the goals in mind over the time it takes to make changes. Ii loved your pink room, though. seeing the new room will be quite the magical transformation!

  41. I like the “new room” but i must say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “old room”!!! Oh my goodness! It may be “too sweet” for your current tastes but i’s right up my alley. The best makes me want to go to bed right now! I’m frankly sorry to see it go! Oh well, tastes do change, that I know!

  42. So welcoming and perfect for either “him”, “her” or “us”! All those interesting layers and textures will cozy up that high ceiling. Enjoy the process!

  43. Yvonne, I agree wood floors can have an unfinished appearance. The simple addition of an area rug adds just a bit of warmth especially in a bedroom. I have done it both ways so speak from experience, never to insult! Grew up with serged rugs and still Love them, the finished and custom look is hard to beat. Change is great!

  44. Love the plans, Yvonne! It’s interesting to see how our tastes change over the years. Created in His image to be ‘creators’ in our own small way here on Earth. Tastes of Heaven!

  45. Your new room will be beautiful..I would certainly miss that lovely bed. I have a huge black iron bed. It’s too heavy for me to move but I am very pleased with it. I was looking at some older post of yours. I have to say I’ve never cared much for black and white until I saw what you’ve done with it. I am a gingham check fan and the way you’ve used it in pillows and the light in your kitchen, changed my mind about black and white being just contemporary colors. Thank you!

  46. I am living vicariously through you with the lovely neutral palette. I cannot let go of color in my world, but enjoy seeing ways to use neutrals. I, along with other readers, am very interested in the smocked border draperies you featured. They are quite unique! I collect bunnies, thus my nickname, so I love the bunny lamp in the “before” photo. I hope it stays in your home…a touch of whimsy is a good element for almost any room! Looking forward to your reveal…

    PS: Enjoying the podcast, also. Could your White Nile china, possibly, be by Royal Doulton, rather than Noritake?

  47. You are one of the first blogs that I follow! I am amazed with your many talents! I love the
    E updated dining room, but what did you do with your other table?

  48. Love this information on carpet. Thank you! Your Blog is instrumental in helping me with information to decorate our new home. xoxo

  49. Absolutely love the bed, drapes and the funky looking wall light with built in table. Can’t wait to see the results!

  50. The guest room is so sweet. I bet the changes y9u make will make it even more comfortable and relaxing for your guests.

  51. Yvonne, I’ve been a fan of your style for a long time. I’ve introduced friends to your blog telling them it is my favorite. Your before is lovely but your after looks so serene and tranquil, absolutely perfect for a guest to relax in…can’t wait!

  52. The new room design is drool worthy and I keep wiping my chin. It will be an impatient wait to the great reveal day. Thanks for the suspense!

  53. It is going to be gorgeous! I will certainly vote for YOU!!! Did the carpet people say anything about dogs nails getting caught in the loops and making a pull in the rug? That is why I never got a loop carpet. Hope it will be OK!!! XOXO

  54. Love, love, love everything you have picked for the room! You have such great style and beautiful taste. I wish you could decorate my home! Thanks for all your tips and pics! Love this blog! Where did you find the drapes? Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  55. Your blog is so inspiring on so many levels. The spiritual, recipe, and decorating sides of your blog make for a beautiful, memorable
    and lovable home every time. Thank you for all the inspiration. We all need to be nudged out of our box once in awhile and your
    current affection for neutrals is resonating with me.

  56. I had serged edge carpeting about 30 years ago in my livingroom over my hardwood and loved the look. We had a thick pad under it too. It made the room very cozy and comfy

  57. Everything on your board is lovely, it will be fun to see the room all ready for guest!
    I have seen similar drapes on Kariannes beautiful blog, Thistlewood!
    What is the best way to leave you a personnel little note?!

  58. Yvonne,
    Since we all like the old bed, PERHAPS, the young family will share it in the little girls room when it is ready.
    Think about this!!!!! You are doing pods, now you can have guest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Well I loved what you already had in your guest room, but the change will be so exciting and fresh. Can not wait to see the results.

  60. Can’t wait to see the finished room! It was beautiful before, but I see what you mean about sweet! I would love to have that room for my 4yr. old Granddaughter.

  61. I love your mood board. I’m a lover of neutrals but have no design knowledge. I love your ideas. I can adapt many of them to my house.

  62. I have been coveting the smocked panels in white for our MBR redo! They will be light and airy for your guest room but still provide texture.
    I like the combo sconce/table – perfect for a small space which I have in the guest room.

    Hurry and share!!

  63. Gorgeous! I love the curtains and if you made them, you have my upmost respect and admiration. They look like burlap and the last time I tried making burlap curtains I ended up sitting in the middle of the floor crying because I was itching and could NOT get them to hang straight!!!!!

  64. Excited to see the finished room! Love how you planned it! I have those drapes in burlap and just appreciate their uniqueness and how my room looks with them. You have my vote!

  65. I loved the previous styling of the room but I’m really looking forward to the new changes and can’t wait to see the reveal on Friday. I see only a couple of the other bloggers have shared reveals so my guess is you’re not as far behind in the voting as it may seem. I wish you the best of luck.

  66. The old room was beautiful, but I can’t wait to see the finished new one! Always love your decor!!!

  67. Absolutely beautiful! I am smocking drapes for our master bedroom! I love how you inspire and validate my choices! Can’t wait to see the full blog and resources love the rug!!!

  68. It is a beauty. I really like your mood board and the choices you have made. It’s wonderful to have a clean slate from which to begin a plan. Your home is definitely one of my blog favorites.

  69. WoW !! Your guesst room makeover is inviting and comfortable. Thank You for all the tips.

  70. Really liked the before, it would have been my favorite room but you are so correct about the warmth of the rug and the after is just perfect.

  71. You absolutely accomplished what you set out to do. Love the idea board to bring together furniture and colors.

  72. The room is exactly the way you described you were going for- it is light relaxing… just perfect. I didn’t know about getting served edges on a rug to make it an area rug but that is something I am going to use! And the touches you did like the smoked top of the drapes, the usb in the sconce…so many thoughtful things. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Thank you, I’m buying new carpet and was at carpet one the other day. I have samples all ove the floor trying to decide. My husband wants a darker color and I have always lined and had lighter because it makes the room look larger. Should I let him sway me to a darker color?

  74. Hi, Yvonne…another lovely design post of yours to peruse during my guilty pleasure internet time…
    Love the way you always so skillfully pull things together…my design gauge is always “Could I live there? Yes, I COULD!” You successfully took the GUEST ROOM out of the realm of the spare bedroom existing to store odd, out-of-place furniture and outdated decor…where the style is always STALE & where NO ONE wants to visit with you for too long. LOL

    Happy fun guesting times in your beautiful B&B room!

  75. I love all things Stone Gable!! I look forward to your blogs. I love all white and neutral tones with pops of color. The children have all move out and I have been redecorating each room. Now I can finally have the white clean fresh and airy look in my home. Thank you so much for all you advise, encouragement and ideas. Keep them coming. I also love the little bible lessons too. I tell my husband all the time I want to be like you when I grow up. Lol ?