Perfect pumpkins fall decor

It’s Pumpkin land in Lancaster County! Pumpkins fill farm stands and fields and grocer’s and front porches!  And I love them all! Any color, and shape, big or small! They taste delicious and look fabulous tucked into our decor. Come to think of it, Pumpkins are a very versatile veggie! Today 4 of my favorite bHome bloggers and I are celebrating the PUMPKIN! Here are 5 ways to decorate and upscale your pumpkins!

PERFECT PUMPKINS-5 great ways to celebrate with


Perfect Pumpkins for Fall

Jamie of So Much Better with Age ( I love that name on so many levels ) shares with us her favorite chalk paint pumpkin. Jamie made this lovely pumpkin using creamy white chalk paint & dark wax.

With Jamie’s chalky white pumpkin she, and you, can enjoy touches of fall that work beautifully in a neutral palette.

I love the soft tones & aged look ~ see, so much better with age! You can get the same look with Jamie’s help here.

Perfect pumpkins fall decor

Cindy at Edith & Evelyn Vintage went wood-landy with her perfect pumpkins. Loving the moss, the natural elements and those darling stems. Love a good stem! Learn how to let to get this look using plastic pumpkins & preserved moss here.

Perfect pumpkins fall decor

From woodsy to glamorous! Heather’s perfect pumpkin over at Setting for Four sparkles & shines. Her’s is a DIY crystal pumpkin.

Isn’t that fun! So pretty with mercury glass for even more dazzle. Get Heather’s glam pumpkin tutorial here.

Perfect pumpkins fall decor http://mysoulfulhome.comWhite pumpkins are trendy and “white” hot right now! Don’t you love how easily they fit into almost any decor! Learn how to paint them and a secret for making them seem even more real HERE.

Perfect pumpkins fall decor

You could paint them any color of course, but I love the white with the black & white bows just as Yvonne has diy’ed hers. For the tutorial click here. And don’t forget to add a real stem to those faux pumpkins!

Kelly started with a perfect little trio of white pumpkins, but couldn’t stop there.

While the three looked darling grouped on her sideboard, she had added a bit of this, a pitcher or two, some texture, a book, dried roses…and tossed in some acorns until Kelly had built a fall vignette.

Perfect pumpkins fall decor

 Click here for instructions & inspiration.

There you have it our perfect pumpkins & tutorials.

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PERFECT PUMPKINS-5 great ways to celebrate with


Can’t wait to be inspired by your #perfectpumpkins!

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  1. I agree…pumpkins are great both to cook with as well as in decorating! Yours look amazing as well as the other bloggers. I will be pinning!!! Best, Silvana

  2. Linda Ann says:

    I just love pumpkins! I was out in Lancaster County last weekend and loaded up. Getting them at the roadside stands and farms is such a treat. I was amazed at how many colors of pumpkins there are! Just a beautiful way to decorate for fall…thankfully, I was able to find lots of white pumpkins that didn’t require painting!
    Happy Fall!

  3. Yvonne,
    Amazing design ideas using “white” pumpkins!!!
    Here on the Prairie. . .no white pumpkins, again this year!!!
    But we a re making progress. . .I did find a “few” lighter orange and green!!!
    Thank you for including the other bloggers links in your post for those of us who don’t have bHome.
    Wishing you a wonderful first week of Autumn ahead, dear friend!!!

  4. Such great ideas. Want to try each one. Thank you for so much for all the help. Great day. Pumpkins are finally in the grocery stores.

  5. Such great ideas. I love the little moss pumpkins. Thanks for putting all this inspiration together!

  6. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Beautiful ideas! Thanks

  7. My pumpkins are in such beautiful company ! Thanks Yvonne for joining in the #perfectpumpkin fest!

  8. oh yvonnoe–this is my kind of autumnal palette, and what a relief not a single goblin or toothless witch to be found (which is what i am confronted with everyday here in suburbia!). peace to you right where you are.

  9. I love your blog and I love that blinged pumpkin! Everything is lovely!

  10. June Gerstner says:

    Was out in Bird in Hand last week and saw some Amish girls selling at the Farmer’s Market, but decided to pick them up on my way home. Alas, they were gone for the day. Am making the trek again tomorrow as a small pumpkin here at the Jersey shore starts at $15!!!! Where are some of your favorite places? Inquiring minds want to know!


      1. Linda Ann says:

        I got lots of pumpkins from the wagon on North Ronks Road….there’s also a farm right of fNorth Ronks Road with a sign that says “Pumpkin Patch” that has lots of colors and varieties. I got several white pumpkins there and they were so inexpensive compared to the prices in North Jersey.

        1. June Gerstner says:

          Linda Ann, thanks for your input. Sounds like I’m coming home with a carful!!!

      2. June Gerstner says:

        Thanks so much. Will have to check them out.

  11. How wonderful to find examples of non-orange Halloween decorating! My home is mostly cream with soft greens and blues and it is very hard to decorate for Halloween without huge splashes or orange! Your home is lovely and I have some new ideas to make it more festive. Plus, you’ve motivated me to go through all of my old Halloween decorations and I am giving all my “kiddy” decorations to Good Will in favor of a more sophisticated, classic look. Thanks for your posts!

  12. Love the cream pumpkins with the black and white. Checked ribbons!

  13. Yvonne, what size are the pillows on your dining room chairs?

  14. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I just bought some white pumpkins at Target for a low price. Fresh pumpkins are pricey here and the heat makes them rot faster. I envy the access you have to so many lovely pumpkins in your area. Wasn’t sure what I wanted the white ones for, but now I have a plan. As always, you have inspired me to new heights!