PERFECT PESTO- The taste of Summer!

Do you know what time it is? PESTO TIME!!!! It’s time to make pesto and use up all those big bushy basil plants! It’s so easy to turn basil and a few other fresh ingredients into scrumptious green-gold! I love love love pesto! And I can’t imagine going through the year without a big stash in the freezer. So, before all of my basil plants are done for the season I’m picking every leaf and turning them into the most delicious thing in my frig and freezer!

PERFECT PESTO- The taste of Summer- fresh ingredients -stonegableblog.comI have made this classic Italian aromatic sauce for decades. And if you have never made it before… please do! It’s so so worth it. It is NOTHING like the store bought kind! Oh I can’t sing the praises of Pesto enough!

Perfect drizzled over garden tomatoes (these are mine), piled on roasted veggies and meats, stirred into pasta or used as a base for a more complex sauce, pesto is a versatile and crowd pleasing addition to your favorite recipes!

And here’s a great little secret… I use a couple of “cubes” mixed into my favorite jarred tomato sauce to give it a wonderful homemade flavor! 

The summery flavor of pesto can be saved by freezing the sauce it in ice cube trays. When the pesto is frozen solid, pop the cubes into a freezer bag or freezer container.


The taste of summer. A must-have in your freezer all year~
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  • 2 ½ c. fresh basil leaves packed
  • ¼ c. toasted pine nuts
  • ½ c. parmesan cheese chunked
  • or grated
  • ½ c. Locatelli cheese chunked or
  • grated. If you cannot find Locatelli cheese use all Parmesan.
  • ¾ c. light olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 2 TBS butter
  • dash of fresh ground pepper


  • In a dry pan, add pine nuts and toast over low heat. Be very careful, they easily burn. Put the pine nuts in food processor.
  • Wash and dry basil leaves and add to food processor. Put in all other ingredients with the pine nuts and basil and process until blended.
  • I like my basil a little less processed and just a tad "chunky".


This is one of my very favorite recipes! I'm so happy to share it with you!
Author: Yvonne @ StoneGable
Enjoy!!! What is your favorite way to use Pesto? Please share!

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PERFECT PESTO- The most scrumptious tast of summer!




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  1. Love pesto thank you so much for the recipe. I did not know that you could freeze it. You always have the best recipe’s Yvonne. Just made your peach dumplings yesterday. They were a big hit with everyone. I have pinned so many of your recipes and make them often. Thank you for sharing these great recipes.

  2. Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to give it a go. Some of the shop bought pestos are too salty or way too oily. We love to stir pesto through pasta or just dip crusty bread into it and eat, yum!

  3. I love Pesto!! Tried to make it a couple of years ago but wondered about processing it in 1/2pint jars. Is there a secret to that or do you just freeze it? I find in you a kindred spirit and am thoroughly blessed as I read your postings each day.

  4. I love pesto! I have never made it from scratch though. I’m not a fan of pine nuts. What other nut can I substitute? Thanks for the yummy recipe, Yvonne!

    1. I bet pesto could be made using your favorite nut. The pesto you love was probably make with pine nuts so I might give it a try. I really don’t taste pine nuts in my recipe when it is all processed!

        1. Oh, and one more thing: I use mini muffin tins, sprayed with pam to freeze pesto. then pop them out into a plastic bag. Also have just put pesto in a zip lock plastic bag, smash it flat, and when you want a little, hit the bag and what you need breaks off.

  5. I will definitely give this a try! I would like to try it on my homemade pizza….I think it would be perfect!
    Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. Thank you, Yvonne. You would probably not believe how many of your recipes I have made. I have never made a single one that was not a hit! I am glad to know I can save my beautiful basil. Freezing pesto. A clever idea! Of course, we would never expect anything less from you!
    Have a great week.

  7. Thank you for your pesto recipe! I also make pesto most every year. I love it on grilled or baked chicken or spread on french bread and toasted with a little Parmesan cheese. I have found that because Pine Nuts are so expensive, you can substitute walnuts. The idea to freeze it in ice cube trays is wonderful for using small amounts when cooking.

    Thank you for your insight and sharing of recipes and all other things on your blog. You are a blessing to so many!

  8. I’ve never made pesto… but I have a “big bushy basil plant” that I need to do something with. Time to try my hand at it, I guess. Your recipe looks great!

  9. Would you mind sharing the kind of olive oil you used? The brand. I have heard that a good olive oil is important. Thank you

  10. I cannot wait to try your basil recipe. You make it sound so wonderful. Thank you Yvonne, for your blog.

  11. I have got lots of basil growing in my garden. I’m definitely going to make your pesto recipe. Thanks.

  12. We love pesto with bread, chicken, and so many other things. I make fresh pesto with whatever nuts we have on hand (walnuts, peanuts, cashews, etc.) I have never frozen pesto, but that’s a great suggestion that I will definitely try!!!