OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.Each year I share my front porch decorating. I have a big wrap around porch and lots of area to decorate. As fun as it is… it’s a big, big job!!! This year I’m focusing on fall decorating small spaces on my porch. If you have an outdoor space you probably have a small space. How about decorating an outdoor stoop, corner or nook you have around your home? I have some fun, fall ideas for small outdoor spaces!


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

If you don’t have a large space to decorate… go tall. Use planters on pedestals, corn stalks, an old ladder, a great, chippy shutter and other tall architectural elements. Decorating vertical spaces can add interest to your outdoor space.


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

 Make your small spaces stand out and be counted by decorating them in fall saturated colors! Make them bright and noticeable.


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

Use colors and textures that contrast each other. I usually would not use yellow mums to decorate the outside of my home, but I love them in this black urn and against the tartan car rug! Yellow and black are great colors that play off of each other!


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Trying to crowd too many fall elements into a small space can make it look cluttered. I like to use a few larger pieces instead of lots of small thing. Decorating with a larger piece in a small space calls attention to the area! Do add some supporting fall elements… just don’t over do! Opt for a clean look in a small space.


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Adding a pumpkin to a small space is nice, but adding pumpkin in front of a great mum in an interesting container is even better! Layered decor is really fun to look at… so we do! Think in layers! The tartan car rug in back of the pots of mums and the little black bench with the pumpkins sitting on it in front of the mums layers the decor giving it depth and interest!


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

If you use a pedestal planter, or a great chair decked out for fall or anything tall… remember to add some fall element near or on the ground. Fill in the visual space.


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Yes, that is a spider on the beautiful spider web he made on the porch railing next to my little arrangement! This next tips is very important! 

Remember to spend a little time taking care of the well decorated small space you have created. Water the plants and pinch off dead blooms and give the area a sweep or spend a few minutes with your blower removing the fall leaves, dirt and spiders that love to collect this time of year!

OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

These fall decorating ideas will work great if you have a small entryway to your home. Add a stunner-of-a-wreath to your front door and create a little outdoor decoration with the ideas here and you have a winner!

What small outdoor space do you have to decorate?

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OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

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  1. I am really happy that I founded your blog! Every morning I enjoy reading your post. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! Have a blessed weekend!:)

  3. Yvonne, I enjoyed you’re informative post today. I feel you always know how to make guest feel welcome through you’re decorating. The little touches on you’re porch, the black stool with the sharp crisp orange pumpkins which picks up the pumpkin color in the throw just say’s come sit with me and have a cup of warm cider. I feel you have a very loving caring heart by you investing the time to write this post daily to make my day and others more enjoyable. Please keep up the excellent work. God Bless and have a relaxing fall weekend.

  4. Every year I try to use colors other than yellow for my porch but I always return to the yellow mums. They just say Fall is here!

  5. Could you tell me how tall the black urn is? This would work perfectly at my entrance. Since I live in the country, I order everything from catalogs and want o be sure I get the correct height. Thank you for your gra blog.

  6. Oh how I love your porch! It is always so beautiful. I bought a tartan car rug just like yours a few weeks ago when you posted about where you bought yours. It is so beautiful! I have admired yours for so long and finally ordered myself one. It said shipping would take weeks but just took a few days and the price was very reasonable. I have mine on the front porch like you do (I am a shameless copycat of you) and so many people have commented on how beautiful it is. One lady even stopped her car in front of our house and knocked on the door and asked me if I would sell it to her! Of course I didn’t but I did tell her where she could buy one!

    So all this rambling on is to thank you for all you do and for the tips and the time you take to tell us where you purchase your beautiful items. I know that you go above and beyond for your readers and I just want you to know you are very much appreciated!

    1. Nancy Livermon says:

      Tartan Car Rug-Love It!

      Yvonne, would you please share with us again where we can buy one? So beautiful!

      Every morning I have coffee “with you” as I read your blog. Starts my day off just right! Thank you!

      1. Hi Nancy, I added a link to the info about my car rug in the post. I hope it helps!

  7. Cindy Rasley says:

    Love your style! I have to say we are two peas in a pod! Love that saying! I decorate the same style! Love the fall! Happy pumpkins!

  8. Hi Yvonne,,
    I love everything about your daily posts,,love the photos! Yvonne,do your Chrysthamums grow well? I have never tried them,,

    Have a fun weekend,,

    1. Tina, we don’t have mums growing here at StoneGable, but I had them at my home growing up. Did you know that you much pinch off all the blooms around the 4th of July or they will bloom too early and be done. They will grow new blooms just in time for fall.

  9. Small is very pretty and welcoming. Love the layers and textures.

  10. Leila Jane says:

    That’s funny, Shyanna and Nancy Livermon~ I love that tartan wool blanket too and remember it from Yvonne’s porch last year when I loved it also! I looked for one in HomeGoods but did not see one like it. I just Googled “tartan car rug” and it looks like it might be the one for sale at Gretna Green called “Antique Buchanan Tartan Wool Blanket CSS” for $35.70. That seems like a good price for a wool blanket. Meanwhile, I love your porch vignette, Yvonne… also love that you took the picture of the spider. Just keeping it real, right? LOL. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

    1. Lelia, The car rug you are talking about I got from a Scottish shop on AMAZON, sorry! The tartan is 100% wool and will out live me. It was just a little over $100.00, but so worth it!

  11. Having both a front wrap around porch and a small back porch for the first time in my life, I am really interested in porch decorating ideas and tips. I haven’t been able to find the pretty mums in Florida that I used to be able to find in Ohio, I think I need to do some more hunting, I miss them! Your decor is so welcoming! Happy Fall!

    1. Can you grow Flowering Cabbage in your area? Or who about ornamental peppers or grasses. All would look beautiful for neck of the woods!

  12. Sherry Myers says:

    Your continued ability to roll out another lovely vingette amazes me. This is so pretty, and I have loved every.single.one. of your porch posts. They still amaze me. When guests approach your door, they have to know how welcome and special you are trying to make them feel. Love these fall colors.

  13. I love your sense of style and enjoy having my coffee with you every morning! There is nothing quite like the fall season in the northeast!

    1. You are so right Barbara! Just so you know, I’m having coffee along with you in the morning… in my jammies!

  14. Joan Miles says:

    I love your little black stool, can you tell me where I can purchase. In other pictures on your blog I have notice you also
    put the stool on your mantel, I love it!!

    Bless You

      1. Joan Miles says:

        Thank You, I will be coming your way in November to see the Miracle of Christmas, looking forward to the show and of course doing some shopping.

  15. I really love your tips! I have a very small front area to decorate (row home living, got to love it!) and these tips are very helpful. I’m going to scour my local shops for some cute urns like yours. I love the different heights you created on your porch!

  16. Cool ideas. For small porch spaces.

  17. Love the Urn – can you share where to purchase?

    1. Hi Sawn, I found that urn years ago at a store that is now closed. Sorry I don’t have better information for you!

  18. Using the vertical space in small spaces is a great idea! It adds dimension to your space when you pair it with decor of varying height. I’ll have to try this on my tiny porch. Thanks for sharing!