ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!

If you have been a StoneGable reader from way back when you might remember ON THE MENU! Well, it’s back!!!! Maybe for just a little while, but maybe for the long haul. Right now I am primarily posting this for me. I love to menu plan and do a much better job sticking to my food budget if I do! So, if you are new to ON THE MENU… I hope it gives you tons of ideas for yummy meals and lots of StoneGable tips and goings-on. And if you were sorry to see it go… I hope will continue to enjoy the revamped weekly menus and share your recipes here too! 


Okay friends, I would love you to post your recipes, menu plans, foodie ideas tips, and any links to amazing meals in the comment section of each ON THE MENU post! Let’s be a sharing community!

Here’s what’s ON THE MENU this week…


If you are looking for a traditional Sunday Dinner for your family, this is it! So easy and delicious! We’ll eat early today because I am going to book club this evening. I did not love the book this month, but that’s all part of book club!

ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!


This is my son Christopher’s favorite dinner. I never made it until he went on a hunting trip to Vermont when he was just a lad and had it there. I don’t make it as often as I should so he will love this meal! Chris and Abby… you are invited!

  • Easy Shepherd’s Pie (see recipe next week)
  • Tomato, cucumber and onion salad


Today, I’m gathering all the elements for my Thanksgiving table next week. I store everything in dollar store plastic dishpans and keep them in the laundry room. Doing this saves so much time when I’m ready to set the table. Do you have a tip for preparing for Thanksgiving? Leave it in the comments and we will all love you for it!

And while I’m thinking about Thanksgiving, here is THE BEST THANKSGIVING TIPS YOU WILL EVER GET. Really! Read it now…. it will rock your Thanksgiving world! See it HERE.

ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!


Soup! I could eat soup every day! This is a winner!

Bobby and I are decorating the tree today. I know… so early! But as a blogger, I stay about 6 weeks ahead of the calendar to give you time to enjoy the posts and use the inspiration in your home. This year’s tree… lots of red plaid! I’m mad for plaid!

ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!


Are you doing Christmas shopping yet? If you are, make sure you wrap-as-you-go! Wrapping gifts ahead is such a time saver and keeps that big job from being a huge stressor! You can see my makeshift wrapping station that is a lifesaver every year HERE.

  • Meatloaf
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sauteed Spinach with Currants


Today I’m making a list of all the bowls, platters, pots, pans, serving utensils etc I’ll need for Thanksgiving. I may even get them all out and ready! I stow  all the prep item for Thanksgiving in the laundry room.

ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!


I’m making Christmas ornaments today. Fun plaid ones! Look for them soon on StoneGable!



Kicked Up Chex Mix

My son-in-law loves this. I’ll make it now, nibble on some and save the rest for Thanksgiving weekend!

ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!

Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal

I’m making one recipe for us this week. Next week I’ll make another for feeding a crowd over the Thanksgiving weekend.


I hope you have a super yummy week! Why don’t you spread the culinary love and leave a favorite recipe, a link to a favorite recipe, or a great tip!!!!

Did you know I have over 2,200 recipes on my FOODIE FRIDAY Pinterest board! You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see all the great things I’m finding to pin every day HERE.


ON THE MENU- A delicious week of menus and recipes!


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  1. Terry Corley says:

    Yvonne, I believe I will have to try Nani’s Sauteed Chicken. Looks delicious! I even have thighs in my freezer!

  2. pamela Lepage says:

    They all sound great and yummy,

  3. I’m so glad you’re bringing back “On the Menu”! I’ve missed it. I use and enjoy quite a few of your recipes. Hurray!

  4. Pinterest is a great place to keep recipes organized by holiday or occasion

  5. Lots of great sounding recipes-the sauteed chicken, the beef barley soup, the shepherd’s pie and a new one on me, the pumpkin spiced baked oatmeal.

  6. THANK YOU for this! I don’t mind to cook, but I’m a terrible meal planner. It helps to see what someone else is planning. . .and to have the recipes at my fingertips here is especially valuable! Bless you.

  7. All the recipes look great. I can almost taste the chicken – will have to try that one for sure.

  8. judyincarefree says:

    So glad to see this back!?

  9. Barbara Stone says:

    Yvonne, this is awesome, thanks so much! 🙂 You take everyday food and decorating and bump them up to awesomeness with ease! Barbara

  10. Betty Hummel says:

    I am going to try the chicken recipe. Sounds wonderful. I too am beginning to think Thanksgiving and will begin to gather all I need for the big meal!

  11. The recipes certainly are inspiring and inviting….will be trying some of them soon!

  12. I am so looking forward to these recipes. I have recently learned I am wheat intolerant and it looks like I will be able to make your Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal. So YUM! Many thanks, Yvonne.

  13. Thank you for bringing this back……I have been following your blog some some time now and remember when you no longer posted recipes. This time ignore the ugly comments. I am always searching for something new to try.

  14. Thank you, thank you for bringing back your menus. I truly enjoy reading them and trying some out for my family. Nice change of pace for us, and the ones I have tried, especially the auteed chicken, are so yummy.

  15. That pear salad is gorgeous!!!

  16. My family and I love the Chex mix ! That is how I make It too minus a couple of things. It’s so good !

  17. Bernadette says:

    Yea it’s back!!! Must try the chicken!!!

  18. Oooh! I’m going to make the potato stacks. I have leftover Gruyere from making your stuffed pumpkin last week and I’m trying not to eat it all by myself, bit by bit.
    I look forward to seeing what you have for dinner the night before Thanksgiving.

  19. Carol Ann says:

    Oh my gosh! This is SO timely…

    To help my mother, who has early but advancing dementia, I just recently began menu planning, etc. Here’s my process:

    I planned a month full of menus, wrote each menu on a 5×8 index card with any special recipes or directions (for me) written on the reverse side. Each evening I have been selecting 2 menus, posting the next day’s menu on the refrigerator for Mother to see (and to remind me as well). It is also a reminder for me to retrieve things needed from the freezer the night before needed. Selecting 2 days’ worth at a time helps utilize any leftovers.

    When I wrote out all of the individual menus, I was able to create the grocery list for nearly a full month! I’m hoping that it will help reduce the mindless last minute trips to the grocery store (which usually result in some spur of the moment and unnecessary purchases). Maybe our food bill can be kept to a decent level?

    So far, it has worked so well! Mother has been checking the refrigerator door to see “WHAT’S FOR DINNER”? When I post the next day’s menu, I just put the old menu at the back of my menu stack. Tonight we are having Corn Chowder with Leeks. I will post the recipe as soon as I can (if we like it – it’s a new one.

    I love reading my cookbooks! New recipes are always fun to try so I look forward to seeing what others may post.

    Thank you for a GREAT idea!

  20. I am going to have to try Nani’s chicken. My husband is a dark meat eater. Does it work well with breasts too?

    1. Yes, it works well with breasts too. I just love the flavor of dark meat.

  21. Yvonne – I am so excited to see this back! I have tried many of your recipes and have yet to eat one we didn’t like. Love your potatoe stack recipes! Kelly

  22. your pictures are lovely as usual!

  23. I missed this feature. Thank you for bringing it back!

  24. Thank you thank you thank you Yvonne for bringing back your weekly menu. I always used your menus for my weekly meals. You’re right it helps keep within budget for more important for me if help plan my week and have wholesome meals and avoid not so healthy choices.

    Your first week has many recipes I’ll use next week.
    Love your comments on your daily “to do list” and tips. I’ll be doing some of them as well.

    Thanks again❣️

  25. Bonnie Bee says:

    Yay.. yay… yay… I have soooo missed all of ypur womderful menus and recipes… thanks for sharing your culinary talents with us, once again!!!

  26. Really like the menu!

  27. So happy to see on the menu back again! I look forward to the recipes and meal ideas you will share with us. Thank you!

  28. Karen Cadden says:

    I am so glad to hear that others like to get as much done ahead as possible. This leaves more time to spend with family!

  29. Mary Ellen says:

    I have tried many of your recipes and they are always delicious! Excited you are bringing this back always enjoyed it before!

  30. I’m going grocery shopping Monday to get ingredients for pumpkin oatmeal. Thx

  31. Beth Groff says:

    Yea I loved “On The Menu” & have missed it very much. Thanks Yvonne

  32. Thanks for sharing your recipes, I’m gonna try the beef barley soup when the weather cools down a bit out here in California and Nanni’s chicken soon!

  33. Yea! I’m so glad On the Menu is back!! I’ve really missed it and longed for you to bring it back. I hope it’s here to stay! Thank you!

  34. Yes, Yes, Yes…..I love Nana’s Chicken Recipe. thanks for posting it again!

  35. Love the pear idea most of all. We can always count on you for great ideas

  36. On the Menu is a wonderful feature. Trust you will keep it as a regular part of your blog. Your recipes are delicious and the photos are so clear and inviting.

  37. I’m a soup lover too.The beef barley soup
    looks yummy.

  38. The food looks amazing! How blessed your family is! Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Martha Franks says:

    I love to get new ideas for menus, Yvonne! Glad you are going to be doing this.Like you, my husband and I love soup.

  40. Yippee…On the Menu has returned! I’ve missed your recipes and menu ideas.

  41. Holley Downs says:

    These all sound so yummy! I was a little OCD about meal planning and it DOES save money! Now that we have an empty nest, it can be quite challenging but still doable! Can’t wait to try these recipes,

  42. Anne Marie says:

    You are making me hungry!!

  43. Thank you! I’ve missed “On the Menu”!

  44. Patricia Lawlor says:

    I am so happy to see On The Menu return. Thank you. Already pinned a number of menus.

  45. YES! This will be a huge help to me. Sometimes I just run out of ideas. The recipes of yours I’ve tried have all been exceptional, too.

  46. This makes me want to get focused on feeding my family decent meals again!!!!! Want to try them all! 🙂 Thanks…

  47. I was sorry to see it go… and am happy to see it back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  48. Dale Vitto says:

    I always enjoy your recipe ideas, so I am glad On The Menu is back.

  49. Lori Pennington says:

    I’m so excited about new recipes for the holidays! The pumpkin baked oatmeal looks delightful!

  50. Dorinda Selke says:

    Yvonne – yay it’s baaaaaack !!! Hugs, Dorinda

  51. Yvonne, I’m so glad it’s back!! I made so many of your recipes when you were posting your menus. Yay!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all the great tips you share, Pam

  52. So glad you brought this back!

  53. Nancy Loyd says:

    Thank you so much! I love all the tips and meal planning! I’m a planner! Working on blankets and hand warmers this week! Love your ideas!

  54. Marcia S. says:

    Yay, On The Menu is back!

  55. I i have tried several of your recipes, and they never disappoint. These all look yummy. My husband loves shepherds pie, so that will be next.

  56. I love pears!! That could be an entire dinner and I’d be happy! I made some of my own beef barley soup last week so have a stock pile in the freezer until my son comes home for Thanksgiving. I like to send him back homemade soups. Winter is long here and where he lives it snows daily. Can’t wait to check out the Thanksgiving day tips! We are doing a smoked turkey this year. First time we have changed from the traditional stuffed turkey with all the fixings. Hope your holiday is wonderful!

  57. I am sure this must be a typo but the pork tenderloin is calling for 12 cups of wine! I’m not sure we would be able to get up from the table! ?

  58. So glad you brought this back.

  59. Maggie Nelson says:

    I’m new on your blog so this is the first time I will try your recipes. Thank you

  60. The pear picture is beautiful.

  61. I have never been a part of this blog and am excited. Would like to try the chicken recipe.

  62. Sharon B. says:

    I’m so glad that you have brought this back! I’m always looking for meal inspiration. I’m looking forward to trying Nani’s Sauteed Chicken.

  63. Yay!! So happy to have your “On the Menu” back. I love your recipes and meal planning. As always and with everything, you are such an inspiration!

  64. GAEL SHIPSTAD says:

    Thank you, Yvonne, for your wonderful dedication to your blog and all of us, your faithful fans! Your return of “On the Menu” is an extra treat! Many of your recipes from the past are my tried and true ones. Bless you for all your inspiration!

  65. From decor to food to spirit, Stone Gable is my one stop blog!

  66. Ooooohhhh! I wish I could eat at your house! It all looks so good! I wish I could cook
    Ike that. I should give it ad try sometime. I wish you offered videos! Just love your blog!

  67. Gay Lemley Ratheal says:

    Thank you for bringing back On the Menu.

  68. JoAnne Wujcik says:

    Enjoyed the great tips for Thanksgiving prep!!

  69. Sarah Barr says:

    What a wonderful resource for us!! Thank you and your other advance planning tips are a great help. Thanks so much!

  70. Leslie Sheppard says:

    Yay! I’ve missed your recipes! Thank you for bringing them back-even if it’s for a little while!

  71. Julie Maier says:

    Oh my gosh! I just love On-the-Menu! What a great idea and a great time to bring it back – I will definitely be trying some of these recipes!

  72. Sandy Manning says:

    So enjoyed this post! I printed out the chicken recipe and will give it a go maybe even this week. Thank you!

  73. GwenCondit says:

    I’ll just sneak under your table next week! Everything sounds so yummy. The stacked pear –how did you know I wanted a recipe like this but did not know if one existed??!!!!!!
    I am celebrating an early Thanksgiving with my siblings in my parents’ home. One last time. We want Swedish potato sausage and a man still makes it for the Greek owned grocery store nearby–he oversees every batch. For about 51 years now! He makes about 2-3 thousand pounds every year starting in October to January. We are grateful for him. We all love his recipe. We will have potatoes, veggies, relish tray. And the next night we will have a traditional Norwegian Christmas Eve supper. Oyster Stew. But we love it!!! No, no lutefisk. We did not eat that!! The Greek store carries some lefse. Norwegian Christmas treat. This will be my Thanksgiving.
    My kids don’t really do scheduled time so I’m often alone on Thanksgiving. With my hubby. we made a breast once and it was great. I’m taking this all a day at a time.
    I have no tips. If I ask my children say no to coming over so my life isn’t like yours though my childhood was so happy.

  74. Marcy Leonard says:

    Nani’s chicken is happening at our house on Tuesday!–can’t wait! Then as I was scrolling down through all the rest of the good stuff, a pop-up ad plastered itself across the Chex Mix: Gorilla Gluesticks! Pretty sure this is NOT what you meant by “Kicked Up” (wink wink)

  75. The chicken looks amazing, can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the recipes.

  76. Alicia Arcelay says:

    I have tried your Nani’s Sauteed Chicken and it is delicious. Know I want to try the Pear Constructed Salad. It looks amazing.
    Thanks for the menus Ivonne.

  77. Christi {Jealous Hands} says:

    I, for one, am so happy to see On the Menu back! This is one of my favorites of all you post! This week sounds delicious! xo

  78. Thanks so much for sharing your food talents!

  79. Stephanie C says:

    Very happy to see your menu’s back!

  80. I am definitely going to make the Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal….sounds so yummy. Thank you for the recipes, Yvonne!

  81. You make my mouth water!!!

  82. Thanks, Yvonne, for bringing this back! Just printed a couple of recipes to try this week!

  83. Thank you! I will try these and look forward to more !

  84. This is fabulous! Always looking for new recipes to add to the table. The Potato Stacks are so tempting. Growing up in Wisconsin made me a true connoisseur of cheese and potatoes. Thanks for bringing this back! As always, love your blog! xx-holly

  85. Yay!! So glad to see “On the Menu” back! It was one of my favorite parts of your blog. I use your recipes regularly!

  86. Irene Costilow says:

    Happy happy happy day❗️ I’m so happy to see the menu posts back again! Blessings on you, Yvonne?❣️

  87. I love Nani’s Sautéed Chicken!
    Now I want to make the Beer Bread. I am not a beer drinker what is the best beer to use?
    Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  88. Thank you so much for bringing this feature back! I’ve tried so many of your recipes in the past and nothing has disappointed.

  89. Carol Elkins says:

    I will be making your beer bread. Sounds yummy!

  90. Glad your weekly menu is back! When I first discovered your blog I thought you were running a B&B. Ha, ha!

  91. Connie Young says:

    This makes me so happy!! I love it!!!

  92. Looking forward to this – and your photos are mouth watering! Thanks

  93. The pumpkin spice baked oatmeal is wonderful with an egg white omelet. My 14 month old granddaughter loves it with yogurt. Thanks for sharing.?

  94. Your Muffin Tin Potato Stacks is one of the first recipes I ever pinned. Amaaazingly delicious!

  95. Carol Swanson says:

    I’ve told you before that you are my favorite blogger! I’m mostly interested in reading about home decor, but your recipes are “to die for!.” I’m not much of a cook. However, you include such beautiful photos and specific directions that I think this 70 yr old lady might be able to make a few of your foods.

    You have a nice way of making us feel as if we are part of your family!

  96. I’ve made the oatmeal after seeing it in a previous post – very good! This time I’ve printed Nani’s Sauteed Chicken, which sounds delicious…I can tell it’s going to be good!! I’m sharing an easy pancake recipe that is good for you and tastes so good.

    Bluebird Pancakes

    1/2 c. blueberries
    1/2 c. yogurt
    1 c. milk
    1 egg
    1 tsp. baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1 c. whole wheat flour

    Sift dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg, milk and yogurt together then add to dry ingredients. Stir until just combined then fold in blueberries. Fry pancakes on a hot greased griddle, turning once. Makes 10 pancakes.

  97. These recipes sound delicious, can’t wait to try them!! Willl definitely be trying a few when family is in town for the holidays.

  98. I too am glad you are menu posting again – even if it is just for a while. I love to see new dinner ideas. My husband loves salmon so I am going to try your salmon recipe.

  99. Marie in VA says:

    So glad this is back! I’ma terrible meal planner- though I’m so much happier when I make the effort! Looking forward to trying Nani’s sautéed chicken- Thighs are our favorite part of the chicken! 🙂

  100. Anne Stokes says:

    Yummy salmon cakes. Great for a cool Fall supper. We Southerners sever with cheese grits! As we are happily eating a cozy supper memories of honeymoon in Alaska with salmon on every menu delicious memories Happy Fall evening to all!!

  101. Mmmmm-MMM! That chicken dish looks DE-lish! For the first time I will not be serving Thanksgiving dinner this year. My daughter is hosting and I have only two items to contribute to the meal. So, since cooking is not my first love, I am not focussing on a Thanksgiving menu at all! While I don’t particularly like to cook–or even think about food, actually–I do have to eat and I do enjoy good, healthy food. (I know, it’s a dilemma!) So I probably will try at least one of your offerings. Most likely dessert! Or the salmon cakes.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes. I do have a couple I will share in a later post.

  102. From Pinky at Designs By Pinky: So happy it is back! Your recipes are always great! Is it going to be a linky party? I hope! Wish I could get started decorating but am having a breakfast on 11/21 so have to wait til then. I swear, as they are leaving I will be pulling out Christmas:):)

  103. So glad to see “On The Menu” is back. We have enjoyed many of your recipes from your last series of “On The Menu”. The OTM series provides great inspiration for keeping the dinner menu rotation fresh. I am sure it is a great deal of work for you to come up with the menu ideas, so just wanted you to know that it is much appreciated by this working Mom. I try to plan at least 3 or 4 of the weeknight dinners ahead so I can prep the night before or have the ingredients out of the freezer. I know it saves me time, but saving money is also good too.

  104. Thanks for all the recipes! I’m going to try to make them all – just not in one week. Where did you find the picture of the pears? It’s lovely!

  105. I made your Slow Cooker Beef and Barley soup after you posted it recently, and my husband loved it! I make a lot of your recipes – Thanks! I’m so terrible at deciding on weekly menu ideas…I will definitely use your ideas!

  106. Tammy Hobbs says:

    I love passed down recipes they are the bested, thank you for sharing.

  107. SO glad to see this feature back! Have a fabulous week!

  108. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love the menu idea; I’m fairly new to your blog, and love the idea of home décor and menu ideas. My only tip for any holiday really, is to Scotch Guard your fabric dining room chairs, as this really cuts down on clean up of spilled food/stains, etc. that might happen when many people gather. Hope this helps.

  109. Yvonne, I’m a faith blogger and post Tasty Tuesday each week – this month focusing on Thanksgiving side dishes. Come visit me at hopehearthome.com

  110. So happy to see your recipes back. Love all your ideas.
    I just need to stop my world and try Nani’s chicken…looks so nummy.

  111. I always enjoyed your weekly menu so I’m glad to see you have brought it back. Even though I am from the deep, deep South and my recipes are very different, yours still inspire me.

  112. Kelli Cross says:

    I am so super happy to see On The Menu back! You have no idea how much I relied on you for my family’s meal planning! We have enjoyed so many of recipes and Nani’s Sautéed chicken is what I will be making tonight!
    Thank You ma’am!

  113. Sherri Bassham says:

    Sp happy to see this feature again. You always inspire me with your menus and your decorating. Your home is so beautiful yet inviting and cozy. Makes you want to stop by for a cup of tea and good conversation!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely blog with us!

  114. So much I will have to save this post.
    My family members are very picky, but I think I see a few things at least a few of them might eat. Lol! I am not picky, but I have gotten used to missing out to save the money. It doesn’t pay for me to make things only I will eat.

  115. Love the idea of a weekly menu, especially those that sound so delicious. Added bonus–ingredients provide instant shopping list.

  116. The recipes all sound amazing! I’ve made Nani’s chicken & it is a favorite! One side dish I’m making this year is taking the basic kale/brussel sprout salad in a bag & adding shaved parmesan, walnuts, & sliced pears.

  117. Yvonne, sooooo glad you are bringing back On the Menu. Gives me a quick reminder of all the great recipes you have on your site and inspiration for “what’s for dinner” tonight!

  118. Eloise Fitzsimmons says:

    The oatmeal will be on the menu next week-end, can’t wait. Don’t stop the On The Menu posts. They were always my favorite. Thanks for thee inspiration.

  119. Kathy Hocevar says:

    Thanks for the meal planner. Can’t wait to try the baked oatmeal!!!!

  120. Heather Re says:

    Soooo happy to see your recipes back! I have missed them. Thank you ! Please continue On The Menu posts:)

  121. So happy that you have brought back ‘on the menu’. It was always a favorite of mine and I do so hope you will continue as it was missed – and not only by me, as I can read from above comments.

  122. Love ON THE MENU! Thanks for bringing this segment back! ?Happy Thanksgiving!?

  123. They all look good especially your Nani’s Chicken. The pic of the pears remind me of my Dad. They are every where here in Georgia, and he was always stopping to pick a bag full.

  124. Becky Johns says:

    I have missed this element on you blog! I love to be inspired for everyday meals. Your recipes have always proven to be delicious when I have made them, so this is a great resource for your readers! Thank you!