ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 22ND-Here's a week's worth of scrumptious seasonal dinner recipes!

Last night I went to my high school class reunion. What a blast! I got to reconnect with loads of people I love from my childhood and teenage years. And it was so nice to see how we grew up. No drama only a whole lot of fun! There were lots of laughs and some tear and more hugs and kisses than I can count! As I’m sharing my weekly menu I want to remind you that life is so short… so reach out to someone you miss!


Let’s talk recipes…


Today’s dinner takes about 30 minutes to make and tastes like I’ve been slaving in the kitchen for hours. So company worthy but I’m making it for family. This is a keeper recipe!

CHEESE TORTELLINI WITH SAUSAGE AND PUMPKIN PARMESAN CREAM SAUCE-This is a must try fall meal! Full of amazing flavor and easy to make.


Okay, I’m sharing a foodie site I’m obsessed with! Skinnytaste. It has the BEST lo-cal, lo-carb, weight watcher, gluten-free, paleo, etc recipes. I’m want to make them all! Check out this site. I’m sharing two recipes from Skinnytaste this week.




Salmon is on the menu quite often here at StoneGable! And doesn’t this recipe from Rasa Malaysia look delicious? Honey and salmon were made for each other… and with the addition of a little garlic… heavenly!!!



The best combination in my book… slow cooker and tacos! Both in my wheelhouse!!!! YUM! A great recipe from a great foodie blog, The Recipe Critic!


I’m a big fan of Chicken Piccata! And Jo Cooks has one that is extra lemony! YUM! Sorry, Bobby no pasta with this meal we already have enough this week! We are enjoying the chicken with roasted broccoli.



Friday’s were made for pizza! And I’m loving this white pizza from Lauren’s Latest. Make Friday’s fundays and make a delicious pizza!


I’m in a pasta mood this week. I usually only make one pasta meal a week but could not resist trying to make Pasta in my InstaPot! This is new to me so I’m very excited to see how it works! Another amazing recipe from Skinnytaste!




This recipe is such an oldie-but-goodie! And it is delicious! I’m making it for my sweet family. We will be altogether over the weekend!

Have a scrumptious week my friends!!!

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  1. Wow,I’m in trouble now with the pasta,that’s my middle name ! Everything looks wonderful.

  2. We love salmon too, can’t have too many recipes for that.

  3. Lisa Bernard says:

    All of these dishes look wonderful. I have to tweet them a bit using gluten free ingredients. Can’t wait to try some old these. I love the on the menu part of the blog.

  4. Lisa Bernard says:

    Sorry about the incorrect spelling. I need spell check!

  5. You always share the best recipes! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing these recipes and food blogs. I love trying new recipes. The pizza is on my menu for this Friday night. I find tomato sauce bothers me so this white sauce is perfect.

  7. Am I missing it? Is there a recipe for the Harvest Time Bark? It looks sooo good.

  8. I love your recipe suggestions! I have made sooo many over the years. Thank you! A new week, something new! Nothing boring! Could you possibly share the Harvest Time Bark recipe? It looks delicious!

  9. Norma Rolader says:

    Yummy each of these recipes sounds wonderful thank you for sharing these with us

  10. So funny – I was just on Rasa Malaysia’s blog today looking for a butternut squash recipe to add to my Thanksgiving dinner. These recipes look great – and I am so intrigued by the InstaPot!

  11. Michele/Finch Rest says:

    Thanks again, Yvonne! Im making Jo’s lemon chicken picata tonight for dinner – my hubs will love it and I need to cook again – we dine out much too often lately to be good for us.

    Have a blessed and wonderful week. Hugs. ♥

  12. Thanks for the recipes, they sound delicious. I enjoyed my last class reunion also. So fun to see people we grew up with.

  13. Yvonne,
    Do I recall, from your podcast, that a special little boy had his first birthday party at Stone Gable over the week-end??? We have an Anderson, also. I know the party was a glorious celebration of his precious life.

    Thanks for the delicious sounding recipes…I have my eyes on the chocolate bark!

  14. Yum! Everything sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing another great weekly menu!

  15. My daughter loves spaghetti and I have an Instapot that hasn’t gotten much use so thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Oh how wonderful to be with childhood friends! There is nothing like it. I went to a small gathering of just gals and it had been so long. What a delightful time. We all laughed and cried and smiled and even remembered that song of our school. But to recipes. I’m going to try the tortellini. I like adding pumpkin to recipes where one doesn’t expect it. This sounds yummy. Indulgent and decadent ?

  17. Shirley Graham says:

    Everything looks delicious! Will try some – Thank you!

  18. Everything looks so scrumptious! Will have to try some of these recipes…Thank you!