ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 1ST- I have a week's worth of great dinner menu just waiting for you!

Where, oh where did the month of September go? Just yesterday it was the end of August, right? I hang on to every single fall day and suck every bit of beauty out of it! If truth be told, October is my very favorite month of the year! And my neck of the woods is at its very best this time of year. So filled with natural beauty! And the food is pretty good around here too! Here’s what’s on my menu this week…

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There are so many good ingredients going on this week!


You’ve got to love a recipe that starts with “million dollar”! I’ve never made a spaghetti casserole so I thought it was about time! I’m having a casual midday dinner for some church friends so I thought this would feed a crowd!




I love to put salmon on the menu every week. It’s good for us and so so delicious! Are you eating enough fish?



One of my favorite things to eat are tacos! Yes, I am a Mexican food junkie!!!! Don’t these look amazing?



If you try one thing this week, this soup should be it! Oh, my it is hardy and filling and really G O O D! The soup is topped off with puff pastry leaves. I got the little leaf cut out from Wm-Sonoma. They are so much fun to use in the fall! You can see them HERE. I also make them out of pie dough! YUM!


One of my very favorite taste profiles are artichokes, lemons, and spinach.  Dinner At The Zoo is a new to me foodie blog and it is amazing! Give it a look!



If you have never had or made Chimichurri sauce do yourself a favor and make this. Wow, Chimichurri sauce will brighten up almost any meat! 


When I have a day at home during the fall and winter you will probably smell soup on the stove here at StoneGable. I love to cook soup, have it for dinner and freeze the rest for lots of lunches. Isn’t this a pretty soup?



Do you remember the peanut butter sheet pan cookies with the chocolate icing that you got in the cafeteria at school? I LOVED them! And this week I’m recreating them and I’m sure they will taste as good as the ones I’ve dreamed of for decades! Oh, yes please… I’ll take two!


Here’s hoping you have a scrumptious week!

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ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 1ST- I have a week's worth of great dinner menu just waiting for you!



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  1. I believe I’m going to have to give these soups a try!

  2. Have I told you how wonderful it is to get my meals planned out for me each week??? Words really don’t express my (our) gratitude. Thanks, Yvonne; Thanks, Yvonne; Thanks, Yvonne… and YOU know what it means when something is expressed 3 times, right? 🙂

  3. The million dollar spaghetti casserole sounds yummy. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  4. Lee Ann Barrett says:

    Thank you for the recipes! The soups look fabulous; putting the ingredients on my shopping list!

  5. Yvonne you’ve done it again, what a delicious menu you have planned for us this week. I too love, love Mexican food, anything and everything and a big goblet filled with a frozen margarita. My favorite this summer was a watermelon margarita, OMG to die for. Thank you for a wonderful September, I can’t wait to see what October brings.

  6. Yvonne, the spaghetti casserole looks delicious! I’ve tried them before and the casserole comes out kind of blah and seems to be missing sauce. This recipe seems like that wouldn’t be so with two jars of sauce and all the different cheeses. Thanks for the recipe! Have a great week

  7. The peanut butter bar recipe is a dream come true…I have always wanted this! Thanks!!!!

  8. The menu this week has all my favorites. Forgot about those peanut butter bars. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you!!

  9. Julie Hott says:


    I recently began receiving your mails and I love them. I love all the different decorating ideas.
    I’m definitely going to try some of your delicious looking meal plans but especially those peanut butter bars.
    Thank you again for all your decorating expertise.

    Sincerely, Julie