ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 15TH- I have a scrumptious week of fall recipes waiting for you! I've done all the planning! YUMMY!

The flavors of fall don’t last all year long so I’m taking advantage of fresh seasonal foods like pumpkin and acorn squash! Did you know you can stuff a pumpkin shell and bake it? Yes, you can and it is delicious! Eating seasonally is a way of life here at StoneGable because produce is so abundant! I hope you will stock up on fall’s splendid bounty and cook with it this week!

Here’s what’s on the menu…


Fall is the perfect time to cook out and eat around a fire pit! Today we are having a fun fire pit meal! All my kids are joining in too! This will be Anderson’s first fire pit meal and Emma Kate’s too although she is still an infant! 


I’m addicted to artichokes! Marinaded, grilled, steamed… YUM! I was at a very cool local restaurant, LUCA, this past week and had the best-grilled artichokes I have ever eaten!!!! I can’t wait to go back! My new favorite Lancaster County restaurant!

So when I saw this recipe from MODERN HONEY I knew I had to try it! This is a rich soup so a small bowl for dinner is enough. I might make a double batch and have a cup for lunches too!



SAVORY NOTHINGS is a fabulous blog. Nora’s Maple Walnut Baked Sweet Potatoes were on the menu last week and they were a hit!!!! Her blog reads like Cook’s Illustrated, one of my favorite food magazines, but her posts are much easier to understand. She is a savvy cook who can take the most mouthwatering images! This week I’m making her oven fried chicken fingers.



Have you tried making sheet pan meals? If not you will want to join in this new-ish meal craze! I am all about not using lots of pots and pans. Easy peasy clean up makes a meal taste better, doesn’t it? 

I think this flavor profile looks so interesting and I’m very excited to make this superfood meal!



My Bobby is going to love this dinner! And so will I! It’s easy and I’m letting my slow cooker do all the work. 



Did you know you can bake in a pumpkin shell? And boy, is it delicious!!!!!! If you make one thing from this week’s menu, make the Gruyere, Bacon, and Onion Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin. It’s company worthy and fun too!


Tilapia is a very mild white fish that becomes a foil for other flavors put with it. This recipe is quick and very easy and has lots of flavors using fresh breadcrumbs and garlic. It just might be a staple in my recipe box! Thanks, COOKTORIA!




I love pumpkin spice ice cream but have never made it myself. So this week I’m making it for my Friday night dinner with company!

If you really want decedent, creamy thick ice cream you have to make a custard and churn it. I’m pulling out my ice cream maker and giving this recipe a try!!!!


Have a scrumptious week my friends!

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  1. Yum, I can’t wait to try the Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup!

  2. Girl, you so Rock! I love these day of the week meals and the ideas.

  3. Oh my! I’ve saved three recipes and followed three new food blogs. I get so many new recipes from you and they are keepers.

  4. carolynhavey@comcast.net says:

    Your menus are incredible! Do you cook like this just for you and your hubby or do you entertain a lot?!!

    1. I love to cook. We have lots of family that use our home as a hub. I also love to entertain

  5. Norma Rolader says:

    Yum Yum you have put together a fabulous menu!!! Thank you for sharing n I know I will make some of this week God bless

  6. Oh Yvonne! What a great menu! Made my mouth water! The roasted stuffed pumpkin sounds wonderful! Thank you!

  7. Wow, I pinned the roast beef sandwiches. They look delicious and simple. That’s the best combination!

  8. Everything looks so yummy especially the artichoke soup and crusty bread.

  9. So many wonderful fall recipes! I can’t wait to try the roast beef sandwiches and the crispy oven fried chicken!

  10. Melissa Stadler says:

    Hi Yvonne! Thank you so much for sharing my creamy spinach artichoke soup. I really appreciate it. Your blog is beautiful!

  11. Oh my! I can’t wait to make that ice cream and the gingersnaps. My family will be in for a nice surprise.

  12. Your menu looks fanastic-ly fall! I’ve never roasted anything in a pumpkin, but I believe I will try it. I have a couple of recipes that in a pumpkin, would be just right with!

  13. Your menu’s are always full of wonderful recipes!

  14. The roasted stuffed pumpkin is just what my taste buds need! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  15. I love all your recipes and have been saving many. I had trouble accessing the French onion casserole until I went directly to the source site. Just in case others had trouble like I did! Cannot wait to try it!

    1. Hi Darlene, I’m so glad you are enjoying all the recipes on StoneGable. You should go to the source to get the recipes. Hope this helps.