ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 14TH- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes waiting for you!

This year’s raised bed gardens are full of both vegetables and flowers! Mixing them makes my morning walk through it (with coffee in hand) a tiny paradise of snipping and picking opportunities! As our veggies mature and are ready to pick my menu will reflect what fresh deliciousness I’m finding in our garden.  I hope you plant a plot or at least a container of tomatoes for yourself.  Now here’s what’s on the menu this week…



 Ready for a yummy week?


If I could choose my last meal it would be a delicious, juicy hamburger on a soft bun. Loaded with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard and a tad of red onion. And if those were french fried onions that would be even better. But those burgers are very few and far between for me now! Today I’m making burgers on the grill for Bobby and me!

To make them a healthier meal I wrap them in a big leaf of lettuce and forgo the mayo. 



I’ve made this salmon recipe many times and we love it! We will be making it on the grill. 



Anything that I can make in one pot or pan is okay in my book!




Doesn’t this chicken look delicious? Chicken is a great foil for tasty toppings! And this Italian inspired dish is pretty healthy!



Have you made zoodles? Zucchini noodles? They are really good especially if they are quickly cooked with other great ingredients.



Our garden asparagus is growing riotously! We cut it, bring it in and cook it right away. Nothing like oh, so fresh asparagus!




Everyone in our family loves pizza. Here’s a new “fried” dough recipe I’m looking forward to trying! This image is making me hungry!



This week I’m making delicious brownies as a chocolate treat! Oh, YUM! All chocolate fans raise your hand! I see you!


Hope you have a scrumptious week!

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  1. Wow, your menu looks yummy! I would love to see your raised bed garden.

  2. Oh my!! What a great menu!! Love to try the bruschetta chicken….and those fudgie brownies!!!?

  3. Wow, Yvonne! Fried pizza? That looks so good! And that burger, scrumptious! Thanks so much for sharing! Love your On The Menu posts!

  4. Great recipes (again!) this week! Love the looks of that hamburger!

    What veggies are your growing? You are so lucky to have a green thumb! I, unfortunately, do not.

  5. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    All sounds good! I like that you are thinking healthy with the burger.
    Here is a quick meal that is great for day on the go:

    grocery store steamed shrimp with seasonings
    steamed/grilled fresh asparagus
    We use wine vinegar and oil to save so we can serve drawn butter (1 measured tablespoon) for dipping the asparagus.


  6. Everything looks so yummy especially the garlic butter shrimp dish.

  7. When my daughter & I vacationed together this spring, we prepared zucchini noodles one night–fabulous! We had a small amount left for another meal with fresh scallops!
    I prepared the “one skillet cheesy pasta” when you posted it previously. TWICE in about 10 days time — It was amazing! And I think it would be a great dish to take for a bereaved family as well. We had two such pasta dishes delivered when my dad died == and they were a blessing to have.
    I have a tried & true brownie that we all love – but I just may have to try yours sometime.