I have a little secret… Sunday is my birthday! But let’s keep this just between you and me.  The best way to spend my birthday is at a pool. The weather is hot and so so humid. Early mornings and later in the evening is the best time to be outside from now until the September. But that does not keep us from grilling! This week’s menu is full of summer fresh flavors and lots of food right oof the grill!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week…


Today is my birthday. Bobby will probably take me out to eat. But if I could have a birthday meal this would be it! It’s the perfect summer meal to eat on the patio with family!


Oh, I love artichokes. And this recipe from Proud Italian Cook looks so amazing I could almost like my computer screen!



Garden tomatoes! We love them and use them a lot this time of year!  My paste tomatoes are perfect for this grown up tomato soup recipe! Another oldie but goodie recipe.


I love Mexican food! Those warm and spicy flavors are my favorite! And Chipotle is the star of this scrumptious recipe from Once Upon A Chef.



Epicurious is one of my go-to sites to learn how to cook almost anything the “right” way. I love to learn about correct technique and the science behind the art of good food. 


Grilled pizza is almost magical. The crust gets a nice char and a little smoke which adds so much flavor to every bite. And pesto on a pizza is pure bliss! Here’s a great pizza recipe from The Lemon Bowl (such a FUN name!).

The Lemon Bowl


Have you tried mashed cauliflower? It is wonderful! And adding cheddar cheese, sour cream and bacon makes it even better!  YUM!



I’m not much a baker, but I do love making cookies. And I think my chocolate chip cookies are pretty wonderful! Not bragging… just truth! They are crisp on the outside and soft on the in. I like to freeze the dough in a roll and cut what I need to bake. That way I always have homemade cookies in the time it takes to bake them!

Look for the recipe tomorrow on the blog.

Hope you have a scrumptious week!

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  1. Hope you have a great birthday. My birthday was on the 6th. Thanks for the great menu.

  2. Happy Birthday ! Have a great day and God Bless You on your special day and throughout the coming year, if our Lord tarries.

  3. Would you share your recipe for those yummy looking chocolate chip cookies ? Did you ever put mayo with a dash of chili powder on your grilled corn on the cob instead of butter ? Sounds odd but it’s really good !

  4. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!?????! Have a great day!!! I’m making your rib eye steaks w the loaded cauliflower tonight for dinner! Yowza!!!
    Thx so much!!! Love your page!!!


  5. I hope this is your happiest birthday yet…surrounded by grandchildren, children and your wonderful husband!Celebrate you and all that you have accomplished this year!! My birthday was the 7th and we are celebrating tonight with my granddaughter, oldest daughter and SIL;youngest daughter and special “beau”…and hubby!! Yeah for July birthdays~there is just something extra festive in celebrating a summer birthday!

  6. Happy birthday, Yvonne!!!!! And thanks for the recipes! I will be cooking and baking quite a bit this week!!! Blessings!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YVONNE!!! Thanks for all you do for us! I’m going through your “Lets Talk Vignettes”

  8. Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you and many more!!!!
    Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!!!!

    Big Hugs

  9. Oh, my gosh. You know, I always enjoy your postings, love your home and the way you take care of it and decorate it..I don’t comment often, but pore over every post and enjoy them immensely. And I was surprised to read that you and I have the same birthday!

    So you have a wonderful and blessed birthday! May you have many,many more! Enjoy! As we say in my Italian family: Buon Compleanno!

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope it is awesome! We will be having s birthday here also, it’s my hubby Birthday also!! I’ll be taking him out

    for Bruch tomorrow!! So dinner will be light for us!1 Hamburgers and salad!!

  11. Well between me and you, Yvonne – “Happy Birthday! Hope you have a terrific day.” I won’t tell anyone. Have a beautiful day filled with that beautiful delicious looking cake you posted and all the other great food. My daughter, Yvonne’s birthday is Tuesday, mine 11 days thereafter. Many blessing.

    1. Lupe my mom and i have birthdays close to each other too. mine was June 19 and mom’s was June 23.

  12. Yvonne, thanks for all the great ideas and recipes, we just started making loaded cauliflower and love it! Also make cauliflower pizza crust, it is really good. We have cut way back on carbs so we love the cauliflower option. Have a great birthday tomorrow!

  13. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! And thanks for all the hard work you do for us all. Must be very time consuming but we do appreciate it more then you know!

  14. Happy birthday, Yvonne! I didn’t realize our birthdays were so close together. Mine was the 5th. Hope you have a wonderful day. May the Lord bless you outrageously! 😀

  15. My sister in laws birthday is tomorrow too so I will never forget yours. Have a lovely one and celebrate you!!! You are a real gift to all your readers.

  16. Happy Birthday Yvonne, I hope that is was a great day filled with God’s Love for you and your family!

  17. Yvonne, have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating your birthday! May you be blessed with a wonderful year! You are truly a gift to all of us and are such a special lady! God Bless!

  18. Happy birthday, Yvonne! Hope you feel the Lord’s abundant blessings on this special day.. even more than you normally feel His love!

    Stay cool! It’s been stifling here in So Cal, as I’m sure Kelly has told you and Anita.

    Also, congrats on your new grandchild! Blessings upon blessings, eh?

  19. Happy Birthday! Love mashed cauliflower, now I have a new idea for making it even better. Thanks for sharing great recipe ideas.

  20. Happy Birthday, Yvonne!!! I am going to try the mashed cauliflower – when you put the cheese, sour cream & bacon on it, it sounds even better!

  21. Happy Birthday! My Family asks for LimeButter whenever we have corn or cornbread. It’s simply softened butter with lime zest & a bit of lime juice. Also very good on roasted Sweet Potatoes.

  22. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Yvonne, Happy birthday to you, and many many more.

  23. Happy Birthday wishes to you, Yvonne!!! Thanks for all you do to encourage us daily in making our homes simply warm and comfortable for our families.

  24. Birthday Blessings to you! Hope your day is filled with all the goodness you deserve.
    My birthday is next Sunday the 16th!

  25. Happy Birthday Yvonne! my dad’s birthday was yesterday (8) and our town had it’s family days with a parade and we said it was for him.

  26. Happy Birthday Yvonne! I appreciate all your posts very much. I always look forward hearing from you. Love your home, and your sweet spirit very much. You always have such great ideas.

  27. It’s way too hot right now for us to making soups but as soon as it cools down some that tomato bisque is going on the supper list for sure. I just made your Nani’s potato salad for one of our 4th of July dishes and it went fast; everyone loved it. I’d made it for my little household before but we had quite a bit of extended family over it got rave revues. Needless to say it is my go to potato salad recipe now.

  28. Although I am late but I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Thank you for all your post. I really enjoy looking and receiving things that I can do. I have never been one to think of decorating ideas. You have given me some. Thank you again.

  29. Happy Birthday Yyonne! I look forward each day to your website and your wonderful ideas and energy.

    Happy summer!