ON THE MENU WEEK OF DECEMBER 24TH- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner menus waiting for you!

It’s busy weeks like this one that makes me so glad I menu plan. Phew… one thing that I don’t have to think about! I’ve shopped for everything and have done a lot of prep, especially for Christmas day meals so I don’t have to ask the proverbial question… What’s for dinner? I wish you the Merriest and most delicious of Christmases! May your home be filled with those you love and lots of good food! Now, here’s what’s on the menu this week…

Today on Decorating Tips and Tricks we are sleuthing some popular but untrue decoration beliefs. It’s DECORATING MISCONCEPTIONS DEBUNKING day!Yes, there are many decorating “rules” and “schools of thoughts” that are just plain wrong! Listen in and maybe we will be debunking some of your decorating beliefs too!

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SUNDAY- Christmas Eve Dinner

I think Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. It just feels holy to me. The kids and grandbabies are home… and the furbabies! My mom, stepdad and sister’s family are also with us this Christmas. 

After dinner when the babies go to bed we will be having some Christmas fun playing reindeer games. We have some pretty silly and fun Christmas games to play as a family!



MONDAY- Merry Christmas!!!!!

The big meal of our day is brunch! It’s the same year after year and is a staple on Christmas morning. Lunch is a charcuterie board and lots of great breads plus a Cranberry Orange Shrub to sip on. You can see this fabulous libation HERE.

Once the babies are in bed we will have a quiet delicious supper. The rich beef and mushroom stew is in the freezer and so are all those darling little homemade gnocchi to go with it. I’ll be serving the cozy and elegant stew with crusty bread and a big Caesar salad. Rum cake and ice cream finishes the meal this Christmas!



This is such an amazing recipe from Eatwell 101. I think I’ve made this three times since the summer. YUM!



Soup is a regular meal here at StoneGable, especially during the winter months. It’s a wonderful and filling lunch and a dinner that will warm you to your bones! I make a big slow cooker full and freeze it for a quick dinner!

I love a big bowl of steaming, filling soup on a cold winter’s day! And this one is made in my slow cooker!


What a great recipe from a new-to-me foodie blog, Written Reality. I’m very excited to try these quesadillas. YUM!!!!


Doesn’t this dish look amazing!!!! I could lick the screen! Oh, I can’t wait to make this and Bobby will just love it!!!!  Okay, Heidi I want to know how you take such gorgeous pictures.



What do you do with leftover ham? Make soup, of course! I can’t wait to try this hearty, warm soup! Thanks, Cucina De Yung




As if all the cookies and cake of Christmas week was not enough, I’m making a chocolate icebox cake. This is a recipe from my mother-in-law and one that is Bob’s family favorite. I usually make it in a log but when I found THE EVERY KITCHEN version things are going to change. I love that it really looks like a cake!

Insanely easy to make and just so delicious! YUM!


I’ve done the planning for you, now go make someting scrumptious for dinner!

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  1. You inspire me to cook more. Home cooking is the best food. Thank you.

  2. frances young says:

    Your decorating ideas are so beautiful!! And the Food ideas look so delicious–Having lost my husband 3 years ago it’s hard to get in the mood to cook something enticing!! Cooking for 1 is unappealing. But Thank You for All of your Beautiful ideas. Merry Christmas to you & Yours!!

  3. I make my icebox cake in a springform pan. It insures it will not tip over or slide. I like Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, mocha chocolate icebox cake. It has expresso in it and makes a really wonderful compliment to the chocolate. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the post.

  4. Katherine says:

    Chocolate wafer Ice Box Cake — what a sweet flashback to my childhood. Haven’t thought of it in ages but ti may be just the right time to bring it back. Think the grands might enjoy helping to put one together. I’ll make sure to get an extra package of chocolate wafers for the nibblers!

    1. I was introduced to Icebox cake by my husband’s family. It was a favorite of theirs.

  5. What are funeral potatoes ?

    1. I know, right? Click the words and you will be taken to the recipe. YUM!

  6. That chocolate ice of cake looks pretty good. That is a definite pin. Thanks for the recipes and happy holidays!

  7. Those recipes sound amazing!! Especially the ham and tortellini soup. We are having ham also so this would be great for leftovers! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. I enjoy your blog. I have lots of dishes & linens. Thank you for all of your great & encouraging ideas!

  9. Yvonne you are always so sweet and to top it off as busy as you are you are still thinking of others, I mean all of US! This menu as always looks amazing and YUM so delicious. I just want to shout out a big THANK YOU, and wish you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  10. I don’t know how you do it Yvonne. It looks like you will be in the kitchen all week. I hope you will have lots of help. Our biggest Christmas dinner was tonight. I’m wiped out.i wish there was a way to make it easier to put together these big gatherings. I miss most of the good conversations. They are only here for the evening as they all live out of town.
    I did use part of your basin trick for clearing the table. Thanks for all your ideas and help. The podcasts are delightful. Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  11. Norma Rolader says:

    Wow!!! Great menu and thank you for sharing God bless your family and wishing each of you a blessed Merry Christmas

  12. wonderful menu this week…nice to get some new ideas…we have kielbasy with Christmas breakfast also…have a merry Christmas!!!

  13. Merry Christmas to you & your family!!! I can’t wait to try those funeral potatoes!!!

  14. The icebox cake just brought me back to my childhood, my mom made this is as a log, yummy.
    Wishing you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  15. Denise carlson says:

    Yes bring on the soup! It’s freezing here in Minnesota. A nice warm bowl of soup will hit the spot.