ON THE MENU WEEK OF APRIL 30TH- Enjoy the dinner recipes I've planned for you which includes a great Cinco De Mayo celebration!

Hi Friends! Hope you are enjoying the spring weather. I sure am! My cold tolerant veggies are growing and my herbs are really looking good despite the unseasonably cold weather we have had. But spring has finally sprung! This week is Cinco De Mayo and I have a fun fiesta planned for my whole family! Give Saturday’s menu a special look! Now, here’s what’s on the menu!


Hope you are hungry…


Let’s start this week with my favorite flavor profile! Tex-Mex! Oh, yum! This is a healthy version of stuffed zucchini but I’m adding seasoned ground beef to the mix.



I’ve made this salmon from Rasa Malasia before and we love it! The key to delicious salmon is not to overcook it. It should still be a little underdone when you take it off the heat. It will continue to cook.



Bobby loves pasta. So at least once a week it is on the menu. What a fresh and scrumptious pasta salad this week.




There is a right way and a wrong to make slow cooker BBQ ribs. The wrong way to cook BBQ ribs in a slow cooker is to put “liquids” such as barbecue sauce on them or any liquids in a slow cooker for that matter. All the moisture and flavor cooks out of the meat and ends up in the runny sauce.  The recipes below is the RIGHT WAY! No extra sauce in the slow cooker just a great dry rub! I’ll be using my MAGIC BBQ RUB for these ribs. Oh, my yumminess!



We love mussels, here at StoneGable! And what an easy treat to make. If you just know a few basics (get all the basics HERE) you can make a delicious meal with this treat from the sea!



I have the whole family here this weekend and we are celebrating CINCO DE MAYO! Did you know Cinco De Mayo is celebrated much more in the US than Mexico? Just give us a reason to celebrate and we are on board, right?

My mom is coming home after a winter in San Antonio and I am making her favorite…


I’m channeling down into my ancestor’s Southern roots and making a spin on Southern Fried Chicken. My paternal grandparents were farmers near Marshfield Missouri. When I was a little girl visiting the farm my Grandpa let me wring a chicken’s neck much to the horror of my east coast Mother. That chicken ran around with its head half broken off. So the saying goes… run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

But Mother did not mind so much after Grandma fried it right up! Seriously delicious! Even though I was eight I can still remember the  melt in your mouth taste and the poor chicken!



One of the most fun games we play at StoneGable is Mexican Train Dominos. We use a double set of dominos like the ones found HERE.

Do you menu plan? You might like to read WHY A MENU PLAN IS SO IMPORTANT

Have a scrumptious week and happy CINCO DE MAYO!!!

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  1. Hi Yvonne, I have a question. You say not to put any sauce in the crockpot when you make BBQ Ribs but the recipe you linked to says to pour 1 to 1.5 cups of sauce over the ribs. Which way do you make it?

    1. I use a dry rub on my ribs and then cook them with the narrow ends of the ribs facing in towards the center of the slow cooker.

      After they are done I let them rest for 15 minutes, slather them with bbq sauce and put them on the grill or under the broiler to get them good and brown.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I love your menus. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Another week of great recipes! Thank you!

  3. I too like Bobby love anything with pasta.Everything looks delish !

  4. Looks like a wonderful menu this week but, the link for the Bruschetta Pasta Salad and the Mussels wont come up, Any ideas?

  5. Love this Mexican menu Yvonne! I can eat Mexican cuisine anytime along with a pitcher of margaritas and not to forget the Mexican street corn ?? Ole!! Thank you for all your inspiration!?