On the menu plan this week are some really creative, delicious dishes! I’m counting points with WW Freestyle. How do I count points every day to make sure I have enough left for dinner. Easy, I’ll tell you…

I start every day with dinner. Because I know what I’m having to eat every day because I menu plan, I know what I have the rest of the day. Somedays there are only a handful of points left so I eat mostly FREE food! And I love free food! Many mornings I have a protein shake (5 WW Freestyle points) or an omlet with sauteed veggies and fruit (0 WW Freestyle points). See my sakes and whole-food supplements HERE.

That’s how I’m trying to lose a few pounds! Now let’s see what’s on the menu plan…


Today I’m taking dinner to a sweet young couple from church. I need something that is yummy and easy to transport! I’m making a real crowd pleaser, My perfect pot roast! I try to think of something other than chicken when delivering dinner. Everyone makes chicken!


This is a blast from the past, lightened up for dinner tonight! Oh, I have not eaten Tuna Noodle casserole for decades. And I am very excited! Thanks, Midlife Healthy Living!


I have a busy day and I love to get up early and get everything in the slow cooker so when it’s dinner time, it’s ready! And this week it is chicken chili! Thanks, Chunky Chef!

  • NACHO CHIPS- 12 chips, 2 points. Just enough to crumble on top of the chili
  • WEGMAN’S SOUTHWEST CHOPPED BAG SALAD- with homemade salad dressing


I’m watching my points with Weight Watcher’s Freestyle so this chicken from Skinny Kitchen is only 4 points! Oh, yes!


This is a fabulous dinner to make for a family! Wow, my family will love this recipe and it’s WW friendly! Who knew? Jenna, from Recipe Diary, that’s who! Thanks!


I just got a new Instant Pot and I LOVE it! If you haven’t gotten into this foodie craze-here-to-stay you really should think about it! A fabulous recipe from How To Feed A Loon!


I can’t wait to make these delicious looking and sounding chicken tenders. So good, from A Latte Food! It’s nice to make an easy Sunday dinner when Bobby and I are on our own!


I’m so excited for this cake! There are days I eat mostly Freestyle foods so I can eat a sweet treat! I’m learning portion control, but cutting a just-right slice of this cake will be VERY difficult. Another amazing recipe from Recipe Diaries!

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  1. There are multigrain sandwich slims (Kroger brand ) & Aldi’s sandwich rounds multigrain that are 2 points, Boar’s Head turkey is 0 points, with tomato, lettuce, mustard …total 2 point sandwich. 35 calorie bread is 2 points for 2 slices. Check these out & enjoy a sandwich!

  2. Great recipes. I follow your site daily and it gives me great idea. Made me realize I to am a transitional in my taste. But as for recipes could you put the ww points in. ThAnkyou

  3. This weekend I made your perfect potroast. Wow! This is the best potroast I have ever tasted. Delish!!! Thank you for the yummy recipes each week. I meal plan too and your recipes are often included!

  4. Lunch – soups and salads, of course. Or healthy leftovers.? But if you really miss a sandwich, how about lettuce wraps? Lay flat a big leaf of iceburg, romaine or leaf lettuce, layer on your favorite sandwich fixings – turkey, cheese, tomato, onion, avocado and such. Roll up and eat! You can also use parboiled cabbage or collards and fill with corned beef and swiss, shredded pork and bbq, or whatever your imagination dreams up. I like to clean out my fridge for lunch meals. Spinach tortillas are another option. Try filling with tuna, green apple, walnuts, and cranberries. Yum!

  5. A sandwich without bread Tyson or Perdue short cuts chicken breast. We like “grilled or Italian.” Wrap in lettuce leaf and dip in Aldi Honey Mustard. My favorite. 0 points

  6. TERIYAKA chicken? What’s with the salmon/chicken mixup again? Maybe you mean TERIYAKI SALMON. Wow…….

  7. Lillian D’Argenio says:

    Thank you, thank you for your inspiration. I love your recipe suggestions and will make that delicious pot roast. I am a WW and am grateful for your connection.

  8. Sandra Ferguson says:

    Wrap your chicken etc. in several leafs of lettuce. It makes for a great alternative for bread. Good Luck

  9. Yvonne, I am not familiar with the current WW point system, but this may work as a substitute sandwich. I enjoy deli sliced turkey, beef, chicken, etc. Wrap the meat around a pickle strip, cheese, lettuce or whatever you normally enjoy on a sandwich. These roll-ups are quite tasty and filling!