ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 8TH- Here's a week's worth of scrumptious dinner menus planned for you! Delicious seasonal recipes!

I love getting emails from readers and the most asked On The Menu question I get is, “Do you really make what you post every week?”. And the honest answer is yes and no. A menu plan is just that… a plan! And plans often change. We might go out to dinner or I may be too tired at the end of a busy blogging day to cook a big meal. I use my menus as a guide. It makes shopping easier and I’m not stuck for ideas. So I try to stick to my menus but I’m not a slave to them! Now here’s what’s on the menu this week…


Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we have the best show! It’s all about THE DECORATING SNOWBALL! The decorating snowball is when we start one little project and somehow it leads to something else and before you know it buying new bathroom towels leads to wanting to knock out your bathtub and replace with a tiled shower!!!! YOU KNOW what I’m talking about! Are your projects like that? 

We can get over our heads or stuck when that snowball starts to roll. Today we are talking about harnessing the decorating power and creativity of the decorating snowball and using it to our advantage. You must listen to this if you like to decorate!!!!!

Listen below:


 Here’s this week’s menu…


Fall flavors are my very favorite! Warm. Complex. Inviting! Think pumpkins, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, sausage, walnuts, brussel sprouts, apples, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar! Oh yum! These sweet potatoes are the star of this Sunday Menu! Aren’t they beautiful?



This is my version of Pot Roast and it is a winner! I make this in the oven or in a slow cooker. Either way is just delicious! 

If you make this recipe in a slow cooker make sure to brown the meat and throw the onions in the meat fat to cook until translucent. Then the veggies can go in the bottom of the slow cooker and the meat goes on top! I add a little bit of cooking broth into the slow cooker too. I use the pan I browned my meat and add in 1 cup of beef stock and one-third cup of red wine. Cook on medium heat scraping up the brown bits in the pan. Reduce by half and stir in 2 TBS tomato paste to the broth. Pour this over the meat and cook everything on low for 8 hours or until the beef falls apart!



New-to-me foodie blog MOTHER THYME by Jenn will keep you from doing any work! I was so sucked into this delicious blog I spent way too much time on it! Check it out! This amazing dish is a cross between French onion soup and grilled chicken. I can’t wait to give it a try!



I’m a big fan of scallops. I am usually a purist. I like searing them in a tad of butter and oil and spritzing them with lemon. But this recipe from Caio Florintina really caught my attention! Can’t wait to try a little rum with my scallops! 



We love this soup! Especially when it eats like a meal! This soup is a must make! Your family will thank you! Make a double batch and have it for lunches.



I’m a happy girl if I have a whole chicken roasting in my oven! Actually, I make two!!! It’s enough for a couple meals, a few lunches and I save the carcass for making chicken stock! Isn’t this chicken from Spicy Southern Kitchen a culinary work of art?



I’m so excited to give today’s recipe a try! Another new-to-me foodie blog, Lazy Cat Kitchen! Don’t you love the photography? It almost makes me want to lick my computer screen!

My Bobby loves pasta and I’m sure he will enjoy a new flavor profile too!



For some reason, I feel very good when I have muffins in my freezer! So I am making a double batch of these oh, so delicious blueberry muffins. They are perfect for a breakfast on the go!


Have a scrumptious week, my friends!

ON THE MENU WEEK OF OCTOBER 8TH- Here's a week's worth of scrumptious dinner menus planned for you! Delicious seasonal recipes!

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  1. Nancy Covey says:

    Oh yummy, everything looks so good. Going to try the pot roast and the soup for sure!

  2. Those sweet potatoes look delicious!!

  3. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Oh, I pinned at least 3 things, YUM! That soup looks so good! I couldn’t see a link for the recipe. 🙂

  4. Hi Yvonne! I just had to let you know I made your pumpkin spiced oatmeal this morning and it was delicious! My husband loved it too! While I’m commenting I should also let you know how much I’m enjoying your podcast. You three ladies are so funny together! Cracks me up with you guys competing for tip of the day! I listen while I’m out walking and so many times you guys say something I wish to comment on but by the time I get home I’ve forgotten! ? One tiny suggestion- when you all start laughing you must lean in to your microphones because it is really loud. I have to adjust the volume up and down. It’s not a huge deal, just didn’t know if you guys would want that type of feedback. Thanks again for the great recipe and great podcast!

  5. I love what you have on the menu this week! Yummy!!! I too love to listen to your podcast, and laugh and laugh and laugh!!! AND like Lynn said above, I always have comments and want to put my two cents in with you guys, but never do. But, just know that I am hearing your every word and love spending this time with you girls. I can relate to so many things you three talk about. Oh, yes, I too want the soup recipe. Didn’t see a link. Blessings!!!!!!

  6. So much deliciousness this week!