ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!

We are breaking out the grill this week and I am one happy camper! I love grilled food. Our grill is a monster! It can grill and smoke and cook. I’m not the cook when it comes to the grill (although I do know how to use it). This is Bobby’s domain and he is official Grill King at StoneGable! On the menu are two of my favorite grilled meats, hamburger and chicken. What could be better?  Here’s what’s on the menu this week…

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Sundays are the perfect days to make a roasted chicken… or two! We will enjoy it for dinner tonight and then eat it through the week for lunch! I make a mean chicken salad. You can see it HERE.

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes! 


I love love love chili in all its forms. White chili, ground beef chili, beef chuck chili, pork chili, chili over a baked potato… yum! My recipe is for chili in a jar, but I’m making it the regular way, in a big pot. If you want to try a fabulous chili you will want to try Jim’s award winning smokey chili in the post! He’s my Canadian brother-in-law and he gives Canada a good name! It’s really the best chili I have ever eaten!

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


  • RICE


This week I’m getting estimates. Lots and lots of estimates. Spring is a great time to refresh, update and fix things. We need the porch floor painted. Bobby has always done it and it’s really a horrible job! So this year we are letting a professional handle it! Also, the kitchen needs to be repainted and our kitchen backsplash changed. There’s always something that needs work around StoneGable! What are you working on this spring?

I am wild about blackened fish. You will love this recipe!


Bobby has the grill going. And he is a master griller. You will start seeing lots of recipes for the grill from now until late in the fall. 

My mom, sister and I are hamburger aficionados! We love them!!!! Can’t wait to have one hot off our grill! And homemade potato chips are such a treat! I don’t keep potato chips in the house because I could eat the entire bag.

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


It’s spring so I’m craving asparagus in all its glory! Our asparagus will not come up until May, but I just can’t wait! This recipe is so delicious! And I posted it about 6 months into blogging. You can see I got lots better at photography!

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


I could eat Mexican food every single day! And taco salad is one of my favorites. I go sans shell and so does Bobby. But he eats them with nachos crumbled on the top. My recipes for Taco Salad will be coming soon. 

Look at this gorgeous taco salad from What’s Gaby Cooking. Another fabulous foodie site!!! 

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!





The kids are home and so is my sweet little Anderson! Gigi has a few special treats for him! He’s just starting to eat solid foods and I’m going to make some homemade veggies and put them in the blender to make it smooth enough for him to eat. How about some yummy spinach little guy?

If you make one thing this week make the MAGIC RUB for the chicken. It works with ribs and fish too. Oh, YUM!

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!

Other recipes ON THE MENU this week…


We make this for breakfast and it is beyond delicious! Your family will love you for this!

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


I’m mixing up a big bowl of hummus. When the kids come they gobble this up!

ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!

Have a YUMMY week! What’s on YOUR menu this week?

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ON THE MENU week of March 25th- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


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  1. Gayle Kesinger says:

    Yvonne, I fixed your Garlic Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Marsala sauce and it was a big hit with my two friends with whom I eat Sunday night dinner every week. Then I passed it along to another friend and it was a big success at her house, too. Really, really tasty and not too difficult to prepare. Thanks so much.

  2. Your recipes are always so good sounding. I have never heard of chili in a jar but I will try it. Also the syrawberry shortcake recipie I just saved so I can make it for my family. I love reading about your dishes. We grill a lot also and we are ready to get it out and get it ready for the summer. This has inspired me so thanks

  3. Absolutely love the “on the menu” posts. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the menu recipes. The strawberry shortcake looks delicious .

  5. I too love your on the menu posts each week. Thank you for those. I am not a fan of cottage cheese but I am sure it would be fine in your asparagus soup. I love asparagus anyway they are prepared! I also plan on trying your strawberry shortcake for breakfast!!

  6. Martha Franks says:

    It all looks delicious, Yvonne! Thanks for the good ideas!

  7. As always, everything looks yummy.I like a burger
    on the grill myself.

  8. Asparagus soup looked sooo good until I realized it was made with chicken stock. What else could I (vegetatrian) use in it’s place. Vegetable broth wouldn’t do. Would be too much tomato taste. Any ideas??

  9. can’t wait to make taco salad …and shortcake too!

  10. Sounds relish! Wish I liked to cook, but I do like to decorate!

  11. Your chicken recipe us n weekly rotation. The following day, I always make a Mexican salad with kept over cold chicken. I’m going to make your brother in law’s chili recipe for a get together next weekend.
    BTW, Canadians have a good reputation around the world.

  12. Your menu posts are one of my favorites!

  13. Carol Elkins says:

    You always share the best recipes! Thank you!

  14. A friend told me the secret to getting a pretty asparagus green color for her asparagus soup. She blanches spinach, shocks it then drains off most of the liquid and blends it into a purée. Add the purée to your cream of asparagus soup to give it a pretty green color and it doesn’t affect the flavor.

  15. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks, again, Yvonne for that lovely menu! I have made quite a few of your recipes and we absolutely love everything!


  16. Everything looks so yummy! I will be trying that chili recipe.

  17. Thank you for the menu. As far as updates go, I’m wanting to finish a dresser that I am upcycling into a TV console. Also, I would like to use some of your DIY pillow ideas. Leaving for vacation to FL this next week. Back to projects when I return. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day!

  18. This all looks so yummy ! Thanks !

  19. Karen VanLoo says:

    Yum! Everything looks delish. Yesterday my husband smoked a pork butt to have today – I will finish it off in the oven on very low for several hours, then shred it up for pulled-pork on rolls. We had hamburgers and brats on the grill last night, we love grilling out!

  20. “On the Menu” is my FAVORITE! I feel like I have a personal assistant that pops in to remind me what we can pick from for the week’s meals. Thanks so much! This is the BEST!

  21. Thanks for including another type of fish. I don’t recall that I’ve ever had Snapper so I’m looking forward to trying it.

  22. Dorinda Selke says:

    Yum, just one big YUM, Yvonne !!! Hugs, Dorinda

  23. Yvonne, Love your posts for “On the Menu.” Everything always sounds wonderful, but I have a traveling hubby and can’t make myself cook very often for just me! I will save some of my favorites of your recipes (I’ve picked quite a few) for when his schedule slows a bit! Can’t wait for that! Thanks for the lovely organization of complete meals, and the time you must spend on the recipes for them!

  24. Been a busy week and just getting caught up. Perfect Roast Chicken is on our menu for Sunday dinner. Great for leftovers all week long. xx-hb