On The Menu April 11th

Spring is really popping here! Spring in Lancaster County is beautiful. And our farmer’s market is reflecting the same spring vibe. This week’s menu reflects some of the delicious homegrown produce we are getting at our favorite farmer’s market. Here’s what’s on the Easter week menu…

I love Easter weekend! Our family gets together for the weekend and we always make such fond memories. This weekend always involves a lot of cooking and baking too! Now my oldest grandchildren (age 5 and 4) are pretty good cooks, so I’m sure they will want to help!

You can see one of my favorite Easter Tables HERE. The featured image is from that table.


Oh Wow!!! I can’t wait for Bobby, or resident grillmaster, to make this gorgeous flat iron steak from Man Beyond The Cave! I’ll do the marinade and he takes dinner from there!

Leftovers will become yummy quesadillas later this week!


We will have a big ham on Easter day! Now we have lots of leftovers. I’ll freeze most of the ham and keep a bit out for beautiful casseroles like the one here from Daniela at My Gorgeous Recipes!


It’s asparagus season in Lancaster County! We no longer have an asparagus patch in our back yard but there are plenty of farm markets filled with homegrown asparagus here!

I can’t wait to make this easy, creamy asparagus soup from Holly at Spend With Pennies! Holly has a beautiful and delicious foodie blog! Make sure to stop by and check out her yummy recipes!


My Tex-Mex meal this week is delicious steak quesadillas! Oh, yum! I’m using the leftovers from Monday’s dinner so this meal will be extra easy!

Bobby is not much of a leftover guy so I hide leftovers in really amazing dishes, like tonight’s main dish from Aberdeen’s Kitchen!


I LOVE my air fryer! Air fried food is so crunchy and it stays juicy and it’s not greasy!

Air Fried Cod is just so good! And with homemade tartar sauce, it’s amazing!!!! A big thank you to Trevor and Jennifer at Show Me The Yummy!

This recipe is a family favorite!


Tonight I’ll be making a recipe passed down from generation to generation in my family. It’s so easy and so so good! I thank God for the heritage of good food and faith and family passed down to me.


Happy Easter! I hope you have a blessed day celebrating the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday with those you love!

We will have a big crowd this Easter! And lots of extended family. Everyone brings their specialty. This year like most, I’ll be making the ham and my grandmother’s potato salad that everyone loves. Also, a couple loves homemade artisan bread and a rhubarb galette.

Our dinner will be at lunchtime and is very family-oriented and informal. It’s loud and fun and we love to tell family stories. I bet our Easter dinner sounds a lot like yours!

All the grown up’s are donating a couple dozen plastic eggs filled with goodies for the grandkid’s Easter egg hunt. I remember our family doing this for my children and nieces and nephews. And now another generation is filling Easter eggs for a hunt!


Two foodie things I remember from my school days are the incredible cheese enchiladas from my year in Del Rio (Texas) Middle School and CASH’s (high school in Pa.) peanut butter bars!

Those were the days I was as skinny as a stick and could eat my weight in almost anything!!! Yes, those were the days!

All these years I’ve strived to find cheese enchiladas and peanut butter bars as good as the ones those precious cafeteria ladies made!

I can’t wait to make this week’s sweet treat from Jaclyn at Cooking Classy, wow do they look like the real thing! Fingers crossed!

Here are a few recipes that sound yummy this week…

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  1. everything looks good! I like when you can use leftovers for dinner makes it for an easy meal

    1. Me too! I have leftover potato salad and I’m having it for lunch today.

  2. Marti Masson says:

    The peanut butter bars will be my go-to recipe for our next class reunion picnic! Thank you!

    1. Yay! I bet they will be a “blast from the cafeteria past”. Have fun.

  3. Vicki Brawley says:

    I was unable to get the link to open to Nani’s potato salad. I am pretty excited to make a different potato sald this year. It read as an error that the page no longer exists.