berry compote with crisp crumbles and vanilla ice cream in a mason jar

We have a new grill here at StoneGable. Our big grill/smoker finally bit the dust after many years of hard use and now we have a new charcoal grill to enjoy. So this week we will be using it liberally! Here’s what’s on the menu…

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Monday’s are particularly busy work days here at StoneGable! So I need a meal that I can whip up quickly. Or slowly! I love love love my slow cooker because it makes meals that need to slowly marry together to perfection.

Like this gorgeous bolognese sauce from Little Spice Jar

spaghetti dinner


This week’s fish is salmon and it’s on a plank on the grill! I love what a little bit of smokiness does for salmon! YUM! Thanks, Jessica at Jessica Gavin.

Leftovers of tonight’s dinner will be delicious lunches!


Spatchcock chicken is such a delicious way to grill. I’m using two baby chickens and cutting them so the whole chicken lays out like an open book! I’ll make the marinade up while Bobby is cleaning up Tuesday night’s dishes. Then pour the marinade over two Cornish game hens on Wednesday morning.

All we have to do is fire up the grill and cook the chicken under a brick until the skin is crispy! Oh, Yum!

cornish game hen and rice on a white plate


If you make one thing this week it should be the grilled vegetables. These are my favorite summer food. And they must be REALLY GOOD because I’m not the biggest vegetable lover in the word!

I can’t get enough of these veggies! They are wonderful cold, heated into pasta, put in a sandwich and more!

grilled vegetables


Friday is a great night to stay in, make pizza and, watch a movie! Doesn’t this AIR FRYER pizza from Plain Chicken look amazing? I can’t wait to see what the air fryer does to the crust!

I’m always a bit slow to get a new small appliance. Just something I have to find a place for! But our toaster/ toaster oven/ convection/ air fryer is one of the best investments I’ve made for our kitchen. It sits on the counter and gets used daily! You can see my AIR FRYER HERE.


Yesterday was pizza night and tonight is taco night! I think this is such a SMART recipe! And easy to count if you are doing WW! Thanks, Heidi from Foodie Crush!



Berry crisp is such a fun, easy summer dessert recipe you should pin or copy and have on hand. I make the crips up ahead and keep it in a mason jar for when I need it.

Because it’s berry time I use fresh berries and make a scrumptious cooked fruit. And of course, I top it off with a good vanilla bean ice cream. It’s fun to eat in a mason jar with an ice tea spoon but you can eat it in a bowl too!

This recipe is so versatile! Use it with any seasonal or frozen fruit!

berry crisp in a mason jar on the menu

Have a scrumptious week, friend!

spaghetti dinner with green salad

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  1. Doris Raab says:

    I selected to download the salad cookbook but didn’t get it. I don’t know what happened.

    1. You will get an email with the link to the printable. Check your trash or spam mail.

  2. Debbie Heelis says:

    I am unable to see the salad cookbook any more. I wanted to print it out but now it has disappeared.

  3. Thanks Yvonne. Another great week of meal ideas. Thanks for the cookbook. Great timing for summer veggies