Cut zucchini bread on a plate

This is one of my favorite culinary times of the year. Most of the produce from our garden and in our local farm stands is so fresh and plentiful! And peaches are in season! READY for a summer menu plan this week?

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Hope you make lots of recipes on the menu this week!


Anything “Caprese” sounds delicious to me! So tonight’s Caprese Chicken by Kelley at Savvy Chef is a real treat! And it’s easy to make! Added bonus!

Right now garden tomatoes are ripe and ready to be picked! And to be honest straight from the vine is the way I really enjoy tomatoes. This glorious recipe is company worthy and easy enough for a workday meal!

To help the chicken stay tender and cook evenly pound the chicken so that it is even. Pound it until the meatiest part of the chicken is the same as the end.

Then I put the chicken into a big zip-type bag with 1/2 cup salt into 4 cup water. Let them marinate for 30 minutes and up to a couple hours.

Take them out of the saltwater and dry them off completely before grilling. You won’t believe how tender they are!


If I had a last meal I would probably pick a big juicy hamburger! And popcorn! I like a perfect hamburger that much! And tonight’s on the menu hamburger sounds just so scrumptious with caramelized onions!

This delicious hamburger is from Love at Munchkin Time.


Tonights dinner is quintessential summer! What a beautiful quiche. While farm and garden fresh veggies are at their peak make this pretty quiche!!!

I’m saving this recipe because it will be delicious for a family breakfast or a friend lunch!

This yummy recipe comes from, Tricia at Saving Room For Dessert.

All you really need with a quiche meal like this is a salad with an acid based vinaigrette! The acid from lemons, vinegar or other citrus will cut the richness of the custardy quiche and balance the meal.



We eat pasta at least once a week. Bobby loves pasta. My favorite way to make it and eat it during the summer season is to make a pasta salad.

I’ll make this wonderful recipe from Natasha at Salt And Lavender up ahead and refrigerate it until dinner to let all the favors marry together!

Instead of grilling chicken for tonight’s dinner I’ll buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco. They are plump and perfectly cooked! And they taste so good.

Adding good quality rotisserie chicken is a real time saver!


It’s TACO NIGHT! And I can’t wait to make this healthier version of my favorite taco salad!!!! YAY! A big thank you to Lauren from Tastes Better From Scratch! I just love her recipes!!!!

And the homemade refried beans are from her too! They are fabulous and freeze well! I make them in my Instant Pot and they turn out scrumptious!

I’ve had a couple Instant Pots and this one is my favorite and the one I use now… click HERE to see it.


Oh, yes, please! I could eat a plateful of Salmon Croquettes. I ate salmon cakes as a child and they were good, but these have so much more flavor (sorry, Mom).

Using my Air Fryer was a game changer! It makes these salmon cakes crispy on the outside and so tender inside! You can see my favorite Air Fryer HERE.


It’s fun and good for the soul to have an old fashioned Sunday dinner! Tonight we are having pork chops that are baked oven crips!!! Having a family Sunday dinner often appears On The Menu!

This delicious recipe from Slender Kitchen.


I’ve made this week’s sweet treat for years!!! It’s always a winner and the crumbly streusel top and sweet glaze make this like no other zucchini bread!

If you make one thing this week make it this delicious bread!

Cut zucchini bread on a platter


Our local peaches will be perfect in this Summer Peach Spinach Salad!

This FRITOS CORN SALAD is on my list! I love Fritos! I bet I’ve not eaten any in 10 years!

What an ingenious idea, Frozen S’more Dessert!

These Strawberry Lemonade Cookies sound so refreshing!

Skillet Bourbon, Peach, And Blueberry Crumble will be my next get-together on the porch dessert!

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds solves the problem of zucchini having very little taste!

Another delicious corn recipe… Cheesy Corn Fritters.

This Eggplant Casserole has so many scrumptious flavors!

A StoneGable favorite, Queso Chicken for an easy weeknight dinner.

Chinese Chicken Salad has lots of great veggies and crispy fried noodles!

I make these favorite Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles when cukes and zucchini are in season!


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  1. Hi Yvonne,
    Haven’t said “hello” and “thank you” in a while, even with this crazy California lockdown time has flown by this summer. Had 2 grandchildren graduate from high school this year and even though they were robbed of their senior year milestone (breaks my heart) they did get a graduation ceremony of sorts, finally! Anyway, hello and a big thanks to you for your lovely blog! Thank you for this weeks OTM…can’t wait to try zuke bread, grilled summer peaches (sigh), and salmon croquettes this week. Love salmon and was happy to see its change up! Last week from OTM I made chicken marsala-so easy and heavenly tasty….also made mexican pizzas-so fun, so good! Have also made the queso chicken and southwest salad (both so yummy) from before-sorry did not thank you for those 2 “keepers” sooner!!! THANKS SO MUCH!… AND BIG VIRTUAL HUGS TO YOU!! Stay well and live blessed!

    1. YOU ARE SO WELCOME! My goodness you don’t have to thank me but how nice that you did! Putting together a weekly menu is such a labor of love! My daughter graduated with her second master’s in June. We got to see her “graduation” on a Zoom call!

  2. I look forward to the weekly menus, thank you for all the hard work you put into creating them.
    And I love your new photo, you look beautiful!

  3. I love reading your Christian teachings both in print and exhibited in your life….I also love the recipes, mainly because I know you have tried and tested them….I made the Creamy Corn and Bacon Chowder with Beer Bread this week and they both were amazing and reminded me of coming in from chores on the ranch with a touch of Fall in the air when my children were small they are all in their 40’s now, but anything that brings back these memories and helps during such times as these……and lastly I love reading your weekly teachings from the Bible. I get such a connection to Christ, you, my family and my home…..nothing is better on a cool Fall night. My prayers are with you and your family. Cat Griego “Grandma”