It’s almost here! Thanksgiving that is! And I’m in prep mood. On the menu, I’m sharing my make-ahead gravy! I think it takes a small army of cooks to pull off a 5 day holiday as it is at StoneGable. I’m so excited to have most of my extended family together. We can make even a big holiday an even bigger event! But traditional turkey day fair and family is foremost in our mind! It’s a busy week but I’m not skipping delicious dinners! Here’s what’s on the menu this week…

I’ll be around the house all week prepping both for Thanksgiving and Christmas… although I do not like crossholidation on (a word I made up and hope you use liberally. It’s when you mix two holidays together)! But such is the life of a blogger. So I can make easy dinners and let my oven and slow cooker do the work!

I’m hungry for what’s on the menu!


Today is a Thanksgiving prelude! I’m making gravy ahead to feed a crowd on Thanksgiving Day. I’m the designated “gravy babe” as we call the gravy maker! This title has been passed down from my mother to me. But I know gravy is time consuming and a great gravy is not that easy. So I’m using a recipe I found in Cook’s Illustrated and make the gravy ahead using pan drippings from today’s recipe! I’m going to amend the gravy recipe by adding some wine and freezing it. And on the real Turkey day, I’ll add Turkey pan drippings sans grease.  We take our gravy seriously. Now that I’m gravy babe and must carry on the tradition!


I love baking salmon in foil. It’s almost foolproof and clean up is a chiche! Today I’m having a dear friend for dinner as her husband is out of the country! He does not eat fish so I hope this is a treat for her! Thanks, Damn Delicious for this yummy recipe!



On busy days my slow cooker is my best friend! Today’s scrumptious recipe comes from DINNER AT THE ZOO!




I’m using the best chicken noodle soup you will ever eat and making it the best turkey noodle soup you will ever eat! Using a couple extra turkey necks and leftover meat from Monday night’s dinner we will have a hearty and so delicious soup for dinner. Use the recipe and replace the 4.5 lb chicken with 4 turkey necks and the bones from Monday night’s Turkey dinner. Cook according to the recipe and add leftover shredded turkey to the pot. 


I am tempted to lick this image right off the screen! Oh my isn’t this beautiful! I can actually taste it with my eyes and it makes my mouth water! A perfect chilly weather dinner from Chunky Chef.



What makes this pot pie a cheater? Its top! I use puff pastry to top off individual servings of this yummy and hearty chicken dish! I know I’ve said this before, but you really get what you pay for when you use puff pastry. Try to find frozen puff pastry made with real butter and not oil. My favorite? Wegman’s brand!


Give me a moment to compose myself… Okay! This recipe hits all my favs! Artichokes, Tex-Mex and easy!!!!!! I bet this will become a made often favorite! A big thanks, Domestic Superhero!




It’s not too early to get a start on making Christmas cookies! I like to make the dough for cookies up ahead and freeze it and have it ready for baking day! My favorite cookies are these gorgeous and very very scrumptious sugar cookies. I’ll make a few for us right now and freeze the dough until later.

These are a must try cookie!

Do you have a plan for dinners? You might like to read this and get lots of ideas!



Have a scrumptious week, my friends!

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  1. It’s not on the menu this week, but I recently made a pot of your Nani’s chicken soup. It was sooooo good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fay L Bowers says:

    I am enjoying your blog. I love how you love being called Gravy Babe. That is me and I am trying to pass it on to my daughter. We both love our gravy and she too is doing it correctly. I will try using that title in the presence of us two.

    Also, I love the word crossholidation. Never thought of using that one. Will have to try that one also. Have a good day and keep blogging. Fay

  3. what a wonderful surprise! I have been fixing spinach & cheese quesadillas lately, a good way to get spinach! Love the addition of artichoke (and more yummy cheeses than I had)! thank you!
    (Now, I can go back and look at all of the other recipes…the quesadillas totally distracted me!)

  4. Kristina Johnson says:

    Hi there, I’m unable to find the cheater’s chicken pot pie on the linked site. I so want to make those!
    Thanks for your assistance.

  5. Kristina Johnson says:

    Having trouble finding the cheaters chicken pot pie recipe. Would appreciate your help, Thank You!

  6. I am sooo happy you loved the spinach artichoke quesadillas! they are a hit in my house too! Would love if you left a review on my site for them 😉 Happy cooking!