It’s Thanksgiving week! Oh, I love this wonderful holiday! The family and food and laughter and love are just the best! This week there are 30 delicious recipes waiting for you!

Let’s make a menu plan!


I have Tex-Mex almost every week! And one of my all-time fav’s are enchiladas! Thanks, Serena Bakes! This recipe is amazing!

pan of enchilladas



I love when the whole house smells like you could almost eat the air. The smell of something so divine cooking! I can tell today’s recipe will have my home smelling like chicken, lemons and capers! Oh, yum!

bowl of rice


There are some foods I make in batches and keep on hand in my freezer. Chili is one of those foods. It freezes well and when I’m running behind and dinner is upon me I know we can have a favorite by just warming it up! I make a version of my Mom’s chili. It’s a bit spicy and a bit sweet!

bowl of Chili


Thanksgiving dinner will be a grownup affair this year. My children and grandbabies will be with my in-law kids families. 

However, my Mom and all my siblings will be here with their spouses and my niece will be with us too.

I am very excited to have all the siblings together! 

We have a very traditional Thanksgiving with a big turkey we get from Esbenshades, a local turkey farm that is a Lancaster County institution!

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love the warmth and the family!


Asian-inspired flavors work so well with salmon! Tonight’s salmon will be delicious! Thanks, Erin at Well Plated!

After a heavy dinner yesterday this salmon will taste so fresh and delicious!

salmon dinner



I have tons of chicken recipes! I’ve tried another version of today’s chicken and it was a family favorite. This recipe looks incredible!

chicken dinner



I know the recipe says “holiday” beef brisket and it is perfect for the holidays, but it is also spectacular for a crowd or family dinner. Don’t wait till the holidays roll around to make this scrumptious and beautiful main dish.

Beef Brisket on a platter


Take a bite of these crisp, pumpkiny cookies and you will have a fall riot in your mouth!

bowl of Pumpkin cookies and milk


Oh my goodness! This PRIME RIB has Christmas written all over it!

CHRISTMAS TREE CHEESEBOARD is an appetizer I put together every year.

DUCHESS POTATOES look fancy but they are easy to make.

Need ideas for a side dish for your Thanksgiving feast? Try Roasted Green Beans and Bacon. YUM!


And speaking of sugar cookies you might want to make MY FAVORITE SUGAR COOKIE recipe.

I love JIFFY CORNBREAD CASSEROLE. I may have to add this to my Thanksgiving menu.

Or this MAPLE CRANBERRY ROAST CHICKEN would also be amazing for Christmas!

I could eat a few GARLIC PARMESAN BRUSSELS SPROUTS right now.



Have you made my CRANBERRY ORANGE BUNDT CAKE yet? It is Christmas in your mouth!

If you are thinking about making Christmas cookies you might like to make one “mother dough” that makes 5 different kinds of cookies. See my CHRISTMAS COOKIE BOX.

CABBAGE AND NOODLE HALUSHKI is a food I grew up on!

This CHRISTMAS TREE CHEESEBOARD is on the Christmas menu.

We love BEEF SHORT RIBS and this recipe looks delicious!

I have to make these FRENCH ONION MEATBALLS!

napkin with a black and white ribbon tied around it

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  1. Andrea Cooke says:

    I couldn’t find a link for the Christmas Tree Cheeseboard. Can you please provide?

  2. Emily Garvey says:

    Hi Yvonne. I hope you’re feeling better! I absolutely love the napkins you are showing ! Could you tell me where you found them? The white napkin with the green trees is the one I’m talking about. Thank you!

  3. Kim Jefferson says:

    Thank you all of the wonderful recipes you send weekly. I try to make at least one, many times more, recipe. They have all been great. Last night I made the bacon wrapped pork loin roast for company. It was amazing, just like all the other recipes.
    Thanks for helping me look like I know what I am doing.

  4. Strength and healing your way, quickly, Yvonne! You still shared a great post full of ideas we can bring to life in our own style. An extra dose of energy never hurts, either! No matter our circumstances, yes, it’s all about gratitude.

  5. Kathy Lust says:

    I always love your Menus and Recipes and cant wait to try them during this holiday season. However, I absolutely adore the evergreen napkins that are shown in your opening style photograph! Where in the world can I find these?

  6. Adele Haney LeChien says:

    Hi. I am praying you are feeling wellenough again as I write. I was literally smiling out loud with your line; ” The house smells so good you could eat the air.” That is classic. I wanted you to know I plan on trying your chile recipe. My Mom has a great recipe also and I rarely stray from it. It is superb and she had it published in a cook book when she was still with us. Her’s has celery in it. Unusual addition from what I’ve heard. Anyway, I want to try yours. We tried your wonderful Christmas Brisket made with cranberry sauce in the crock pot and it was the best we’ve ever had. This year, we may not be able to get a brisket but if anyone out there is considering one for their Christmas dinner, we wanted to give our 5 star for that one. They won’t be disappointed. It was superb. Thank you Yvonne. I have learned so much from your blog and you have so many wonderful recipes here….and so little time. It will be fun to explore them this holiday season. Have a wonderful season of light, love, and thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you, Adele! So sweet of you to recommend the Beef Brisket! Happy Thanksgiving!