It’s back! I’ve had so many requests to bring back my weekly series ON THE MENU. Well, it’s back! I’m thrilled to bring you delicious and healthy-ish recipes for dinner every week!

Before we begin…Happy New Year my friends! I pray that this new year will be one filled with blessings and that we can eventually start being with other people and going places!

I pushed the pause button on OTM this fall because I had so much fall and Christmas content I wanted to share. I did say OTM would be back at the beginning of the year so here it is.

OTM will be a feature on Friday instead of Monday from now on. That way, if you are following the menu you will have time to shop for ingredients if you want to follow the week of delicious dinner recipes.

Ready? Great!


We are soup eaters, here at StoneGable. And a decadent soup like this glorious French Onion Soup seems like a great way to start off this year’s OTM!

This Onion Soup is made in the Instant Pot. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! YUM!

A big thank you to Erin at Well Plated.


Salmon is almost weekly ON THE MENU here. It is such a simple and almost no-fail main dish. Just follow the recipe and you will be rewarded with the most delicious fish!

This Soy Glazed Salmon is one of my favorite recipes. It is really delicious! My family loves it!

Thanks Bee from Rasa Malaysia.


Tonight’s dinner is easy and has the flavors I love. Yummy Queso Chicken can be eaten on its own or made into a fajita!

Thanks, Barbara at Butter And Baggage.


When I think of Swedish Meatballs I think of Ikea. There meatballs are the best! I make a mean Italian meatball but sometimes I don’t want an Italian spin on them. So tonight we will have delicate meatballs in a gorgeous pan gravy.

The recipe calls for heavy cream but I find mixing evaporated milk and greek yogurt in equal parts to work as a less calorie laden substitute.

Thank you, Natasha at Natasha’s Kitchen. These Swedish Meatballs are company worthy.


If you don’t have an Air Fryer, get one! They make food like tonight’s Fried Cod so delicious! That crunchy coating is better than frying!

I made Panko Crusted Crabcakes I cooked in the Air Fryer for Christmas dinner and they were holiday worthy! And tonight’s Cod is my favorite!

The Air Fryer below is the one I have and it is amazing!

Thanks for dinner, Tatiana from Berry And Maple.


Our farm market, Meck’s has beautiful looking cabbage right now. So tonight I’m making my Nani’s Pork and Cabbage Soup.

I’ll be using the other half of a large pork shoulder (butt) in the soup tonight.

This makes my home smell like my grandmother’s home! Sweet memories!


I love casseroles! The flavors marry together and leftovers often taste better than the dish right out of the oven.

This wonderful one pan dinner uses dry pasta added right to the pan! It cooks in the delightful liquid and is infused with tons of flavor. Oh, I love not having to boil pasta separately!

Thanks, Jack and Martha at A Family Feast. This is such a satisfying meal.


This is one of my favorite recipes! It’s moist and so lemony with a sweet glazed top! If you make one thing this week the Lemon Loaf Cake should be it!

Here are a few other recipes that caught my eye this week…

Have a scrumptious week!

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  1. So glad menus are back. Even if I didn’t use recipe it gave me a idea….but love the recipes….the coleslaw has become a family favorite!

  2. Thank YOU for the return of menu items. I have found so many wonderful recipes and the most wonderful blogs from your weekly list. Looking forward to some great new recipes for the new year!
    I think we are all looking forward to 2021. Happy New Year to all!

  3. So happy the menus are back…and love that they are “healthy-ish”! Making stuffed cabbage, or as we call it – halupki – for New Year’s Day. My family hosted a New Year’s Dinner each year and my mom would always make halupki, mashed potatoes, peas, applesauce, and because everyone was tired of even her delicious Christmas Cookies, a fabulous lemon meringue pie. I am recreating that today…beef and pork for New Year in the halupki, all the rest…except we would eat the entire pie, so lemon cheesecake pie (healthy-ish) that we can freeze for another treat. Happy, Healthy New Year to you and yours!

  4. So glad your weekly menu is back!

  5. I’m so glad your recipes are back. I have missed them!

  6. Thanks for bringing back On the Menu. I seem to recall you having a different air fryer in a previous post. It was a stainless steel model from William’s Sonoma, I believe. Did you go back to the style shown in this post? I’m trying to decide which type I should get.

  7. Gabrielle Eith says:

    Thank you so very much for bringing back your weekly menu! It’s always inspiration for something new and delicious to add to the mix. Best wishes for a safe, healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  8. Loryl Fisher says:

    I LOVE on the Menu! Thanks for bringing it back. Some of your recipes are family favorites now. My son didn’t eat cole slaw until he had yours and will request it. We also are soup eaters and make our own stock. Can’t wait to try the Mexican pasta dish!! And doing it on Friday is so smart. As you said now I can shop for the week ahead conveniently.

  9. I love your website. The $48 basket did not pull up can you give me the website or more of a description

  10. Thank you for bringing back On the Menu! Always like new ideas of what to cook. We will be having Swedish meatballs (over mashed potatoes) one day this week. Also, I have a cranberry orange shortbread recipe that I make every year. I make it both at Christmas and for gifts at valentines Day. For Valentines Day I use a heart shaped cookie cutter
    Happy New Year!

  11. Debbie O`Neal says:

    Happy New Year — cheers to 2021!!! I am so glad to see On the Menu back… thank you!

  12. Jan Fusco says:

    Yay! OTM is back! already pinned about 5 recipes.

  13. So happy OTM is back…….my inspiration. I enjoy cooking, but meal planning is not my forte. Thank and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  14. Yay! OTM is back. I’ve missed it. This week’s recipes look great. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  15. Wow – these are great Yvonne! I’m so glad to have found OTM – I’ll definitely be back! And Happy New Year to you in the meantime!

  16. Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for bringing OTM back on Friday, ,it does help with planning.

  17. Thank you bringing back “on the menu”. I get all my recipes from you and “the cafe sucre farine”.
    Happy New Year Yvonne!

  18. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!
    For bring OTM back. I know it’s a lot of work but I truly appreciate it.

  19. Chris Wells says:

    Thank you for bringing back the Monday menu! I always, always read it and check out all the recipes. It gives me some ideas for the week. ❤️

  20. So many great dishes.. my son would really love that lemon glazed loaf..

  21. Teresa Snipes says:

    I made the Queso Chicken last night and my husband was in heaven! I had made some of my own Queso earlier in the day so I used it, along with a grocery store jar of Queso, plus the Ro-Tel, and it was amazing! We ended up having to use regular rice with it instead of yellow rice and pouring the cheesy sauce over it was yummy.

    It was so easy and took no time to prepare. I literally had dinner on the table in 40 minutes, which is fast for me unless dinner is pizza.

    Thank you sooo much for passing on these recipes. I hope to try them all.