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If you like watching It’s A Wonderful Life during the Christmas season, going Christmas caroling, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows or hanging your stocking on the fireplace mantel… then you  will probably like my Christmas tree this year. It’s a classic just like a great Christmas movie or drink or tradition! I’m using lots of Christmas colors… reds and greens and golds! And I’m adding my favorite touch of black to keep those Christmas colors looking fresh! The black adds drama and class and a dash of sass! It’s a traditional Christmas at StoneGable… with a twist!


This year’s Christmas theme is STARS! And you will find a milky way of them flung across the tree. Strung together to make a stellar garland. And large stars too that are lit up by the tree lights! This year’s tree is star studded and filled with the most beautiful glass blown ornaments in the Christmas colors we all love the best!

christmas tree-4-3

This beautiful Castle Peak Pine from Balsam Hill works perfectly tucked into the corner of my living room! This is where we gather on Christmas morning to hear the story of the Christ Child’s birth and to spend hours opening gifts and telling stories and spending time together in are jammies!


I want this part of my home to be comfortable, beautiful and filled with family because it is where we make most of our Christmas memories!

Christmas trees have always held such a special place in my heart! As a little girl, I would lay under the tree with the house lights out and just take in the beauty of the tree and it’s colorful lights. As I got older, white lights replaced those large colored bulbs and I think I love the white lights even more. One of my favorite things to do to this day is to sit in a dark room with just the tree lights on listening to Christmas music. It’s magical!


I love love love this year’s tree! It has lots of beautiful and realistic needles, space for my longer ornaments to hang and a trunk that looks amazingly real! It comes prelit with lots and lots of tiny white lights I just adore! No putting lights on the Christmas tree. I think it’s the only Christmas job I don’t really like!

christmas tree-6-2

I’m using the Mistletoe and Holly Glass ornaments to decorate the tree. Whimsical glass figures of Santa, snowmen and even an air balloon and a Christmas train peek out from the boughs! The Crystal Drop Set and Red and Green Floral Sprays were added to give our tree a little extra sparkle. So pretty!!!!

christmas tree -7-2

The presents under the tree are wrapped in the same classic Christmas colors that bring my tree to life! I love to add some unexpected black and white graphic designs to the familiar red and green colors of Christmas!

A beautifully wrapped gift is a present itself! Big fluffy bows and sweetly tucked greens are a signature design of mine!


Packages are stacked on an antique sleigh. 

christmas tree-10-2

A chair is cozied up with pillows. The red VW reminds me of my very first car!

CHRISTMAS TREE 2015- chair-stonegableblog-2

This year I made a garland of tiny stars just like the ones on the OPEN SHELVES and the MANTEL. I used my Cricut electronic cutting machine and whipped out fifty at a time! The stars are meant to remind my family that Christmas is not just Santa and presents… it’s much, much more! The stars are to remind us of the star that stood over the Nativity where the Christ Child was born!

Christmas Tree-1-2

I also made some dimensional stars that shine brightly on the tree. I put a little white light through the center of each of the stars!


Did you notice the monogrammed Christmas balls? I made those too using my Cricut. Each member in our family has a ball with their monogram on it! What a fun and easy project!!!! I think they add an extra layer of pizzazz to the tree! I’ll let children take their’s home and add them to their own trees!


christmas tree-15-2

When the tree at is up and decorated it’s a sure sign of fun and festivities beginning at StoneGable! I hope your tree, no matter how grand or humble, is a place of family gatherings and precious memories this Christmas! 


Stop back Wednesday and Thursday for my Christmas Home Tour!

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OH CHRISTMAS TREE-classic colors with a little whimsy!




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  1. Stunning, Yvonne! I love the tree, and your ornaments (both ordered and handmade) are beautiful! Your presents are the icing on the cake … I know you’ll have a wonderful holiday season with your family!

  2. WOW! I love the traditional tree done in red. And the re, black, and white packages… what a great idea! Ordering similar paper online now!

  3. Hi-love your decorations. Very pretty. Where did you get your VW pillow with the tree? I love it!

    1. It is a print from my friend Lucy at the Craftberry Bush. You really need to check out her fabulous site! I ordered the pillow from Society 6. Merry Christmas, Joan!

  4. Yvonne, your tree looks beautiful! What a fun look, the stars and black and white, all of it comes together for a warm, traditional with a twist tree. Our tree is almost done here at FrenchGardenHouse, pictures coming soon! Happy decorating, friend. xo Lidy

  5. Yvonne you have outdone yourself. It’s absolutely stunning. The little star garland and the lit stars just make the tree pop. I love all your pretty packages. I have my antique sled at the base of my tree too. Right now there is a cat laying on it. LOL Merry Christmas, my friend. xxoo

  6. Your tree is beautiful! I also like to sit in my darkened living room with just the tree lit. That’s where you will find me every night during the Christmas season. Tried to find an email addy so I could send a pic of my new open shelves. Could I have overlooked it?

    1. Hi Cindy, Look on my header on the right side for my email address! I would love to see you picture!

  7. Stunning… where did your get the small wreaths? I ‘m on the hunt for them too.

  8. Everything looks beautiful!! Your decorating always inspires me! I also purchased a pillow cover and carryall bag from CranberryBush….the deer with the buffalo checked scarf..love it! Her prices are very reasonable and her prints are adorable!

  9. Mel myers says:

    Question…where do you find inexpensive mulling spices for your simmering potpourri ?

    1. Hi Mel, our local grocer’s carries mulling spices in the Spice Isle. They are really very reasonable

  10. Ellen Johnston says:

    I just joyfully ordered the VW bug pillow cover. It was my first car also.

  11. Your tree is lovely! You have such a nice eye for decorating. I for one, do not change my trees from year to year. We’ve always used Frazier fir. For many years we cut them down ourselves when we lived in Connecticut. There were wonderful tree farms there and going to get the trees was part of our tradition. Now we just buy them wherever they are the freshest. But they are gorgeous and fragrant. I have two large trees. One I call the Silent Night Tree. It has a beautiful Madonna holding the baby Jesus nestled amongst the branches in the middle of the tree. They are surrounded by Cartapesta angels, German glass fruit ornaments (to represent the fruit of the Spirit) and antique gold wired ribbon wending its way through. A needlepoint nativity tree skirt further proclaims the Story. My inspiration is the Angel Tree at the Met so there are very few lights. I use the electrified European candle lights. The effect is tranquil. Quiet. Which is why I gave it it’s name. This is the first tree people see because it is in the entry hall. I like the tone it sets.

    The other tree is my Joy to the World Tree. It is reminiscent of a tinkling, shimmering Victorian tree with tons of white lights, red berry lights mixed in for pop, generously sized cherry velvet bows, beaded garland, real candle clips, hundreds of ornaments collected over the years and many, many blown glass icicles tipping the edges of the branches. The tree tells the story of our family. It is a record of our history. There are ornaments representing birth, weddings, anniversaries, hobbies, baptisms, places we’ve lived, vacations, pets, even an angel with a pink ribbon for my sister, who is a breast cancer survivor. But my most special ornaments are the ones my son made when he was a child.

    These two trees are like old friends coming home to visit every year. I can’t imagine not having them. But I must say, all the beautiful Christmas trees I’ve seen online are truly festive and a real pleasure to look at. They put me in such a Christmasy mood! It’s always nice to see what other people do. It makes me glad for internet bloggers like yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Christmas home with us.

  12. Your tree is beautiful and I love the black accents. Love the throw underneath also! I have to check out the Balsam Hill website!

  13. I really like your star theme. I may change out my fireplace wreath and copy your star wreath to replace it. The star garland is
    a great idea. Thanks Your packages wrapped with black touches are a neat idea.

  14. Wendy Howell says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Red seems to be quite popular this year, can’t wait to get started here. Hubby still won’t budge on the real tree/ artificial tree issue. I love the real trees myself, but I would be willing to go with artificial just so I could decorate it early. I wonder some times if I just brought home a beautiful artificial one and decorated it, would he even notice. LOL Looking forward to seeing the rest of your decorating. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Dear Yvonne ~
    So, so pretty – I love the small star garland. Did you have a template for them??

    I would love to do this as well..

    Have a wonderful day

  16. Your home is beautiful and so is your tree- but what has me commenting is because you have chosen stars as a reminder of the star of Bethlehem to remind yourself and your loved ones the purpose and reason of this joyous day. That made my heart swoon! What a beautiful idea.
    Blessing to you and yours.

  17. Beautiful!! I love it all! I have the sweet VW pillow too!! Where did you buy your gray throw? Also where did you buy the pillow next to the VW!!

    1. Hi Nancy, I got the tartan throw on amazon.com and the black and white checked pillow from Ballard Designs. Hope this helps!

  18. Karen VanLoo says:

    The tree is absolutely stunning! I took an extra day off work so I could finish up my decorating, it takes me two days at least, then I go around and “tweak” everything! I love adding lots of florals, picks & sprays everywhere, ribbons, etc… I’m using the same colors this year in my wrapping paper, traditional red, green, white, with touches of black. I love that! Your tree and packages are just beautiful. I love this time of year! Merry Christmas!

  19. Just beautiful, Yvonne and I love the packages you wrapped, too. I haven’t even started that yet.

  20. Yvonne, Your Christmas tree and decorations are just beautiful!! You continue to amaze me how each post you always have such fantastic ideas! I love the pillows and the wrapped presents – the bows are so pretty. Is there any way you would tell me how you made your apron hanger? It is just so special – I seem to remember you were going to do a post on it -did I miss it? Thank you for your help. Have a very Merry Christmas! Peggy

      1. That is fantastic!!! Do you have a date it will be out…I’ll definitely want to pre-order.

  21. So dreamy and beautiful, Yvonne! WOW! And of course its everything I expected:)

  22. Very classy & sassy! I have not done mine yet. I was waiting for a little inspiration. I think you just did it for me! I haven’t been feeling well (I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Still here fighting the good fight!) and I was struggling with how decorate my tree without stressing too much. I will keep mine simple and not worry! Thanks!

  23. STUNNING , but who would expect less ? I am trying to crank out those little stars like yours. So my tree will wait. AND DID YOU SAY ….BOOK ?

  24. Yvonne you are a girl after my own heart!! A touch of black is always an addition here as well. The stars were the perfect touch and the coordinated papers are just part of the trees beauty. I am hoping to get a Balsam Hill tree next year. we now have 10ft ceilings so our little tree is going to look dwarfed this year. I think it just might go on a tabletop!! Merry Christmas to you!!! Keep up the Falalala spirit and keep decking those halls so beautifully, xo

  25. Gabrielle says:

    The Hubby was on line reviewing the Balsam Hill website at the same time I opened your Christmas tree blog…… your timing was perfect Yvonne as he had zoomed in on the castle peak pine! We were able to make a decision to purchase right away and look forward to its arrival next week. Thank you so very much for sharing your inspiring ideas; Christmas blessings to you and your family from ours in Colorado.

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous tree Yvonne…..I have a Balsam Hill and love it….love all of the beautifully wrapped packages that surround your tree..and yes, that VW pillow is the best…I bought one last year for my son as it was his very first car!….have a great day!!

  27. Yvonne, your decor is always stunning no maatter what the holiday! Everything really pops against your black and white decor and backdrop. I love your tree and the starts and packages are gorgeous. I love your home and everything you do with it. You really have a gift for making it look special.

  28. Love the red and black color theme. One of my favorite older ornaments is a red VW with a tree on top that has been reglued a few times. Love you, Linda

  29. Yvonne, the tree is just beautiful!!! I love every detail and especially the black accents! Blessings, Pam @ everydayliving.me

  30. Jan Purdin says:

    I never have to decide if I’m putting up a tree…I have two Alpine artificial trees up year round…one in my living room and one in the dining room. The inside of home looks like a log cabin so the trees are always up but I change the decorations from season to season. In the spring, it might be birds and nests; in the summer sea shells and anything nautical; in the fall it’s colorful leaves, etc. I got the idea for the trees when I realized in my small home, storage is at a premium. I also move the trees from room to room as the spirit leads. I’m one of those people who likes to move furniture often.

    I love sharing your home; you make me feel like a welcomed guest.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  31. Yvonne,

    The tree is beautiful and you pull everything together seamlessly. I noticed that I actually have the same ornament as you (the gorgeous red hanging spiral). I was inspired by you and did my light fixture in my dining room with black and white bows and hand blown clear ornaments.

    One of my favorite things to do after all the decorating, shopping and wrapping is done is to just sit in the living room with no distractions, turn out the lights and take in the beauty of the room with Christmas music playing softly in the background. Pure bliss! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas Season.


  32. Your tree is the most realistic looking I have ever seen. I love it and the way you brought your whole house and this tree together and beautiful! I really love it. You are going to have a blessed Christmas, I can tell. You give so much to us all, thank you.
    I have been looking for some of the glass balls that you put stars on. this one.. https://www.stonegableblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/christmas-tree-7-2.jpg, this one. I don’t want anything on them, just the plain ones. thank you. b

  33. Cyndi Salmon says:

    Love your Christmas tree ? I have a couple of your Christmas pillows! They are festive and great additions in my living area!

  34. I love love love the VW pillow! Where did you get that?

    1. Hi Stacey, The pillow was designed by my friend Lucy from Craftberry Bush and you can get it at Society 6 online. It’s my favorite!

  35. I love this tree. How beautiful this whole room is. I could just move in and be so comfortable. I added a little black this year too and I think it adds so much. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Love the tartan plaid and car pillow. Puts me in the holiday season mood!

  37. Avril Crundwell says:

    My mother was a professional artist and hostess extraordinaire. She taught me to take care with my packages and wrap them with love. Here trees were always so happy, elegant and creative. I love your tree Yvonne. I love to change things up too and give my tree personality just like the gifts that encircle it.

  38. Your tree is so pretty. When I was a little girl, I loved laying by tree in the dark and looking at the lights. I agree with you. It was magical. I need to try it as a grown-up.

  39. Love, Love Love, everything is beautiful, I wish I could decorate like that, LOL. I have a question, how did you put the star garland together??? Do you have a tutorial on it??? Merry Christmas !!!!

  40. Avril Crundwell says:

    I’m wanting to add the black and white check to my decor this year. Are bows on the tree a good way to do this?

  41. Your posts always make me smile. The Christmas tree this year that you decorated is magnificent!!

  42. Diane Ruebel says:

    The antique sleigh for stacking gifts is beyond charming. Guess what I’m going to be justifying as a purchase?

    Christmas joy as you scoot around.
    Diney from Camano Island

  43. Wonderful ideas as always! I, too, use my childhood sled under the tree for packages. I used your star idea last year and also your black and white checked ribbon. Very pretty combination.

    1. Good for you! Thanks for letting me know StoneGable inspired you to use black and white with your Christmas colors!

  44. Everything is just lovely. Love your taste!!!

  45. Norma Rolader says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  46. Simply beautiful ! Love the tree,white stars pop ! The there’d,black and white theme!

  47. Loved the close ups of your special tree ornaments!

  48. Glenda Crosby says:

    Your tree is gorgeous…stars is a them in our home during the year, and this year my theme throughout our festive home is JOY…(Jesus, Others, You) . Thank you for sharing this beautiful tree and ideas with us…

  49. Sandra Huntley says:

    I love the glass ornaments on this tree. I also like how you tie this one to the other one by using the black & white wrapping paper on the gifts to match the ornaments on the other tree, very classy !!