I love almost everything about Christmas trees! I love them in almost any size or shape and no matter what they are made of! I even collect Christmas trees! Big, tall, small, skinny, rotund, silver, white, green, and more! Today I’m reminiscing about spectacular Christmas trees!

I have a HUGE love for Christmas trees. No wonder! Many of my best Christmas memories revolve around them!

And speaking about revolving…

Growing up our family had its share of Christmas trees. I remember when I was very very young our family had a silver aluminum tinsel-like tree on a stand that revolved. It had a lighted “color wheel” that beamed out different colored lights that reflected off the shiny branches of the tree. Red, blue, green, and yellow as I recall.

And yes, that was a l-o-n-g time ago! Raise your hand if you can remember these shiny trees? I hear you giggling!

I was eight when my Daddy was deployed (Air Force) to Japan. So we lived with my grandmother that Christmas. My Nani had a real tree. We put shiny bright ornaments on it. The same ones my mother had also put on the trees of her childhood.

And Nani had tinsel!

Nani’s tinsel was, to me, like fairy dust or the stars unicorns shoot out of their horns.

Nani saved her tinsel from year to year like she saved everything else, so it must have been decades old!

It was sort of crinkly and metallic and so pretty. This tinsel had a bit of heft to it too. It was my favorite thing to put on the tree!

I wish I had that tinsel today!

On Nani’s tree, there were strings of lights with big colorful bulbs! As a child, I used to think the colorful Christmas tree looked so happy!

As I was growing up we had a long string of real trees. And we had tinsel too!

But this tinsel was more like silver plastic. You could actually stretch it. I LOVED throwing handfuls of it at the tree, but Mom was a tree decorating perfectionist so we could only put tinsel on the tree one strand at a time.

We had the prettiest trees growing up! My mother could (and still can) decorate a beautiful tree.

When I dated Bobby I helped him decorate a tree in his apartment. I discovered how fun it was to decorate a tree with someone you are in love with!

That tree taught me a few things.

Do you know that if you leave a tree up long enough all the needles will fall off in a perfect circle around the bare frame of the tree? A perfect circle!

I also discovered that Bobby can totally ignore anything he does not want to deal with!

The week after Easter that year I told Bobby that his tree was a major fire hazard and I would not be dating him any longer. At least not until he got rid of the tree.

He immediately threw the tree out of the window of his third-story apartment building. I found that shocking and a bit romantic! LOL!

The first year Bobby and I were married we chopped down a tree and it was so huge that we could not fit it into the living room. So we sawed off the bottom of the tree and moved all the furniture out of our dining room to make room for it.

Funny, it did not look that big in the field at the Christmas tree farm!

I made a lot of garlands and wreaths that year as I channeled Martha Stewart.

And every year until our children moved out of the house and were married we chopped down our Christmas trees together. Oh, what memories we made!

My favorite years were when it snowed while we chopped down the tree. It was so magical we could have been in a Hallmark movie!

When our children were little only the bottom third of the tree would be decorated! They were not big enough to reach any higher. I loved seeing their handiwork so much we left the top of the tree bare!

One Christmas I was semi lamenting to Bobby that although I loved the tree our children decorated there was a place in me that longed for a “designer tree”.

So, one day Bobby came home with a gorgeous fake tree for me to decorate.

Oh, how I loved decorating that tree. Every year we would have a family tree and one decorated by me.

You know when I think about our Christmases it’s not my designer tree I think about. It’s always our sweet family tree filled with meaningful ornaments we collected. And the best tree of all was the tree that was bare at the top!

One year our cat climbed up in the tree and knocked it clean over. It went crashing down along with the cat and ornaments went flying everywhere!

I LOVED the look on our children’s faces as they saw our Christmas tree sprawled all over our family room floor. Priceless! Isn’t it funny how small tragedies eventually become humorous family stories?

Then there were about 15 years I had a skinny tree just off our kitchen in our breakfast nook. I loved to decorate it with cookies and other foodstuffs.

My favorite ornaments for this tree were big homemade gingerbread men that I accented with white puffy paint. So much easier than royal icing since we were not going to eat them.

I tied them to the tree with red and white striped ribbons.

Each Christmas I hung up “my boys”.

One Christmas I noticed that a leg had fallen off one of the gingerbread men. A few days later a couple of the boys were missing limbs. A leg here and an arm there. And one of the gingerbread men was missing the lower half of his body.

I gathered my kids and my sister’s child Kelley together and asked them if they had been snacking on the gingerbread men. Everyone said, “not me”! And I reminded them that the boys had been puffy painted so they were not for human consumption!

Upon a closer look, I noticed my boys were losing lots of their limbs. And to my dismay, a few in the back of the tree had disappeared altogether.

It was only by chance that later that day I caught the culprit.

My sister’s dog Max, would ever so casually walk by the tree and snatch a snack! He was as cool as a cucumber!

Dear old Max had been terrorizing the gingerbread men and had even helped himself to a few.

Max was such a gentleman and a super well-behaved dog we never suspected him. You know it’s the mild manner ones you have to watch out for!

The first year the children were not home to chop down our tree because they were starting their own traditions in their own homes we decided to continue the Christmas tree tradition without the kids. After all, it was originally just the two of us!

So we chopped down our tree and brought it home. Bobby put the tree in the stand and then put the lights on the tree and our home smelled just like Christmas.

I brought up the boxes of decorations from the basement. We put on Christmas music and had nibbles and a holiday libation just like we did every year since our first married Christmas.

I opened a box of ornaments ready to decorate the tree and the first ornament I picked up was Christopher’s “babies first Christmas”.

Bobby and I looked at each other and… started to cry. Actually, it became ugly crying. So we put the ornament back in the box and we sat on the sofa and had a good cry in each other’s arms.

That year our tree was decorated with lights only!

And in the last 11 years, since I’ve been blogging, we have had a different tree every year.

Our trees have been tradition like this year’s tree…

Or sassy and fun like this one…

Or a white like this one…

Or a tabletop tree like this one…

Or inspired by nature like this one…

And there have been so many more! I’ve probably decorated well over 100 Christmas trees in my lifetime!

Christmas trees and I have a long and wonderful history together. I look forward to their reappearance every year!

I have so many other Christmas stories about trees I bet they could fill a book. Hmmm, maybe they will!

And I bet you have a memory or story that revolves around a Christmas tree too. We would love you to share your story in the comments below!


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  1. I am so impressed with your glistening dining room tablescape.
    A blessed Christmas to you and your family. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. Yvonne,

    Your home is so full of magic, can’t imagine what it was like being a child
    In your home during any holiday!!
    Peaceful and beautiful Christmas memories to your family! ?

  3. Merry Christmas, Beautiful decorating. Love the LR tree. What are the white “twiggis”? Maybe painted twigs from trees? I did that one year, but only had single twigs> Neat, whatever. Enjoy and hope you are recovering well.

  4. I have enjoyed your blog so much this Christmas. I retired a little over a year ago from teaching and have finally had the time to decorate and enjoy this time of year. Thank you for all of your wonderful pictures and decorating tips. I hope you and your family enjoy a merry and blessed Christmas.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful Christmas trees. Thanks for sharing your home and your ideas for making our homes as inviting as yours. Merry Christmas!

  6. How beautiful! I really like the winter white tablescape as I love trees. I tried the bleached pine cones; they are so pretty. Plan to try some more! Merry Christmas and prayers for continued healing. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  7. You have a beautiful home, Yvonne…Especially at Christmas! Your dining room table is stunning! I love Christmas lights at night. I can sit for hours gazing at the tree, reminiscing of Christmas past with my children and family. Before Christmas dinner,my older sister would read Luke 2:1-20,the birth of Jesus. After the scripture, we had a beautiful tradition of sharing of a thin, flat, tasteless wafer called oplatek. It is similar to the bread wafer used in Holy Communion. We would move around the room breaking bread with each family member, giving a kiss and a hug wishing them Merry Christmas. This to me, is the real meaning of Christmas. May you and your family hold on to your own traditions. A blessed Christmas, Yvonne!

  8. Beautiful! Your home is an inspiration and something I look forward to seeing all the time. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Thank you for a wonderful gift on this cold morning. I enjoyed looking at each of the beautiful pictures. Wishing you and yours a most blessed Christmas. Karen

  10. I see that you have a ” thing” for Christmas trees, much like I have for reindeer. Beautiful! Merry Christmas and thank you for all the hard work and beautiful posts you give us everyday.
    Have been thinking about your little granson’s first Christmas and how happy your house will be this year. God bless everyone!

  11. You are right. It is time to relax and enjoy the decorations and family and all the work preparing for the season. Your trees are beautiful and those bottle brush trees are so popular this year. enjoy!

  12. Everything is beautiful! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! It is time to enjoy our efforts. Hope your healing is quick and painless. Oh, I also made your sugar cookies! Yum!

  13. I LOVE Stonegable! While I love my own home, I always love my visits to Yvonne’s place at Stonegable. It’s just wonderful and makes me happy! Merry Christmas Pratt Family!

  14. All so lovely, but the dining room really catches my eye. The Mercury glass and white bottle brush trees look so lovely together. Hope you are on the mend. So glad you are home and surrounded by those you love.

  15. Everything is so pretty and looks complicated for me. I have arthritis very bad in my hands and cannot do so much details, but it is beautiful.

  16. So lovely Yvonne. Do enjoy the beauty of your home with your loves and with that foot elevated.
    Merry Blessed Christmas to you and all those who grace Stonegable throughout this “most wonderful time of the year.” Hugs

  17. Merry and beautiful ! A thousand thank yous for inviting us into your gorgeous welcoming home time after time through your blog…I can feel the Christmas hugs ….and am enchanted by trees and stars and twinkling lights ….as I ‘cross the threshold’ into your blog ! YOU ARE THE BEST !!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! All God’s blessings to you and your precious family……Smiles…..Anne

  18. Everything is so beautiful. I love your home everyday, but it’s really magical at Christmas. Hope you are doing well with your ankle and enjoying having your family with you. Merry Christmas ?.

  19. It makes me smile to know that you are relaxing and enjoying this time with family as you recover from the hospital stay and surgery. Breathe deep and savor the rewards of your hard work. 🙂

    OK, now I have to ask… do y’all actually eat at the dining room table? It is so beautiful, has it been practical?
    Yet I know that if anyone can pull it off it is you!! 🙂 Thank you for ALL of your inspiring ways and words.

    1. Yes, we have already. I had 12 for our Christmas book club dinner. It’s been so easy to set everything around the centerpiece. I’m going to miss this Christmas centerpiece.

  20. Your home is beautiful and with all of your Christmas decorations, it’s magical!!! I’m curious as to when you take your decorations down after Christmas.

  21. Your trees are gorgeous in every shape and form. Then then everything about your home is gorgeous to me. A very sincere wish for a wonderful and Merry Christmas with your family and your new little Anderson. Such an exciting time for you with the new little one on the way too. May the new year bring you every Blessing Yvonne! Hugs Amy

  22. I wish you a joyful Christmas, Yvonne. What a special year, with your new grandbaby to celebrate together with your family. May God bless you and those you love. Take good care of yourself and don’t over-do, Yvonne. Thank you for sharing your heart with us here, I am thrilled to visit Stonegable each time. Your love for God, your family and your home are always an inspiration. Xo Lidy

  23. I love your little trees placed all over your home! They are just so adorable and look as festive as your big tree. Merry Christmas to you and yours! God bless!

  24. Simply beautiful Everything you do is so carefully thought out and well decorated. ?Love your home ?Once again wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Andto you a speedy recovery????

  25. MERrY ChRistMas to you and yours… your home looks beautiful and so festive. A good fiend is DECORATING her Christmas tree similar to yours… she is using the white lanterns. I can’t wait to see it. take care. ?Linda of No.Cal.

  26. Your trees are lovely and I enjoy your site so much. I especially love the christian stories you share and plan to go back and read them again in one sitting. In the midst of the Season of Santa the Reason for the Season gets lost in the shuffle. We are only a family of two and it can get lonely but Jesus is with us always and in all ways.

    Thank you for sharing.

  27. Absolutely beautiful! The “star garland” is definitely on my “to do” list for next Christmas! Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

  28. May you and your family have an amazing Christmas celebrating our Saviors birth! Your home is always so beautifully decorated for anytime of the year and I have so enjoyed your blog throughout 2016!

    Merry Christmas & an Awesome New Year!!

  29. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You can’t have too many Christmas trees. I miss the days when we would cut down a live tree. It’s so disappointing that so many people don’t celebrate and revere Christ as He is our King.

  30. Love your beautiful style of decorating! I get new ideas every day from your blog. Thank you and merry Christmas!

  31. I love the little white trees with the silver ones, but I also love the big tree with the big white ornaments. You are the best and I hope you are feeling better each day. Thank you

  32. It all looks wonderful! Enjoy your Christmas with the family home to make it special. I’m sure there will be magic in your house this year.

  33. Have really enjoyed following your Xmas prep/planning/decorating blog this season. With your inspiration I have tweaked, rethought, and redesigned our family trove of decoration and ornaments. Of all that you have dazzled us with this time around, I am especially fond of the assortment of trees. Can you suggest some sources to find the brush trees and tinsel-y ones? Merry Christmas! Now get off that ankle and enjoy your family!

  34. I read Love and Joy in your voice. Christmas is so Special and pray many will come to know the true meaning in 2017. As always you are amazing and your home simply Beautiful (Your quick gifts were a hit) thank you! Merry Christmas, rest and enjoy…

  35. Anne said my wishes so beautifully – the only thing I can add is my prayers are for a complete and speedy recovery. You’ve been a trooper to carry on like you have with no whining, not easy when pain plagues you. Merry Christmas and now enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gayle

  36. I always love your style!! I’d love to know where you found the three tiered thingy that you have the cups, bowls, etc on!! I found the small tiered one you use but I haven’t seen the other one. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

  37. Your home is so stinkin gorgeous! I wish I had a fourth of the creative talent that you have. I have admired everything you’ve done for quite sometime, so I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and just had to like your page! Beautiful!

  38. SO PRETTY, Yvonne! Hope you are enjoying your ‘relax’ time. You’ve done a wonderful job this season, sharing with all of us.. especially with a bum ankle! Your trees look beautiful!

  39. I am having so much fun with trees this year, as well. Yours are delightful. When the grandchildren came, I challenged them to count the trees and whoever was the closest in number, would win a little prize. There are nearly 40, mainly small ones, tucked in vignettes and in groupings. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  40. Your home is so magical. I especially love the white lantern tree. And to think you did all this with a bad ankle! Hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  41. I love the trees lining the center of you table. Love the silver, bottle brush and glass with brush trees. So simple and beautiful.

  42. Hi Yvonne! I just love everything about your posts! I love the colors you decorated with this year! Keep it up, you do a great job and give us so many great ideas and inspiration. Wishing you the very best this Christmas season and throughout the New Year!

  43. Absolutely beautiful! May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year!

  44. Love it all. More and more you help me realize how much I should focus on neutral furnishings and let color pull it all together.
    I love all the pops of red. Especially the polka dot wrapping paper with the black and white check ribbon:) Do you have a favorite
    source for your gift wrap?

  45. No my cookies are not all bakes, and the gifts are waiting to be wrapped. But the joy of Christmas and our saviors birth is ever present. Blessed Christmas to all. Love the creative tree displays through out your home!

  46. Yvonne~ you continue to inspire my decorating dreams! Wishing you and your family a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

  47. It’s so so beautiful, elegant, and happy, yvonne! thank you for sharing this tour, and i am already dreaming and scheming to do a post-christmas wrap up post about my blog girlfriends’ fabulous decorating!!! love and peace to you right where you are. xox

  48. Love your wonderful enlighten blogg! Everything you do is just beautiful no matter the season. Would love to know where you found all your Christmas trees. Have you ever thought listing where items in your blogg might be purchased. That would be great for me and I’m sure other would love it also.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!

  49. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing your Christmas thoughts and inspiration with us. Your home is gorgeous and even more so at Christmas time . Wishing you a very Merry, Merry Christmas !

  50. Yvonne…you have outdone yourself with yr lovely collection of Bottle brush trees…Simply divine!!!! Have a Blessed Christmas with your family and Friends.Make sure you get a lot of help..hope you are feeling better.

  51. We have gone away for Christmas so I didn’t decorate this year. I am living vicariously through your decorations!

  52. I always love all your decorations, especially the ones at Christmas time. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones.

  53. Beautiful trees! I wonder if you have any suggestions for what to do with a bottle brush tree that’s been damaged? I have 3 trees that I LOVE, but in moving, they got kind of flattened on one side. 🙁

  54. I have 4 or 5 green bottle brush Christmas trees (small) from my paternal Grandmother Lizzie. I just cherish them and love getting them out each year for the memories they hold. Christmas, with its colors, traditions, and family is such a wonderful time of year. Wishing you and your family all the happiness and blessings of the season!

  55. I’m so excited to see ya Christmas trees- I look forward to all your blogs- your place is just gorgeous this year- I would love to see it at nite all lite up- it would be so hard to figure out which place to sit & enjoy that hot cup of cocoa –

  56. I look so forward to opening your posting every morning! Thank you for all the inspiration! Merry Christmas!!!

  57. I love all your trees and home decorations – beautiful. For the past several years we set up our tree and set up a Christmas village scene under it. My hubby built a 4 tiered platform where we set the tree on the top with village pieces and then 3 more tiers to house everything. We enjoy it very much during the entire month of December!

  58. I love the back porch. I always just sit and look out the window when it snows. NOT THIS YEAR!! you have my wheels turning. Why not light a fire cozy up with blankets and hot choco. Thanks for a great idea. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

  59. Classic, approachable, beauty or any decor… every vinyett. Thank you for your wonderful visual sense. ?

  60. I visit your site often to gather inspiration. Your style and mine are 100% in sync. I just need your visualization to make my decorating come true. Thanks for being you 🙂

  61. Oh Yvonne, I haven’t had time to do any Christmas decorating yet so I’m checking out your blog to see what you’re doing this year. You always have such gorgeous ideas tempered with doses of calm and practical know how. It’s Dec 4. I thought “I will get it done early this year”. The first thing I read is that you hope the shopping, decorations and wrapping is all finished by now!
    I wonder when you started! Yikes! Im checking in from a distant planet. Sending love and hugs from maybe maybe land.
    PS the captcha images are so small that I’m missing some. I don’t think I will be able to get many comments on here anymore.

    1. Hi Portia, not a race my friend! Just enjoy the process. As a blogger, I start very early, but before blogging, I always said, “I’ll be done by Christmas morning”!

  62. Ugh I’m so jealous…you’re done and I haven’t even started decorating! We get occupancy of our new house on the 15th! I’m taking the rest of the year off from work and moving, decorating and unpacking! My Christmas tree will be done in the same colors as yours! I found some amazing deals last year at Hobby Lobby 90% off! Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your inspiration!

    1. Rebecca we moved into StoneGable on the 23rd of December many moons ago. And we had no kitchen at the time. Just relax, breathe and try to take the process in stride! Mainly celebrate Christmas the best way… in your heart!

  63. LOVE ,LOVE , LOVE it all . I too have Christmas all over my house it’s so magical to sit and relax with just the tree lights on . I want to stay at your place !!!!!

  64. Absolutely beautiful trees everywhere. Love it! Going right now to dig out all those little trees and place them everywhere too. Many blessings for the Christmas season.

  65. I grew up taught that the dining room was the formal room of the house. I think your monochromatic look, using whites, creams, silver, is absolutely perfect!

  66. I’ve really enjoyed my subscription to StoneGable!
    I really like that tree in a cup on the mantle, the star garland is a really pretty highlight.

    1. The tree in a cup is great and gave me a great idea for using a soup bowl that came damaged. The store insists on me returning the entire set rather than just replacing the one bowl ?. I think this will at least find a use for this misfit. Thank you again for sharing your home and ideas.

  67. We have a sofa table in our family room. Taking inspiration from you, Yvonne, I decorated the table with candles and trees.
    My color theme is white, silver and turquoise. I pulled out the turquoise and white quilt, now 52 years old, that my Grandmother hand quilted as our wedding gift and incorporated it with the decorations. I love using the old and new together. Thanks again for your blog. I look forward to reading it daily and all that you inspire us to do. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

  68. I love it when youritle your piece with a song title like o Christmas trees because it makes the music come alive. One of my favorite things about the season

  69. Love it all!! I have never seen white lanterns on a tree–how beautiful!! Yvonne, you always surprise me and help me look at my own spaces with new eyes…and new possibilities!!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  70. The shutters are back!! I love the mix of old and new in your home. Everything is so tastefully put together and the photography is stunning. I used mercury glass last year and found ornaments on sale in Houston for 75% off!! I’m decorating my tree with trains this year so I will use my mercury glass in the dining room…I haven’t announced to my husband that we are getting a pencil tree 😉 Your trees are beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your ideas and sweet words.

  71. Always interesting and always inspiring. I love the way you think beyond the box when it comes to decor and your great vignettes.

  72. I always love looking at all the ideas that you provide. I love the tree on this blog. My tree is always traditional and I may use a few things on my tree that you have shown.
    I also love what you did in front of the fireplace. Your color scheme is wonderful…bright and cheery. Thanks for all your marvelous ideas. I work at Pottery Barn and show my clients this blog all the time.

  73. I like all the pictures you took and I’m glad to see “snow” in several of them. I have snow that I bought last year and I forgot to use it on a couple of places that it will look good. Thank you.

  74. Yvonne, I love your white Christmas and all the different trees throughout your home. It’s beautiful! And, although I love the white, I do prefer some green and red for pops of Christmas color.
    I look forward to your posts, the scriptures and the recipes ~ yum!

  75. I love your blog and have adopted so many of your great ideas!! Can you recommend a place to purchase a fake, sparse Christmas tree where the branches are spread out? I’ve found a couple but both sites/stores are out of them. Thanks!

  76. What a lovely read to start my day with my coffee– thank you! I remember the old-style tinsel too and having to lay it out flat when the tree came back down to save for the next year. And I remember the plastic-y tinsel too; I loved to streeeeetch it out to see how far I could take it before it would SNAP! Made me smile to know someone else shares those memories from afar 🙂

  77. Your site is always so much fun … fun to read, fun to take ideas from, and fun to share! Your Christmas Tree stories are wonderful. Your home is beautiful, and I love how you share your heart. The Christmas tree story about decorating a tree with the one you are in love with when you’re dating made me smile. When my (now) husband had his first apartment, we decorated our first tree together. I always wanted a tree with just red ornaments on it. (My mother’s was always perfectly decorated, but was her design, not mine.) My very sweet boyfriend was game for whatever I wanted. We went to the local K Mart and bought a ton of red, round, shiney, ornaments, went back to his apartment, and proceeded to perfectly place those ornaments on the tree. It had white lights and red ornaments … that’s all … but it was perfect. After decorating, we were hungry and left the apartment to grab a bite to eat. Andy had a roommate … who had a girlfriend. They got to the apartment (while we were gone) and thought it would be cool to contribute to the “community apartment” tree. I don’t know how long we were gone, but when we arrived back at the apartment, we found SILVER and GOLD ornaments amongst our beautiful RED ornaments! Of course, we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and never shared how devastated I was that my red ornaments had to share the spotlight with their silver and gold! LOL. We are still very close friends with my husband’s childhood friend and roommate. We didn’t share that Christmas tree story with him until just recently. And … Andy and I have been married 36 year this coming Wednesday!! I hope you got a chuckle out of this crazy Christmas tree story that still makes me laugh to this day. Merry Christmas, Yvonne! May you and your family be immeasurably blessed this Christmas season!

  78. Your Christmas tree memories are just wonderful. Made me start to reminisce about past trees in my life. Going out to a tree farm and cutting one or even a couple of years a friend took us by a horse drawn wagon to cut one down in the snowy woods.Never had anything but a real tree until the children were grown with homes of their own. They were horrified by my defection but it was time. I gave them their favorite ornaments and started doing stylized trees. It has been such fun to choose a theme and colors over the years. This year we have lots of lights inside and out,,greens,candles wreaths intermingled with poinsettias, amaryllis and paperwhites but did not set up a tree. This past year and Christmas season have been hard and with no family parties ,no one but a few will be visiting so I decided to skip the tree. But I am already jotting down notes for next years! All your beautiful ideas are being pinned and saved for better times to come.Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.

    1. Hi Kathy, I loved your Christmas tree memories! Yes, I think cutting down a tree in the snowy woods is a memory that lives in our hearts! So glad you shared here today!

  79. Oh, Yvonne, you took me down memory lane with you! what a fun post and memories. Quick question, did you post a printable Christmas gift tracker/list maker? I can’t find it and would really love to have it. Thanks!
    And keep posting these lovely, relaxing memories, especially during this hectic time of the year. No one gets it done like you!

  80. Thank you for sharing your Christmas tree stories Yvonne! They brought back memories. I remember well the silver aluminum trees with the color wheel lighting. When I was about 8, my best friend’s family had one-it sat next to their white grand piano. I thought they had the fanciest stuff I’d ever seen in my life! My favorite tree was a gorgeous Noble Fir we bought one year while stationed in Germany. We spent way too much money on it, especially on a soldier’s salary, but it was worth every cent. That year a group of about 20 German musicians and carolers gathered on the snowy lawn outside our building and treated the Americans to Christmas carols. It is one of my most treasured memories.

  81. What a terrific story teller you are, Yvonne! Reading your stories made me reminisce. My aunt has one of those silver trees with a color wheel. Eventually the silver tree was replaced by a white one that used the same color wheel. When I was young our Christmas trees had heavy, crinkly tinsel. That tinsel had lead in it so it was replaced by the plastic kind we have today. My Mom was the very BEST Christmas tree decorator, too. I used to stare in complete awe as she transformed the tree we cut down into a magical wonder. Tinsel, the final touch, was like sprinkling on sparkling fairy dust. My dear Mother was also the best Christmas cookie baker! Thank you for sharing your stories which triggered warm memories of my own.

  82. Our first Christmas together 33 years ago we put our tree in the dinning room carefully decorating it for three days with a young cat (still miss him) watching every move and never bothering the tree. Until the fourth day I came home from work to find the tree laying on top of my new dinning room table (left a scratch on it till this day). We put the tree back up and when we say strung the tree it was secured with fishing line. He would get in the tree and nap while we were at work.

  83. Yes, Yvonne, write a book! You had me laughing and crying with your wonderful Christmas tree stories! Merry Christmas!

    1. So sweet Karen. When my blogging days are over (in a VERY long time from now) I think I’ll become a writer and feed the needy. I really love writing but so seldom have the time. Merry Christmas, Karen!

  84. GM!
    All of your Christmas trees are gorgeous?
    Could you please share where you found that pretty Christmas tree pillow you displayed on a chair near the
    citron pillow in your LR?
    Thank you

  85. I have some wonderful Christmas tree memories too!

    My dad always waited until about the 23rd to buy a real Christmas tree. Pickings were slim, but I loved to go with him and race around the lot with my sister. We always got a Charlie Brown tree and had to strategize on where to place it so the good sides were showing. My dad always gave the kids the job of tinsel placing and the older brothers would get yelled at as they threw on the tinsel. My sister and I were given light bulb replacement duty.

    My mom inherited a silver tree from her MIL and found a place in the formal living room between two doors, she installed only half of it so there was room to walk around it. She decorated it with shiny blue and green ornaments. People would come to parties and look on the other side in the kitchen to see if the tree continued there!

    I married a foreigner who had never celebrated Christmas (and doesn’t appreciate it much either). We were poor students and didn’t have a spare nickel. My older brother sent me $15 for my birthday in November and I bought our first tree at Kmart with a box of 12 ornaments. We shipped that overseas and a friend of mine still puts it up on New Years (she’s Ukranian).

    I’ve never had a real and large Christmas tree, only a small table top artificial one. I’ve carefully collected vintage inspired small ornaments over the years. But I love to decorate in solitude and let the memories of my childhood flood each nook and cranny of my brain! I’ve never asked my husband or children to participate.

    Merry Christmas!

  86. Yvonne, your post took me on a trip down memory lane. Some are fond, others stressful. Also remember my mom instructing me to hang tinsel with a single strand. I vividly remember times when our children were young, and the budget did not allow for the pick of prime trees. We would hunt down country places where they were less than perfect. My husband would sing the praises of any old tree, regardless of its imperfections, attempting to convince me that the hunt was over. And at some point, he would promise to make that budget friendly tree, perfect. True to his word, he would drill holes in the sparse spots and insert branches, and tie them with fishing twine, to the one above it. Our children were surprised to learn this was not a common practice among others. Thankfully, such is not the case, today. I, too, share your love for trees, reflected by my placing one in every room.

  87. One year my dad decided he would get the tree by himself and off he went to the tree lot. (this was easily 65 years ago). About an hour later we see this tree driving down the street. It was tied to the front bumper, over the top of the car and tied to the back bumper. Dad was so proud. The lot had a tree that was ordered (one of a group ) for the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The lot knew no one would buy it so they reduced the price to $5.00 (how many people need a 40 ft. Tree). Did cut many feet off the top – all our neighbors received free trees that year. Mom moved all the furniture out of the dining room and we wedged it into the room. Only 1/16th of the tree was decorated with ALL the ornaments we had. We had to walk thru several rooms to get to the kitchen as that tree didn’t leave any space around it. We all gathered in the living room and laughed and laughed about it. Dad laughed the loudest and the longest.

  88. Oh, Yvonne, how fun to remininsce with you! Thoroughly enjoyed the journey back in time. From the first year our daughter was born, my husband’s parents gave her a Santa ornament – each one unique. I had so much decorating our Christmas tree each year with our daughter. Last year, after our newly married daughter and her husband bought their first home, I packed up those Santas and took them to Texas for her to put on their tree. I miss the Santas but so happy that she can enjoy them.

  89. I share your love of Christmas trees. 95% of my decorations this year are trees scattered across any flat surface I can find. I have bottle brush trees, mercury glass trees, beaded trees, a 3 foot flocked Christmas tree and mercury glass candles scattered everywhere. I stopped putting up a full-size tree several years ago but I don’t even miss it with all of my pretty tabletop trees

  90. Your wonderful stories brought memories of our trees. My husband and son were leveling the trunk and it would not stand straight. A foot later and after my 13 year old had heard a few “words” and seen his mother literally, yes literally collapse on the garage floor my husband said this is the last tree. So the next year was our first experience with faux. We never went back and I still miss the scent they bring to a room.

  91. I remember my mom’s diy 7ft. “pink tulle wonder” of a tree, a sibling toppling the Christmas tree and the living trees we planted in our yard come warmer weather. This year we are enjoying a 13 ft dried Agave blossom stalk dressed in fairy lights.

  92. I love your Christmas tree stories, especially the ones with your children. One of my favorite involved my 3 year old son when he stayed with me at my shop that sold home made items on consignment. He always liked to do whatever I was doing. This day I was making bread dough ornaments and using a garlic press which enthralled him. He wanted to use it and of course he did. I didn’t watch for a while and when I did he had this wide squiggly thing with garlic press hair on top. When asked what he made he proudly told me “worms with hairdoes”. He is now 47 and I still use my worms with hairdoes on my tree!

  93. I enjoyed this post as I too enjoy decorating a Christmas tree so much. My husband and I have been married 47 years. The first Christmas we were married, we were struggling students, and so had very little money. We decorated our tree that year with popcorn strings, little tart tins, I punched holds and hung and also little mirrors in various shapes glued back to back and hung with fishing line. To us it was “magical”. Through the years I’ve grown to love decorating my formal tree with Swarovski crystal stars, snowflakes and balls and any ornaments in white, crystal, gold and silver. But every year I always hang a tart tin on the tree to remind me from “where we started.” Our family tree is in our family room and it holds all the treasured ornaments from our sons, travel and grandson and a tart tin goes on there as well.

  94. Growing up we almost always had a full flocked tree and in our large living room that was paneled it looked so amazing.. but as my parents got older they slowly decided on a fake tree… dad went to K Mart.. yes KMart and ended up with the most unique tree ever, it was a lite tree and it rotated! Wow! It was so awesome in that large room and it now took center stage because you could see it from the street with the glass front door open and it twinkled and was such a treasure! It was hard to part with it once it had run its course! But my dad loved Christmas so much, it was just a great memory! Merry Christmas!

  95. Love this trip down memory lane! All of your trees have been so beautiful. When I was a kid I made an ice cream cone ornament- real cone sprayed with a fixative, ornament as ice cream with cotton as whip cream and red pom pom as cherry. Our teacher told us over and over not to eat the cone because the preservant was poisonous. Fast forward to the ornament on the tree and one of our kittens ate the wholecone!! It was practically as big as he was! I cried and cried because I thought he would die! He lived and all was well 🙂

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