NO SEW CHALKBOARD PLACEMATS-So easy to make and fun to use!


I’m more of a placemat kind of a girl than a tablecloth one! I think it’s because I really have an aversion to ironing a tablecloth!  How about you? Since we use placemats at almost every meal I want them to bring a great element of decor to my tablescape and make it interesting! Today I’m sharing a really fun and OH, SO EASY no-sew project…Chalkboard Placemats! Even if you are not a crafter YOU CAN DO THIS!

I’m so happy to be part of MAY’S NO-SEW SHOWCASE!!!


A big welcome to Jennifer from TOWN AND COUNTRY LIVING and Christy from OUR SOUTHERN HOME who are our newest memebers! Make sure to visit all the creative bloggers and their projects at the end of my post! 



I made 8 placemats in just over 1 hour! If you can cut on a straight line then you CAN make these placemats!!!

Now, pay attention because if you blink you might just miss how to make these!



1. I started with a burlap chalkboard table runner. I got my table runner at Walmart. 

2. Measure the burlap to the length you want to make a placemat. I made my placemats 20 inches long.

3. Fringe the short ends.




Just make sure to write a FUN note on each one!!!



I roll these placemats up and use them for when we eat al fresco… which is most nights from now until frost!

I hope you will visit the rest of the NO-SEW group and see all the creative things they are posting today!!!

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NO SEW BURLAP CHALKBOARD PLACEMAT- Measure, cut and use! That easy!

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  1. Well I do declare! I never even knew that product existed. Now I know what will be on my to-buy list when I go out next. I think the kids would love these for when they are having dinner with me and Grandpa. Thanks for another great No-Sew Showcase. I always love being in them with you. xxoo, Barb

  2. Yvonne, your are remarkable. I’m checking our Walmart tomorrow for this product and following your steps. My grandchildren will love reading their names on their personal placemats. What a great gift idea too. You continue to inspire me. Thank you and Happy Mothers’ Day.

  3. Wow – this is something new! I’ve never seen the chalkboard combined with burlap – so clever and at Walmart! I really like the idea of the placements – perfect for a picnic!

  4. I like placemats for the same reason, Yvonne! I am so not an ironing girl! This is such a clever idea…can’t wait to give it a try. So happy to be apart of this wonderful, supportive group!

  5. What a great product! I have never seen this table runner before either! The runner would be great for Thanksgiving, too, on top of a tablecloth and maybe a Thanksgiving quote written on it. The individual placemats would be great for writing or drawing special things for the grandchildren. They seem to argue over who gets to sit where at the table right now. The placemats might be a great thing! Thanks, Yvonne.

  6. These are absolutely darling!!! I get sooo many ideas from you! Thank you!

  7. Speaking of grandkids, are they washable?