Hi my dear friends! Today’s PRACTICALLY SPEAKING is all about doing a little StoneGable housekeeping. Telling you a little “this and that”, making you aware of some new things you will find when you visit StoneGable and a little “heart-to-heart”. I have lots and lots going on with the blog and behind the scenes too… and I’m using today to bring you up to speed.  Let’s get started!

First and foremost I want you to know that YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! And I love each and every one of you! Thank you for being the most outstanding community of best-friends-I-have-never-met and feeling like family to me! Just know that I strive every single day to bring you the best content, the prettiest pictures,  and the best written (and you know what a horrid speller and proofreader I am) posts I can. 

I get up every morning and thank God for each of you! And I pinch myself because I just can’t believe that I get to do this (blogging) again today! 

It’s been my dream, for awhile, to have our community be able to not just comment on each post (although I love every comment) but to also share tips and encourage one another and tell our stories in the comment section of each post. I want you to feel free to express yourself too! So if I am posting about lampshades, for example, I would love you to chime in! Tell me about your great lampshade, where we can find fabulous lampshades on sale, or  how you painted one. Ask a question or a give us a great tip about how to clean them, etc! Just keep it positive and kind. 

To encourage you to share and let you know how much I love you I am hosting a READER APPRECIATION GIVEAWAY each month.

When you comment in any way on StoneGable blog you will be automatically entered in the giveaway. You can enter as much as you want. The more comments you leave, the more you will be entered. I REALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! This is to all those readers who think you don’t have anything to say…. YES YOU DO!


I will announce the winner on Facebook the first of each month and then on StoneGable blog the next day along with the new month’s giveaway! I have some pretty sweet giveaways lined up for you! It’s my way of saying THANK YOU!!!!

Now, let’s talk about the Newsletter! Did you know that you can receive a daily StoneGable newsletter to your inbox every morning? I create it myself!  Here’s a look at what you will find if you sign up for my daily newsletter…

You don’t have to ever miss a new StoneGable post!

Every day the FEATURED POST is front and center on the newsletter along with what we call it’s BEAUTY SHOT. You can read a little bit of the post and then click READ MORE and the link will take you right to StoneGable blog! Easy peasy! 

Make sure you click over to the blog to read the whole post and to leave a comment. And don’t forget to pin! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pinners! Thanks!


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Also on the page you will find access to my social media platforms. Join them and join in the fun! The three to join are Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! 

Under the Social Media icons you will find 3 of my over 3,500 archived posts that I think you might enjoy. I choose reader’s past favorites, seasonal posts, and post I think will inspire you! This is your chance to see new-to-you StoneGable posts and to revisit your old favorites!


Lastly, you will find GET THE LOOK, READER APPRECIATION GIVEAWAY REMINDER, AROUND STONEGABLE and other fun “StoneGable stuff”. 

GET THE LOOK is a new addition to the Newsletter. You will find my favorite StoneGable style products that I have in my home and also those I am crushing on right now. When you click on the word “HERE” the link will take you to the site that is selling the product and you can find more info about it.

Remember every time to leave a comment, tip, share a story relevant to the post or encourage another reader your name will be entered to win  a fabulous monthly giveaway! I’ll make sure to put a reminder for you in the newsletter!

And I’ll also post images around StoneGable and give you an inside peek at our life here… sorta behind the scenes!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.18 PM


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.13.32 PM

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So far, we have talked about the StoneGable’s Reader Appreciation MONTHLY Giveaway and the StoneGable Newsletter and now I want to talk about …



Products In This Post

Did you know that the number one question I get asked is, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”? So many of my readers have asked me to includes links to the products that I use in my home and have on the blog. 

So… you asked and I listened! I am so thrilled to be able to link StoneGable style products now. This gives you, my amazing readers, the opportunity to view my favorite things and even purchase them if you choose.

So many of you have emailed me to thank me for this addition… you are so welcome!

And lastly, I have some new and exciting things coming to StoneGable this fall and into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons! Fun ways to  interact as a community and more ways to win some very exciting things! 

As always, I work on making StoneGable your go-to source for all things HOME!!!

A big HUG and THANK YOU for being such a wonderful, awesome, generous community of readers that feel like FAMILY!!!!! XO


Come on over and see what fabulous things you will find here at StoneGable!




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  1. I enjoy your postings so much, especially when, as now, I am far from home.

    1. Greetings Yvonne, I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed following you. I especially like how on Sundays you talk about the Lord. I am in the Midwest and thoroughly enjoy your Southern charm which oozes in each blog. May God bless you and yours.


  2. Ronda K Scott says:

    Thanks for the update. I certainly wish I had your energy. Enjoy this blessed day

  3. Wow, sounds as if you have a lot going on and some fabulous new plans, fantastic for all your readers, shame I am in France not the USA!!!

    1. I love reading your posts! France was made for you! Your sweet daughter’s trip sounds amazing!

  4. Your blog already posts so many useful ideas. How you keep coming up with them is amazing… And now you’re adding more -amazing.

  5. Love that you will have the purchase links available! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Thanks for all of your inspiration and your never ending bundles of energy that keep StoneGable always fresh and fun!…Have a great weekend Yvonne!

  7. Karen VanLoo says:

    I don’t go a day without checking in with Stonegable! It makes me happy!

  8. Anita Cox says:

    You are very creative in growing your business…love your posts! The comments you are speaking of…is it comments herein this section or on Facebook or both? Keep up the great work and your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. A feature I would love to see is our you manage to organize and store all your lovely dishes, seasonal beauties and accessories?
    Happy Saturday and a beautiful day in your neighbourhood!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Anita, That is a great idea! I’ll put that on the schedule for the fall! Thanks so much!

      1. Yes, I often (like, every day!!) wish you could help me, Yvonne, with my storage problems regarding decor items as I now live in a condo. With no basement and no garage of course, it is very frustrating! I like to change my mantel and coffee table often and there are days, I just give up as the thought of finding storage is too exhausting. Naturally, you can’t help since you’d need to be here in person; I guess I just wanted to “air” my complaint. lol. I wonder if other viewers of Stone Gable live in condos and have the same problem.

        1. I have the same concern. I have a garage – but it’s small. I don’t have access to my attic and I do not have a basement. With a very small cottage, space is limited. Some creative ideas for storage – especially for pillows, tableware, and seasonal items – would be greatly appreciated.
          Best & Bisous,
          Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

          1. Toni Bergeron says:

            I have tbe same issues with space as I also live in a condo townhouse. Getting into the attic is difficult and there is no basement. I do have a small utility room on the back of the condo. Thanks to Yvonne I now realize that I can change my decor to reflect the seasons by just changing out my accessories. I now have shelves in the utility room. I have plastic storage boxes labeled with each season. If the decorations do not fit into the 2 boxes for each season, I donate them to charity. Check Yvonne’s blog for storage of pillow covers.I only have 2 sizes of pillow inserts now and change out the covers seasonally.
            Hope this helps.

        2. I live in an apartment and I only have the laundry room/closet/ available for storage. Each season I look over what I have and if I find something new I MUST have (most often something vintage or antique) I know I must get rid of something first. All of my items are in labeled plastic totes and like seasons are stored next to each other. I have yet to decorate the laundry room but plan to hang vintage wash boards and whatever catches my fancy!! I LOVE your blog Yvonne!!! I learned from you that there is such a thing called pillow covers!

    2. Becky Rourk says:

      Squeeee! I Just signed up for the newsletter and am excited about all the fun things you have planned for your fans!

  9. Debra Boyer says:

    I read/view your posts daily. One of my favs witout ever a giveaway. Thanks so much for the always relevant content and GORGEOUS photography. The content is just BEAUTIFUL!

  10. You are so talented and so blessed. Your blog is always full of great ideas and anyone can tell you love what you are doing.

  11. Vicki Cumpton says:

    I love StoneGable ! Your posts are always so beautiful and helpful. Love your decorating style and ideas !

  12. Your daily newsletter is one of the emails I love opening every day! I love your ideas and am amazed by your ideas.

    1. Thanks Robin! I have such a passion for bringing readers the best!!! I really have more ideas rolling around in my head than time to do them. I think it might be time for an assistant!

  13. The newsletter is a great thing… I’m signing up now!! I love your blog and check it daily, thanks for sharing all your creativity with us. Have a wonderful weekend… Stay cool!!!

  14. Love your great ideas for your blog. Thank you for all that you do for your readrrs.

  15. Gosh Yvonne, so busy, and yet you’re really living the dream. Go you, so happy for you.


  16. Stephanie C. says:

    I read Stonegable daily and love your ideas. I am making the coleslaw today and plan to make a fall wreath with a metal “C” on it. I don’t have facebook, so I hope you post winners here. Thanks!

  17. I live in an old farmhouse in Maine and love all your posts. I have used many of your ideas in my home. Thank you for all the decorating ideas and recipes as well!

  18. Yvonne,

    I love that you always tell us where to find the items in your home by either posting a link or the store name. It’s a pet peeve of mine to see something on a blog or pinterest that I really like and then there’s no mention of where to find it. I remember last year around Halloween you posted some photo’s of pumpkins you had purchased and I loved them because they were white (I have always had a difficult time finding white pumpkins in my area). You said you had gotten them at Ken’s Garden. I know you are in Lancaster so I looked the garden center up on-line to see exactly where they were located. The timing could not have been better as my sister and I were headed to Lititz for a girl’s weekend (I’m in the Pocono’s). I was thrilled when we were headed back to our hotel from Kitchen Kettle Village after some fabulous shopping and we drove right past Ken’s Gardens. Needless to say, I went home a happy camper with a trunk full of white pumpkins! Thank you! Also, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to take photo’s in your/our homes depending on the time of day and light, but your photo’s are always beautifully done!

  19. A planting tip- sometimes I fill larger containers w/plastic bottles maybe 1/3 using less soil but this year I filled 1/2 full w/pine cones (I have plenty). They do the same thing using less soil and pot is lighter

  20. Mary Moriarty says:

    What a beautiful blog! I am going to look up your pinterest page.

  21. Lorri Rauscher says:

    My morning ritual always includes reading your post.I want to also thank you for not having those pesky pop ups that some other bloggers have. Some are so terrible I don’t read them because I know I will have keep on clicking them off. THANKS Yvonne for all that u do!!!!!!!!

  22. Marilyn Soto says:

    You’re the best . I look forward to your newsletter , blog and pins. You are definitely my go to for all things home.

  23. Gayle Mathues says:

    so impressed with all your efforts and labor of love for all of us who love Stone Gable’s style..and what i appreciate most is that you put God in the center and honor Him with all your work, doing it for the glory of God who is the creator of all things and the Master Designer! I feel connected to you since we are both believers, and I live not so far from you, over the state line in MD! Keep your light shining! thank you so much for all your skill and love of beauty, home and and hospitality!

  24. Sounds great and thank you!

  25. Exciting changes! Thanks for making great home advice fun and easy to find.

  26. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing the updates and the exciting things on the horizon at Stone Gable! Your blog is one of my favorites – especially your great decorating ideas and your fabulous pictures! It’s evident that you spend much time and energy in the work you put into the blog and I am thankful! I love that you are a Christian and openly share your faith on the blog, too. You are a blessing to me and to others, I know! Looking forward to the changes you make and the exciting things you have in store! Have a great weekend….

  27. Good morning Yvonne, I love your blog, have made two of your wreaths and several of your recipes, the most recent was the Southwest
    Pasta salad!!!! It was a big hit at my Euchre club party!!! It made sooo much!! LOL. I got to share with lots of people!!
    Thank you !!!

    1. I made the Southwest Pasta Salad recently as well; it was so good! We’re just a family of 4 so we had it as a meatless dinner one night, nibbled on it for lunch a few days here and there then added grilled chicken to it another night for another dinner. Needless to say we got several meals out of it.

  28. You have been blessed with an incredible talent. Thank you for sharing your creative, informative and practical ideas with us. Your site is very easy to navigate. Your blog is the first I read each morning. Many blessings to you on this beautiful day…

  29. Thanks for encouraging me to find my creative side! I’ve been inspired to share the blessings of my beautiful home and cottage more often, and to make folks feel comfortably pampered and welcome.

  30. I always enjoy the beauty of your photos and how you regularly work to improve your blog.

  31. Love your blog, it is the first one I look for in the morning , and you never disappoint!! Sounds like you have a lot in store, and so glad you will be including how to purchase things YAY!! . I send you blessings on your new venture, I will be looking forward to it….

  32. Exciting news…just love looking at your beautiful pictures!

  33. Just subscribed! Love your style and especially your positive outlook! God bless!

  34. I enjoy reading your posts daily. They inspire me. But most of all I am Christian and love reading your interpretations. We are so blessed in this country. I don’t think we thank Him near enough.

  35. Anne Marie says:

    Thank you for the news – I love your blog and your home.

  36. ‘Morning Yvonne. Luv the ‘get the look’ bit!!!
    Happy weekend!

  37. What a fun idea! I love seeing what you have done; seeing what other people have done will be great too ?

  38. Tamlia Bryant says:

    I really enjoy your blog! I look forward to opening my email to see what you are sharing! Thank you for all the information. Your place is beautiful!

  39. Jonne Molesky says:

    Enjoying the “Stone Gable” blog – very informative and inspiring!

  40. I love that you will share “get the look.” I discovered Hayneedle from your post about the outdoor table and chairs that you recently purchased. I found a beautifully made all wood breakfast nook table that I absolutely love. It was so reasonably priced that I was a little dubious about the quality. When it arrived, within just a few days, I was very impressed. Now all your devoted followers will be able to find real gems for their homes. Thanks for everything that you do.

  41. Yvonne ,
    You are perhaps the most kindhearted woman I know. I know that because we’ve met in person at blog conferences. You are truly a blessing. I do look forward to your newsletter with beautiful style and words of encouragement! Hugs!

    1. Oh my goodness, Christy! Right back at you!!!!! I feel the exact same way about you too! Kindred spirits.

  42. You are so inspiring Yvonne! It makes me happy to see what are doing everyday!

  43. Love, Love, Love all things Stonegable!!! Thnak you for sharing!

  44. I enjoy reading your blog and discovering new ideas. Inspiration plus!

  45. Thank you for such informative, creative, and fun posts on your life and home at StoneGable! Wish we lived closer so I could invite you over for coffee or tea. Love your home Yvonne!

  46. I have a small Blog or daily post on Facebook and have learned alot from reading your Blog each day and following your Newsletter…..I do love for my followers/friends to comment…..I learn so much and my appreciation for what you do and what they do grows daily…..thank you for encouraging each and everyone to particiate in your journey……check out mine at Patchwork Chic on Facebook…… Cat

  47. Just to let you know, you are the sweetest, kindest,hard working lady I’ve ever come across on any of the blogs! I’ve been inspired by your creativity, your love of home, and all your scrumshious recipes. You have never disappointed me. I’m very excited for the upcoming things you have in store at StoneGable. You are definitely appreciated! You are a dear friend! xo

  48. I have followed your blog for years and you never disappoint! I believe all of your readers can see the effort you put into every post. Thank you for bringing such inspiration.

  49. You’re obviously talented but you also seem so sweet. Thanks for your daily posts. They’re amazing and I know they’re a lot of work.

  50. Your posts are wonderful and I enjoy them every day. I love the Sunday Posts and enjoy them before we go to church and usually read them again Sunday Afternoon. They are wonderful, and inspiring. Thank you for all the great ideas.

  51. Yes, I subscribe to your newsletter and love it!! I usually scan it and look for a DIY idea, knowing that I can find it on your site at any time. Your burlap trimmed sheers in your family room are my next project… on my long list ?
    A from East Texas

  52. Good morning Yvonne. I look forward to reading your blog and always learn something. Thank you for showing me how to make a house a home!

  53. Thanks for the opportunity to win fabulous gifts!

  54. Debbie Sullivan says:

    I look forward to your newsletter every morning! Such great ideas beautiful pictures and ways to do things. I am actually going to make your burlap and sheers curtains, I’ve already purchased the typewriter keys burlap! Just need to finish up a couple of other projects…can’t wait! Thank you!

  55. Becky Anderson says:

    I just love your blog. Thank you for all the time/effort you take to make it a special place for us to visit and learn!

  56. Kathy Lahr says:

    I love it all !!!!! I never miss a post & often use your tips & decorating advice in my own home. Visiting your shopping sites gives us all an opportunity to purchase so many wonderful products. Thanks for sharing so much with us on your blog!

  57. I love reading your beautiful blog each morning. I have been doing some updating to my home and your blog has been a great source of inspiration to me. I love your tables apes and recipes. And I am sure that ai will find the new links helpful too. Thanks for opening your beautiful,home.

  58. Yvonne, your blog was the first one I started following. Look forward each morning the the title and what is in store to read and see and Enjoy!! Love the new ideas you have come up with, especially Get It Here! Such a wonderful community of followers. I enjoy your ideas and the followers comments and ideas. Follow you on Pinterest and Facebook but not too good at Instagram. Need some help with that one.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Patricia (NC Coast)

    1. Definity get an Instagram account, Patricia. You won’t believe the beauty there!

  59. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Good morning Yvonne! Thank you for your blog,I look forward everyday to see what is new at Stonegable and what inspiration you have to share with us blog followers. Your the best have a good weekend!

  60. Barbara Swanstrom says:

    I have loved your blog for years now and it just keeps getting better. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed from the amount of ideas and information . I don’t know how you do it. Do you ever sleep? You are amazing and so talented. I have a question. What color of paint is the exterior of your home? I, especially, love the color of your front door.
    Thank you so much

  61. Donna H Howell says:

    Yvonne, I love your blog and have followed you for many years. Your blog is one of my 5 favorites. I look forward to your Sunday Scripture too. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog.

  62. Thanks for info and links to where you purchased things. Love your blog.

  63. Someone commented recently that our home reminded her of Stonegable. What a compliment! You are amazing and such an inspiration! Thank You!

    1. Oh WOW! That’s a compliment for me too! You get best comment of the day!!!!!

  64. Yvonne, ever since I found your post a year ago or so, I look forward every day to opening my email to see what exciting, beautiful, new things you are going to share. Sunday is a favorite day with your incite about your favorite verse or story… makes me stop and thank the Lord for my blessings. I also love when you share a new idea or project and think “what a cute ‘easy’ idea”! The best is when I make something you’ve demonstrated step by step and it turns out beautiful! Gives me a sense of accomplishment. Keep up the good work Yvonne, and may God continue to bless you! Thank you for all your hard work!

  65. Jan Purdin says:

    Enjoy your creative ideas that can be incorporated into my small home.

  66. Opening your email post each morning is my Happy Time and your blog is my Happy Place.
    Thank you for brightening so many lives with your beautiful home ideas as well as your spiritual insights!

  67. Wanda Collins says:

    Your blog is my favorite! I have gotten so many ideas & tips from you. I am in love with your home- especially your kitchen! I am a big fan of black & white! ?

  68. Dear Yvonne, You are a mighty and amazing woman! I love all your posts…your photos are beautiful and your decor ideas can be implemented in our homes… Thank you for all you do for us…I have made moss balls from your ‘easy peasy’ tutorial…your artful display caught my fancy ! I am grateful to start my day with your blog…inspiration for our home and for our soul…..if I could meet anyone in ‘Blogland’ it would be you ! Blessing and Good Cheer to all at Stone Gable ! ………..Smiles…….Anne

    1. Oh Anne, what a lovely note! It seems there is a MORNING COFFEE CLATCH of StoneGable reader. I’ll drink my morning coffee thinking of all of you from now on!

  69. I love your blog! I have a million things todo around the house in July and August but I’m curious about what other people focus on? Like spring is for cleaning and May preparing your outdoor area.

    I do have kids preparing for school, maybe getting kids rooms ready for school? If you don’t have kids what are we doing in our homes?

  70. Thank you!! I love your social media (SM) LOL
    GREAT ideas with your newsletter! Can’t wait!

  71. Love reading your post!! So much creativity and inspiration!!

  72. Good Morning Yvonne ~
    You always have such wonderful advise. Thank you for always taking the time to show your readers how things are done, and your step by step instructions – Your pictures are beautiful as is your home.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Much love,

  73. Jamie from Kentucky says:

    Thank you for letting me take a peek into your beautiful home and feel inspired. I like and appreciate your faith filled posts. I really felt special last night with your Facebook post of prayer( I think I was the 14th or 15th like haha) I don’t want to read the “perfect person and life” blog, I appreciate the misspelling! I need the encouragement that I “am not the only won (haha).” Have a sweet day..

  74. I just signed up for your newsletter. I have been following you on Pinterest for a couple of years now. I really connect with your decorating style. I have used many of your ideas or their cousins in my own home. Keep the great content coming.

  75. I found your home on pinterest and fell in love with your blue guest room. I absolutely love it! I already signed up for your daily blog post and enjoy reading it because I know I won’t miss anything now. Love it all thanks for sharing!

  76. Beth Bull says:

    I love the changes you’ve made. Can’t wait for the giveaway! I credit you for improving my decorating sense dramatically. There was always something missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it until I started subscribing to your blog and realized what was missing was, “fluff!” Now my mantles, vignettes and really all aspects of my decorating look cozy and complete. Thank you!!! Your attention to detail really makes a difference!

  77. Carol Imler says:

    I love the “get the look” concept! So many times I’ve seen things that are just lovely and I wonder where you got it … I just figure that it’s a special find. I love your style!

  78. Deb Gregory says:

    Good morning! I appreciate the hard work it must require to have such a beautiful blog! I have been following you on Pinterest for some time now. And have been receiving your newsletter for a while as well. I am always inspired & encouraged after reading the newsletter. Thank you for all you do for us! Have a beautiful & blessed weekend!!!

  79. Yvonne, I receive your blog each morning in my inbox. Is that the same as “the Newsletter”? Thank you for the level of excellence you put into your home and your work.

    1. Hi Sherry, you are getting the newsletter. Make sure to click over to the blog and see the whole post and other things I am sharing too!

  80. I am a long-time subscriber to your blog and love it! These new features will make an already great blog even better!! Love your style and always look forward to the Sunday devotions. Thanks Yvonne for sharing with us!

  81. Yvonne, I simply enjoy your blog. It’s the first email I open in the morning. You are overflowing with ideas, decorating, recipes and just plain old good advice. You share your love with all readers!

  82. Love , love your blog!!! I have enjoyed so many of your tips and home decor ideas. Your Sunday blogs have been a special treat. Thanks for sharing your heart. Feels like an old friendship rekindled. Have a great day.

  83. Anne Porter says:

    It sounds as if many of us are having coffee “together” each morning as we read about StoneGable ❣. What a treat that is…inspiring to start each day with you !

  84. Julie Maier says:

    I snuggle up with my computer (is that even possible?) and a hot cup of coffee every morning and one of the very first things I read is your newletter/blog for the day. I love starting my day with you! You have created a wonderful home and community here online. Thank you for welcoming all of us!

    And your blog has been very dear to me lately. I am going through my whole house on a big purge – selling furniture, changing paint colors, and doing alot of “behind the scenes” decluttering. I have even chalk painted a few pieces of furniture! Totally hooked on that! Reading your blog helps remind me on the days I feel like throwing in the towel why I am doing what I’m doing. First, I want my home to be just that to my family – a home. And second, it is so much fun! At your blog I find inspiration for both. A big thank you!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  85. I recently discovered you via Pinterest and have reading through your blog. You have a beautiful style and I look forward to seeing more.

  86. Debra Brown says:

    You are by far my number one favorite blogger. You just keep making the reading experience even better! Love your style! Thank you.

  87. Shannon Newell says:

    We just built a cottage in the sleepy beach coast town of Gearhart, OR and its interiors are inspired by many of your posts! I found your site just in time. And I was blown away when you answered my question as to where to purchase a darling pillow you were showcasing. Just blown away! So thanks again. (Out cottage can even be be rented . . . Go to Thanks!

    1. When we eventually sell StoneGable in about 50 years I have a dream to own a cottage on a lake. Sounds so romantic! I’ve never been to Oregon… it’s on my bucket list!

  88. Love, love, love your blog, Yvonne! I live in Miami, and farmhouses are non existent here, so I live vicariously through yours! I soooooo wish I could have a farmhouse! Clearly I am in the wrong city, haha! Already subscribe to your newsletter and Pinterest; will add FB on also.

    I have been inspired by you to add a few “farmhouse” touches to my home to try to make it as farm-homey as possible. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  89. Christy H says:

    Love all that you got going on! Helping each other find good deals and ideas is wonderful!

  90. Kathy olson says:

    Thanks so much!
    I get so much inspiration from your blog.
    i’m really excited about the holiday season and what you have in store!!

  91. Kathy olson says:

    I get so much inspiration from your blogs. I’m really excited about the holiday season and all that you have in store! Thank you so very much.

    1. If and that is a big IF I get my master bedroom done I am so excited to decorate it!

  92. Nancy Bailey says:

    I start every morning with my cup of coffee and your blog. Maybe you can tell from all of the responses you are receiving to this post that you do impact ours lives in various ways – from hints to inspiration to spiritual. I follow you on Pinterst, too, and several of your beautiful kitchen features are being incorporated into the design of the kitchen in our new home. I love it that you will be regularly adding a regular sources link. We are located in a rural area and my shopping options are very limited so this new feature will be extremely appreciated by me. Thank you Yvonne. You are a true blessing in my life.

  93. Your blog is one of my favorites. I love your style!

  94. Janet Lev says:

    I am a new subscriber but already feel like an old friend. Such an endearing site.

    1. Hi Janet, Thanks for subscribing! I hope you get even more inspired!

  95. I love reading your blog and getting ideas from you, I have tried several of your recipes which have been great! I love your devotion to God and I can tell he has blessed you. It seems your comment feedback has worked and I am so very happy for your success!Keep it up, I too enjoy my Stone Gable newsletter with great anticipation of what you have in store for me next! Thanks for making us all feel like we are such special friends of yours!!!

  96. Like so many others that have left a reply, I enjoy your blog every morning while drinking my first cup of coffee. You are always inspiring and I wouldn’t miss a day of your posts.

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    Be blessed

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    1. Hi sweet Rose! I’m so happy you found our community! Welcome to the StoneGable family!

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    1. You keep on believing that I sound like a grand southern lady. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a southern accent!

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    1. I’ve not found Exitor yet. Congratulations to your daughter and new baby… and you too!

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    1. Hi Kay! I love the idea of keeping a notepad to take notes. I will be doing that when I read magazines!

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    Along with Joanna Gaines, you are my mentor. I will probably never meet either one of you this side of heaven, but your style, your energy, your love of family, and your commitment to Jesus Christ, are things that I also strive for each day in my pursuit of being who God wants ME to be.

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  141. As a fellow Lancaster Countian I wanted to tell you what I found today at the Basket Warehouse on Rte. 72 near Manheim… Aged (new) olive buckets for $14.99! I’m sure you probably already know about this store but they have many decorative things that would fit in a farmhouse themed home. I wish I could add a photo to my comments because I took several of them with you in mind. Anyway, love your home and love reading your blog! Thank you!

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    1. Hi Alison, a big HUG to you and your friends at work! Thanks so much!

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