A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

Yes, after 32 years we finally bit the bullet and bought a new dining room table. I’ve been looking for “the one” for over a year. It had to be a Goldie Locks table… just right! I’ve been patient and thoughtful and have probably looked at hundreds of tables. So, when I saw this concrete topped dining table with heavy detailed legs I knew I had found “the one”!

A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

The table is called the Forsythe and came from BIRCH LANE.

The concrete top is a casual material that when dressed up comes across a little formal. It’s finish is smooth and unique. Easy to clean and care for too! It adds a new dimension to my neutral color scheme!

A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

It has heavy turned legs in a light, warm wood finish. I’m all about mixing finishes and metals. I love that eclectic look! I am not a matchy-matchy girl! The more I decorate I find I am all about interest and mixing finishes and styles.

A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

I have to live with a piece of furniture awhile before I really know if I need to tweak anything else in the room. I’ll keep things just as they are until after the holidays and then see if my dining room needs any changes!



A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

A new look for the dining room at StoneGable!

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A NEW DINING ROOM TABLE- A new kind of table with a concrete top

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  1. I love it Yvonne. I just hope you’ve got it in the right position, it looks as though it’s too heavy to keep moving around! I’m so fed up of putting heatproof mats etc on our wooden table, you’ve given me food for thought x

  2. It seems like your patience paid off. I love the idea of the bench for seating. Our chairs– early American — have legs that splay out making it difficult to seat a lot of people around the table. I’m happy for you and just in time for Thanksgiving.

  3. It’s beautiful! Love the look of the wood legs with the solid gray tabletop! Mixed materials always catch my eye. I’m sure you’ll make many memories around this new table.

  4. Yvonne,
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Having patience has paid off for you, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder that good things come to those whom wait!!!

  5. I love the table. It complements your room beautifully.

  6. I was waiting for the new table and it’s beautiful, so funny to me when I seen the post new dining table it was like my friend called and said it’s here come over and see it, I was that excited, funny how us women can connect so fast over the internet but will probably not meet till we get to heaven, great choice, love it, and God Bless all who dine there.

    1. Hi Susan, that’s just how I want you to feel! Thank you for sharing my joy!

  7. Morning Yvonne,
    Wow, she is a beauty and goes so well with everything else you have in that room. Have never seen a concrete top table, only
    countertops. Isn’t it fun when you take your time looking and then know it is the one for sure…………
    I am like that I love to check out all the options first, cause think there is nothing worse that purchasing something you like and it
    works, only to find shortly after you have been using it and can’t take it back, something that really makes your heart sing……….
    I know you will have many delightful years using it…………
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Deb Rapisardi says:

    It’s absolutely STUNNING!!! As is the rest of your beautiful home. Enjoy!

  9. Love it!…and just when I thought your dining room couldn’t get any prettier! Its funny, yours is the second blog I have read this morning who mentioned buying something from Birch Lane. I have been eyeing up some things in their catalog so I am glad to hear you are happy with your purchase!

  10. Lovvvvve your new table Yvonne!!! I, too, like the forgiving finish of concrete. I also like the elegance – and no matchy-matchy!! Looking gorgeous, as always.

  11. Swoon!! What a perfect pairing . It is definitely a beautiful addition to your dining room Yvonne.

  12. That whole Riverside line has a great look – simple, clean….wood and metal. I love it!

  13. Was excited when I saw the headline about the new table. It’s beautiful love the mix of wood and concrete , is the top what is called polished concrete ? Just inquiring? , It looks great with your bench and chairs. Enjoy.!!
    Have a great day.

  14. Gorgeous table Yvonne! Patience rewarded. Could you please share where you purchased your host chairs?
    Have a super Monday!

      1. Sharon Neeley says:

        I would love to know where this dining room rug, came from! I love everything!

  15. It’s beautiful Yvonne! It is just perfect for your dining room. I know you and your family will make many precious memories around that table. I bet after 32 years you were ready for a new one!!!!

    How did your day at Pottery Barn go? I thought of you all day on Saturday and was so sad that I couldn’t be there. I hope you can do a blog post about it!! Would love to see pics!

    Have a blessed day.

    1. I had a wonderful time playing with Pottery Barn’s dishes and meeting so many of my precious readers. Donna & Kiki from Pottery Barn were such big helps! I’d do it again, for sure! Thanks for thinking of me! Hugs to you!

  16. Amy Braxton says:

    That is absolutely stunning! Love the two materials together! Can’t wait to see it on your blog decorated for the holidays!

  17. This is just gorgeous! Love the sleek top, it’s really perfect in your dining room!

  18. Very pretty, but I also would be quite concerned about the weight of it. Would hate to have it fall on through to the basement.

    1. It’s not any heavier than an average man. So I think we are okay!

  19. I think that just tops off the room! Do you mind if I ask: what are the dimensions of your dining room?


  20. Very stunning, Yvonne! WOW! It’s beautiful in your dining room!!!! Compliments very nicely with everything in there:D

  21. GwenCondit says:

    Ohhhh I love it in your home!!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!! I love how you decorated the top of it too. Goes beautifully with your new rug too. How exciting!!!! I’m glad you are not healing this year. And able to move around more freely to know what you want to do to make this table your own.

  22. Love this table. The top goes so well with your rug , chairs and bench. While the legs are gorgeous with the lamp shade and mirror. I guess it really pays to take your time before purchasing. I’ve been doing the same thing for the perfect sofa. Found a few but then I look at the price tag. Enjoy your new piece. I hope you have many happy memories around that table..

  23. Like you, I wait patiently for the perfect piece. It can take a while to do a room,but then,it’s perfection. Love your new table! It’s so different.

  24. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it Yvonne…it is totally YOU!….looks magnificent in the dining room…you must walk by it often and just smile!!!…Glad you found the “just right” table!

    1. Marjorie Miller says:

      Your bench doesn’t work now because it covers up those gorgeous legs of the gorgeous new table. I’m just saying…

  25. Linda Byrnes says:

    Just like Goldie Locks says: “it’s just right!”

  26. Dear Yvonne,

    I can only imagine what it would be like to live next door to you as your real life neighbor!! I would see the delivery truck pull up to your home and I would be running over to see your new table in my PJ’s. I LOVE the massive size of the table and the fact that the legs are a beautiful light wood. I can imagine our Garden Club seated there for one of our luncheons or crafting projects. We have the same love of Eclectic Design. I too become very excited with design and constant change in moving things around to display items differently. I any sooo enjoying your ideas and inspiration. I would just love you to drop in and see some of my ideas too!

    Well we can not be neighbors but I will still be enjoying all your beautiful photos and ideas. We, (The Girls) wish you much joy when friends and family join you in celebrating your new table.

    Blessings This Holiday

  27. I love, love, love your new table! It is beautiful and practical . Sorry I couldn’t see you in King of Prussia. I wanted to see you again but family showed up. Hope you had a good time.

  28. Your new table is beautiful. I didn’t even know they made them with concrete tops. I am looking for a new dining room table to replace my 1980’s oak table with the heat damaged top. I haven’t been able to find the right one, but this gives me something new to consider. It looks great in your home.

  29. Perfect Yvonne for your new dining room. Love it! Linda

  30. Nice table, Yvonne. I bet it is heavy with that top! I can’t move my table and I bet your surely can’t move that one.

  31. Joanne B. says:

    Gorgeous table! Again- you hit it out of the park! Your dining room is 18′ x 23′? Wow! That’s huge! While the table seems to be a good size what else do you have in the room to take u the rest of the space? And what a problem that can be I’ll bet!

  32. I’ve been on a remodeling journey lately, my living room was in need of a refreshing, and I too made use wood & metal, more distressed finishes. I love where I’ve ended up and with more than a few prayers along the way, have a cozy warm space that says “welcome home”,,, thanks for the inspiration!

  33. BOBBI DUNCAN says:


  34. The table is stunning as is your entire dining room! I’m wondering if you can tell me where you purchased your rug? I’m in the market for a new one and yours is beautiful! Thank you! Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn, The dining room rug came from Ballard Designs. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug.

  35. Lindsay Cheng says:

    The table is absolutely gorgeous! I was thinking about purchasing it for our home but I have read mixed reviews about the concrete top. Some have mentioned the concrete absorbs anything that is spilled on it and instantly stains it. I have also read if you write on top of it, the text becomes engraved in the concrete. Have you experienced any of these issues?

  36. Lisa from Texas says:

    I love your table ! I looked at the post and just saw that the end chairs were custom. Do you have a source for those you could share?
    Love your blog.

    1. Hi Lisa! The company is now out of business. There are several custom made farmhouse table shops in Lancaster Pa. You can probably google them.

  37. laurie carpenter says:

    Yvonne, I love the way your farmhouse style has a modern edge. You are definitely speaking my language. I am using you & HGTV’s
    “Fixer Upper” as a guide as I transition from French/Italian country style to your chic modern farmhouse look which is so appealing. Thanks for always being so generous with your tips & hints.


  38. Yvonne, I absolutely love everything you’ve done with your DR!
    Your table in particular! It’s still available online. Would you share how it’s held up?
    My space is much smaller than yours and I am thinking of using clear ghost chairs.
    I’ve only just “found” you and I’m enjoying catching up!

  39. Your dining room is beautiful! How did you hang the tureen lids on the wall? I have two I’d like to hang, and I’m at a loss on how to do it!