NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

You know it’s fall when the mantel and StoneGable sports white pumpkins and falling leaves! Oh, yes! StoneGable is being slowly transformed and getting ready for a few fall tours in just a couple weeks! I love all the orange and saturated color that fall brings but for early fall I’m showing off the softer side of fall with a neutral mantel. 


NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

Here’s the spring mantel. I styled it with an easy transition into summer and fall in mind. Instead of recreating the wheel, I just tweaked it!


I changed out tulips for burlap blooms…

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

Added more books and white pumpkins…

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

And hung a fun-fun-fun burlap and book page leaf garland!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

Come back tomorrow and to see how to make this fun fall garland!

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!

I’ll be posting a peek here and there of my mostly neutral fall decor in the next week or so. But look for StoneGable’s Fall Tour Part I on September 6th and Part II on September 14th.

NEUTRAL FALL MANTEL-Creating a neutral and white fall mantel celebrating the softer side of Autumn!




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  1. Kelley Jacobs says:

    Yvonne, This mantel is gorgeous! The white, cream and black look so elegant together! I’ve always loved your tiny black shutters and am on the lookout for something similar!

    1. Hi Kelly, If you can’t find black shutters you can buy some and paint them yourself.

  2. Melanie Smith says:

    Beautiful! I love the idea of starting out with neutral fall decoration!! This works perfectly for the still very hot South. As the weather starts to cool, then I could add those beautiful fall colors.

    Once again, Yvonne, you have inspired me!!

    1. That is exactly what I am doing, Melanie. As October and November roll around, I’ll be adding more real pumpkins and saturated color.

  3. Lisa Mirley says:

    Truly adore your style! I actually bought your exact Ballard Designs Dining Room Rug after seeing it in your blog! Thank you so much for all the inspirations for us ” decorating junkies” lol!

  4. Love the white, black and tan color combo. What a cute garland with jute and wooden clothes pins, I think I am going to borrow that idea to use. I have all the supplies needed to make it. I love all the burlap also and the white pumpkins! Great job. Love the clock, but I don’t have anything like that piece, what a show stopper it is! I’ll have to rummage through my things to find something similar in scale to use.

    ~Gin K.~

  5. A beautiful neutral fall mantel! So crisp and clean! The addition of the color black makes everything pop! Can’t wait to see how to make that fun fall garland!

  6. Beautiful! I love the burlap blooms! Where did you get them?

    1. See the “GET THE LOOK” in the body of this post. You can click on the flower and it will take you to a site to see them. They are an investment, but will last for YEARS!

      1. Tina Carlson says:

        I was also wondering about the burlap blooms, but I’m not seeing “Get the look” in your post. I’m sure it’s in bold print right in front of me. ?

    2. Marie , I recently bought some burlap blooms at Hobby Lobby to “get the look” and they were a more reasonable price. Hope this helps.

  7. Love love the softness of the room. I’m a very fickle person…I love the softness of neutral colors….but also love vibrant colors.

  8. Holley Downs says:

    I love your decorating style! I really am in love with this mantel! Subtle, elegant, and beautiful! TFS!

  9. Love Love love the neutral and fabulous fall mantel and your beautiful room ?

  10. Sheila Lovell says:

    I am seriously crushing your mantle! I can’t wait to see the garland tutorial:-)

  11. Anne Marie says:

    Love your mantle!!

  12. Hi Yvonne! Your mantel is looking gorgeous as always! I’m still so impressed with how your clock turned out when you painted it. Those burlap flowers couldn’t look anymore perfect up there too!

  13. Gayle Mathues says:

    I love the white pumpkins… I think these are the kind Cinderella would have chosen for her coach! Very soothing fall mantel. Lovely as always.

  14. Karen VanLoo says:

    That is SO cute!!! I love the garland. Love the burlap covered books and the flowers. I love it all!

  15. I love all the light colors, its very pretty. I can’t believe that tomorrow is Sept !

  16. Elizabeth Ann says:

    I love the big clock as the focal point and the way the shutters are a backdrop for the lamps. Your neutrals will work very well for this time of the year. Photos are professional.

  17. Since we’ve downsized our home, storing decor items is an issue for me. Keeping the basic elements of a vignette and changing just smaller details works well with my limited storage. The burlap flowers are a delightful new way to add texture and visual interest. Now I need to learn how to paint a few orange pumpkins white!

    1. Hello Patricia – I’m in the same boat – moving from a house (with a basement) to a condo. I’ve loved decorating since my early teens and thoroughly enjoy changing things around all the time – especially as the Seasons change. However, storage is now a huge problem. Re painting pumpkins – I had some orange Dollar Store ones plus more expensive ones from Michael’s and both kinds were easy to paint with ordinary craft paint (DecoArt, Americana, etc.). You might need two coats (or maybe three) but the cheaper paint works! I painted mine a muted blue then when thoroughly dry (I waited one day) to let the paint “cure”, I lightly rubbed on some umber (brown) paint to “antique” them. I hate to boast, but they look amazing. I was pleased to discover I didn’t need to buy the more expensive chalk paint!

      1. Hi, i actually used some leftover satin wall paint in a creamy white to paint those dayglo orange Dollarstore pumpkins. Two coats, then a little wax and i have to admit they look as good on my porch as the costly ones…..

        Yvonne, another beautiful update to your lovely home! Cant wait for the garland tutorial.

        1. I’m very pleased with mine too, Jae. A recent visitor thought my craft-painted pumpkins were antiques decor pieces! Ha!

  18. What did we do without white pumpkins ? Your mantel is beautiful and inspiring. I also like the leaf hanging which is something I could do!

    1. A few years ago I grew Baby Boo white pumpkins in my garden. They did so well, but they took over most of my garden boxes. Maybe I’ll grow them next year!

  19. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Love the cream and black! Just recently updated my furniture to a cream couch and chair. I’m petrified of it getting dirty niw. We’re empty nester but keep a grandpuppy during the day. Thinking of getting quilted “thriws” for them so I’ll relax

  20. are the tiny white pumpkins real or faux? i cannot tell!! one of these days, i’m gonna cover me some books in burlap, just you wait and see… i may even have a burlap book party and invite friends, ha!

  21. Oh my goodness! What a lovely blog! Love your attention to detail and photography is amazing. I really enjoy your topic choices and especially love that you add Scripture! Many Blessings.

  22. Ann Black says:

    Love the mantel, the clock, and love, the garland… Cannot wait to see how you make and hang it…

  23. Marilyn Soto says:

    Can’t wait to see how to make the garland -I’ll be back tomorrow with my burlap and book pages ready to cut!

  24. Love your leaf garland best!

  25. Julie Maier says:

    I love the forethought of your spring mantel! Just a few tweaks here and there and it looks perfect for the next upcoming season. Looks fresh and new with simple changes – a big outcome with little work. Beautiful!

  26. Love your fall mantel. I’ve got to get some of the burlap flowers, they look so fresh and add just the right amount of texture. When do you think fall decorating should begin?

    1. I decorate early for every season so my wonderful readers have an opportunity to see something for the upcoming season. If I didn’t blog I’d probably start decorating for fall right after Labor Day. But that’s just me. I think you should decorate when it works best for YOU!

    2. I agree with Yvonne on this “timing” question, Sharon. It all depends on you, where you live and your weather conditions. Even though we’re entering into September, it’s still hot here (southern Ontario) and I find orange pumpkins look a bit silly when I still have the a/c running! Last year, due to some decor changes, I found orange too vivid so I painted my orange pumpkins a muted blue then rubbed on some umber (brown) paint which has given them an antique look. I’ve added some books to the mantel, some blue agate pieces that are so versatile for ANY season plus Fall grasses, etc. and packed away the shells, coral and glass floats, etc.

  27. I love the nutral color sceem…
    So refreshing and light

  28. cynthia sobczak says:

    Hurry up Thursday! I can hardly wait to make the fall garland, it’s adorable. I’m not a traditional fall color gal so thanks for the neutral ideas. They work perfectly for me.

  29. Love the leaf garland….so cute!!!

  30. Love your neutral mantel. Who would have thought fall can also include neutral colors. The burlap flowers are amazing. The black accent gives the right pop. I still prefer the autumn colors more, but you always have that magic touch!

  31. Love the mantel! I agree, neutrals are a great way to ease into the Fall season. And with a neutral base you can add and change out pops of color as we move deeper into Fall and Winter! Love it!

  32. Your mantel looks awesome!! I really love the leaf garland it is very cute.

  33. Mary Ellen says:

    Love your neutral but interesting mantel. I found a pair of shutters at the restore for a $1.50 and have them framing a mirror on my mantel! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  34. I can’t believe today is the last day of August!! What??? Pretty mantel Yvonne. I have a few of the burlap flowers. Can’t wit to get them out.

  35. Vicki N. Martin says:

    This is one of my projects for the living room. I would like a fireplace with shelving on each side. I love this look. I also looked at one of your old postings of the Indian Corn Wreath. That’s one of my projects for the Fall Season. I love Indian Corn. Thanks for your site I always see something that I love.

  36. Love the garland. Can’t wait to see how to make it

  37. Valerie Tingley says:

    I have always leaned a bit more to the neutral or muted fall colors and this is right up my alley! Thank you for sharing!

  38. Love the pale palette it’s so calming

  39. Linda Charlton says:

    Are those small white pumpkins faux. We haven’t seen any real ones here in Easton, PA. I have always leaned to the traditional fall colors but your ideas are beautiful.

  40. Carol Elkins says:

    I love the neutral colors of your mantel! It’s very understated & classy.

  41. I’m really enjoying the new mantel, Yvonne, especially its versatility as you can add or delete items and change the entire look. I think removing the stars – even though I like them – has REALLY opened up the fireplace area and given it a lighter look. I love all of your decorating but (sometimes) felt they took attention away from the mantel and shelving. Do you like it for a change? As I said, I still like the stars … maybe you’ll be bringing one or two (or all three!) back at Christmas and doing a “Winter Wonderland” theme. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for all the hours and days you put into a single post! Now and then, I might add a few new blogs to my reading list but always “unsubscribe” as I find them too difficult to navigate. I like that I can see the WHOLE photo when scrolling down reading your daily post. There’s one blog I subscribed to on Sunday but by Tuesday, I had unsubscribed as it was too difficult to view. I don’t know what the computer term is for where your name and categories is (the part that has your ticking and bird’s nest) but one particular blogger has that part block a good half of my screen. No matter how much I scrolled down, that “header part” block the viewing. To read anything was like trying to peek under a “blind”! I just gave up. Other blogs tend to flicker constantly and are annoying. Anyways, I apologize for this lengthy spiel but just wanted to say “thank you” for your hard work and devotion!

  42. Love it all – but the garland gave me a super jumping off idea for centerpieces for our fall festival !
    Yes, 25 tables made easier. Hugs and Happy (nearly) first day of September.
    Let us embrace Mother Nature’s lovely world as she begins to slowly change out her wardrobe.
    It is not a small thing.

    1. Hi Patti: if you’re having to decorate a lot of tables, have you ever made garlands from silk leaves? Buy a bag from the Dollar Store, thread a large-eyed needle with a Fall color (brown or rust) yarn and just join the leaves with a running stitch. (Just one stitch at the top of each leaf.). Or you can use glue but the yarn is faster then you tie the ends of the yarn (holding the garland) around a nail at each end of the table OR you could just scatter leaves on the tables. However, I know Yvonne’s garland will be lovely and fun to make!

  43. Love the white pumpkins……perfect for early Fall!

  44. I think I like the burlap flowers best. It’s all quite lovely. I don’t have any of those flowers and they are great. They are like the dried hydrangeas – they work so easily. I really do enjoy your blog.

  45. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Yvonne ,you are such a great sorce of ideas and inspiration. Love your little leaf garland hanging from the mantle in your family room. Have a great day and am looking forward to your post on how to make the leaf garland.

  46. Love how you incorporated shutters into your mantel vignette. Gives me inspiration to paint some cast offs!

  47. It is so easy to see the love you have for your home in your decorating style. I think it is beautiful too. Sometimes I miss the richness of that clock before you redid it. Wish the space over my mantle could handle it’s size?. Happy fall Yvonne.

    1. Me too, Judy, but I was hesitant to say anything in case my opinion was taken as criticism. While I love all of Yvonne’s ideas, I loved seeing that dark clock with the shutters painted white. The dark color, to me, looked richer and more expensive.

  48. Kathy Minto says:

    Your mantle looks onderful! I’m looking forward to the template!

  49. The neutrals are so beautiful but I can never resist adding a few bright pops of color. Can’t wait to see how you incorporate color as we get closer to the fall.

  50. I love your fall mantel! I so wish that I had white everything, but didn’t have the foresight.

  51. Marilyn Finn says:

    I am not crazy about orange, so I think this look is lovely. All your projects come out beautiful!

  52. I’m so happy to see your lovely neutral fall decor and especially love the burlap and book page leaf garland! The traditional fall colors just do not pair well with the color story in my home. Thank you for your inspiration and am looking forward to the tutorial on the leaf garland.

  53. Patti Kander says:

    Love the fall season, it is my favorite! Your ideas are fantastic and I will be using some of them. I decorate inside and outside. The colors of orange, red, brown, yellow and gold are so beautiful they make my heart happy. Have a great weekend everyone.

  54. Sherry Pelle says:

    I do love this softer side of fall look and I love how you just tweaked it! Great job!!

  55. Your mantel is so pretty and just the right tones for fall. I love those burlap flowers!

  56. Love your soft use of colors on your beautiful mantle.Pinned it so I can try to copy! I never did like those bright orange colors for fall. used sparingly they are just OK but much prefer a more natural look. Love it!!!!!

  57. Love the leaf garland and the neutral colors!

  58. Barbara Martens says:

    Love the quietness of this neutral transition! Sometimes I just need to “declutter” the sensory overload and enjoy simplicity! Think you have definitely accomplished this! Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  59. Teresa Alexander says:

    such loveliness! I like the neutral transition πŸ™‚

  60. Anna McFarland says:

    You continue to inspire this decorating and cooking challenged woman. Also, love that you are so faith filled, another source of inspiration!

  61. Crystal Howley says:

    Love coming back to your site over and over again for inspiration – for the home and for the soul!

  62. I love the white Baby Boo pumpkins! I grew them this year in my small garden, and have about 40 or so to use all around. They are such different sizes! I did paint some last year that I will pull out soon! Trying to get all of my seasonal items organized into tubs where I can easily spot what’s inside. I took one of your ideas about using clear tubs and it does make all the difference!
    Happy last day of August!!

  63. Stephanie Gravlee says:

    I love all your designs! But I’m most impressed by the fact that you always consider tight budgets. I’m making the clothespin banner for fall! I can’t wait to get started!

  64. Just beautiful as always………………….. your mantle is amazing!!!!! I for one feel like clapping my hands and jumping up and down for joy!!! Summer of 2016 in the Sunshine State has been “SIZZLING” !!! πŸ™‚ … ( pssst… it still is !!!) lol

  65. Love your style! Getting ready to start taking out my Fall decor.

  66. Love this beautiful fall mantel.

  67. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    These neutral colors make for a very warm and inviting mantel. It is perfect for adding other color touches like spicy orange and warm green as the fall unfolds. Love it!

  68. I like the “Get the Look” section but I sort of looked past it until I read the comments. Your photos are beautiful eye candy!

  69. Nancy Mattox says:

    Reading your blog is like receiving a daily beautiful gift!

  70. Beautiful mantel….helping me ease into Fall. Still very summer like in So Cal. Did you white wash your bricks on the fireplace surround? If so what product did you use?

  71. Dorinda Selke says:

    Well I think you’ve outdone yourself on this early fall mantle, Yvonne ! It’s just beautiful-definitely early fall without a smack in the face like at the supermarket at the beginning of August this year with all the Halloween candy and decorations ???!? I’m definitely going to head out today and search for some of those burlap blooms to add to my vases ! Hugs, Dorinda

  72. Love fall. It is my time of year. Love all of your decorating.

  73. Love the flowers and the garland, cant wait to see the tutorial. thanks

  74. Sue Dowler says:

    Love, Love, Love your blog.
    I share a passion of white dishes with you.
    I enjoy your blog everyday and I am alway looking for mantel ideas.

  75. Breanna Bennett says:

    It’s always lovely to see someone else with an affinity for neutrals. Your fall decor is beautiful! I love the touches of burlap and white pumpkins are always great but mini ones? L-O-V-E

  76. I love your fall mantel. Your home is gorgeous with all the neutral colors.

  77. I too am going neutral this year! Great taste!

  78. What a charming mantle! I especially love the sweet garland..think I know just the place for something like that in our space. Thanks for all the fun ideas. I always look forward to your posts.

  79. Jennifer Sanford says:

    I Love the neutral fireplace decorations. Where do you get your fall leaves that I saw in a bottle on another post?

  80. A beautiful mantle, it inspires me to begin decorating for Fall!

  81. Judy Holroyd says:

    You are so clever and creative. Love your blog.

  82. Looks like I need to head out and buy some burlap and tiny pumpkins, oh and twine. I love the look for early fall!

  83. Neutrals speak to me no matter the season. I don’t have a fireplace so will be using the inspiration for my buffet and touches in other areas. Thanks!

  84. What a beautiful way to transition into Fall!!
    Thank you for all of your kindness and generosity in your posts!!

  85. Patricia Lawlor says:

    love love love the fall neutral mantle. Great inspiration for my home this fall. Thank you.

  86. Thanks for sharing the softer side of Fall!! Those bright fall colors get tiresome after awhile…what a great way to begin decorating for the season with the softer side of the color spectrum.

  87. Laurie Orlando says:

    LOVE the burlap blooms!! Where did you get them? Beautiful neutral look!

  88. Donna Henson says:

    Beautiful transition from late summer to early fall

  89. Stunning! You are such a wealth of ideas and inspiration. I can’t wait to read you blog tomorrow for the instructions on the adorable leaf garland. Thank you for all you do, Yvonne!

  90. Martha Hansen says:

    Very pretty neutral fall mantle, nice and cool while it’s still hot, yet not summery. Wonderful!

  91. Beautiful way to ease into Fall. I love the white pumpkins.

  92. Love the fall mantle, white pumpkins look awesome. Hope you don’t mind if I copy it all.

  93. Susan Hedgecock says:

    I love the burlap books.

  94. What a gorgeous mantle! I love the soft, neutral colors that are so relaxing to look at. Next I’m going to check out your instructions for the burlap blooms. I might try making some for my own fall decor. I adore the white pumpkins too–my can of white spray paint is ready and waiting!

  95. I really enjoy the concept of easing into fall dΓ©cor.
    I’m gradually adding little fall touches here and there in my own home.

  96. Love your neutral look! So smart to have a quick change for the next season. Thought the burlap flowers were dried hydrangeas until
    you posted! The garland is very nice as well as the old fashioned wooden clothespins!
    As usual you are on the top of my list for
    creativity in a classy way?

  97. How pretty your mantle is!! Just enough and not too “busy” with all the bright Fall colors one usually sees. You always have such great taste in your decorating. The burlap blooms are so nice. Always enjoy your blog.

  98. Mary Chris says:

    After a bright and colorful summer. The neutral palette is calming. It looks great.

  99. Next August we should have Blogger Appreciation Month….I truly appreciate the thoughht and effort that goes into each of your posts.

  100. Your ideas give me so much inspiration and what I enjoy is the fact that they are “do-able” for the average homemaker like me. Keep them coming as I love seeing your creativity.

  101. Bernadette says:

    Love the mantle Yvonne! Love the little black shelf!

  102. Martha Franks says:

    Your white and neutral colors are really pretty, Yvonne, but when it comes to autumn, I love the rich colors of fall. Thanks for all you do. I look forward to your blog every day.

  103. Am looking forward to tomorrow’s post and the leaf template. Thank you for all your hard work! I’m also glad someone posted about Hobby Lobby having burlap blooms. I clicked on the bloom in “get the look” and unfortunately those are just not in the budget – but do love the look – thanks for the inspiration!

  104. Love the garland-looking forward to making my own!

  105. Love, love, love your site. Especially your holiday decor ideas.

  106. Marcy Leonard says:

    I am so loving the serenity of your fall neutrals! Autumn has always been a raucous and rowdy time in my house due to back-to-school, sports events, and a crowded calendar of family birthdays! All the reds, oranges, golds, plus various school and team colors have made my head spin the last few years! Think I will be painting pumpkins and gourds white for sure–wearing Texas WHITE and orange for home games rather than vice versa! Thank you so much for your genteel inspirations!

  107. Just returned to Michaels to buy more white pumpkins. Great idea!! You always inspire me.

  108. Love all of the decor and different ideas for the home!

  109. Pat Peterson says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I am a newbie to Stone Gable and I get so many inspirational ideas from you! Everything is so beautiful and your instructions and tutorials are so helpful! Thank you for helping me to make our new downsized home beautiful!

  110. Teresa Clutter says:

    I love your blog! You have great ideas and a beautiful home! I especially love your Sunday posts!!

  111. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    You just me a great idea for the old shutters I just took down
    In a bedroom remodel we are doing. I love when I can refurbish
    Items to reuse for new projects without spending a lot.
    Thank you for a great idea. Cheryl

  112. Just spent the last few days putting away my summer decor. Even if the temperatures are still near 90 my inner clock is telling me fall is coming soon. Time to remove the beach theme in the family room and the lemons and limes in the kitchen. I like to use this as a time to clean and dust all those surfaces before creating new vignettes for fall. I think your ideas for neutrals and white pumpkins will be just perfect with the items I already have. Now if the weather cools down a little I can go up in the attic and get them. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

  113. Such a pretty color combination & I love the burlap flowers.

  114. Just starting to work on early fall tweaks at my house. Not really for full out fall, but making the transition. Thanks for your great idea starters.

  115. Love the cute leaf garland especially. Always enjoy your decor for Fall. Toni

  116. Yvonne….absolutely LOVE your taste in decor. The neutral colors are so calming and relaxing yet the accessories have just the right pop of color to bring interest to the room. Your home is gorgeous as is the area in which you are so blessed to live. Thanks so much for all the inspirations you deliver daily to your readers.


  117. White pumpkins would work well on my mantle. I have a floor to ceiling dark wood mantle and fall colors tend to get lost and not show up, I will read your post tomorrow on how to do that!

  118. You inspire me to decorate early rather than late for the upcoming season and get me thinking about what to use!!

  119. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love your neutral fall mantel, Yvonne, and can’t wait to see the rest of your Fall Tour! You always have such great “magazine worthy” pictures that make your decorating ideas just jump off the screen! Thanks for sharing…..

  120. I don’t have your wonderful burlap flowers, but I do have hydrangea blooms that have dried to a similar tan this year…the summer heat has really impacted the color.. Headed out to cut some from my bushes and place them in a stoneware pitcher. Thanks for giving me that spark of an idea!

  121. Subtle but beautiful! The burlap flowers add warmth and “pop” and I just love it!

  122. Martha Miller says:

    Love the burlap flowers!

  123. Love your neutral mantel. Love your blog!

  124. Rita Ugrin says:

    Love how you use the neutral colors for early fall. I’ve been dying to start my fall decorating but thought it was a little too early.
    You idea of “tweaking” I love!! It’s my favorite thing to do around the house. Everything is about your home looks so natural and comfortable as well as tastefully decorated. So happy I found your website!!

  125. Joanne B. says:

    Lately I have been loving the simpleness of neutrals too! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of having such a calming and easy look! Love your fall mantle- the burlap flowers add such nice texture and that garland is so cute and clever. I’ve always thought maybe a garland might be just a tad too cutesy for my style, but this one does look so simple to craft I may just try it out to drape on a mirror in my dining room to add that texture that I do love. Another stunning post with a great look! You never cease to amaze!

  126. Courtney Cloe says:

    I like the mantle! It’s a subtle way to ease into fall decor. I’m looking forward to your entire house tourβ™‘

  127. I look forward to learning how to make the fun fall garland!

  128. Carol Anne says:

    Really like your color scheme. I have floor to ceiling brick fireplace. Am considering whitewashing it and lightening the whole room….furniture and all. Your place looks wonderful.

  129. Amanda Tonar says:

    Hi Yvonne! Love the mantel! Looks nice for Fall..and easy tweak for you to do! πŸ™‚

  130. I would like to find burlap flowers too. I can’t find get the look in you post though. Your mantle is gorgeous!

  131. Your home is a beautiful of your talents!!!! Just beautiful!

  132. Clare Godleski says:

    I started my Fall decorating today, too! I like that garland with the clothespins b/c you can change what they are holding. Very clever!! Gotta make one! Thanks for the ideas.

  133. I love your use of the white pumpkins but am wondering about your thoughts on the green ones that I see this year.

  134. Love the neutral elegant. I love the burkap blooms, the white pumpkins and all of the above.

  135. Carol Imler says:

    I love your style! Thank you for sharing how to do a neutral mantle! My living area is very neutral so this would work very nice!

  136. Pam Grineri says:

    Welllll…thanks for this post! I spent 2 hours re-
    doing my mantle this morning and was almost late for work. LOL.

  137. Neutral Fall love! Great decor ideas.

  138. Understated elegance, very nice! I also love the burlap & book garland. I might just have to invite a friend over for a wine/craft night. I have some old sheet music that might be a nice alternative to the book pages. Perhaps just give the edges of the leaves a little bit of fall color with some paint?

  139. Kathy Lahr says:

    I absolutely love it all! I have recently added small creamy paneled shutters to my mantle & am so happy with the look. Like you, I plan to just tweek my current deco by adding some pumpkins, leaves, etc. I love white pumpkins & have some really good looking faux ones. As fall progresses, I will be adding the oranges, rusts & golds of the season as well.

    You inspire me with every blog you post! Thank you!

  140. Love, love the burlap flowers! This is a wonderful transition while the weather is still so warm!

  141. NANCY CARR says:

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    I need to get more books out and wrap them in burlap then paint a few shutters. Would you suggest a spray paint for the shutters or using a paintbrush and paint? Would you recommend any specific type of paint?

    Thank you!

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  146. Linda schmidt says:

    I have so many of my friends about your blog and they your simple recipes and I love your decorating.

  147. nan, odessa, DE says:

    Just lovely.
    is there a brand and color of paint you use to get the cream and black to look so good togeyher?
    Many times when displayed together these two colors are TOO harsh.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you!

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    Yvonne, your neutral decor is simply stunning and perfect for the transition. Jumping right into all those rich oranges and rusts is a bit jarring… I like the idea of a slow slide into fall.

    You may know how much I LOVE book pages in home decor… did you hand cut those pretty fall leaves?

    All the best!

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    Thanks for the inspiration!

  157. Sandra Futrell says:

    Your fall mantle gets the beauty of the season s5arted. Thank you!

  158. Yvonne,
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us! I love the idea of the neutral colors to slip into autumn. My husband was definitely not into my new love of rustic and farmhouse decor, but once I showed him pictures of your home, he has changed his mind! I hope to collect some wonderful decor pieces through the years, and I’ll keep looking to you for inspiration.

    God bless!

  159. Beth Beard says:

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    I love the idea of using a neutral slate to transition into the more vibrant fall colors. The leaf garland is perfect! After the bright summer colors that dominate my decor, this seems so restful for the eye. Love it!

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  168. GwenCondit says:

    I kind of giggle. Will we be so bold to post daily in September???. But I do debate on painting a mirror that is brown wood. Back and forth I go. It is in a rectangular set in area above the fireplace. It’s been 15 years but I still like it!!! I do cover it with a book page wreath a friend made at Christmas or add greens above it. I do have a narrow mantle. And the Garland will work perfectly. I have newspapers to use. From years ago. My Dad had saved articles. I think I have some burlap somewhere!!!

  169. Dawn Thomas says:

    Your neutral fall decor is beautiful on your mantel! I can’t wait to see how to make the fall garland.

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    1. Last year, I painted varying sized orange pumpkins (dollar store & Michael’s) a muted blue then rubbed antiquing medium on top. If blue isn’t your thing and you don’t want the typical oranges/rusts/etc, have you ever thought of soft greens and dark plum colors. Creams and whites could still look nice with any of the above-mentioned colors.

  174. I like the neutral style here and how it can go with anything, unlike the typical fall oranges, browns etc. I also went online right after I read how to make my own mulling spice potpourri and bought all of the ingredients which arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to bottle some up in mason jars for gifts! Thanks for all of your Christ centered posts as well, you are a blessing!

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  176. Sue Radcliff says:

    Really like the softness of black, cream, and white. I am using this scheme more since following you. Then all I do is add some seasonal color for a wow factor. I like the way your black shutters are a back drop for the lamp. thanks again!

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