ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 21- A week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes!

Are you ready for summer eating? I am, but I have a little confession to make. Usually, Bobby and I would have a good deal of the garden in right now but because of the cold and rainy weather and my recent ankle surgery, our raised bed gardens are pretty bare! So this week, rain or shine or accidents etc the garden is going in. I can’t wait to eat all those fresh lettuces that are so tender and delicious this time of year! Now here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Our most recent Decorating Tips And Tricks podcast episode is about MIRRORS. We have so much to say about mirrors… what we like, how to use them and where they work best!

Listen to episode #48- Mirrors below:

Here’s a wee’s worth of dinners already planned for you!


If I had a “last meal” burgers off the grill would be on my menu! I love a big, juicy burger loaded with a huge fresh tomato, crunchy lettuce and a slice of red onion. And of course slathered with mayo, mustard, and relish. Oh, just talking about a great burger makes me hungry for one RIGHT NOW!


One of my favorite salads to make any time of the year is a cucumber salad especially when it’s paired with a delicious fish dish! And cucumber salad tastes even better the next day!

ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 21- A weeks's worth of scrumptious recipes


You have to check out this adorable foodie site… Six Sisters’ Stuff! How fun, six sisters and good food! If you make one thing this week, the grilled vegetables with balsamic dressing is it! Oh, this is such a fabulous dish to eat hot or even cold! YUM!



This week’s soup is really an all American favorite! I like a to add bacon and even crouton to top it off! This soup eats like a meal! 


Every couple of weeks I need to make this chicken. Actually, I make a couple. It’s so delicious and I use every itty bit of it! Dinner, leftovers that morph into more lunches and other dinners and then the bones and skin are saved and made into stock for cooking and soup! Perfect roast chicken should be a must make recipe in your home!

Perfect roast chicken should be a must make recipe in your home!


I should label at least one day a week Tex-Mex Day! I could eat Mexican food every day! But like with everything moderation is the key. This is a new to me recipe and I can’t wait to give it a try!


Pizza on the grill is a treat! I buy dough at my local grocer’s and use fresh seasonal foods to top off our pizza! I mostly make pizza on the grill during the summer. We will be having lots of family for the Memorial Day weekend and my family will love these yummy pizzas!

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ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 21- A week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes!

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    You are making me hungry – everything sounds so good.

  2. I agree. Summer needs to come so we can be outside getting our planting and other work done! Here in NE Iowa it has rained most of the week and it was in the upper 40’s for a high yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They say upper 50’s to low 60’s next week. We need sun and warmth so we can plant and get much weeding done. So we are still eating chili, scalloped potatoes and ham, all kinds of oven food to warm the house. God is good and in his time the warmth will come – cant wait!

    1. It’s been warm here this past week and today only in the 60’s. Crazy late spring!

    2. Kathy,
      Love NE Iowa….especially Decorah.

      1. 20 Miles west of Decorah. Used to live there!

  3. Carol Elkins says:

    I can’t wait to try the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken!

  4. darla coffman says:

    Everything looks and sounds so good. My mouth is watering for that grilled burger. I love hamburgers!!!!

  5. Looks heavenly, we especially love Mexican and Italian cuisine along with a frozen Margarita or glass of Vino.

  6. The weather has been crazy here in northern IL too. We had the AC on earlier this week then yesterday we had to turn the heat back on! I don’t have my flower garden in and my plants are sitting on the deck. We had SOOOOO much rain, wind and cold that I just can’t get out. All your menus ideas sound yummy. In fact I’ve used quite a few of them, always delicious.

  7. As always your recipes sound quite enticing. Yum. My garden is not in yet either. A possible frost warning for tonight and Sunday.

    Tell Bobby you guys need to go out for a dinner some time soon. You sure work hard with ALL you do.

    Nancy from the foot hills of Maine.

  8. So yummy especially the pizza !

  9. I will try a couple of these recipes because they sound delicious!

  10. Yvonne
    You always post such great recipes. Here in Mn its been cold and wet. I am so looking forward to warmer climate.

  11. Minnie mccoy says:

    I’m gonna get fat!?

  12. The teriyaki chicken recipe looks so good!

  13. Sorry you have had a hard time getting in the garden. In North Louisiana we have had a different kind of Spring but I did manage to plant some vegetables. We have actually harvested squash twice. Nothing better than from the garden to the table! I love reading your menu of the week because it gives me “food for thought”.

  14. Our daughter bought us a new grill, love burgers and chicken cooked on the “barbi”.! Those veggies look good too!

  15. I love your menus of the week.

  16. Jonne Molesky says:

    Northern MN has been frigid – but my husband and I managed to pick some wild asparagus which is slowly coming up!

  17. I’m intrigued by pizza on the grill. Could you post details about how to do this. Can’t wait to surprise my family with the idea of pizza on the grill. Love your home Yvonne. Just beautiful

  18. these recipes are inspiring me to cook!

  19. Julie Briones says:

    The teriyaki chicken looks wonderful!

  20. Robin Talley says:

    I’m going to try your roasted chicken and salad to tonight!! It looks and sounds so delicious ? Thanks ???

  21. Bless your heart with everything you’ve been through it’s amazing you’ve been able to get anything done!