By now the sun is blistering and hot and the outside air so thick with humidity that my windows are a little steamed up from the air conditioning inside! To keep a case of “ennui” away I try to keep busy in the cool house and venture outside early in the morning or later in the evening! And when I can be in the water… SPLASH! How about you? What is your best way to beat summer heat? Now let’s see what great summer dishes are on the menu this week!


I’m a huge fan of Salmon. And it’s so good for us too! I think you will love this easy and scrumptious recipe



I do love a good casserole. And this Spinach Ravioli Lasagna looks amazing. I have homemade frozen PESTO  and will use it instead of jarred. Also, I’ll whip up my own Alfredo sauce. It’s easy and nothing in it I don’t know about.


It’s been so hot and muggy and now rainy here at StoneGable that we have not grilled yet this week. But tonight we are grilling this scrumptious kabob. I must admit I’m not a fan of lots of veggies on kabobs because they don’t always cook evenly. But pineapple and bacon… yes, please! Fabulous recipe from Bread With A Side Of Butter!



We had a scrumptious marinated flank steak last week and we made two. So I have one waiting for an easy peasy fajita dinner. We LOVE fajitas! I could eat them breakfast, lunch, and dinner! You can see my favorite “Killer Fajita” recipe HERE.



There is soooo much to love about tonight’s soup. First of all, you had me at ONE POT! And I love anything that is creamy. And it includes beans, ham, and tortellini. Oh, my yumminess! Can it get better? I think not! Wonderful recipe from Carlsbad Cravings!

Carlsbad Cravings



If you make one thing this week these veggies are it! They are amazing! Great hot or cold.



This is one of my son’s very favorite comfort foods. We made a double batch and eat it again for lunch on Sunday! YUM!



This recipe is scrumptious! So full of tart/sweet flavor. Serve it with vanilla ice cream!



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  1. I just about fell out of my chair when I found the gorgeous and scrumptious weekly menu guide. One that is actually full of very flavourful recipes as long as the day. YAHOO. It has always been my weakness for my now later fifties to plan the meal. Now, if you tell me what you want that morning it is on the table that night!! Bwhahahahah. Yes, please do have a giggle there. I have seen a lot of weekly menus in my days trying to beat my weakness with no luck. I now have the paradigm of menus to graze for myself and loved ones through quite contentedly. I truly mean my compliment as you well deserve it. You have the flavours of the world for us , good healthy fare and a lovely wee sweet for us too. My fist visit here!!!! They may find me one day with the menu on the screen and a pen beside to note any shopping I must do. Have a wonderful summer and thank you does not express it well enough for me. Be well, Linda

  2. Sounds yummy! Would love that rhubarb dessert – really miss rhubarb – does not grow here in Texas.

  3. Yummy, everything looks so delicious. I am certainly going to try the grilled veggies. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. When it comes to kabobs we don’t mix veggies or meats. We only put one veggie or meat per kabob. Helps keep from over cooking and over cooking. May not look as fun to serve, but so much easier to cook!

  5. You had me at rhubarb! Seriously, my grandparents had it in their garden and my grandfather would pick it so my mom would bake a pie for him. In fact he’d pick all kinds of fruit so my mom would bake for him. He had a sweet tooth. I am going to make that yummy soup this week. You’ve inspired me to meal plan. We fell away from it after we retired a few years ago wanting to be spontaneous but I like planning ahead so I’m going back to it. I think you eat healthier when you do and it helps with shopping and budget.Thanks again for all the great ideas. Every recipe I try from you becomes a favorite!?

  6. Be still my heart — just LOVE your recipe pages. They inspire me and I have used a lot of them and loved them all. SUCCESS! Oh, and rhubarb doesn’t grow in New Mexico either but it is available in the freezer section at the grocers.

  7. Made the spinach and ravioli lasagna last night and we LOVED it. Thanks for sharing a great recipe and having such a great blog.

  8. Wait a minute, wait a minute… Do I see PEAS?! What do YOU do with those in the Shepherd’s Pie, hmmmmm? 😉

  9. These lovely mouthwatering beauties look like fine restaurant cuisine!! Y you have outdone yourself today!!!

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