ON THE MENU WEEK OF JAN 29TH- here's a weeks worth of scrumptious dinners ready for you!

On The Menu is moving from Saturday afternoons to Monday! When I first introduced OTM years and years ago I posted it on Monday. So On The Menu is coming back to its original spot in StoneGable’s weekly line up! I hope you have the most delicious week!

Are you a DTT listener? You can listen to our fun podcast below:

Now let’s talk menu planning!


If you have never made your own fish tacos you really should give them a try. Easy and so so delicious!


I get pizza dough to make stromboli from our local pizza shop. I can make the dough but why when I can get fabulous dough locally! Ask your local pizza shop if they sell their dough.




What a great easy dinner! I love this yummy one pan chicken recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Gotta love good food and easy cleanup!



Another winner recipe from The Recipe Critic! This blog is a must see if you are a foodie! I can’t wait to try this recipe!



I’m a fan of anything piccata… veal, chicken, fish! It’s such a fresh taste. 




Today’s supper pleases my inner child. Hamburger, cheese and shells. Oh, YUM!  Thanks, Dinner Then Dessert!



Thia food has such wonderful flavors! If you’ve not tried Thia you really should. I bet you will love it!




Gotta love chocolate and peanut butter. One of my very favorite combinations!


Have a scrumptious week!

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JAN 29TH- here's a weeks worth of scrumptious dinners ready for you!

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  1. Love the Mon. venue – easier to plan the weeks meals on Mon than when I am trying to plan the weekend.

  2. These are recipes even my Husband, who is a meat and potatoes guy, would like. Thanks!

  3. I’m going to get the pizza dough and make the stromboli’s!!!

  4. That stromboli looks delish !

  5. Omg! I saved a couple of your suggested menu ideas like the one pan chicken and Mongolian beef …and the cod!! Can’t wait to try these!! Thank you!

    1. An easy way to find all my On The Menu recipes is to create a Pinterst board. Call it StoneGable recipes. Then you will have them in one convenient place!

  6. Missed the OTM post on Saturday, glad to see it in my e-mail this morning. Thanks for sharing all theses delicious recipes, Nani’s Sautéed Chicken has become our family’s new favorite!

  7. I have always been intimidated by strombolis. But after reading through this recipe, I’m ready to try making my own. Especially after the ones I purchased last night at my husbands fave carry out pizza place, were not up to the standards of another pizza shops we prefer for stroms. So, I’m probably going to cause myself more work, but at least get the flavors we like.

  8. Thanks for these great menus, Yvonne! I am always in need of ideas–you delivered!

  9. !!!YES, all the menus look yummy. I think my daughter must be reading your blog. They are all healthy. That probably why I couldn’t find any PIE, CAKE, COOKIES, OR ICE CREAM.
    Thanks for a week of healthy eating.

  10. Lizianthus says:

    Hello Yvonne! This weeks menus look wonderful. I am concerned about you as I haven’t been getting your daily blog this last week and am wondering if it is just my e-mail or if you are not well. I know on DTT you have had a cold. Hope you are feeling better.
    Thank you for all you do and I am looking forward to your daily blogs.

    1. You are very astute! I’ve had a bad ankle for about a year now and on a recent surgery to take the hardware out the surgeons found a bone infection. I had another surgery (today) to eradicate the infection and put a ceramic spacer in my ankle file with antibiotics in the bad bone area to save my foot I must go through another six surgeries. I am doing fine. just pray for pain. I am still going strong with my blog on days I don’t have a surgery schedule. Here’s to a “goo” foot I can run around on. Thanks for noticing!

      1. Lizianthus says:

        Oh Yvonne I am so very sorry that you have been going through so much with your ankle! I was thinking that you may have come down with that nasty flu. You will be in my prayers. I pray that your pain will go away and for the success of all your surgeries.
        At least you have Bobby to take good care of you.
        Keep your spirits up and take care of yourself.

  11. I feel so guilty letting you do all the work in my meal planning. Keep up the good work.

  12. Yummy Yvonne! I will have to make quite a few of these they look so good. Thanks for sharing!