ON THE MENU WEEK OF APRIL 2ND- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes waiting for you! #cookierecipes #cookieshortbread #cookieholiday #cookiespring #cookieeaster #cookie #cookiephotography #cookiecute

Hey dear friends, I hope you have a blessed and wonderful Passover and Easter! Here at StoneGable, we were so blessed by our church service and the day! Are you ready for a delicious week! Here’s what’s on the menu…

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Let’s eat!


I’m starting my week off with an easy and nutritional meal. We love salmon here at StoneGable. And grilling season has started here too, no matter what the weather is outside. This week snow is in the forecast for our area. If you are having glorious spring weather can you send it my way?




What to do with that leftover ham from Easter? The Country Cook has a great recipe try! This looks so delicious and rich and mouthwatering! Of course, I’ll be picking out the peas!



I love recipes that have step-by-step image and directions.  Wow, this recipe from I Breathe I’m Hungry (me too!) looks so good and it’s really easy! YUM!



Buzy days call for a plan! I’ll be chopping the peppers and onions the night before so I get a jump start on the next day. One thing I will not skip is browning the sausage and the other ingredients before they go in the slow cooker. And you shouldn’t either! Don’t dump and go… flavor is added when you take the time to brown meat and veggies. As my girl, Anne Burrell says, “brown food tastes good”!

We will be eating this sans rolls and cheese. This yummy dish will go in a soup bowl. 



I adore this foodie site! Seasons and Supper is a feast for the eyes and the tummy. Jennifer is rock star in the culinary blog world. 

Pork loin is like chicken. If it is not cooked properly it is tasteless and rubbery. I prefer to cut it into medallions and pan cook it. This recipe is pork perfection!




I think ramen is a miracle ingredient. It’s so so cheap and can be added to food to “bulk it up””. The Rustic Willow‘s ramen recipes look amazing. I’m adding extra veggies to this recipe like red peppers and more mushrooms to suit my family’s palate!

Gotta love a recipe that you can tailor to your own’s taste! 



My family loves the flavor of chicken thighs. And this easy recipe is a family classic. So today I’m making it for a family dinner. You can use any chicken parts you like just adjust the cooking time so all the chicken is cooked through.



OH MY GOODNESS! I almost forgot about these stellar cookies! They are so easy to make and Pansy Shortbread Cookies are a showstopper! Seriously, they are a must make if you like to bake! Perfect for spring!


Hope you have a scrumptious week! xo


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ON THE MENU WEEK OF APRIL 2ND- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes waiting for you! #cookierecipes #cookieshortbread #cookieholiday #cookiespring #cookieeaster #cookie #cookiephotography #cookiecute

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  1. Great menu once again!! The salmon sounds wonderful ! The shortbread pansy cookies are beautiful!! Thank you so much for great menu ideas!

  2. Totally agree with you about pork tenderloin. The recipe posted sounds wonderful so it will get a try out this week. If it is as good as it looks then it will get a repeat next week for company. Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours was.

  3. Another week of great recipes!!! I can’t wait to try the Ham Fettuccini Bake with my leftover ham.

  4. Your blog is so beautiful and calming. Love the menus. I won’t be cooking much this week due to the fact that half my family is gone to Disney for a school trip, so lots of leftovers this week. I will definitely try some of these soon!

  5. Yvonne,
    We tried the Firecracker Grilled Salmon last evening and it got rave reviews from the “grill master” husband so that one is a winner. And it’s part of our healthy eating routine! Thanks for the yummy recipes! We make it a point to try 2 new recipes a week to stay out of the recipe rut!
    Hugs, Carol

  6. I am becoming a vignette crazy woman!! Nothing is safe( or sacred for that matter). I just call one of my hunting friends to get antlers. I plan to bleach some. Love your blog.

  7. Just called a hunter friend to get some antlers to bleach. He said I can have as many as I want. Silly man ! Lol