Oh, yum! This week’s menu is lip smakin’ good! I’ve scoured the internet for dinner recipes that are easy to make and oh so delicious! What are you having for dinner this week?

Just an FYI… I’m not celebrating Valentines Day on Valentines Day. I don’t like to go to a restaurant on THE day. Valentine’s Day is NOTORIOUS for being a big, BIG day at any restaurant and often the idea is to get as many people in and out as possible to make big bucks. That means the quality etc is not at its best!

All those Prix Fix menus are the tell tale sign of an easy way for a restaurant to get food out fast and maybe not pay as much attention to really great food!

So Bobby usually surprises me and takes me to a special dinner after Valentine’s Day!


Monday’s are probably my hardest day when it comes to cooking! My days are full and so so busy that’s why I look for an easy meal to make. But I don’t want to scrimp on flavor. I adore the flavors in today’s recipes! Thanks, DAILY COOKING RECIPES!


I love fish tacos and they are easy to make! I’ll be adding a small portion of beans and rice to the tacos. Thanks for the great recipe, NOSHTASTIC!


I’m so excited to make this recipe! I love using flank and skirt steak. This recipe is great for a weeknight but certainly company worthy! Thanks, CHEF SAVVY!


When my Nani’s chicken noodle soup is not stocked up in the freezer I make lots more. As I’m writing this, the soup is on the stove! There are a few easy things you can do to make THE BEST chicken noodle soup. I’m dishing up my grandmother’s recipe with her soup secrets!

If you make one thing this week Nani’s Chicken Noodle Soup should be it!


Salmon is a weekly star on our menu. And I’ve made salmon sooo many ways! Tonight’s salmon is paired with oranges. Oh, how delicious! Thanks, Oh Sweet Basil!


Okay, sometimes I read a recipe and KNOW it is going to be a simple but favorite recipe of mine. What could be better than biscuits pieces rolled in enchilada sauce mixed with chicken or ground beef ( I’ll make them in taco sauce) cheese and more! Leftovers sound even better! Thanks, BUN IN MY OVEN!



When I have leftover chicken in the frig and puff pastry in my freezer this family favorite is a must make. Such a fabulous take on a classic dish! Perfect done in single serve bowls!


I may not be celebrating Valentine’s Day on THE DAY but we will be eating this ah-mazing chocolate dessert. Isn’t this a day to eat dessert first… chocolate dessert! Oh, and this dessert is so so easy!


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  1. Janet Hurlbrink says:

    Yvonne, I think you meant to say orange salmon, not orange chicken, although the link does work for the salmon.
    P.S. I miss you you on DTT.

  2. That chicken looks a lot like….salmon! Yikes!?

  3. Bettyanne McGlinchey says:

    So glad for your encouragement to help me lose weight. Just started today and the WW looks great. Glad you have healed and look forward to encouraging you as well on losing weight. Love your website. Your devotions are a blessing

  4. Broccoli and Beef…….good but very, very salty!