ON THE MENU WEEK OF JAN 15- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes! I'll do the work for you!

We live in a four season area! So that means I not only cook what’s in season but I also cook a little differently in summer, fall, winter and spring. Now that winter is in full swing here I’m apt to cook more roasts and stews and soups. Warm hearty and comforting foods are my favorites in the winter. And my family loves them too! If you cook one thing this week why don’t you try Sunday’s pot roast? It’s a keeper!


Here’s my yummy menu plan…


There is nothing quite like a scrumptious pot roast in the oven on a snowy day. We are to get some messy weather Saturday into Sunday.

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JAN 15- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes! I'll do the work for you!



You don’t have to give up delicious grilled food just because it is not grilling weather outdoors. I use my cast iron grill and it leaves those great grill marks and charrs food beautifully!

Try the parmesan flan for a delightfully different side dish.

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JANUARY 15- A week's worth of scrumptious dishes. I'll do all the planning for you!


 My French Oasis is a blog I could get lost in. Susan spins the most glorious stories of French living in Charente Maritime in South West France. I highly recommend it! It’s such a treat.


ON THE MENU WEEK OF JANUARY 15- A week's worth of scrumptious dishes. I'll do all the planning for you!


  • TARTIFLETTE– A beautiful one dish French dish
  • Roasted Broccoli


My very favorite food is Tex Mex. I love chili and cumin and all those delicious Mexican inspired flavors. I make a big double or triple pot of soup and freeze it for lunches. YUM!


If you are looking for a healthy and tasty main dish this is it for sure. 

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JANUARY 15- A week's worth of scrumptious dishes. I'll do all the planning for you!



One of the hardest working appliances in my kitchen is my slow cooker. Today’s main dish is new to me and I think it will be delicious made in a slow cooker!

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JANUARY 15- A week's worth of scrumptious dishes. I'll do all the planning for you!


How about you… do you have a delicious winter recipe you would like to share? Share it here!


You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

ON THE MENU WEEK OF JAN 15- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes! I'll do the work for you!

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  1. Mary Chris says:

    The recipes look great. Not impresses with all the ads in between.

  2. Everything sounds delightful! I have started making weekly menu again, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Easty Lambert-Brown says:

    This all looks good! Where to start!

  4. Looking forward to making the Zucchini Boats.

    Mary Chris…..Can you turn on the ad blocker on your computer? You will not have these ads pop up on any site.

  5. Thanks for the cooking inspiration. Will start my weekly menu now.

  6. Carol Elkins says:

    All of your recipes sound delicious!

  7. Timber Chinn says:

    I love your weekly menus, thanks for bringing them back!

  8. Victoria Schwalbe says:

    Love reading your menus…….great inspiration. We live in 4 season territory too. but my Denny grills all year just not as much.

  9. The tartiflette sounds delicious. I’m going to try that one and follow her blog, too. Question about the Parmesan Flan. Can you use a different cheese with more flavour? And, what would you suggest?

  10. Everything sounds delicious!

  11. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Wow that picture of the pot roast looks so yummy!

  12. Yvonne, When you asked some time ago what your readers wanted on your blog, I answered with the request of weekly menus. I so appreciate your fulfilling this request from me and many others. It is a great encouragement when I set down to make my own menu plan. I’ve used many of your recipes and my family always enjoys them to the max. You are quite the homemaker!

  13. Pot roast looks great! I’ve never made a tartlifette before! Looks good.

  14. Kerry Huizinga says:

    I’ll have to try a few of these recipes! Thanks for sharing ???

  15. That Sunday roast sounds delicious! Real comfort food.

  16. They all sound and look yummy. Thanks for offering the weekly menus and recipes again. I really enjoy reading them and trying some, and those I have tried have been delicious!

  17. June Gerstner says:

    Actually, Yvonne, I’m making your slow cooker short ribs for dinner tomorrow. They’re already defrosting! Yum, can’t wait!

  18. All those recipes sound relish!

  19. Thanks for the recipes. I will try some of them.

  20. Patty Soriano says:

    LOVE me soups and stews when it gets cold….problem is, here in central Texas that doesn’t happen all that often. Hopefully we will see some lower temps this coming week. But the pot roast could be a regular dinner. It looks SO good! Unfortunately, there’s just the two of us and we usually can’t find a roast small enough. Guess we could freeze half. I think it’s time to make one ! Thanks for the hint!

  21. I have never done a zucchini boat; but your post (and picture – oh my goodness) makes it look not only good, but really pretty simple! Thanks so much for sharing these recipes; I always look forward to them!

  22. Mildred Hoppe says:

    The chicken marsala sounds easy and delicious!

  23. Unable able to have it for Sunday . . . because we had it Friday evening, but the good news (my husband is the cook in our home) is that he is going to use the left overs for a homemade soup this evening with some sourdough bread. Can’t wait.

  24. I think you introduced us to Susan’s My French Oasis blog at one time. Her original stories are excellent. What an amazing writer. As many others have commented, I am so glad to see your recipes in your blog once again.

  25. Everything looks so yummy.Yvonne,you are very ambitious
    with your meals.I am not that talented in the kitchen !

  26. Linda Kemp says:

    Thank you for restoring the weekly meal plans.

  27. I so wish my family of men were not so stinking picky. These look delicious!

  28. Teresa Alexander says:

    Nothing like a pot roast! Yum!

  29. I really want to try the Tartiflette … just have to figure out the kilo, g and ml! Thanks for sharing this … makes me hungry NOW!

  30. I love all your recipes and your decorating ideas. Can’t wait to open my email to review.

  31. Thanks for inspiring me! I have started meal planning again. I have tried several of your recipes and really like your soup recipes. I am even making a sweater winter wreath. I enjoy your daily posts!

  32. Anne Marie says:

    Sounds like good eating!

  33. That salmon sounds delicious. I make your pot roast all the time and my family just loves it. It’s really good this time of year when we eat a little heartier.

  34. I am looking forward to trying your recipes. I am from the south and I have found a good pot roast on Pinterest called Mississippi Pot Roast. It is very good and also cooked in the slowcooker.

  35. Your menus are always awesome!

  36. Lisa Gabriel says:

    The Parmesan flan look very intriguing! How are you able to cook while recovering from your ankle injury?

  37. Parmesan flan sounds interesting (and everything looks delicious). Updating grocery list….