ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!

HAPPY APRIL! I love this month. It’s the time that the Bradford Pears come out to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Almost every year in this area the Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom for Jacqueline’s birthday.  So when she was little I told her those trees bloomed for her birthday. So fun! It’s also my son Christopher and darling daughter-in-law’s wedding anniversary and Bobby and mine too! What a great celebratory month. It’s also the beginning of farm to fork eating in my area! YUM! Here’s what’s ON THE MENU this week

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Upcoming this week on our podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS we will be talking about USING SALVAGE IN DECOR, LISTENER’S QUESTIONS (so fun!) and CONTAINER GARDENS.

Our current podcast is PILLOWS!!!! Who doesn’t love pillows? You can listen to the pillow podcast below…

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Now for this week’s menu…


YUM! I love bar-b-que and Mexican! A perfect mash up! The kids are home this weekend and that means I get to play with my little grandson Anderson! So I’m making an easy-peasy dinner… and baby food! No pork tostadas buddy. Sorry!


I have a big blogging work week so I need to stay organized and very very focused! All my recipes are pretty easy to make and of course, have to be delicious. 


Ceasar salad is a staple around StoneGable. I make a big batch of homemade Ceasar dressing in the blender and freeze it in ice cube trays. Don’t buy bottled when you can make the best Ceasar you will ever eat! And don’t leave out the anchovies in the the dressing.

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


I’m always on the lookout for fabulous recipes and foodie blogs! Here’s one that makes me weak in the knees! You gotta check out The Mediterranean  Dish! I love Mediterranean food and this greek spinach and feta pie is on the top of my list!

That flaky, delicious “crust” is made with phyllo. And let’s demystify it right now… phyllo is so easy to work with! And there really is no substitute for it!

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


This recipe makes my heart flutter! Oh, I love my perfect pot roast. And if you try one thing this week, this is it! You will thank me. You are welcome!

Thursday’s are the day’s I plan for the menus the following week. I LOVE perusing recipes and planning menus!  I’m a foodie at heart!

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


This week’s soup is a real winner. I love a great fish chowder. Yummy white fish, cream, potatoes, onions and herbs. They combine to make the best dinner. I’ll garnish this recipe with chives fresh from my garden!

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!


The weather has been so wintery here that I have not been able to dig in my garden yet. Well, it’s not going to be warm but the weather will be “passable”. So today I’m planting tender salad greens, spinach, and swiss chard. Chives and sage are coming alive in the herb garden. I’m always amazed to see those little chive plants coming up through the ground no matter how nasty the weather is!

Now, this is a fun day!

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!



My very very favorite cookies are these scrumptious sugar cookies. I can make them in a roll and freeze them and then cut them to make freshly baked sweet treats!


You will see this recipe ON THE MENU from now until late summer. Oh, this is such a great breakfast, especially when the kids come home.

ON THE MENU APRIL 2ND- A week's worth of scrumptious recipes!



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  1. Everything sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. On The Menu is my favorite part of your blog.

  3. Everything looks so yummy and nutritious. Hope to try something new. Thanks.

  4. I love to check out your weekly menu and have printed a couple of new (to me) recipes to try. Thank You!!!

  5. What a great week of recipes!

  6. Shelley Anderson says:

    Yum Yum, I’m going to try your pot roast this week. Thanks Yvonne!

  7. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Yvonne Happy April to you too. First let me say Happy Anniversary to your son and daughter-in-law may they have many many years of happiness and love. Also Happy B. to your daughter wishing her all the best. I just finished doing your DIY torn napkin Easter eggs and they came out lovely. Will definitely do the cabbage dye eggs also.Your recipes sound delish.especially your coleslaw.It’s been raining here all day [ Corfu] and will continue to rain through out the week. But I have all of your lovely posts to read and look at plus listen to postcast to make my day’s sunny. Have a wonderful week…..

  8. I tried to enter this on the “Contact Me” page, but it would not allow me to, I am not a blogger and do not have a webpage and I think the security of your site did not like that. Anyway, I am having trouble with your recipe links. I am new to your site. But when I click the links it brings up a ‘Skim Links’ page…

    1. Hi Amy, first of all WELCOME to the StoneGable family. And thanks for letting me know about the links. I’ll look into them.

  9. Linda Marsh says:

    Oh how I wish God would have given me the love and talent for cooking 🙂 since I don’t have that, I love reading your menus. They sound and look so yummy! April is my favorite month too! Happy Anniversarys and birthday to your family.
    Linda Marsh
    Ocala, Fla

  10. Did your sister ever give you permission to share her recipe for salmon? I have a granddaughter who only eats fish versus meat. Just wondering if I missed the recipe. Thank you.