Finally, it’s just about time to makeover my master bedroom. It’s been decades since this room has gotten the even the tiniest bit of facelift love! So this fall Bobby and I will be working hard to have a lovely sanctuary of a master bedroom! Not only will the master bedroom be getting made over from the flooring up but so will the sitting room that is open to the bedroom. Here’s what we are planning…

Today’s Decorating Tips And Tricks episode is about STYLING A HUTCH IN FRESH WAYS! Wow, this is for all of us who own a hutch! We are talking to YOU!!!! We have tons of ideas today!!!! And we had so much fun too! Come on over and laugh and learn right along with us!

You can listen below:

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Okay! Here is the mood board for my master bedroom… and an idea of what I hope my bedroom will eventually look like!



starburst mirror  ||  padded headboard  ||  gold lamps  ||  night stands  ||  gray pillows  ||  yellow lumbar pillow  ||  raw silk woven bedskirt  || quilted bedding  ||  Fioravanti Settee  ||  gilded mirror  ||  spindle lamps  ||  succulent  ||  double dresser  ||  garden stool  ||  rug  ||

Here is how the bedroom and sitting room are laid out. This is NOT to scale, but it will give you a good idea of the configuration.


I put the bed in the room because I have tried it on every wall and this is the best place for it.  The rooms are a good size and can handle some larger furniture.

I want our master bedroom and sitting room to be a calm sanctuary and a place Bobby and I can spend our evenings.  

The sitting room will have a sofa, coffee table, and two chairs as well as a sofa table behind the sofa with lamps.  A tv in bookshelves will sit on the wall on the left side of the room. And I’ll probably add a floor lamp for more light.

We already have the sofa, chairs, and tv and I’ve started to look for the other elements as well as a rug for the sitting room.

Now, back to the bedroom….

This month we are having hardwood floors installed in the bedroom and sitting room to match the rest of the house. Thank goodness I’ll be getting rid of the 27 boxes of hardwood flooring I’ve been living with for almost a year!

The walls will be painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I LOVE this pretty soft white!

I’m picking a soft neutral linen to make drapes for the room. And we are having custom blinds installed.

I was originally going to repaint my mahogany rice carved bed but I am still in an air cast (yes, it has been 8 months now… hopefully only 4 more weeks to go) and it’s a little hard to move around! So for now, a big painting project like a bed is out!

I did find a very beautiful padded headboard in a nubby neutral fabric. I love its tucks and covered buttons! And it’s rather tall, another big plus!  Did I mention it was so inexpensive!!!! Yes, it was! I love a great piece of furniture at a bargain! 

You can see it HERE.

I’ve made a starburst mirror to go over the bed. Sorta like the one below. It was my inspiration! This mirror is gorgeous. You can see my version next week.

You can see this beautiful mirror HERE.

The inspiration for the colors in the master bedroom came from this stunning Italian Revival Fioravanti Upholstered settee from Soft Surroundings. This fabric makes me weak in the knees! Isn’t it wonderful to find a fabric you love? I hope I can get a few yards of it to make pillows for the bed!

I featured the settee in a guest room refresh a couple months ago but I am moving it to the master bedroom.

You can find this settee HERE.

Here is a closer look at this fabric and detail…

The colors I’ll use in the room will come from this glorious fabric! 

I have lots more to share but I’ll save that for another day!

Do you have a room you want to makeover? Try making a mood board. It’s so so fun and can help you visualize your beautiful room!

Now I’m looking for a big armoire to paint! YIKES! Another painting project! Didn’t I just say I was not doing a big painting project? Hmmm… Can’t keep a good woman down!

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  1. Karen VanLoo says:

    How beautiful, this is going to be a beautiful room! If I could change one thing about my home, it would be a larger master bedroom. It should be a sanctuary! I can’t wait to see the final result. I love the colors, soft and serene. Classic!

  2. Christi {Jealous Hands} says:

    It will be lovely! Can’t wait to watch it come together!

  3. I’m loving the look so far. The settee is gorgeous and I love the natural headboard. I can’t believe how spacious your bedroom is!

  4. Darla Shusta says:

    Tell us more about the wood floor you are installing.

    1. Hi Darla,

      It is the same hardwood that we have in the rest of our home. It’s from Casa De Colour and the color is Gunstock Oak. It looks more like a chestnut. Hope this helps.

  5. Love your plans Yvonne!!!….After many years of fine cherry furniture in my room, I am taking the plunge and moving it to another room and totally redecorating mine. Can’t wait to see the results of yours and BTW. totally enjoyed your podcast on hutches!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

    1. You sweet friend!!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with your bedroom. Everything you touch is beautiful!

  6. Yvonne, your mood board is lovely, and I can tell you practice what your preach…”mix high and low end pieces; add texture, texture, texture; shop for bargains; classic décor is ALWAYS perfect; keep trendy pieces to a minimum, etc.!” The upholstered headboard is a great bargain, so go for the look, but PLEASE hang on to your CLASSIC rice carved bed for later use. You won’t be sorry…I have seen fabric headboards come and go.

    Off to listen to the podcast…

    1. Hi Bunny! The rice carved bed is not going out of this house! It will probably get painted at some point and put back into our bedroom. Maybe the headboard will go in another guest room. Thanks for the great advice!

  7. I love the settee fabric! I think it is going to look absolutely stunning in your remade room!

  8. Linda DeFazio says:

    I have been wanting to re-do my bedroom. I am going to gather some pictures. Love your post!

  9. Among The Treasures says:

    My bedroom is a similar color palette. I am repainting some furniture pieces black to tone down the gold-ish walls that should have been sandy taupe. :-/ Keep up the great works! Always inspirational!

  10. nancy mcneill says:

    Love this post. i am in the process of changing my bedroom furniture after 30 years of marriage. think i deserve it. the fabric of the chair is beautiful.

  11. Can you explain how to make a mood Board? I’ve always gatheredo photos, but don’t know how to put them all together digitally

  12. This post brought a smile to my face. Why? I have learned so much from you. Last year we completed our master bed/bath make over and your mood board is very close to my design (I even have the same pillow shams and comforter). I smile every time I walk into our bedroom. I love the fabric that is your color inspiration. Good day to you, Yvonne.

  13. My favorite rooms have always been those that I’ve built around a beautiful fabric. A great fabric makes it easy to select a paint color and accent colors for the room.

  14. I love the settee you will be moving into your bedroom. I like the colors, too – very calming. I can tell it will be a grand sanctuary.

  15. You make it look so easy. Cannot wait to see the finished product. Exquisite taste.

  16. Your mood (dream) board is beautiful. I would love for you to do a post on how to create a mood board. Thank you!

    1. Carol in PA says:

      I agree. I’ve read instructions for how to create a mood board, but they weren’t helpful to me. Yvonne is articulate and conveys her messages in a better way

  17. Love your board for the master remodel! Classic and calming!

  18. Your bedroom will be beautiful. I have a similar color palette and a neutral colored padded headboard. I really want to try to make a starburst mirror like you did. I am so inspired!

  19. Carol in PA says:

    I love, love, love your plans for the Master Bedroom redo! I’ve saved the mood board and furniture arrangement on Pinterest so I can refer to them when I redo my bedroom. You are my favorite blogger and stylist.

    Have you ever considered writing a blog or article about styling of clothing? Fashion is clothes you buy, but how you wear them is your style. I think you have a lot to offer other women in this area.

    Warm regards always,
    Carol in NE PA

  20. I love the colors for your new bedroom sanctuary! My husband and I have downsized in late summer and love our new little cottage! That means – free to decorate rooms again! Yippee! What are your favorite antique haunts? In our master bedroom, we decided to replace our old king- sized mattress with a new automatic reclining king-sized mattress. That meant we had to sell our king-sized sleigh bed. Now I’m left with no headboard and/or footboard. I would like a headboard and have so many ideas — do I go with an old door, old lumber on the wall from corner to corner, so I can incorporate nightstands on either side as well or an upholstered headboard? We have individual nightstands now that don’t match (not that it matters), but am tired of them. Any suggestions? Also like your idea of a settee in the bedroom. I currently have a chair, but would have plenty of room for a settee. It would also help when dressing as well.

  21. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Yvonne, I can’t wait to see the reveal! Oh my goodness that settee is to die for!!! And the headboard is incredible! Please post pics soon!


  22. I too love “simply white” paint. I just painted my kitchen cupboards and think it is such a great white. First saw it on the sample of all whites on the pamphlet and it just glowed on the page. Love your plans for the bedroom.

  23. Love the mood board idea and certainly going attempt to use for my next redo. If you have more details as to the technology of structuring the board, would love to see them. Can’t wait to see the final results of your bedroom.

  24. I’m with you… that settee fabric is FAB-U-LOUS!! You can go in so many decorating directions with it!! Can’t wait to see your finished product and I’m SOOOO hoping you will keep us abreast.
    Praying for you to be 100% soon.

  25. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Yvonne, I adore your settee! I have loved it for a long time and wanted to order, but the price was scarring me away. Just found it ON SALE and have ordered ! I am so excited! It will work in both my living room and bedroom, so that was a major fact in my loving it, and ordering, as well! Thanks for your great posts and sharing this lovely piece of furniture!

    1. Sandi, where do you find it? I’ve been looking for the fabric everywhere.

      1. Sandra Stankowski says:

        Hi again, Yvonne. I bought the settee from Soft Surroundings. Maybe you are misunderstanding me and thinking I found the fabric? I ordered the settee in “mineral” because I love the fabric!
        If I ever find the fabric, I will let you know. It is beautiful. Since the settee was made in Italy, you would probably have to search fabric outlets in that country. This would be my guess.

  26. Your mood board is stunning! Have you shared the finish product? I am considering the pom pom quilt from Ballard Designs and would appreciate any thoughts you might have about the quilt.

  27. lindsey Cartes says:

    Hi there,
    I must know where you got your dust ruffle/bed skirt! Please!