Do you make your bed? Every day?   If you did various studies have shown that you are more likely to be happier, get a better night’s sleep, be more productive, have a better sense of well-being and stick to a budget better than your non-bed-making counterparts! Yes, it’s true! So kudos to you my bed-making friends! Scientists and psychologists may be able to tell us the benefits of making a bed, but I have some reasons of my own. So, today’s PRACTICALLY SPEAKING is all about why I make my bed every morning…

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Today we are in one of my guest rooms. And I’m showing off a little early fall decor.




For all of Bobby’s countless wonderful and amazing qualities, the ability to make a bed is not one of them. If our bed was up to him, we would probably sleep in sleeping bags on the top of a bare mattress! He is decoratively challenged and very very practical (thank heaven he has me)! And nothing… not even things like not using the “decorative show towels” or putting shoes away even if you are going to put them on the nex day… makes less sense to him than making a bed!

But he is soooooo amazing in a zillion other ways!



If my bed is unmade the rest of my room looks messy and unkept. No matter how beautiful a bedroom is, if the bed us unmade all people usually see is the unmade bed.  And I’m one of those people!

I have taken time and spent money to have nice bed linens so why do I want them to look like a jumbled mess!



There is something alluring and soothing about pulling down those covers and climbing into a pretty made bed at night. It’s restful! I love that the corners are tucked in tightly so I can kick them out as I settle in! 

Getting into an unmade bed and trying to sort out the covers is not my idea of starting a peaceful night’s sleep!



My mother was and is a gifted homekeeper! I wish I had her love of cleaning and organizing, but alas, that is a gene I did not get from her. Add to that my father’s 23-year career in the military! We had a house that ran like a well-oiled machine!  My father’s motto was “Don’t do anything halfway (her really used a much saucer military term)”. I cleaned up the military phrase a little, but you know what I mean! 

As children, my sister, brothers and I would make our beds every day! No excuses! No passes! We changed our sheets once a week too. Day after day, week after week, year after year! It was ingrained in us. 

I am very thankful to my Mom and Daddy for creating this habit in us!


I have a little routine in the morning. Get up, brush teeth, go downstairs, have coffee, do devotions, go upstairs and make the bed. I would probably turn right around after I get up and make the bed but my physical husband says that the bed should air out a bit. Compromise!

Making the bed is the first “chore” I can check off my list every day! And gives me a sense of accomplishment!



Clutter can invade my home if I’m not careful! And I can’t function or work well surrounded by it! So making my bed is my way of saying, “No clutter allowed!” 




For me making my bed is more of a discipline than a habit. I don’t do it just because I should do it. I make my bed because of the discipline of making it has a great payoff! 

Good habits add up and making good choices to develop good habits is the key! So MAKE YOUR BED!


See, making your bed each every morning is a much bigger deal than you probably thought!

Here’s a snippet of a video that is so worth watching! And such a great reason to make your bed every morning!


Now, how about you? Do you make your bed every morning? If not, has this post changed your mind? And, what good habit do you do daily that helps your life in some way? Share it here with us!

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  1. Yes!!! I make my bed everyday! I ,too, love the feeling of climbing into taut sheets! Can’t stand trying to get into a rumpled up mess of a bed if it isn’t made!
    Changing sheets weekly is something I’ve always done. I love how clean and crisp they feel not all stretched out like sheets feel after being on the bed longer than a week. If I were a rich woman and had daily house help the one luxury I’d indulge in would be to require fresh sheets… everyday ! But alas I’m not rich and do not want to wash my sheets daily. So a weekly change it is!

  2. Barbara Kemp says:

    Thank you for your timely post about habits, order and routine. I think back to my life as a youngster and it was much the same as yours. Chores were expected and carried out daily without fuss. I have also noticed, my children are becoming more orderly as they manage their households. A beautiful site to behold.

    A dear friends has cleaned homes for over twenty years. She states, as you do, a made bed always makes the bedroom more orderly. And yes, of course, washing the bed linens weekly is a must.

  3. I agree with your husband. I like to air my bed before remaking.

  4. I share your thoughts about making the bed every day,keeps the house looking neat and tidy. You don’t even notice the dust on the furniture you didn’t have a chance to get to !

  5. Joanne B. says:

    I am on TEAM BED EVERY DAY! When I was woking nights as an R.N. I used to come home as my husband was getting out of bed and starting his day. I would make the bed every morning before getting back in! Now I didn’t do the whole thing, like comforter and throw pillows, etc. but smoothing the sheets and pulling and tucking them tight was the best part! I always said if I ever won the lottery (fat chance since I don’t play) it would be my total indulgence to have someone come in and change my bed with fresh sheets EVERY DAY for me! To this day I make my bed everyday and I’m with you- no day is off to a good start without a well made bed! I also indulge myself by ironing my pillowcases and the top of my top sheet after I lauder them when changing the bedsheets. I may never win the lottery and that’s okay because there’s nothing like that “Aaahhh” getting into a fresh bed that first night after laundry day!

  6. I think that we are sisters from another mister. I could have totally written this post! I make my bed every day and wash my sheets once a week. I do make it right after I go to the bathroom when I get up! I used to make it after I had coffee and my quiet time, but I started making it earlier some time ago because I can see my bedroom from my kitchen and I couldn’t tolerate looking at the unmade bed! I reckon the airing out has only a couple of minutes before I complete the task lol. I absolutely cannot stand getting into a bed that hasn’t been made, so I totally get that. I have actually read that book that goes with the video and recommend it if you get the chance.

  7. I make my bed almost every day when my feet hit the floor. I have lots of pillows on my bed. At night I put them on the chair I use every morning while doing my hair and makeup. I have to move them to use the chair and it only takes minutes to make up the bed. Sometimes on Saturdays I don’t immediately make the bed, because that is the day I change the sheets. Sometimes I will wash and put back on the same set.

  8. For most of my life I rarely made my bed. Why bother? Several years ago I read difference between people who made their bed every day and those who didn’t. As a busy, broke homeschooling mom of many kids in a chaotic house I figured it was an easy and free thing to test.

    Years later I can attest that there is something to it. Life is still crazy beyond belief (more kids and an even busier schedule) but I accomplish more around the house than I used to.

    I initially wondered if it was just that disciplined productive people tended to make their beds, now I think the act itself affects behavior.

  9. Cindy@countyroad407 says:

    I totally agree and make our bed everyday as well. I feel as if something is missing of off if I don’t. It’s like I forgot to brush my teeth. I’ve tried to instill this in my all grown kids and none of them do it unless someone is visiting. Ugh. Thankfully they at least wash their sheets weekly.

  10. Leandra Snow says:

    When I was a kid, my Dad would tell me that if I didn’t make my bed in the morning and just got back into it in the evening, I really hadn’t accomplished much! I still make my bed every morning and sometimes hear my Dad’s voice encouraging me.

  11. Marie Batson says:

    I too make my bed every day and if I don’t I feel I have neglected an important but quick first task of the day. I have friends and family who never make their beds and to me it really does take away from the beauty and the calm, serenity of the bedroom. Like you, my mother ingrained this tidy habit quite early in the lives of me and my sisters. My current bedroom is right off the living room so if the door is ajar any visitors can see right in and I like to show off my lovely decor and bed linens.