I have a decorating dilemma and I thought you might have this same issue too. I have a fabulous painting done by a local DC artist called Paris On The Seine. I love it so much I used the colors in it as inspiration to decorate my living room. Like I often do, I wanted to move some things around in my living room and that included the painting. Its new home is now over my sofa. HOWEVER, the image looked rather small when it was hung.  But it also brought some beautiful life to that area of my living room! So let’s talk about what to do when a piece of art is too small for an area and how to make it look bigger!


HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

The painting lived above the Curlacue chest for a few years, but I replaced it with a chippy white mirror.

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

I wanted to keep the painting in the living room so I traded out a gilded mirror and hung the painting above the sofa.

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

The painting was just a little squat for the wall… I love big pieces of art. So to give it more visual weight and some much needed height t I added white ironstone plates to the top of it. The white ironstone works with my decor and doesn’t interfere with my neutral color scheme. The plates “stretch” the painting’s height and draw the eye up.

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

I’m living with just the two plates until the weekend to see how I feel about them. But I’m thinking about adding more white ironstone to look like this…

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

What do you think?

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

Here’s how to make wall art look bigger if it is really a little too small…

  • surround it with other art
  • fill up the area with plates
  • put small mirrors on the wall around the art
  • hang sconces or lanterns beside it
  • paint a larger “frame” on the wall using a coordinating paint color and hand the painting in it
  • Add a large, empty frame and put a painting in it
  • hang a painting from big and interesting hardware

What are some ways you would make a painting or wall art look bigger? Please share!

HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

You can see the painting HERE

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HOW TO MAKE A SMALL PIECE OF ART LOOK BIGGER- Here are some easy fixes and tips for creating a beautiful wall gallery centered around a piece of art

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  1. Extending the picture does make a difference. Perhaps just add once piece at the bottom. I just feel with all of the wonderful pillows more would be too much. Looking forward to your decision.

  2. I can see that with your circle top windows you needed more height in the space. I think you achieved it with the two plates and love it just as it is. I’m sure whatever you decide in the end it will look beautiful!

  3. What a great idea . I do not think I’d put the smaller one under the picture however because when tall people sit on the couch, undoubtedly without the pillows on the couch, they would hit their head. All the guys in my home are over six foot and I just know they would hit it. Love the painting, it’s beautiful! I look forward to your messages everyday.

  4. I so admire this art piece, perfect for back center sofa with the two ironstone pieces. I love the open wall showing the curves of the windows and a little separation from the sofa. I think you are done!

  5. Thank you for this great tip. I look forward to your emails daily, and always find something relevant to my needs.

  6. I like the idea of adding 2 round plates at the top which echo the round top of the windows. Leave off the bottom addition…don’t think it is needed. That painting is fabulous.

  7. You have such great decor ideas that I am sure your final decision will be just “mahvalous dahling” ! ;o)

  8. You have a beautiful room framed by beautiful windows! My opinion is “less is more”. The painting stands on it’s own. It gives color to an otherwise neutral wall. I would like to see an architectural piece above it to carry the weight of the windows on each side and keeping with the neutral colors in your living room.

  9. LOVE the ways you’re always re-inventing your décor. What are your suggestions for “patching” or touching up areas where nails have previously been used for hangings. I have plaster walls (nightmare!). Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Paulette, I am notorious for putting holes in my walls! I use a nail hole filler, let it dry, sand it and touch it up with a little paint. Easy, but I don’t have plaster. You might want to google how to do that.

  10. Personally, I like it the way it is. Is it true that the rule of thumb is, groupings in odd numbers never even?

  11. Yvonne love not only the painting above the sofa but also the mirror above the little chest in your livingroom. Thanks for todays post, I also move my art around in my house. Have a great day!

  12. Great ideas. Also can add sconces on either side of the wall art. I really like the plates above to expand the space.

  13. I have always loved that picture from the first time I saw it on your blog. I’ve been to France quite a few times and that picture just brings wonderful memories back to me. I love that you moved it because before the lamp and some of the other things covered it. Now it shines on its own. We are in the midst of purchasing a new sectional. Pretty much the same color that you have. And your blog has given me so much inspiration for my family room. Thanks so much.

  14. My Goodness…I wish I had the gift of making a home look beautiful as you !
    I think it would look lovely, either way .

  15. My personal opinion is that this is enough. Adding more, I feel, would take too much focus off the piece of art.

  16. Like you, I really like your painting and feel it shows up so much better over your couch. The two plates are plenty, I agree with Tracey, any more would detract from the impact of this great piece.
    I have extended a picture in my home by cutting a frame from molding pieces. This frame is about two inches larger than the picture it frames. The wall color shows inside the frame and then the picture sets in the center. I am very pleased with the result and receive numerous compliments on this painting. Most people think the entire painting is that large.

  17. I like the way it looks now. The added piece on the bottom is close to the sofa and guests might bump into it. The piece of art is beautiful and looks great with the pillows and the added plates on top add more length to the space.

  18. I like it just the way it is. I definitely would not add anything to the bottom.
    Your picture looks so much better here as you can see it entirely now-beautiful!

  19. The current arrangement fills the space nicely. Did like the comment regarding the use of a fleur de lis, how would two smaller white-washed ones work, one on each side of the ironstone platters? I always look forward to your Sunday readings.

  20. Thank you for sharing some great tips and inspiration. I love how the painting shines on its own with little distraction and would choose to keep it with just the two ironstone plates above. Although you have such a great eye for design and balance whatever you decide will be perfect!

  21. I like the idea of adding the two extra round plates. I agree with the others in leaving off the small plate under the painting. Any way you decide will look awesome!!!

  22. I love it, Yvonne!! I think adding the additional ironstone would be a perfect way to make it look more finished. Beautiful room! All that natural light, that is what I crave for my home. Thanks for the tips!!

  23. I love how it is now. I change out art,some pieces with the seasons.
    How do you hang your plates and small platters with out fear of breakage.
    PresentlyI am using the hangers that I wet, and apply after cleaning the back with rubbing alcohol. So far, so good.
    If anyone gets near them , my heart races.
    Really love your blog.

  24. Honestly? I think it looks perfect the way it is. I think that adding the additional plates will make it look too busy. Love the painting above the sofa.

  25. Great ideas! I look forward to seeing what you decide. The ironstone plates are beautiful and don’t detract from the painting. I fell in love with a painting myself recently and it is rather small. I had a mat cut for it and I also chose a chunkier frame and the whole thing looks much bigger than it really is…

  26. Hi Yvonne, I think the round plates would definitely look good. I like how it widens the plate area. Thanks for the idea.

  27. Yes I think you should add the plates top and bottom to make the wall even more of a focal point. Love your aesthetic!

  28. I love the simplicity of what you’ve done. Just enough to move the eye upwards . The painting has enough interest to move the eye from side to side as well as up and down. The wide shot has a lot going on with the coffee table vignette and then all the beautiful pillows -I think the 3 pieces you have on the wall make a nice simple resting place for the eye.

  29. I like it with just the pieces above – I think two more would distract my eye from the painting. Incidentally, I have always admired that painting on you site. Do you know if the artist has done any giclee reproductions?

  30. I have a large wall behind my couch and my living room has many doorways which makes the space very limited, so since I would liked to have had a sofa table behind the couch to try and eliminate extra tables to hold drinks and etc. I took two floating shelves and hung them behind the couch with my art work above that. It serves a purpose and helps to fill up the large wall. I like your painting with just the two platters, I too think it would take away from the main show, the painting.

  31. from me the mirror was to big for that spot and I would not have anything above the painting because I think it is big enough all by it’s self.

  32. The plates make a great addition to the picture. I think adding the additional plates would work well.

  33. Maybe bring down picture 1 1/2 – 2″ and then keep plate height same but separate plates slightly. Think it does look really good!

  34. I like your idea and adding the other plates would look good. I actually have the same dilemma in my combination living/dining room and will probably try something similar in there.

  35. I love the way it looks with just 2 pieces above, it complements the painting nicely. Very simplistic, the eye is drawn upward and doesn’t take away from the painting. By adding 2 more pieces of ironstone I think the focus would move to the ironstone instead of the painting. Beautiful as always. I just love it when you can move things around in your house, gives it a whole new look just by using what you have!

  36. Yvonne, definitely needs something underneath. Even a small slim piece of metal or wood. I was graced by my mother in law with a few fun pieces of salvaged iron work, nothing huge, just a little something to hang in a blank space. I think the contrast works, and the same principle would apply for you. I adore your home. And so appreciate that you change it up., keeps us guessing.

  37. Sometimes a room just needs a little face-lift. I like the painting over the sofa with the ironstone and I think the two smaller plates would work well in that grouping. The painting is till the focal point. 🙂

  38. Wow great tip! Looking around my rooms, some art need this help! I’m ok with less is good as you have just the 2 plates! Thanks again! Love love love your blog!

  39. I love it just the way it is! If I added anymore it would be the small rectangular plate under the painting and then only if it wouldn’t be in the way of anyone sitting on the couch.

  40. Personally, I don’t like the plates above the art. I think it looks odd. The painting is very nice however. You have a beautiful home.

  41. Don’t add the 2 small plates. Too symmetrical. Too fussy. I like the subtlety of the ironstone platters. Those are lovely pieces. The painting is extraordinary – works with many styles, great colors &, best of all, meaningful to you.

  42. LOVE that painting and so glad it is now fully visible. “Local” DC artist, are you in the DC areatoo? I love all your easy to mimic tips and have been glad to know I’m not the only one who changes things up and rearranges pieces regularly to keep things interestin 🙂

    1. Hi Karen, we live in the beautiful, bucolic countryside of Lancaster County Pa. (can you tell I love where I live?). My daughter and son-in-law live on Capital Hill in DC and we often visit. We love Eastern Market and found the artist there.

  43. I love it as it is right now – it seems perfectly balanced. I love plates and have been hanging them on my walls for years and years. They fill up empty spaces for very little if you shop from your house, yard sales, and thrift stores. One of my favorite ways that I have them displayed is in my sitting room. I took an old shutter that I found at a yard sale and layered on soft shades of green, white, and pink paint…then I rubbed some off here and there. I hung it vertically on a larger wall (it’s the only thing on the wall). I found three vintage pierced edge milk glass plates at my local thrift store. I threaded some lovely pale ribbons through the holes and hung them on small nails that I hammered onto the shutter.

  44. I like the two platters but would not add the two round plates. Too busy with the windows at that point. As is, it is simple and complete. I, too, would not add to the bottom. During the act of sitting, heads do go back that far before coming to full upright position. If you feel it needs something there, bring the whole grouping down only an inch or so.

  45. In my opinion, leave as is or just add round plates on top. But my real question is how do you keep patching the holes left as you move things around — I’d love to — but all those wall holes!?

  46. I think it looks great. I agree that adding more pieces will detract from the art. I am always switching things around, too!

  47. I had a similar issue with a piece of art that my father did. I love having an artist in the family! I wanted to hang the artwork above my sideboard in the dining room but the art was too small to fill up the space and I didn’t want to reframe the piece with a larger mat and frame. Since there was space on the sideboard, I placed two very large clear glass vases on either side of the artwork and they extend up into the space on either side, filling the space but not distracting from the artwork.

  48. I love the new home. The piece really pops, and it’s lovely. The ironstone is the perfect solution.
    I like just the two pieces, maybe add just the bottom third piece. The two on the side start to feel busy. But, if you add all three, and it pleases your eye, then you’ve accomplished what you needed to.
    All in all, great swapping.

  49. I think you are done!! Sometimes less is more and is this case 3 is a the perfect number of items to fill this space.

  50. Love the new look! It’s amazing how simply moving a piece of art can freshen up a room! And personally, I would leave the grouping as it is – I think the blank spaces speak as art also. I think adding more would be too busy – perhaps taking away a little bit of the calm, relaxed feeling the room has. But ultimately, you have to do what feels right to you! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  51. I enjoy getting your newsletter each day. I feel that you’re “teaching” me and I love to learn! How do you fix the wall when you move your pictures? Thanks for all your info>

  52. I like it as is…or

    If you wanted to move everything down a smidge instead of adding additional pieces, that would work too.

    So pretty.

  53. I had a similar dilemma and ended up (because I like change so much) putting a narrow shelf that matched my white molding above the smaller artwork piece. This way I can change out what I want on the shelf without putting holes in the wall…which makes hubby happy. It’s a great place to put a couple of my favorite plates, candlesticks, vases, etc.. I put the artwork on another (same size narrow) shelf just below, rather than hanging it on the wall. There are windows with nice molding on each side of this display. You have given me some wonderful decorating tips over the years Yvonne. I hope this helps you in some way. Blessings my friend…

  54. Your suggestions sparked idea in my mind…I’ll be taking 2 large grates, hanging them, then putting small oil paintings on each. Thx

  55. I like using cording or ribbon to extend the height of the artwork. You could even hang the picture from a pretty fleur de lis hook or a crystal drawer pull or something decorative.

  56. I love the idea of adding more ironstone. Whenever I need inspiration I look up Charles Faudree and look at how he put things on the wall. I did a post about how he arranged plates and artwork on a wall. I adore intricate wall plans.


  57. I have also used plates to “fill out” areas that look a little lacking. In this case, I wouldn’t change or add a thing – there’s beauty in simplicity and I like the vertical line already present. You can get away with more because plates, lids, etc. are all just tone-on-tone in color (in other words, no jarring colors taking away from the painting) but I’d keep it simple and leave it.

  58. Add decorative metal scroll work or carved wooden pieces to the top and bottom to extend the eye in the desired direction..

  59. I love the use of he white iron plates above the picture to add height. I think the addition of round plates on the side would look even it out nicely but I do not think you need another one on the very bottom. The round ones will lead the eye around and back down to the picture. thanks for all the ideas for making small art work look large on the walls.
    ~Gin K.~

  60. I like it the way it is however, I do like the suggestion Vicki had of adding metal above or below the picture.

  61. I love this idea. I am going to do it today! Thank you for all your wonderful inspirations in decorating!

  62. Its beautiful as it is. I think it would be to busy to have the round plates. I love all your ideas so I am sure it would look just as nice if you add them.

  63. Well, we all have an opinion! Is your head spinning yet?
    It seems to me the painting is a little high and not sufficiently connected to the couch. Your mirror was much lower. Could you use three of the plates you had over the painting when it hung above the chest to fill that gap? Could they be placed horizontally at the bottom of the painting? Whatever, you decide will be wonderful. You have an excellent design aesthetic.

  64. I think the artwork would look so much better without the plates around it. It’s a very unique piece of art and you have it hung at the right height above the couch. I just feel like it’s too much with all the pillows and what you have going on with your coffee table vignette.

    It’s a great piece of art that can really stand alone. You have the curved windows next to it and I just think anything else is too much.

    I really do like the chippy mirror in place of the art. Everything is beautiful!

  65. I always think that less is more. Hanging more plates would be too distracting and take away from the art. Had wondered if the art might be raised just a smidgen, and then a chippy shelf placed below, but then the art might be too high for enjoying when sitting. Your decision, I’m sure will be the best, but I prefer a simpler look.

  66. I love the way the picture and 2 platters look great just like they are! Thanks so much for sharing. I also read your ten tips for decorating with what you’ve already got and by rearranging the items in your home. I really enjoyed that piece!

  67. I would hang an old door over the couch (vertical) and hang the picture on the door. I have an old door hung horizontally in my living room with 2 pictures of wine bottles/grapes hanging on it. It takes up the space above my couch better than just the 2 pictures would and it adds interest.

  68. Hi Yvonne, Please let me know the measurements of the painting. I have always loved it hanging in your living room! It looks perfect in its new home with the ironstone platters above! I would not change a thing!

  69. Love the look with the two platters and the painting. I think it is perfect and fits seamlessly in your beautiful room.

  70. It is a beautiful picture and looks great, if you add anything, I think something on the bottom only – there isn’t that much room on either side. Maybe it’s the bright light or looking at the picture online is so different than being there, but the picture has black (?) or dark colored frame so I wonder if something dark on the bottom would anchor it. Just a thought – I’m not a designer and have a hard time making decisions in my own home! Your home is beautiful and inspiring!

  71. From all the comments, you have a world of suggestions and opinions! I have newly painted bedroom walls that are blank! I have some things that I want to group together, but am struggling to make holes in my walls again! It’s not so easy to cover them up if I make a mistake!
    I do love the grouping just the way you have it. It looks perfect to me!

  72. Love it the way it is. Where did you get your couch? Love your decorating style. You are very creative and have a lovely home.

      1. Hi there! What a beautiful home you have! Could you share which PB fabric you have on this couch? We are about to place an order and I’ve read so many reviews about pilling. Thanks!!

  73. I love your picture. I like it with only the two ironstones above it, otherwise it looks too busy. You are overflowing with ideas and excellentl ones at that!

  74. Loved the painting over the chest always. But looks good over the couch and does show better there. Would not add more plates. Your home is always beautifully decorated and enjoy your blog so very much.

  75. I like it just the way it is -or you might try a long, thin, white piece on each side of the ironstone trays.

  76. I like the idea of adding the small round ironstone plates. I like the different shapes together. It adds more interest.

  77. I think it looks fabulous as is, wouldn’t change a thing! You always inspire me to try new things when I feel lost and don’t know what to do, so thank you!!!

    I love the print, what size is it?

  78. I like the addition of ironstone. Round plates or not you will have to play with it to see what looks best

  79. Yvonne, it looks great as is but then again can one really have too much ironstone! What happened to the angel wings? Didn’t they hang in that spot at one time?

  80. I agree, I would leave the two plates up until the weekend and see what you think! Right now I’m liking just the two with the painting! I usually use sconces around my wall hangings.

  81. I also like it the way it is but if you decide to add to it, I would just add to the top sides and nothing below it.

  82. Have you thought of perhaps shifing the picture up on the wall slightly and putting a shelf with some greenery or small black urn with greenery and some sort of knick knack or architectural detail on the shelf? I think that may bring better balance between the windows. Good luck, and I’m sure whichever direction you go, the look will be lovely! Hi from PEI, Canada.
    Seas the day!

  83. I love it just the way it is now so that the art is complemented, not competing with other objects. Beautiful house, Yvonne.

  84. The arrangement over the sofa looks so “fresh”. It looks perfect just the way it is. You are a very creative person.

  85. We watch a show set at the turn of the past century and I noticed that all art and framed photos hung by a chain or more commonly a small ribbon.
    I suppose that look is out but it is a way to make the art taller. Your art is wide enough!! Is it just me? But the art piece has a heavier visual weight so the platters in white (but I’m viewing on a tiny phone) seem to not be enough umph?? I do like just the two though. Is this when one uses a narrow frame to frame the ironstone pieces as one tall piece??? I don’t know. You are the decorator!!! But I love the painting over the couch. Probably my favorite spot!!!! So I will leave those balancing details to you, the pro!!!

  86. Love the mirror over the chest! I agree with you about the painting over the couch and would add a couple more plates for balance.

  87. I don’t know if this would work, and maybe look too heavy, but what about trying your black mantle shutters hung horizontally, one below and one above the painting? Or maybe just one? I think the two plates is best if you go with those……or perhaps 3?

  88. Well here’s my two cents ? It looks good they it is ,or you ban take the round plates and put them on the same side next to the two rectangler one ,so the sit side by side..finished look will be the round ones will be vertical next to the vertical rectangler ones….
    Be Blessed.

  89. Wonderful tip. Thanks! Personally, i wouldnt add more plates to the area….looks like understated elegance as is. Of course, pictures look a little different from actually being in tje room. :). If you want more ephasis on the ironstone, how about one piece over the chippy mirror to carry your theme across the room?

  90. I love your style & your decorating talents, my opinion is an humble one: I liked it better over the chest. It didn’t compete there, but had a stronger presence.

  91. The picture is beautiful in itself. If using something above the painting, I think something below needs to be used such as some sort of architecture pieces.

  92. Good Morning,

    I almost want to emulate the sets of three windows in the painting. Could you turn the iron ware lengthwise and hang a group of three across at the top, with perhaps an extra piece at the bottom?

    Another idea I wondered about would be to use command hooks to hang the painting atop the gilded mirror you had there before, provided the back of the painting can’t be viewed in the mirror. Maybe that would be too many mirrors in the room, though.

    I love looking at your lovely home. Thank you for sharing it with me!


  93. Adding just two additional plates would give a more cohesive look, to better balance the size of the picture for the allocated wall space, while also lending a visual contrast to the rectangular shaped picture and platters.

  94. Hi Yvonne-well I have never had the dilemma of having to make a picture appear larger, but your trick of adding the white dishware above in the pattern really fools the eye! I will remember this trick in case I need it someday! Hugs, Dorinda

  95. Great post, Yvonne. I love decorating with plates too. I am sure whatever you decide will look fabulous!!!

  96. Love it as is…the “rectangular” plates compliment the art and the curviness of those fabulous Windows. The Windows themselves are artwork and need no competition . Love them! Some of my old ironstone is crazed nicely that allows it to take on a “tannish” color and I have a few brownish transfer ware pieces … wondering how that would look above your art piece?

  97. I just love this picture and it looks great over your sofa. I think it looks nice as you have it now, but whatever you decide will look great!

  98. This is such a beautiful way to give height to your gorgeous painting Yvonne. I am happy it left the chest, it was a little hidden. I love the painting, with the two ironstone pieces above it, it truly is featured center stage. xo Lidy

  99. I love the idea of making a single item looked balanced with adding some platters, I agree that hat putting two round plates would make the look complete but I would omit the oblong under the picture.

  100. I am not sure what I would do to make a piece look larger, however, I love your idea of the white ironstone platters and may use that in the future. I love your many ideas and cannot wait to move and start using some of them. Thank you.

  101. I think it looks perfect as is. The 2 plates give it exactly what it needs! I’ll have to start collecting pretty ironstone plates and remember your advice. Lovely!

  102. This is my favorite blog! You always have fun ideas that any anyone can create . I like the two platters or plates over the picture – but would not add the side ones. I think to add the side ones makes widith added and diminishes the height. Susan

  103. Thanks for the great tips – especially the one about hanging plates with the artwork! I love that idea and have several plates I could use. Love your decorating ideas!

  104. Your room looks so chic and elegant yet cozy. I appreciate this post because so many people have either a piece that is too big or too small. You gave them options. Awesome.

  105. This is such excellent, practical advice!! I love the paintings new home over the couch! It brings nice color to that area..looks great as always!

  106. I believe in ‘the less is more idea.” By adding too much you are losing the effect of the painting. I would remove all the added items then put interestingly shaped sconces on each side. Then find a unique shaped architecture piece to place above the painting. This draws the eye to the painting making it as special as it is to you.

  107. I love this tip! I think the ironstone looks beautiful (then again I am obsessed with ironstone) and adds to the wall and art piece. Your room is so lovely, I wish your website was like Instagram and I could just easily click on the pictures for shopping source information haha

  108. All I can say is I love everything. I probably would add more plates, but that’s just me…… Thanks for sharing

  109. I love the way that particular painting adds to the perceived depth of the room. Thanks for the always helpful ideas, Yvonne!

  110. Yvonne, I have a large blank wall, I large picture in middle. It looks bare! Should I put other items going up and to the side? Help, what would you do?

  111. I much preferred your original placement. The mirror looks too busy with everything intruding on it, as well as the plates above the picture. The styles don’t match.

  112. Contrary to what some say, I love the new placement! Like you, I constantly change things around. What size print do you have? It is canvas correct?

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