WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

I have a very simple but important question to ask you today… DID YOU MAKE YOUR BED THIS MORNING?  If you did various studies have shown that you are more likely to be happier, get a better night’s sleep, be more productive, have a better sense of well-being and stick to a budget better than your non-bed-making counterparts! Yes, it’s true! So kudos to you my bed-making friends! Scientists and psychologists may be able to tell us the benefits of making a bed, but I have some reasons of my own. So, today’s PRACTICALLY SPEAKING is all about why I make my bed every morning…


I make my bed every day because my husband won’t!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

For all of Bobby’s countless wonderful and amazing qualities the ability to make a bed is not one of them. If our bed was up to him, we would probably sleep in sleeping bags on the top of a bare mattress! He is a decoratively challenged and very very practical! And nothing… not even things like not using the “decorative show towels” or putting shoes away even if you are going to put them on the nex day… makes less sense to him than making a bed!

An unmade bed makes the whole room look messy!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

If my bed is unmade the rest of my room looks messy and unkept. No matter how beautiful a bedroom is, if the bed us unmade all people usually see is the unmade bed.  And I’m one of those people!

I have taken time and spent money to have nice bed linens so why do I want them to look like a jumbled mess!

A well-made bed is a joy to climb into at night!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

These is something alluring and soothing about pulling down those covers and climbing into a pretty made bed at night. It’s restful! I love that the corners are tucked in tightly so I can kick them out as I settle in! 

Getting into an unmade bed and trying to sort out the covers is not my idea of starting a peaceful night’s sleep!

An unmade bed would be a slight to my upbringing!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

My mother was and is a gifted homekeeper! I wish I had her love of cleaning and organizing, but alas, that is a gene I did not get from her. Add to that my father’s 23 year career in the military! We had a house that ran like a well-oiled machine!  My father’s motto was “Don’t do anything half way”. I cleaned up the military phrase a little, but you know what I mean! 

As children, my sister, brothers and I would make our beds every day! No excuses! No passes! We changed our sheets once a week too. Day after day, week after week, year after year! It was ingrained in us. 

I am very thankful to my Mom and Daddy for creating this habit in us!

Making my bed starts my day off in a positive direction!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

I have a little routine in the morning. Get up, brush teeth, go downstairs, have coffee, do devotions, go upstairs and make the bed. I would probably turn right around after I get up and make the bed but my physical husband says that the bed should air out a bit. Compromise!

Making the bed is the first “chore” I can check off my list every day! And gives me a sense of accomplishment!

Making my bed dispels clutter!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

Clutter can invade my home if I’m not careful! And I can’t function or work well surrounded by it! So making my bed is my way of saying, “No clutter allowed!” 

And that is especially important now because there are 27 boxes of hardwood flooring laying in stacks around our bedroom waiting for Bobby to install them! 

Some habits and disciplines are worth doing!

WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!

For me making my bed is more of a discipline than a habit. I don’t do it just because I should do it. I make my bed because the discipline of making it has a great payoff! 

See, making your bed each and every morning is a much bigger deal than you probably thought!

Here’s a snippet of a video that is so worth watching! And such a great reason to make your bed every morning!


Now, how about you? Do you make your bed every morning? If not, has this post changed your mind? And, what good habit do you do daily that helps your life in some way? Share it here with us!


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WHY I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING- Making your bed does more good for you than you think!


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  1. I also have and do make my bed everyday and for many of the same reasons you stated.

  2. I am with you! Climbing into an unmade, messy bed just isn’t relaxing no matter how tired you are.

  3. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Great tips my problem is my husband is still on the bed when I get up as our schedules are totally different so it’s him that pulls things together, I might add there’s no fussing with my throw pillows I come back later to finish.

  4. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I couldn’t agree more Yvonne. I make my bed first thing every morning as well as brushing & “flossing” my teeth to get the day off to a good start! I am definitely forwarding this on to my daughter so she can read all the very positive reasons you should make your bed. Setting a good example during a child’s formative years doesn’t always work I’m afraid. Better late than never, maybe???

  5. Shelley Valentine says:

    You are so right; the simple act of making your bed each morning sets a pattern for the day. One task is completed allowing you to move to the next one. It creates order, discipline and structure in your life beginning in your home. This foundation manifests in your self confidence and your desire to serve others as we are called to do. At the end of the day, your bed is waiting to be turned down, welcoming you to rest from your day of accomplishments.

  6. Kim Nicewander says:

    Growing up, we also ALWAYS had to make our beds and the sheets were changed weekly. I would not think of leaving home without making the bed and changing my sheets weekly. Now, if I just could convince my daughter!

  7. Gets the day started in organized fashion!

  8. Yes, I make my bed every day! Often my husband helps make the bed ….unless he is cooking breakfast for me:)

  9. Laurene Shewan says:

    As a child, Sat. was the day for changing the sheets and Sat. nights, in the summer, were for the drive-in movies. I fondly remember those nights, coming home and sleepily climbing into bed with freshly laundered percale sheets. Thanks Mom!

  10. Dawn Bronnenberg says:

    I agree. Sometimes though, I get lazy and then I don’t get that relaxed feeling as I walk in the room. You mean my mother was right?

  11. Marilyn Soto says:

    Great post and I loved the little video. Your comments about your husband really made me smile …….my husband is exactly the same way. He’s always the go to guy if you need to know or understand the “deep things” always the smartest guy in the room ,but just like Bobby -it just doesn’t make sense to him to not use a towel if it’s hanging there! Over the years he has attempted to make the bed —but after 27 years I think we’ve agreed that he’s better with a book than a bed .

  12. I grew up in a family that always changed our sheets weekly and I still do with my family now. I thought everyone did.

  13. Anne marie says:

    I agree with you – I make my bed everyday without fail. It gives me a degree of satisfaction!

  14. Yes I do! For many reasons as yours! Military father, my mom made us, but most importantly, for me! I cant function well in chaos and it just starts my day off productively! I’m more likely to continue on accomplishing things! Lol. Plus I live crawling into a bed that’s not all wrinkled! And yes sheets are changed once a week to insure I get a least one good sleep a week! Great topic by the way!

  15. Jonne Molesky says:

    I try to, but am not always successful if I’m off early in the morning!

  16. Deborah Yeary says:

    Great post, I make my bed everyday, except when I’m sick LOL. My mother was not a good housekeeper, but in my teens I babysat for a lady who was, I learned from her, then my aunt by marriage and I became very close and she taught me a lot about housekeeping. I now have a friend who by example is teaching me about decluttering

  17. Deborah Yeary says:

    I am 63 (see above post) and learn something new about housekeeping everyday, your blog and others teach me every day.

  18. I was raised by my parents that you always make your bed in the morning and change the sheets on Saturday. Taught my children you make your bed first thing in the morning and they do as adults now. I cannot imagine having a bedroom with an unmade bed in it.

  19. Ann Black says:

    We make our bed everyday. It punctuates the beginning of the day!

  20. I do not make my bed everyday. But I will now! I like what you said about starting the day off on a positive direction. That is what I am working on in my life right now. Life this past year has dealt me a tough row to hoe with one of my grown children. So with God’s help I can now work on making my life as positive as it can be. I want to choose joy everyday instead of sadness. Your blog is helping me do that. I am now going to go and make my beday! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your rough year! I just prayed for you!

  21. Linda Tucker says:

    Thought you might like this poem from my mom when she was elderly and tired of bed-making.


    Before you get up while lying in bed,
    Pull the covers up straight from your toe to your head.
    Then slide out smoothly on your favorite side, And you will find only a
    few wrinkles to hide.
    Fluff up the pillows and place at the head– That’s a quick, lazy way
    for making your bed.

    Elizabeth F. McDowell

    1. Ha ha – so funny – I suffer from arthritis so am stiff in the morning but my Mom (like most people here) taught me to make my bed every day so that is exactly how I do it!! So glad I read this great post and all of everyone’s comments but really missing my Mom now. She always made us change our beds on Saturday too and rain, shine, snow or frost hung them on the line to dry – extra fresh and crispy Saturday night 🙂

  22. Lynne Gill says:

    I love how you described just what I feel. My day isn’t right until my bed is ready for another day. I will take it one step further…I posted a picture on FB of a picture of a quilt I use at our cottage. I asked if other people use the lines of quilts to make sure they are
    Lying on the bed right. All kinds of comment but lots feel the way we do.

  23. Nothing like coming back into your room and seeing a nicely made bed. Just like straightening the livingroom before you go to bed at night. Little rituals, great rewards. Be Blessed!

  24. Heather Henderson says:

    I like to let my bed air out, too. I make it when I go back in my room to get dressed.

  25. Linda Buchanan says:

    Yes, I make my bed every day. I wouldn’t consider leaving the bedroom in the morning with the bed unmade.

  26. I so agree with you. I enjoy looking at a well made up, pretty, simple bed and it also feels fresh and ready for relaxing at the end of the day.

  27. I absolutely agree! Even on those rushed mornings trying to do everything for everyone, I always make my bed!

  28. Love this! I’m not the best housekeeper, but I do make my bed every morning. It’s a great start to the day! Now, if I can add the weekly change of sheets!

  29. I make my bed every day! I’m with you about the messy room feeling with an unmade bed. And, Monday mornings are for washing sheets. 🙂 I still need a schedule after 33 years of teaching! Sadly, my two grown daughters don’t always make their beds – even though they were taught to do that. Thanks for the post.

  30. I’m with you, especially since my bedroom opens into the sunroom and I like keeping the french doors open. Another thing is to do dishes or put them in the dishwasher. I always say the house looks clean and neat if the bed is made and dishes are done.

    1. Debra, you must have been reading my mind! My thoughts exactly. Bed and dishes taken care of and your house will always look cared for.

    2. I was just about to say the same thing! Dishes put away in the dishwasher, bed made (after airing out a bit) and fluffed up pillows in the living room starts the day off right! 🙂

  31. Rhonda Storey says:

    I totally agree with you! It actually stresses me out if I walk in my bedroom and my bed isn’t made. My husband even made a comment about how much he loves our bed last night, after I had changed the linens. Your bed is beautiful by the way!!

  32. Loved the video at the end. I’ve found that airing the bedding is crucial, plus it gives me time to ease into my morning. I live in Michigan, so I can’t dry the bedding out on the line year round, but the combination of that scent and climbing into a neat and tidy bed, make the end of the day something to look forward to.

  33. I also wait a bit to make my bed, as my husband is on board with Bobby and feels that the sheets need to air out first.

  34. Cindy Burke says:

    I agree! Love me a “made-bed” and a non-cluttered room. Love your linens too!

  35. I agree 100%. Making the bed makes the whole room look pulled together. Love your bedding and your bedrooms.

  36. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I agree as well…I have a small house and love to keep all my doors open.Doing that means u see every room in the house, so my bed is made each and every day by my husband . He truly believes for your mental well being to make the bed is something that needs to be done before leaving this house in the morning. Such a simple thing but means a lot. He also turns down the bed at night , I tease him sometimes asking where my chocolate is .

  37. I remember as a child getting into a freshly made bed of clean sheets every Saturday night. My mother worked full time but still managed to wash our sheets and hang them out to dry on the clothesline every Sat. morning. I loved that distinguishable, clean fresh smell of those sheets!! Clothes dryers just can’t match it!

  38. Bonnie Trott says:

    I, like your husband suggests wait to make my bed. About an hour. I can’t stand how it looks unmade. It reminds me of what a awful nights sleep I’ve had so that baby needs tidying up. My grandmother raised me and she always insisted that the bed be made. And therefore if she said to do it, I did it.
    My husband has his own bed and room (he snores badly) but he has caught onto gramas rule of imaking the bed.

  39. I totally agree making bed first thing in the morning helps me keep things straight

  40. I was not in the habit until I was married. A wonderfully made bed with good linens is a good nights sleep waiting to happen. For Christmas this year I want a set from Bolin Branch. I also spray lavender on my pillow when I make it up!

  41. Yes, I make my bed every morning also! I agree with everything you said. It sets the tone for the day.

  42. After I make my bed in the morning I always turn at the doorway to look back ……the bed looks neat and tidy and starts my day off happy ! ……….Smiles …Anne

  43. I or my hubby or both together make up our bed everyday too. I’m not the neatest person so I have some clothes laying around screaming for the closet. But never fear if the bed is made up it seems to give our bedroom some semblance of order. so great advice for newly weds or people just starting a home of their own!

  44. When I was in college, we had to make our bed every day and clean up the room for inspection. That practice stuck with me and 35 years later, I still make my bed every morning. Loved the video too!

  45. I always make my bed too! I do let it air for about 15 minutes or so, but then it gets made! I feel a sense of gratitude for doing it and awareness of how blessed I am to have such a place to lay my head when my bones are tired and weary! God is good! Nanny

  46. I live the ritual of making our bed each day.. My husband helps a lot of the time.Nothing better than climbing into bed into crisp smooth bedding.

  47. Denise Moraris says:

    Yes I make my bed every morning! I have two sons and happy to say that as single men they make there beds! When they where younger it was somethings a fight but I won they learned well!
    Love this s post!?

  48. I make my bed every day and it makes me happy to go to bed at night. I notice when I visit my children, they have their beds made also. Maybe I instilled this in them when they were young and it is carried into their married lives. Good post today!

  49. It’s like opening a package just before bedtime!!! Never miss a day unless I’m really really sick!! Great article!

  50. Dorinda Selke says:

    Hi Yvonne ~ totally agree with you 100% ! I make my bed right away in the morning. It is just a habit I got into when I was young and I have always done it. It’s a great way to start the day checking one task off the list ! Hugs, Dorinda

  51. This is a topic I can absolutely relate to! The first thing I do in the morning is make my bed. It is a pet peeve of mine to see an unmade, or messy bed. My husband will gladly help out around the house and do anything I ask except make the bed. In fact, when I visited my sister for a week he slept on the sofa so he wouldn’t have to make the bed. He always tells me that he knows he can’t get the pillows just the way I like them. lol I have to admit, it’s the very first thing I do in the morning. As soon as my feet hit the floor the bed gets made. It’s a running joke that one time my husband got out of bed, stepped out of the room for a minute and by the time he was back the bed was made. His response, “well I guess I’m up”. oops! There is something so inviting about a beautifully made bed. Especially now, it seems there are so many different ways on how to “dress” a bed.

  52. I completely agree with every thing you mentioned in your post..

  53. I was also trained to make my bed every day…couldn’t leave the house til it was done! It only takes a few minutes to start your day off in a much better frame of mind.

  54. Hi Yvonne – I am definitely with you on this one. I make my bed as soon as I get up in the morning. My room looks neater and I feel so much better crawling into my bed at night!

  55. JudyCinNC says:

    Oh yes!!! I get out of bed, use the facilities and make the bed. The husband,s job is to have the. Coffee ready. He changes the sheets as we use “garter straps” to keep the king-size sheets taunt. An English thing you know. JudyC

  56. Having an unmade bed in the morning starts your whole day off wrong…and to have to climb back into that mess would ruin the night! Great post! Aren’t we all glad that these “rules” were written early in life….now they are habits!

  57. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    As a child,my mother always made morning inspections of our bedrooms before we left for school in the mornings. After all these years I still make my our bed first thing in the morning,what a great way to start the day. Thanks ,Yvonne for todays post. P.S. I love your little side table in your bedroom.

  58. Me sorprende un post sobre Por qué hacer la cama cada día. En España es un hábito en todas las casas. Mis hijos hacen su cama a diario antes de ir al colegio y no es algo que llame la atención. Es habitual. No imagino una casa en la que a mitad de mañana no estén las camas hechas y las habitaciones en orden.

  59. I’ve always been a daily bed-maker too! Just gives such a wonderful feeling when leaving for work and walking out my bedroom door to know that whatever the day brings, when I return to that room in the evening that it won’t be to a rumpled-up(not sure that’s a word?) mess! Love following your blog ❤️!

  60. this is a beautiful room, simple and fresh!

  61. gretchen roberson says:

    I make my bed for a couple of reasons! Who wants to get in an unmade bed?? It looks prettier, even though its only me and Biscotti..my chihuahua!!!! xox

  62. I could never go without making my bed.It does feel wonderful to get in bed at night with a made bed. When I have been sick nothing feels better than clean sheets and getting into bed!

  63. Martha Franks says:

    Love the video, Yvonne! I agree with it and with you. I also make my bed first thing before I ever leave my room in the mornings. If I ever leave my room and the bed isn’t made, it doesn’t get done and it leaves me with an unsettled feeling all day. Thanks for this positive message this morning. I look forward to you every day!

  64. Linda Ann says:

    I agree that making the bed is such an important part of the day. It sets my rhythm for my morning routine, makes my bedroom look well-kept and inviting and I love climbing into a neatly made bed at the end of the day. My mother, grandmother and great-aunt were extremely fanatic housekeepers and their example has been ingrained in me. The rule is…make your bed each morning, change your sheets each week and completely strip and wash your bedding and turn your mattress every other month! (I’ve chosen the even months so today is stripping/turning day!)
    Happy Saturday!

  65. I make my bed every morning so that no matter what happens during the day I can walk into my bedroom at night and feel I at least had accomplished one thing.

  66. I don’t think I ever saw a blogger’s post about the joy of making your bed every day. Leave it to you Yvonne to be so original.
    I have trouble finding fitted sheets that fit my older, not 17 inches tall, mattress. So in the morning it’s always somewhat bunhed up and I couldn’t imagine getting into that at the end of the day. My dream is to have fitted sheets that are tight always.

    Do all you readers have TIGHT FITTED SHEETS?

  67. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve always made my bed every morning. It’s one of the “chores” I like best. The bed is the largest piece in the room so, if it’s a mess the whole room is a mess! I haven’t met too many husbands out there who do make the beds, I know there are some but I think they are kind of rare! So you girls that have one, give them a big hug!

  68. I too am a bed maker. Every day, I get up, make coffee, sip slowly in the quiet wake up ,then make my bed . It’s a must for me. I lived with my grandmother in the formative years of my life and she had a saying , ‘ an unmade bed is like an unwashed face’. In was not to have either ?
    It sets the tone for my entire day , a positive one.
    Happy weekend!

  69. Julie Maier says:

    I’m going to admit: I’m one of those people who don’t make their beds in the morning. I’m not sure why. Well, actually I do – I’m lazy and I simply haven’t made it a priority. Which is baffling as I love pulling back the covers of a made bed and crawling between the cool sheets. And my room looks “put together”, calm, uncluttered, and welcoming when I make my bed. And yes, making the bed gets me going on the right path for the day. So why don’t I do it? It really isn’t laziness when I think about it – I’m actually a very “let’s do this” kind of person. I simply have gotten out of the habit. And it’s time to get back into the habit. It will make a difference in the start and ending of my day. And I have two girls that would be well served by making their beds and seeing the benefits of such a simple task. Thank you Yvonne, for yet another inspiring post. See you tomorrow – I’m going to make my bed now.

  70. Can’t imagine not making our bed!!!!

  71. I’m lucky, my hubby is a bed maker. He does it every morning during the week. I wash the sheets and make the bed on weekends. It’s very soothing to go into a bedroom and find everything is in its place.

  72. Couldn’t agree more. Getting into a well made bed every night is such a pleasure. Worth the couple minutes each morning.
    Like making my bed each morning my time with God is a must couldn’t start my day without him

  73. I’m with you! As a young woman, I didn’t like to make the bed but one day I timed how long the process took. Three minutes! For all the reasons you gave, I decided 3 minutes was no big deal. Our bedroom is large with a sitting room off the front entry. It sounds weird but I’ve come to like this feature of our home. Our bedroom is in order every morning of every day unless I’m ever ill and in the bed! I feel the same way about pulling myself together every morning; dressed, hair styled and make-up. I do this for my own well-being. It’s how I roll. P.S. We might be married to the same man?!

  74. Jo Brewster in Tennessee says:

    I guess that I am the opposite of the way I grew up. My Dad worked swing shifts, so my parents bed was almost never made up. It never bothered me because it just was the way it was. Once I had my own home I am OCD about making my bed and having my bedroom “groomed”. Our bedroom is right off the foyer so it almost demands attention. And, it is one of my favorite rooms to decorate.

  75. My first response to your blog which I read faithfully – as faithfully as I make my bed. I agree with all that you and the video said. I always do it first thing – also and am trying to convince my grandsons to do the same. They love to jump into a newly made bed, but not an unmade one. Must be because a made-bed is so much more inviting.

  76. yes. a real sense of accomplishment to start the day. no matter what else is going on…there is time to make the bed. and better sleep because it was made unhurriedly, no lumps or wrinkles. if I am having a rushed day, just walking in to a room with the bed made somehow makes it less hectic. Good post, good responses.

  77. Yes, indeed. Growing up we made our beds and that has continued throughout my life. Even mornings like today when the effects of fibromyalgia have made last night’s sleep difficult, I feel that getting those tossed about sheets and blankets back into place, tell fibromyalgia that it does not have control over my life. It gives me a feeling of order and peace looking at my pretty made up bed.

    1. I have fribrmyalgia too. Sometimes it really hurts to make my bed, but it is soooooo worth it!

    2. Stephanie Davis says:

      Just had to reply to both your comments, Yvonne and Sue…I just sighed as I just read this as I also have dealt with ‘Fibro’ for 18 years… I feel just the same and it’s indeed a good feeling for some reason to have that bed made, the room looks beautiful and I’m grateful for another day and can come into the room in the evening and despite sleep being hard I can feel peaceful….at least starting out the night! This has been an enjoyable post about something so simple….there’s just such great need in the world…to have a room and a bed in itself is such a blessing….thanks for your post!

  78. I completely agree! My master bedroom is located in a part of the house where I don’t see it during the day, even thought I work from home. But if I return there in the evening and it’s not made…ugh. It feels like a letdown and a sloppy day, even tho it was a great day. Thanks for affirmation!

  79. I grew up making my bed every morning and that has stuck with me to this day. I even learned hospital corners from my mom when putting on sheets. An unmade bed creates chaos for me when going into the room. I’ve spent all that time searching for the perfect bedding to add just the right feel to the room……………to not make it up goes against everything about housekeeping I was taught. I love your home Yvonne. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing such wonderful posts with us.

  80. I actually don’t know how often we clean the sheets! My kids are nearly out of the bed wetting days of youth so I’ve been reaction cleaning rather than scheduled cleaning. But, I think its time. I think everyone and their bed should have a day of the week to clean their bedding. Thanks.

  81. Mary Mutz says:

    I grew up making my bed every morning and that has stuck with me to this day. I even learned hospital corners from my mom when putting on sheets. An unmade bed creates chaos for me when walking into a room. If I have spent all that time finding the perfect bedding for my room, why would I leave it a mess. It goes against all the housekeeping rules I grew up with. I tell my husband it only stays unmade if you are sick, and even then I go in and freshen it. Thanks for all your wonderful posts, Yvonne. Your home is beautiful.

  82. So funny. This subject caught my attention since I do not make my bed. My husband straightens it out right before we hop into bed at night. I always thought the room looked messy. I remember my mom would always say, “air the bed out”, yet I remember that her bed was always made. What to do!?

    I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and bring about some discipline. I liked what you said: get up, brush teeth, do devotions, make bed.
    I can do this! Thanks for a simple way to start the day on a more positive note. joan

  83. Linda Kemp says:

    I would love to make up my bed in the morning but since husband has retired he doesn’t get up until Noon 🙁 He is a night person and that is the way it is but I think I will go up in the afternoon and do it. You have inspired me!

    1. Mary Holmquist says:

      My husband is also a night person and my not get up until noon. I feel frustrated about the unmade bed and will attempt to go up later in the day to make it. I’m happy to meet some one else in the same boat.

  84. I am grateful to God that I have a bed, in a house, with so many things that he blessed me with. Making it just makes sense. Have great day. Katie

  85. Excellent post! A made bed immediately tidies up the room. We have a king size bed and I get some of my stretching done first thing.

  86. I agree that it’s such a small effort to make one’s bed every morning compared to the huge payoffs! And about the weekly change of linens: I love, after laundering, to hang my sheets on the line. At the end of the day, it’s pure bliss to slip into the bed and smell the sweet smells of sunshine and fresh air, and feel the crisp sheets against your body. It’s old-fashioned, I know, but even though my mother has passed, I thank her in my heart for being my role model for “sun-dried” linens. Even my children, while growing up, commented on how wonderful their sheets smelled after I’d hung them outside.

  87. Anna McFarland says:

    Agree totally! I get up eat breakfast, shower, sometimes go to mass, and then make my bed. Makes me happy every time I walk into my beautiful bedroom and see everything neat and tidy.

  88. When I was 5 years old my mom taught me how to make my bed. I faithfully make it every morning before I leave our bedroom. Every Thursday is bedroom day sheet changing and cleaning. Thank you Mom you taught me well. By the way that teaching was 65 years ago.

  89. Connie Bishop says:

    I also learned from my mother and a clean, fresh bed is important to me. I taught my girls to make their bed and have been teased about the military requirement! However, it stuck and they still make beds. Remember the fresh smell of clothes line sheets?

  90. I strip our bed every Saturday morning and air out the bedding before making it all the other days.

  91. I agree! Plus, I feel that it trickles downstairs … it helps with keeping the rest of the house straightened. BTW – love your bedroom.

    Who’s bedding is that?

  92. I do make our bed each morning. I think it is a carry over from my childhood and my mom always saying “make your bed!” I used to complain about and ask “why do I have to make it if I’m just going to sleep in it again tonite?” but she still had us do it. I guess it just became a habit.

  93. Marcy Leonard says:

    Like you, I was raised in a military family and was trained early on about bed-making. Have to admit I’ve let myself run off the rails from time to time, but getting back on track feels so great! Love all your good reasons and want to add one more. Having the serenity of a “neat retreat” is a good escape when something overwhelming happens in the rest of the house–like the Hubs allowing the dogs shred the 40 lb dogfood bag throughout the living area while he’s reading the paper…

  94. Wow…lots of comments on this topic! I love a fresh made bed, especially on the first night in clean sheets; I would have fresh sheets everyday if I had time, but alas once a week will suffice! The order and discipline of making your bed was never ingrained in me as a child, but it is part of what I appreciate now. Two of my three grown children believe in the benefits of a freshly made bed and my third makes us laugh when he says I am not wasting 269 days (or some other equally absurd number) of my life at bed making…5 minutes a day x 365 days x 75 years. I told him it doesn’t take 5 minutes, but you can see why we laugh. To each his own, but I agree with your approach! Happy Saturday and fresh sheet day!

  95. Love your post and loved the video of Admiral McRaven. Thank you for sharing this bit of inspiration with your readers!

  96. I make the bed everyday too, couldn’t stand getting into bed on wrinkled sheets. I also occasionally give them a spritz of Lavender linen spray.

  97. My mom made her bed every single day and kept her home spotless until she passed away last December at the age of 93. She made us make our bed as children and that has stuck with me. As a rule, I don’t function well in clutter so I like a place for everything and everything in it’s place in my house which I think I got from her, too.

  98. Sandy Manning says:

    Yes, I absolutely make my bed every day and no, my husband wouldn’t either! I do turn back the covers for a while before making it too air it out as well. I don’t know what I would do if I was employed and had to rush out every morning. Maybe just wouldn’t get to air it out as long. Anyhow, I feel the same as you on this point.

  99. ABSOLUTELY! It’s a ‘golden rule’ for me! I also find it a good process for getting my mind and body awake as I bend over to smooth out the sheets and the big arm shake to fluff the comforter. Then I tidy up the bedside tables of clutter that happens. Another MUST in our house is keeping the toilet seats down! Actually, it’s a RULE! With a husband and three sons around the house, I do appreciate their attention to this request!
    Gael from Orcas Island, Washington

  100. I couldn’t agree with you more! My best friend will find any excuse to justify not making her bed. I just can’t do it. It’s the first thing I do in the morning! It just centers me and makes me feel that I have conquered the day!

  101. Mary Ellen says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I am going to do better making my bed! My husband would thank you also if he read this! He is very much like your husband when it comes to special towels or something just for the look but he does love having the bed made!

  102. Great inspirational post! Thanks Yvonne!

  103. Jinny Foor says:

    You must have been spying on us! My hubby, much like Bobby, thinks it is not important. I am going to corral him right now & make him read this post. In the end, the bed always gets made. By whom, is the question!!

  104. Carrie Welborn says:

    I make my bed because it makes me feel good to walk into the room and see it neat and orderly. I love the crispness of the sheets when I crawl between the sheets at the end of a long day. And by the way, I usually make my bed as I’m getting up in the morning, but on that rare occasion that I didn’t, I will walk into the bedroom to make the bed, and it will have already been done by my loving husband. He does a great job of getting all the pillows in the right spot. He has been trained now for 42 years.
    love your bedding.

  105. Had to share your post with two of my five children. My oldest daughter said it could have been written by me. LOL. Thanks so much for sharing.

  106. My question after your wonderful blog is…where do you put all those wonderful pillows when you climb into bed at night? I toss them beside the bed…but it always looks so messy!

  107. I agree with the Navy Seal that the little things in life matter! Making our bed in the morning gives me a sense of accomplishment–be it ever so small. My husband’s mother was never a housekeeper. He didn’t make his bed and didn’t sleep with a top sheet until we were married. He does like to see a made bed, but his motto is “why make a bed if you will only mess it up every night”. I think he fights lions, tigers and bears, oh my, every night because the covers are all over the place. A made bed makes the room seem orderly. I often remember Mom’s fresh sunshine smelling sheets, but our subdivision will not allow this.

    Only you, Yvonne, can write a complete blog on making a bed. I love it and agree with each statement.

  108. Yvonne, I’m with you! Not only does an unmade bed look unsightly all day, but when the sheets are stretched tightly over the mattress when made up, it just somehow feels much better when you climb into the bed at night. My father always said this, and he was right! I was brought up with made beds and have continued it in my home. I do let them air out a bit before making, but not for long. After I’ve had my coffee, the beds are made.

  109. I agree with all your reasons for making your bed evry morning. When my kids were growing up I tried to get them into the habit of making their beds daily. They decided to outsmart me by sleeping on top of their covers!

  110. During this summer I fold the summer bedspread down, then the sheet is folded and I smooth the bottom sheet, put my pillows up next to the headboard and spray a little floral spray and go downstairs. In the evening I take the pillows that I don’t use and I am ready to go to bed. It looks neat and I do iron my pillowcases. In the winter I pull up the covers and make it, but since I don’t usually need the sheet, summer is different. I have a very neat room which I use for devotions and sometimes meditation.

  111. Like you, I was raised to make my bed every morning. It is just something that is done, like brushing your teeth. My Mother was the best of housekeepers and I’m so grateful she instilled those good habits in me. I did a survey a couple of years ago asking this same question and was shocked by how many women said they just closed their bedroom doors in the morning and didn’t worry about the bed. I’ve always tried to make all of the rooms of my home attractive, even on a tight budget.

  112. Jan Purdin says:

    first, it’s put the dog out…then coffee…then make my bed. Don’t want to sleep in an unmade bed…it just doesn’t feel right.

  113. Sandra Bayzat says:

    You betcha! At least I start the day off with good intentions….well…we know how that can go… at night with a sigh of relief I pull all the pillows and shams off…pull the comforter and top sheet back….and climb into my nice crisp sheets and think…’wow….how lucky I am….all nice and cozy in my safe cocoon’. I will even turn to my husband and say, “clean sheets.” His quick response of, “yeh…feels good.” Gives me some added satisfaction…. So even the other guy notices….It does make a difference…

  114. MUST.MAKE.THE.BED every morning. I too have a hubby who believes in the merits of a sleeping bag instead of a beautifully made bed! My compromise was to reduce the number of pillows on the bed (a great sacrifice on my part, I must say, but I have come to appreciate the simplicity of it.) I also have a puppy dog who loves to unmake the bed in order to snuggle back underneath the covers on cold mornings. This makes me crazy (and laugh!). I believe making the bed in the morning helps me to remember to “be faithful in the little things” and it always starts my day off on the right path. The other MUST do is clean up any used dishes in the living room and kitchen before I go to bed at night. It is comforting and refreshing waking up to a blank slate in the kitchen and a beautifully made bed each morning. May God continue to bless you in your faithfulness to inspire us both spiritually and practically.

  115. margaret herndon says:

    Iam the same. When i enter the bedroom and the bed is unmade it makes me feel awful. I have to make it just as i have to straighten a crooked picture on the wall. Or pick up things that dropped on the floor. Some people just walk over that stuff. My husband tries to make the bed but oh dear he does not have a clue. A made bed is beautiful. Who is going to see it my husband says. I will and it makes me smile when its made.

  116. Love a fresh made bed. Clean sheets provides the best night of sleep.

  117. Reading your post made me want to do a better job of making the bed! I do agree with your husband, though, that the bed should be aired out a while before being made. :o)

  118. I do too because sitting in my living room you look right into my bedroom. I may not get the vacuuming done, but the bed is made and dishes are done every meal as I am the dishwasher.?
    PS I am swooning over that white comforter.

  119. Yes I make my bed every morning. I just think it looks so messy, makes the whole room look messy. I don’t do my sheets every week now, I used to but it’s just me now since my husband passed away 2 1/2 years ago to be with our Lord. Please enjoy your husbands being there with you , lying beside you, snoring and all.I miss mine so much there are days I can’t breathe .

  120. Mary Michelle says:

    My bed is always made each morning. Most of the time l make it, but if my husband happens to see me making it up, he always says “Let me help” and we make it together – which makes me feel so blessed to have such a considerate guy.

  121. Kathy Banff says:

    Making my bed daily leads to order and comfort for the day. Thanks for the great post.

  122. I love that two minutes, tops, transforms the look and feel of my bedroom. It moves from messy and noisy to neat, clean and serene. I always feel so organized when my bed is made neatly. I like to race against the clock to see how fast I can make the transition. It’s a fun game and I always win!!

  123. Sue Stevens says:

    I make my bed almost every day. I enjoy coffee in the morning with my daughter and granddaughter (and great-granddaughter-only 4) so that is priority. When I return to my room to get dressed for the day, that is when I make it. I have a disabled grandson who sometimes needs a ride first thing in the morning to a store so he can begin his day before his energy is gone. So sometimes that is my priority. I do agree with you all that a well made bed makes the room! Enjoy all the comments and the post.

  124. Such a great post!!! to Linda post just above me , your post about your husband so caught my heart 🙂 , will keep you in my prayers. Yes, I make my bed every morning just before I leave for school or work….makes the whole room feel complete…
    Be Blessed

    1. Thank you Pamela for your sweet prayers. Yes we all need help from our Lord ……I could not go through this without Him. We were married 44 years, 4 months and 4 days. God bless you.

  125. Not only did I make my bed, but taught my 2 sons to make theirs before school daily. My 2 daughters-in-law say I trained them to be good husbands.

  126. My mom was a great housekeeper and the rule was our bed had to be made before we left the house! She also instilled in me to change those sheets once a week. After my husband and I married our rule was “last one out makes the bed”. He’s very good with pillows!! My husband and I are now retired and often make the bed together. That is after coffee and taking out the dog. We have an air out time too! A well made bed sets the tone for the day. It’s true you accomplish more after this simple task.

  127. Great post and I am a bed maker, I feel like I cant start my day out right until it is made.

  128. I just read this post and boy did it hit home!! I love when the bed is made and pillows fluffed. Now that I’m retired I’ve tried to get in the habit of making the bed in the morning however some mornings are rough for me with asthma. So coffee and meds first, then the bed making begins after I begin feeling better. Some days the bed may not get done until noon but it’s so worth the effort! Love your blog Yvonne!

  129. I too, was taught to make my bed daily and change sheets weekly. What wise mothers we have!!

  130. You could be describing my wonderful husband! I make our bed every day I am there! If I’m gone, it goes unmade until the day of my return. I even “make” the sleeping bags in the tent trailer when we are camping. And put things away! Seems like half my day is putting things away!

  131. Candy J Weiford says:

    My mother taught me form the time I was old enough, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, make the bed. My husband is the last one up. Soon as I hear his shower start, I head to the bedroom to make the bed. Could not sleep in an unmade bed. When I go to bed tonight and say my prayers I will include all of us on here to have a good night’s sleep and wake up to a blessed Sunday.

  132. I am also a fanatic about the bed being made. We make it immediately after getting up–one of the first household chore behaviors Hubby learned about me after we were married. I totally agree with all you said.

  133. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Making the bed is self discipline for me.
    Pride in self and home.
    Giving thanks to God for my upbringing by two old grandparents who lived by setting an example.
    Love for God, family and self!
    Thanks for the post and shared comments.

  134. Deb Gregory says:

    I totally agree about making the bed everyday! The other thing I do is open the curtains to let the sunshine in & sometimes put on some music to help motivate me.

  135. Judi Johnson says:

    My mother never had us make our beds. My husband thought it was dumb when you are just going to mess it up later. We have slept together with separate blankets for 40 years I don’t really know how to make a bed when our covers are not the correct size of the bed. It just does not look right. How ever when important company is coming I will make the bed. I do like how it looks. So maybe I will start. Didlike the video, made me laugh.

  136. Sherry Pelle says:

    I agree, slipping into a made bed does help you get a good nights sleep and it’s kind of like a reward for all that you’ve accomplished that day! And on sheet changing day it’s like a double reward!!

  137. My mother used to iron only the pillowcases (only takes a second with modern fabrics) and she would change them mid-week…so lovely to smell fresh pillowcases twice a week.

      1. Forgot to mention that I spray my pillow cases with either Lavender or Ginger Linen Water before ironing…you won’t believe what a treat this is! L

  138. I can’t get into an unmade bed at night!

  139. Rosa Hall-Holdrdge says:

    Yes. I too make my bed and that action gets my day started with some structure. I like the finished look it gives a bedroom.

  140. For most of our married life, my husband worked the 3rd shift. He would be getting home just as I was getting up for the day. Our bed never got made because by the time he got up it was nearly time to make dinner…why bother at that point?! It makes me so happy now that he is retired to always have a beautifully made bed before I leave my bedroom for the day. And you’re so right about it being so inviting to climb into a bed that has been made. The only thing that makes it better is freshly laundered bed linens …and yes, I iron them also.

  141. Your husband is right ! Your bed does need to air out, but for more than a few minutes . Because of the moisture our bodies produce at night, our beds are slightly damp by morning , and microscopic molds, mildew and dust mites will thrive if that dampness is closed in by bedcovers . Pull your covers back and run a ceiling fan and /or spray with an allergen reducer
    (Febreeze makes one ) then let your bed dry thoroughly . This practice has greatly reduced my nighttime allergies !

  142. I do make the bed before I go downstairs each morningand change sheets on Fridays for a relaxing start to the weekend. Clean, line dried sheets are such a simple pleasure.

  143. I’m like you I make my bed every morning..my husband is like your husband, when I’m away he never makes the bed, don’t talk to me about climbing into a bed that the sheets are all wrinkled..just makes me feel so awful..making my bed does make my day better, I walk into my room and it doesn’t matter if he has socks on the floor on his side of the made bed it’s my bed that makes my room look clean.

  144. I totally agree. It only takes a minute or two and every time I walk into our room it looks lovely and in order. Great post.

  145. I am such a loser. I do not make our bed everyday. I leave the room in the morning and never go back until bedtime. You have given me some great ideas for a new habit. My husband will be so happy. We didn’t make our beds at home…my mother did. It was against a wall and we didn’t do it “right”. Starting tomorrow. I love your bedroom. Did you paint your table? It is beautiful. Thank you so much!

  146. I used to make my bed everyday..then got out of the habit due to illness and depression..I’m going to try and get back in the habit, I have such pretty linens..

    1. So sorry to hear that Barbara! Making your bed might make you feel better!

  147. I make our bed everyday. I have always made my bed everyday even as a kid. I don’t think either one of my grown kids have developed the habit of making their bed.

  148. Maureen brinkmann says:

    Hi Yvonne, these comments are priceless! You have such an interesting reader group. There is nothing I love better than a crisp clean bed to climb into at night. Another little quirk to go with it, I always wash my feet before getting into bed. Somehow I just feel more relaxed and cleaner. Ha-ha! ?

  149. I LOVE bed changing day because it is the only day, mostly, that I have a made bed. My husband lived, rolled up in his blankets like a cacaoon, crawled out from it and crawled right back in at night. No sheets so no laundry days and he loved it. He gets up after I do and is back in off and on throughout the day. See why I love laundry day!

  150. Deb Gregory says:

    I totally agree with making the bed every morning. One of the things I do is open the curtains to let in the sunshine.

  151. Making the bed is such an easy thing to do to start the day. I had a friend in college who only change her sheets when she went home.

    Love the smell of fresh sheets and ironed pillowcases. Have to make my bed first thing!!

  152. YES I make my bed every morning.

  153. I make the bed every day. I get up and pull the comforter down to air out. I also open the window to air out the room. Go have coffee,paper etc….then back to close the window We have a king size bed and love it. What has also helped is investigating in a good down comforter, which we use year round with just a top sheet.this allows for a very simplified “making the bed” For a light summer look I use it without the duvet. Just white without any throw pillows.( more minimalist)……in the fall ill put a duvet back on with accent pillows. Cozy it up.

  154. When we were first married I heard my husband ask another guy at a party if they had towels in the bathroom he wasn’t allowed to use! After 40 years I have him trained. He does not like getting into an unmade bed and will make it up even after dark. I do make the bed daily unless we tear out of the house first thing in the morning. I can’t sleep very well with wrinkles, lumps and wonky covers. I still hang our 100% cotton percale sheets on the clothesline and we love sliding under the covers that first night smelling fresh air. I like my sheets crisp and col to the touch. Line dried is like having them ironed. A tip for your readers is never wash sheets with anything but sheets and they won’t get those little bumpy pills on them. Have we seen pictures on your blog of your master bedroom? I recognize these from when you made over your guest room for your daughter and her husband.

  155. This is a total tribute to my mom, I miss her dearly and she ALWAYS made her bed as did my grandmother. I try, and sorry to say that not always do I get this accomplished before work. But with reading this post, I am going to try harder, it does make complete sense and I am working on many aspects in my life to make it better. I have been thinking a lot about the post with cleaning and decluttering, I liked to the post where the lady said she pretends to move and what she would not take, she gets rid of. Great food for thought! Thanks Yvonne for bringing this to our attention! 🙂

  156. I agree with your Bobby. Let the bed air and crisp up for awhile then make it.getting into a made bed at night starts a better nights sleep!

  157. As always, great suggestions and inspiration. Thanks for starting a great day!

  158. Shelley Anderson says:

    I’m terrible for not making my bed everyday b/c I live in a 2 story house & only make it the wkend. After reading this I’m going to make it a must to start increasing this by adding a day a week until I’ve accomplished a full week. Thanks for sharing another aspect of your life!!

  159. As a kid, I hated making my bed everyday. I did everything to get out of it! As an adult, I get it! I love crawling into a made bed every evening. It just feels right. I totally agree with all your reasons! Now to get my husband to think this way…..

  160. Stephanie Davis says:

    I make my bed everyday and agree on every count! I even sometimes think of my mother and grandmother, as I know exactly how they made their beds…they taught me…and imagine that my great grandmother must have done the same….what amazes me is remembering my grandmother IRONING all her bed sheets! They dried on ‘the line’ and she ironed them….I adored, as we all did, sleeping in her beds! And besides….making the bed is just so EASY to do!

  161. Kymberly Starr says:

    I too make my bed everyday and change the sheets once a week. When I had neck surgery and my oldest daughter changed my bed she said it was an evil bed to do. She is a personal trainer and said that was harder than her work outs and to enjoy the bed as she wouldn’t be doing it again! I’m going to forward your post to her.?

  162. I make my bed every day and I change my sheets every weekend. Like you, it was something that I was taught to do as a child. I have raised my girls to do the same. I remember my grandmother and mother would iron their sheets and my grandfather’s handkerchiefs. My Mom would tell stories about when she lived in NYC in the 1960s – how she would bring her linens to be pressed for 25 cents. This was such a luxury. I love having an organized room – I enjoy my things more when they are neat, clean and in place.

    Have a blessed day!

  163. I am lucky that I have a husband who will make the bed. He then makes the coffee while I’m off to feed the kitties. I am lucky that his mother taught him well.

  164. Yep – I’ll have to agree – a made bed and dishes not left in the sink are a must when I head out the door in the morning or when you come home after working all day the WHOLE house just seems messy! Also, makes me smile when I go into my bedroom and see my pretty bed!

  165. I make my bed so I can see all the prettiness of pillows piled on top

  166. So well said ! I agree totally.

  167. Agreed! Making the bed starts the day and makes a huge difference. ?Great post!

  168. Sue Radcliff says:

    Make my bed every morning for a lot of the reasons you stated!

  169. Suzanne Viggiano says:


  170. Lynn Knight says:

    Some days get so crazy hectic! A tidy bedroom and a made bed tells my husband that no matter the rush of the day, my priority in connecting with him comes first to me. Might seem silly, but true for me and my Mr. Wonderful of 35 years!

  171. NANCY CARR says:

    I just got around to catching up on my email, however, I saw your post and about making the bed every day in the title. I thought, “Oh, my. If Yvonne is talking about this, I had better start doing it.” Then today I read the post. I started making the bed the day I saw your email come in and even though I did not know the content until now, I can say I have been more productive since I have started making my bed every day. What a difference it makes. Thank you.

  172. Yes! My morning routine sounds very much like your routine – right down to the devotions! Amen! Our master bedroom opens to our great room. If the bed isn’t made, our entire first floor looks messy. I also take a minute before bed to “turn down the bed” properly – folding the edge of the top sheet over the top of the comforter or quilt. Not only does it help me to feel more comfortable, but it also keeps body oils from coming into contact with the top edge of the comforter.

  173. Linda Charlton says:

    I try to but sometimes I get up first and don’t go back upstairs till bedtime. Husband does not do it. I should try to make it moe of a habit. Thanks for the post.

  174. Yes I make my bed every day – it just
    looks so much better!

  175. Yvonne, where did you get your lovely and versatile duvet cover??!! Im obsessed!

    1. Hi Angela, I found it at our local Pottery Barn outlet years ago. I don’t think they carry it anymore.

  176. Shelly Dayton says:

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one…. I feel off all day if I don’t make the bed!!! I too have a military Father & my mother is much more organized than I am….but my becd is always made, with good linens, lots of fluffy pillows, & washed weekly! My Great Grandmother used to say, “a clean house is a clear mind, if your bed is made & dishes are washed, you’re halfway to a clean house “.

  177. Patricia Lawlor says:

    I make my bed every day as well and Bobby is right, it needs to air out. I like to open my window even when its cold outside as it seems to freshen sheets, have my coffee, check my emails then make it and you are right, it is a pleasure every night to climb into.

  178. Dorothy Sadler Hemphill says:

    There is no way that I can make my bed like my husband who was in the Marine Corps – when he sees me trying to make it he just says, “Honey, let me do that.” He also changes the linens and they are a joy to get into at night. I love my old percale sheets and still have some from my wedding 56 years ago but they are for a double (full) bed. I cannot find percale sheets today that are like they are. And since I have a queen-sized bed now it is really hard to find fitted queen-sized percale sheets. Do you know a source. If you enjoy your sheets please let me know what kind they are. I just find it uncomfortable sleeping on sheets with poly in them and then later on they start to pill. I would love some suggestions. Thank you!

  179. I would. My husband, however, is not a bed maker, works third, and therefore the bed remains unmade unless it is wash day, or company is coming, because he is back in it a few hours after I am up. It drives me nuts!! Even after thirty-three years!!

  180. LindaC105 says:

    I am with you on every count but mostly because untidy makes the whole house appear messy.

  181. Sherry Pelle says:

    I have a dilemma…my granddaughter sleeps between me and her poppaw when she spends the night. I know I’ll miss these times when she decides not too, but she is the last one up and I usually don’t make the bed on these days because I am already downstairs on to the daily chores. After reading this post I have come up with a “partial” solution, and that is to make up whatever part of the bed there is around her, without waking her of course! Now I don’t have to worry about not doing my part and I’ll still have that great feeling of accomplishment!! Thanks for this post Yvonne!!!

  182. I too make my bed every morning. My husband is a tour bus driver and also retired from 25 years serving our country in the Us Air Force, so there are days he isn’t up very early. I have been known to make the bed five minutes before getting into the bed. I feel there is something soothing about a bed that has been made. Sheets and covers pulled up tight.

  183. I wish my bed looked as cozy and beautiful as yours! I want to do some work in that. I love the coverlet you have. Did it come with the pillowcases? Beautiful!

  184. Since you first posted this, I have tried to make our bed daily, even if its just pulling all the covers up to the top and neatening the pillow – it does make one feel better about starting the day!
    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  185. As soon as I get up, I make my bed. I never thought I had time to make the bed when my 4 children (ages 6 to newborn) were little. After I got older, I developed the habit of making my bed daily. I agree with you that when a bed isn’t made, it makes the whole room look messy. Too bad I didn’t take the time to do it when my children were little but better late than never.

  186. I’ve been making my bed every morning since I was able to…bring some order to the day!

  187. Avril Crundwell says:

    I’m a but if a messy… I have to admit it, but it’s not that I like it that way, it’s my creative process. But I have to say one thing I always do is make my bed. This principle was actually reinforced in my life when I was a young mom and wife preparing to go overseas as a missionary and our missions director charged us to start the day with a made bed, to make it a habit cause it will help set our day and a clean fresh frame of mind. Well, that said, I have followed that principle to this day. I have an agreement with my husband, the last person out of the bed makes it. Sometimes it’s me and sometimes its him. We share the chore. 🙂

  188. Phyllis Ciampi says:

    I agree, I make my bed every day and have to thank my mother. I can’t leave the house in the morning, if it’s not made. ☺️

  189. Lisa Tatum says:

    Amen,Amen! It just starts my day off in the right direction!

  190. Kathy Barton says:

    I love having my bed made shortly after waking up. Otherwise I feel like it promotes the look of clutter. We have a beautiful bedroom set, so what a better way to show it off than making the bed.

  191. Kim Krause says:

    I always make my bed, but I agree with your husband! I read that we sweat up to 8oz every night so you should always keep the covers thrown back for a bit to dry out. I wait at least a couple of hours, but I do get up at 5:30 every morning so even waiting a few hours still gets the bed made pretty early!!

  192. Norma Rolader says:

    Love Love a made bed! My mother and Dad instilled this into us and take anything that did not belong and put where it belonged Beautiful bedding Thank you and God bless

  193. I, too, let my bed air out a bit before making it. My idea of pure luxury would be clean, line dried sheets every day. As I’m retired and do have an old fashioned clothesline, I do have fresh sheets several times a week. There is nothing better than sheets dried outside especially on a hot summer day. It’s almost like they’ve been ironed. Wonderful.

  194. Portia Read says:

    I agree! My parents were military also and my sisters and I had the same expectation. always make your bed and put things away.
    It just feels good to see something’s right during the day.

  195. I totally agree with your article. My hubby uses to work swing shift and always making the bed was of the question. Now that he is retired our bed is always made every I love it! My day always seems to get off to a good start with a made bed.

  196. I make my bed every day too. It is so nice to walk into a neat and tidy bedroom. If you would, could you please let me know where you purchased that lovely white quilt or coverlet on your bed. I have been searching for one that has some design to it rather than a flat, no pattern one. Thanks in advance.

  197. Julie Frey says:

    I love that you did a post on making your bed!!! I grew up learning to make my bed at an early age and learned to do it correctly! My wonderful Father who now lives in heaven was also in the Navy but it wasn’t him that was the bed making guru, it was my Mom. Oh my Daddy knew how to make a perfect bed but Mom was the one who taught me how to do it and do it the best I could! She said to take pride in everything you do EVEN making your bed!! And I did! I had twin beds in my room growing up and when my out of state cousin would come to visit and sleep in the other twin bed I would tell her she had to make her bed. Now her Mom was my Mom’s sister. Well my cousin Did Not Know How to make a bed! It was so messy! It really bothered me even at 7 or 8 years old! Maybe I was a little OCD back then. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 35 years and we often make the (queen) bed together. I had heard there was a study done that showed that couples who make their bed together live longer. Oh you bet I shared that little morsel with my husband and now we tend to make the bed together even more often! Hahahaha! An unmade bed makes a room look so messy and disheveled!! Nothing better than getting into a nicely made bed at night!!!!

  198. I also make our bed every day, I exactly feel the same way, a bed made makes your bedroom feel complete. I was also raised the same, we were taught to make our beds every day and those Hospital corners were a must, my mother was a nurse. Every Saturday the sheets were washed and nothing g felt so good as getting into a bed after the sheets were dried in the fresh air. Those days have changed, my sheets go in the dryer now but my bed always looks well made every day. I thank my mom for teaching me how to be a well organized homemaker and maker my home always welcoming.

  199. I make my bed everyday ,but I went through a period of time in my life not making my bed. The difference is amazing. Getting into an unmade bed just feel not right. I know I sleep better Now that I got back the habit. Now I can’t even leave the room without making it.
    I loved the video you posted!

  200. Vee Muller says:

    Every day, thanks to my dear mom and my dear dad. There are some days I don’t want to make our king sized bed, but then I trick myself like ‘you know if you take 3 minutes now before you shower, or get coffee or whatever then the next time you enter your room it will already be done’! You know, this works every time!

  201. I am soooooo much more productive when I make my bed 1st thing. I totally agree with you!

  202. Connie Hester says:

    I ALWAYS make my bed. Yes, it’s ingrained in my DNA. My Mother was a stickler for made beds. You could bounce a quarter off any bed she made. LOL When I stared school at age 6 ( am now in my late 60’s) and from then on, was required to make my bed daily. Our bathroom was downstairs and our bedrooms upstairs. We were allowed to use the bathroom when we woke, then had to head back up to make the bed before coming downstairs for the day.

    I too, love climbing into a nicely made bed. No wrinkles in those sheets for me. 🙂 I also love the layered pillow look and have a hubby that chuckles every evening when he neatly piles them in the corner. He makes fun of my “bed fetish”, but loves the fact that his bed is nicely made every day. 🙂

    I too, installed this into my children and the grands when they come for overnights. They love having pillow fights w/all the pillows, but know that in the morning, they make the bed and put the pillows on nice and neat. I am not an OCD Granny, by any means, but I like a neat bed and a neat bedroom. Just one of my “things”. 🙂

  203. My mom taught me to make my bed every morning too. So now it’s automatic. My hubby and I would make it together and now that it’s only me, I do the same! Always come into a picked up room with a freshly made bed.
    I love your black bed. Could you give us a hint as to where you got it? I have a king not that’s it matters but think when I move I’ll need a new one.
    Thanks so much
    Love your hints, Yvonne!

  204. I agree- makes a difference to begin the day by neatening one’s nest! Your bed linens and pillows are lovely- may I ask where you found them, especially the matelasse white spread and the gorgeous white pillow with the gold edging. Many thanks.

  205. Norma Rolader says:

    I do make mine due to I have my daybed in living room as a couch and is where I sleep since we have had given my grandson our big bed due to husband now in a hospital bed but before he got sick I made my bed everyday … thank you for the fun of this blog

  206. I make my bed every day. I can’t even think about getting in the bed at night without it being made in the morning. Wendy

  207. Oh how I wish I could make my bed every morning! But alas, most of the time my husband is still in it when I leave for work(he works at home and is semi-retired). Like your husband, he’s not a bed maker either and could care less what it looks like. I agree with you. It certainly is more pleasurable to get into a neatly made bed at night.

  208. Lise Harrison says:

    I can get up and go to the gym at 4:30 am before a work day but have become lazy about bed making. Yes, it does give a sense of accomplishment to see a well made bed. Thanks for the reminder!!

  209. Catherine says:

    I adore fresh sheets that are dried in the summer sunshine. Unfortunately we live in the Midwest so that will not happen. Only in the summer can it be. But at least having a made bed everyday and fresh clean sheets weekly is a must. So. I have to encourage my retired husband to make the bed everyday and strip it weekly.
    Life is good in a fresh made bed

    1. In my last home I had a clothesline and hung all my sheets. They smelled divine! I really miss doing that.

  210. The last couple of years I worked, my bed was rarely made. It took all my effort to get ready for work and make it through the day. But now that I’m retired, it’s something I do daily. It’s so nice to have a freshly made, pretty bed! And I love walking through a beautiful bedroom throughout the day.

  211. Lucy Beliveau says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for putting down in words what I’ve been thinking about for a long while! When I was a young wife and mother of 3, I religiously made the bed every day. I didn’t think too much about it as it was just one of those chores to which I’d grown accustom. Now, 38 years later, I find myself in an intirely different situation. Addison’s Disease tragically interrupted my life and it has made me quite ill. Fatigue and weakness combined now decide how much physical activity I get in a day and most of the time it’s not much! However….there are still things I feel strongly about and I LOVE my home and all of the lovely things I’ve either purchased myself or inherited from my Dear parents. The one thing I feel quite strongly about is making the bed and that is so darn hard for me to do!!! This fabulous post on your blog has really encouraged me to simplify the process and try, try again!! I just know I will be able to do this! I haven’t lost confidence in myself and I’m determined!

    Thanks, Yvonne, for offering your gift of reason and good housekeeping!

    1. I know how you feel Lucy! I have fibromyalgia and some mornings it’s so had to move around.

  212. I found your post today so interesting. I have always made my bed, after a brief airing as well! After watching my MIL progress into the pits of dementia we have discovered coping mechanisms for her, and quite frankly for us. Establishing a fixed routine is one of those. The number one, essential and purposeful task of her day is to make her bed, yes. That has been a key to starting the day off with a semblance of normalcy. She is 95 1/2 years of age. On the days where she rips the sheets and quilt off and hides them under the bed we know, with no doubt, we are having a bad day. If that bed is made, not as much. Soooo, from childhood on this is an essential tool for establishing good habits. Thanks for reminding me about just how valuable this behavior tool has been for all of us.

  213. Jan Fusco says:

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t make my bed every day. But I’m going to make a commitment today to start trying to do that. My husband and I take a nap almost every day and he likes to get under the covers for that. So when I do make the bed, it doesn’t stay that way very long.

  214. Carrie Poynter says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    When I was younger and lived at my parent’s house I only made my bed if I knew I had company coming over. I was messy :/
    Now that I am older and married with my own house I can’t stand a mess to not be cleaned up. I make my bed every morning, dishes are always done and my house feels free and uncluttered. I understand the importance of a made bed now. That small task I do every morning sets the stage for the rest of my day. It’s refreshing at night to climb into a clean, peaceful haven. My husband truly appreciates these gestures also. Thank you for a wonderful post <3
    -Carrie from Missouri

  215. Yes ! I have to do it.. Although I must say on the weekends I sometimes don’t cause we know after lunch we are crawling back in for a nap!!

  216. We were taught to make our beds every morning when I was growing up. It is a habit that I continue today. Ours were harder to make as a kid, because they were feather beds. Mom taught us how to make sure they were fluffed and even before pulling up the covers. Thank goodness when we got rid of those feather beds and to a mattress and box springs!! We also were not allowed to sit on the bed after they were made. That was the biggest “no no” in our house. She would say, “the bed is made for sleeping, not wallowing!” My children were taught to make their beds each morning and they continue it today.

  217. Making our bed is one of the things on my list of “things that can be done in 15 seconds”… or less! It is always a game to start counting down when I make the bed, to see if I can do it! My husband loves a made bed so it is one thing I can do to show him my love and appreciation.

  218. I make the bed every day, I always have since I was a little girl. I can’t leave the house unless the bed is made and the decorative pillows are in place. ?

  219. I too make my bed everyday. I do not think I could start my day without it. My bed is seen from other parts of the house, and I can’t let it be messy.??

  220. I too make my bed everyday. I do not think I could start my day without it. My bed is seen from other parts of the house, and I can’t let it be messy.

  221. Barbara Vance says:

    I agree totally with you and Admiral McRaven. If you accomplish the small things, it will prepare you for the bigger things in life that you will accomplish. I have been reading your posts and always learn something new. I enjoy the inspirational messages also.

  222. I cannot imagine not making the bed!! It makes a statement about organization and respect for the home!!

  223. Linda jensen says:

    I am from way up north in ND and have found your blog. You inspire me everyday. You spark my energy to keep a beautiful home and walk with the Lord

    1. Thanks Linda! We hope to travel your area in a year or so! ND is on our bucket list.

  224. I too, am a bed maker. It really is a positive start to the day ? Where did you get your bedroom curtains?

  225. Linda Gomez says:

    I also make my bed every morning. At first it was because we HAD to as children. My parents insisted on it….only exception was if one of us was sick. I grew up on a cattle ranch and even when we had to get up at the “crack of dark” for a round up that bed had better be made! Now I do it for the same reasons you do….one thing checked off the to do list but mostly because I really dislike walking into the room and seeing the bed a mess! As I get older sometimes its harder on not so good days, but I’ m lucky that my hubby usually helps with the task!

    1. Raising children with good habits is so important! It paid off, didn’t it!

  226. I do make my bed as soon as I get out of it ! I feel if the bed is not made, your house is not organized.

  227. Jan Hamilton says:

    Oh, yes, I make my bed before I shower. I want a pretty room. I don’t like wrinkled sheets. I would never be able to find the remote. I’m with you on this one!

  228. Admiral McRaven is inspiring! So many stories I love them! God bless all of you with health concerns, they make life difficult. I make my bed each morning for all the same reasons you do. My husband never made the bed when he was working but now he pulls the blankets up and I straighten it all after. I was taught to make my bed in the morning but our household was not as regimented as yours so I could get away with not doing it at times. Being that my bedroom was upstairs my mother didn’t go up every day to check. I soon learned that it wasn’t fun getting into a bed with scrambled blankets. I agree with wind softened sun dried sheets, though only in the summer in blizzardy northeast Ohio! I saw Linda K.’s mention of Lavender Linen Water spray. I’ve discovered it too, what a luxury!
    This is getting long but I have to tell you that we visited my husband’s relatives in Germany where everyone has their individual down comforter, even on double beds. No top sheet, the duvet cover is changed every week.