CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA FELT PIN-beautiful additon to dress or

I have a special treat for you today! I’ve been making Christmas Poinsettias… felt Christmas Poinsettias to wear on my jackets and coats, give as gifts and to put on Christmas presents. A couple years ago I made a Poinsettia Christmas Stocking and put these pretty Poinsettias at the top of them. Would you like to make one or five or ten Poinsettia  too? They are soooo easy and sooooo beautiful! Great, let me show you how. You only need a little bit of felt, a few sparkles and a dab of glue!







Making these can get a little addictive!!!!


  • felt in color of choice- I used white an a cream
  • assorted small beads- I used pearls and crystals and silver bead

For each poinsettia you will need to make

  • 12 large leaves out of felt
  • 12 medium leaves out of felt
  • 6 small leaves out of felt
  • 1- 3 inch felt circle
  • hot glue



1. Cut 12 LARGE leaves. Cut out 12~  1×2 inch rectangles, fold them in half lengthways and cut a half leaf shape. This will make 1 leaf.

Repeat to make MEDIUM leaves. Cut out 12 ~ 1-1/2 x 3/4 inch rectangles. Use the same process for making leaves above. This will make 12 medium leaves.

Repeat the process to make 12 small leaves. Cut out 12~ 1×1/2 inch rectangles. And use the process for making leaves above. This will make 12 small leaves.

2. Cut out 1 3 inch circle for each poinsettia. I used a 3 inch round cookie cutter as a guide.

3. Position 6 large poinsettia leaves on the circle, like above and hot glue them to circle.


4. Add the next 6 large leaves over the first 6 leaves, as above. Let the bottom leaves peek between the first 6 leaves.

5. Use the same procedure for the medium leaves. First, glue down 6 medium leaves with the bottom leave peeking out between them. Add the last 6 medium leaves over the original 6 medium leaves with them peeking out between.

6. Add the 6 small leaves in the same fashion on top of the medium leaves. Ta-Da! You have made a beautiful poinsettia.

Now all you have to do is glue on a few sparkles in the middle!



To make your poinsettia into a lapel pin, glue a pin back to the back side of the poinsettia.  

Here are some ways to use these pretty poinsettias.

  • instead of bows on presents
  • hostess gift
  • attach to an elastic band and use as a ponytail holder
  • make them into napkin rings
  • make a Christmas wreath

I bet you can think of more ways to use these little Christmas beauties!You may want to pin this to your Pinterest CHRISTMAS or DIY board. You can follow me and see all the Christmas things I am pinning HERE

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIA FELT PIN-beautiful additon to dress or





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  1. Yvonne, This looks like a fun project. Hope to make a couple for special packages. Thanks for a great idea.