LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

Lucite is THE white hot decor star of the moment. Clear, glamorous, sturdy and a real decorating chameleon! It is versatile, does not take up visual space and works with so many different decor styles. Did you know that it is really a classic?  It has cycled in and out of favor for years and is back again in a huge way! It is coveted for it’s hard finish and crystal clear look. Lucite (a brand name of acrylic) should not be overlook! A little lucite in your decor is a very beautiful thing!

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

Born 80 years ago, acrylic is a product made from natural gas. It is inert and has no harmful fumes. It’s a wonderful product that became popular for jewelry, handbags, furniture and airplane windshields during WWII.

I love love love acrylic furniture! And I’ve had my eye out for a couple of gorgeous pieces to add to the decor here at StoneGable.

What I find so amazing about acrylic is it’s ability to NOT take up visual space! It is an illusionist! It make a room look more spacious! Being transparent, this gorgeous clear product does not crowd a room! An acrylic table or chair literally lets everything in the room shine through it!

Lucite adds a gigantic punch of sophistication and class! It’s lines are usually unfussy and straightforward often leaning a bit to the modern side of decor! But don’t let that fool you! Lucite mixes so well with many styles!

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

You should give acrylic furnishings a first or second look. A great piece could breathe fresh new life into a room in your home!

Lucite, like most furniture, can have many price points. Look for a clear acrylic, no scratches and most importantly sturdy construction. Flimsy acrylic furniture signifies poor quality.

Look at the beautiful construction of the acrylic nesting tables I recently purchased. SIGH! 

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

I was thrilled that I found these amazing stacking tables at… WORLD MARKET! Yes, World Market!

They carry so many fabulous, global furnishing and decor! I spent a fun, fun evening at the grand opening in the Montgomeryville Pa store shopping and chatting with the representatives of World Market and other bloggers and some of my readers. There was great food and drinks and live music. Now, that’s my way to shop!  It was one of those magical shopping opportunities! I came home with a trunk full of goodies! If you live anywhere near Montgomeryville Pa a trip to World Market is so worth your time!

I saw these acrylic nesting tables online at World Market and crossed my fingers that I would find them at the Montgomeryville Pa store… and I did! Then I hoped they would be a thick, sturdy, perfect acrylic… and they were! I am very very impressed with the tables and their price point! Way to go World Market!

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

I also found this honeycomb lamp and linen lamp shade on my shopping excursion! It was love at first sight! It has panache! And I love panache! I knew it would work perfectly with the chic nesting tables.

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

Styling lucite is easy. Less is best when decorating the top of a lucite table. Keep it simple! 

A lamp or a nice stack of books topped off with a small white decorative bowl is all a lucite piece needs! Don’t over embellish!

LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with beautiful trendy lucite!

I hope I have sung the praises of acrylics enough that you will want to give your home a little bit of lucite!

Can you think of a spot in your home for a little bit of “lucite love”?

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LUCITE LOVE-Decorating with gorgeous lucite. Easy and works with may styles.

A big thank you to World Market for sponsoring this post. All the opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I do like those tables, and I am especially interested in your chairs. I am looking for some good quality spindles w/o breaking the bank. Can you comment–where do yours come from?

  2. Never thought I would like the look of lucite, but it looks beautiful in your home.
    I love the chairs.
    I would love to have just one of those chairs, and you have two…

    One day – I hope to redo my family room in a couple of years so hopefully I will get one then.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love the look of the table in your room! Does Lucite still scratch as much as it use to? I remember having pieces a long time ago and the possibility of scratches were 100%.

  4. I jusr bought those tables on Wednesday at World Market on Wednesday and love them. A great “find”. Love all you ideas 🙂

  5. Hi Yvonne: I love your lucite tables and think it’s fun and interesting to “shake up” things with the addition of something unpredictable. While a wooden, or ceramic, table would have been nice here, the unexpected lucite adds a certain freshness and spontaneity! I have no more room for anything else in my condo but if I did (and I could afford it!) I’d buy the infamous “Ghost Chair” created by designer, Philippe Starck.

    The only lucite pieces I have are small cubes and such that I use to give height in vignettes.. Books are also handy but sometimes you want the transparency of lucite. (It is a devil to dust, though, and gives a whole new meaning to the term “static cling”!) lol!

  6. Hi Yvonne,
    Love the overall look of the area pictured. Enjoy reading your blog with my morning coffee. Your decorating is very similar to the style I like.
    Did you buy the pillows? If so, is it possible for you to tell me where, or if you made them, what is the fabric’s name.
    Thanks so much. Yvonne

    1. THe pillows were made for me. I got the fabric along with a sofa about 10 years ago. Sorry I don’t know the name. The monogrammed pillow came from Ballard. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Yvonne. I’m new to your blog and am completely enamored with your creativity. Have already tried several of your recipes anddecorating tips and have received oohs and aahs. Could you tell me what is exactly hanging on the wall behind your chair? I’m looking for something to hang behind a couch and those frames, etc. might hit the spot. Would you share this idea and how you achieved it? Thank you. Sharon