blue and white chinoiserie ginger jar filed with blue hydrangeas

Blue and white decor is iconic! It’s the most popular color choice and no wonder. In general, blue and white is cool and comfortable and our eyes love this combination. Let’s look at beautiful ways to decorate with blue and white.

All you who love blue and white are in good company. It is a color combination that appeals to so many people. No wonder we love to decorate with it!

There is no more classic color combination than blue and white. It’s stood the test of time and been loved by all generations! It’s one of those great couples like Romeo and Juliet… Burt and Ernie… Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Blue and white decor evokes an emotional reaction in all of us. Spun together with style, it feels upscale. Created in a pillow ticking and enamelware it feels down-home! Blue and white can play perfectly happy on their own, but they are not standoffish! This combo will happily welcome almost any other color to join in!

Think of how we feel when we see a crystal blue sky with white puffy clouds or how an azure ocean and white sand mesmerizes us. Blue and white together is crisp and pretty and All-American! But if we really think about it, blue and white can take on many looks and set different moods!

Here are some easy ways to add blue and white to your decor!


blue and white pillow on a sofa

My first go-to tip for adding any color to a home is to start with pillows and throws! Toss a blue and white quilt over a sofa and add some decorative pillow in blue and white motifs! 

These pillows look neat and crisp. Depending on the blue shade or tint you use you will get totally different looks!


blue and white bedding

Did you know the most popular colors to use in a bedroom is, you guessed it, blue and white!

One of the guest rooms at StoneGable is filled with chippy furniture and lots of blue and white. Its farmhouse styling works with washed out blue and white! Everyone loves this room for the “feeling” it evokes.

If you would love blue and white in a bedroom, start with the bedding! It will transform the whole look of your room.


blue and white family room decor

Decorating with blue and white takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to blue and white furniture. Just a a pice or two will work beautifully.

When I decided to add another color to my neutral color palette I turned to blue! Mixed with the white I already had in my home, the new color palette was just what I wanted!

My rule of thumb, don’t saturate a room with just one color. Or if you do use it’s shades and tints to give a room more interest!


pretty blue and white dishes on a blue and white tablecloth

Now, this is my blue and white love language! At first, I was just going to title this section “blue and white dishes” but I realized I love ALL things blue and white for the table!

No matter your style decorating with blue and white on your table is so perfect!!!!

It’s so easy to collect blue and white dishes and napkins and tablecloths and flatware and all things for the table since this color duo is so popular!

stack of blue and white dishes



Here are other popular ways to add blue and white decor in your home…

  • use ginger jars en mass to create a classic and upscale look
  • a soft blue and white throw looks cozy draped over a chair or the back of a sofa
  • group pictures of blue and white tiles in white frames
  • hang blue and white dishes in different sizes on a wall for a focal point
  • add a blue and white garden stool to your bathroom to hold a stack of white towels
  • add a bit of burnt orange or peach to any blue and white decor for a magical combination
blue and white bowl with hot pink napkin tucked in it like a rose

If you love blue and white give it a shout out in the comments below! What is your favorite way to use this iconic color?

blue and white decorative ginger filled with blue hygrangeas

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  1. Love this post, Yvonne. First of all it is so well-written that it inspires you to put some blue and white somewhere in your home if you don’t have it! I like neutral colors with touches of the pale turquoise in my home but I am thinking of incorporating a little darker blue in my bedroom. Can I ask where you found your ticking comforter in your guest room? I have seen a few I like but wondering how you liked yours as far as quality and style? Thanks again for all of your inspiration, you are amazing!!

    1. Hi Michelle, Adding a touch of darker blue to turquoise would be perfection! The comforter with the blue and white ticking came from the Pottery Barn Outlet. Hope this helps

  2. Tanya H Wersinger says:

    So fresh and clean. Pretty southern French style. Thanks and blessings to you.

  3. Betty in Arlington says:

    I love blue and white, too! I have my Dutch delft and Russian gzhell pottery out everywhere! It makes me feel good!

    1. Oh you are so lucky!!! delft makes me swoon! As does gzhell. What wonderful pottery you have. Have you been collecting it long?

  4. Blue and White….such a classic and one can never tire of it….Oh and I love the design of your blue and white ginger jar!…Introducing blue as an accent in any room so works as you have done….and I see a peek of that fabulous architectural piece we found in PA!….love it!…Have a great weekend Yvonne!

    1. You are the queen of beautiful blue and white!!!! I’m heading over to your blog to be so inspired!

  5. Love the blue and white! What is the blue and white china featured in this post please?

  6. Yvonne, you have touched on my favorite decorating accessory! I am a collector of blue and white ginger jars and dishes, and display my various ginger jars in many areas of my home. My favorite grouping is my large jar collection on top of a break front cabinet in my family room. The ceilings are 12′ and the jars give the 8′ cabinet more “weight” in the room. Blue and white makes me smile!

  7. Yes, blue and white are classics and play nicely with so many other colors. Pink, green, yellow, orange, and even purple. Love your blues in your home.

  8. I am a fan of blue and white, it makes me swoon! Add a touch of yellow and I am over the moon!

  9. Melissa Leach says:

    My home has the blue and white color scheme with touches of black. I love it! It’s timeless and relaxing. I think black punches it up a notch.

    1. I’m a fan of adding a little black too. It keeps blue and white from looking too “sweet”. But sweet is not bad either!

  10. I must admit my heart sunk today when I saw this post (!!!) and actually heard myself say (out loud) “oh no!!

    You see, I’ve loved blue/white pieces for well over 55 years & up until now, never see it in any of my friends’ homes & that’s the way I like it! lol! Now, due to the popularity of your blog, Yvonne, I fear everyone is going to run out & start acquiring blue/white! I like to decorate with different items (than others) & not see the same thing everywhere. That’s the one flaw with technology/social media – seeing the same things (e.g: antlers, wire baskets, etc) in the many blogs. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the hope that some husbands emphatically say: “I hate blue and white”!! ??

    I have a large collection on my buffet in the living room which ties in nicely with a large coromandel screen hung above; I also like layering my blue/white Willow tree plates with my plain white dishes. Sometimes for a change, I use my blue/white ginger jars to hold tea, sugar, etc. and tuck the others away. It’s always been a classic and will endure the test of time just like Chippendale chairs and other iconic pieces. Now, please hurry, Yvonne, and remove this post of yours! lol.

  11. Just love your blue and white and this gorgeous inspiration Yvonne!!

  12. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Love today’s post Yvonne! I truly love the classic look of blue and white. Where did you get the blue and white kitchen towels that were in your kitchen? I love the pattern on them.

  13. Hi, I am a new follower over from French Country Cottage and am so glad to have found you. I can see many hours going back through your posts! Living in France, we too love blue and white China, I particularly love the blue and white stripes of Cornish Ware in the kitchen, it’s such a timeless class combination.

  14. Love your post! I have little pops of blue in my livingroom, and my bedding is blue and Ivory. Love your photos.
    Be Blessed

  15. Love the blue and white. I just wrote a post about blue in my house and then saw yours! It really is such a fresh and happy color. Everything looks beautiful!

  16. Love- Love- Love Blue and White. I have some in almost every room. My favorite way to use in on my fall table with gold, rust, browns. Just beautiful!!

  17. Rebecca Turner says:

    Wonderful post! I love blue and white!

  18. Karen VanLoo says:

    I’ve had company for a week, and am just now catching up on your blog. I absolutely love blue & white, it’s such a classic combination. I have my grandmother’s Blue Willow pattern dishes, and canister set, and will never get rid of them. One of my guest rooms is entirely all blue and white. I love different shades of blue with white, even in clothing I wear! Soft blues, sky blue or deep Federal blue is a favorite as well. Who doesn’t love those colors together, just beautiful!!! It feels great to catch up with you Yvonne, I miss your blog if I don’t see it every day! Have a lovely day.

  19. Sharon Minzey says:

    I certainly enjoy all your posts! Keep up the good work! God bless you greatly this year!

  20. Suzanne Pope says:

    Never out of style. My fav combo with black buffalo check, neutral sisal/sea grass rugs and white drapes. God bless you Yvonne.

  21. Love blue and white and my home is proof.

  22. Sherry Darlington says:

    Y’all had me at blue & white…..dishes, bedding, pottery, tiles, fabric….love it all!

  23. Nancy Davies says:

    I am off to tweak one of the bedrooms with blue accents! You have inspired me with this post. Thank you xx

  24. Even as a little girl I would tell people that blue was my favorite color and my house reflects it. My living room is blue,white and beige, our guestroom blue and white with a punch of yellow and my master bathroom blue,grey and white. I collect blue and white oriental porcelain and blue local pottery and if you open my closet you will find blue the dominant color whether denim or silk! Even my garden has lots of blue flowers contrasting with lots of white and yellow ones.Even though green has been competing with blue as I get older fortunately they are lovely together.

  25. We have the same taste. I have blue and white all over my home and have for years! Thank you for your blog.

  26. I love blue and white! It started with a set of Blue Willow dishes my mom pulled down from the attic to put in a garage sale when I was 15. I loved them and started a hope chest with them. Still use them every day 42 years later and have added many more blue and white dishes to my collection! I also decorate white rooms with blue accents in my “coastal farmhouse” decorating style. I grew up near farming and now live on the coast! Thanks for sharing blue and white, Yvonne. I’d love to see that guest room. ?

  27. The first time I realized my passion for blue-and-white was when I planned my wedding. That was almost 50 years ago and my love for this perfect color combination has grown into a massive collection. I constantly have to edit, rearrange or repurpose my collection so it’s not overwhelming but still the star of my home. It’s timeless, classic, crisp and pairs so well with other colors. Yellow is my favorite accent color to use but orange pops this time of the year. Christmas trees, my front porch, my garden, most everyplace will have a touch or two of B&W with one exception…my Husband’s garage. LOL!

  28. I must say my obsession with blue and white decor came later in life. My mother in law was and still is obsessed with it. At first it was just okay to me. Over the years I have come to see what a classic and timeless color scheme it is. I love that it goes with just about every color out there. I have been a collector for over 20 years now. I find myself sad at times when I see a beautiful piece at a store and just can’t think of a place for it. ?I love all things blue, white, off white and shades of cream!! ?

  29. I have always loved blue and white as long as I can remember, over the years I’ve tried other color terms but I always go back to blue and white It were I feel, this is’s funny how a color can make us feel emotionally ,blue and white makes me feel good. ..guess it’s like knowing your decorating style you feel relaxed and at home..
    Thank you for your blog I’ve learned a lot. Your the best!!!!

    1. Blue and white make most people have positive feelings. For me, I think they look crisp and fresh.

  30. Lorita Greene says:

    I was just wondering about using blue and white all over the house, does wall color make a huge impact on that theme? I have agreeable gray all over downstairs and sea salt in my master bedroom. Will it look nice with those colors?

    1. Yes, of course! I’d add more white than blue with gray walls. Sounds so pretty!

  31. Coincidentally, I’ve been transferring over to blue and white decor from earth tones. Yes, it is a refreshing theme. Walls, carpet and furniture are neutrals so it has been relatively easy to add blue and white accessories such as you suggest. The guest room is nautical blue and white.

  32. I transitioned our main level – family room, kitchen, dining room to a blue/cream color scheme. We had a very large hulking dark wood hutch from Ethan Allen for years that I knew I had to either do something with it or get of it. We eliminated the big top and then it sat there while I worked up my courage to paint the base blue. Turned out beautifully, brightens up the kitchen and it wasn’t that difficult.

    1. I love that you knew just how to solve this decorating dilemma! Yay! Good for you!

  33. Kathy Menold says:

    I was just looking at some spring decor magazines and they all show blue and white. I know they are in the business of getting us redecorate to follow the newest trends but wish they didn’t all show the same ideas. I have used blue and white in several of my rooms and have always loved it but dont want it to dominant in every area.I will continue to keep my kitchen and familyroom neutral so colors of the seasons can be brought in to my decor.

    1. Hi Kathy, decorating magazine and decor blog offer you suggestions for decorating your home. I am not in the business of getting you to do anything. I am in the business of inspiring you! I hope you can take what you love and understand that there are other readers who may love the blue and white “trend”. Blue and white is a classic really. The bottom line for me at StoneGable is that my readers are inspired and love their homes! Personally, my neutral home makes me happy. Adding a bit of blue and white this spring and summer is fun!

  34. Well done, I’ve always been a fan of the color blue. I actually used lots of blue & white jars and boxes when I had my first Florida home. I am now adding blue but deeper tones and shapes of teal.

  35. Mary Anne Hergert says:

    when we had to redo our house , we did the house in 3 shades of blue. We love our blue house. yes I also use blue and white decor .

  36. Marianne George says:

    My entire house is decorated blue and white. White walls for neutral so I can change seasonal decorations. Has been for years. Glad to see I’m fashionable! ❤️

  37. This is a great post. I took a chance a year ago and added blue and white here and there to my neutral decor of off white, taupe, brown, gold. The blue and white made my rooms “pop”. I was surprised to see how beautifully it all works together, especially with brown. Grouping blue and white classic pieces together with neutrals really makes a room come alive.

  38. This looks amazing. Thank you for sharing. Don’t know why, but I am not getting your emails . The miss your fabulous postt/site

    1. Just sent you a new newsletter. Make sure it is in your inbox. Oftentimes these emails go to junk or spam. If you see it there put it in your inbox and you will be set.

  39. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, I really enjoyed this post! I have always loved blue and white — and our home does, too!

    Have a great week!

  40. Carol Benchouia says:

    Love this combo! I have one Currier and Ives dinner plate and a pie plate that I bought at a country antique store in southern MO. My brother was the recipient of my grandmother’s full set. It brings back so many memories…I might just have to start looking for more pieces!

  41. Kelley Basatneh says:

    Yvonne, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and have been following for quite a while. Blue and white is my jam. I love to mix in a bold color with it like hot pink or bright Kelley green.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for being part of our StoneGable family, Kelley. I love those colors too.

  42. Lisa Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing your love for Jesus each Sunday! Praying it will bring many to Him!!

    Thank you for your beautiful blog too …my home is blue and white so I enjoyed today’s pictures and comments too!!

  43. Yvonne,
    Please share the resource for the bedskirt you show on a couple of beds? It looks like it has an open weave and as wheat/flax color, , slightly gathered? I need to buy a bedskirt and am hoping to hear from you before i have to purchase this. I have tried google imaging it with no luck.
    Thank you in advance.