LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

The lilacs are blooming! And even if I weren’t blogging I would be compelled to set a table using them. They are so beautiful and sweetly scented and they drape ever so perfectly in soft arches of cascading tiny trumptey blooms! I wait all year for the lilacs! I think the most beautiful things here on this earth are the shortest lived. It’s like God giving us the slightest glimpse of His heavenly home and what we have to look forward to! Here’s to lilacs in bloom!


Today is IT’S ALL SET. You can see all the beautiful tablescapes at the end of the post…


Let’s talk about tablescapes!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Today’s tablescape was inspired by the lilacs in full bloom here in Lancaster County! A big thanks to my dear friend Kim (who lives down the road from me)  for letting me have armloads from her abundant bushes. I’ve known Kim for decades. We first met when our boys were in nursery school together. She is brilliantly smart, generous and witty. 

Kim owns the most fabulous handcrafted knitted children’s wear company, HEARTHSIDE HANDWORKS. Her sweaters are sold in Barney’s in NYC and on Rodeo Drive in LA. and in other boutique shops around the country. Click HERE to see one of her sweet, classic sweaters in New York Magazine.

She is uber creative and a workaholic with a very fun side! She is genuine and a real friend!

My children wore her gorgeous sweaters their entire childhood! And I’ve saved them for their children! Thanks, Kim! You are so dear to me… this post is for you!

Today’s table is set in my dining room but really it should be set outside! This table screams lush green springtime. Are you catching wafts of the perfumy lilacs!  I sure hope so!  My whole house smells heavenly!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Each place is set with a stack of intricately edged plates and topped with a vintage lilac transferware plate.  These plates are brought out each year for my lilac table. The lilacs have not bloomed in Lancaster Country for a couple of years so these plates were like seeing an old friend!

You don’t need to collect lots and lots of different plates to create something special. I love small plates with very interesting motifs or designs. And they are so easily paired with white dishes!  My collection of small distinctive plates keeps growing and growing. They are good for hors-d’oeuvres, tapas, and dessert… and even a small salad! And they set a very pretty table!


LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

I can’t resist detailed edges on plates… especially if they are white!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

I’m not a huge collector of colored glassware but I do love these purple flutes. I found them years ago at Target… yes, Target! One of my biggest decorating secrets, that is not so secret anymore, is mixing high-end items with lower-cost things that look high end. No one will ever know!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

These hobnail glasses from Wayfair are our everyday glasses. I found them last summer and knew they were sturdy enough to hold up to lots of use. And they are also pretty enough to use for company too! Hobnail has a very vintage look. I love the hobnail spin on these drinking goblets.

 You can see them HERE. Right now they are on an amazing sale!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Plain white napkin with a large ric-rac edge are gathered up in a pearly napkin ring. I kept most of the table white to show off the lilacs. They only last for such a short time that they deserve to be the star of this table!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

My favorite way to pick lilacs is when not all the buds have bloomed! I think they are much more artistic and ethereal looking! Kim also had white lilacs so I added them in with the traditional ones.

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Tiny creamers work as makeshift vases at each place. I have a penchant for placing something individual sized at everyone’s place. Flowers, bread or a little take home treat! 

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

A close-up!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

These little buds are singular works of art!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

The center of the table has three pitchers of lilacs and two small white milk bottles running down it.

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!


LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!


LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Lilacs and mercury glass candlesticks!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

When lilacs are blooming it’s time to tarry in their magnificent splendor because it is one of the earth’s fleeting joys!

LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!

Please stop by my very talent blogger friends and enjoy their beautiful tables! I am in such lofty company!

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LILAC TABLE- A beautiful, graceful tablescape filled with lovely lilacs!


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  1. Wow, Yvonne, you’ve done it again! I always said everything you touch turns to gold!
    Beautiful post. Help yourself to as many lilacs as you want while they last.

    1. Maryellen says:

      So beautiful! I love lilacs, have several white and purple ones.

    2. Beautiful, I have wisteria that is also beautiful and short lived. Lilacs look beautiful with your dishes! Thanks Yvonne!

  2. Beautiful table!Lilacs have always been my favorite!

  3. My nose is about 80% “deaf”. If a smell is overwhelming to most folks, I can barely smell it. I can’t sense dinner cooking, coffee brewing, freshly mowed grass, etc. oh well. However, one of the few smells that I still smell at normal level is lillacs. I thank God everyday mine are in bloom.
    Really like your purple plates

  4. Another beautiful tablescape… the lilacs are gorgeous and I can imagine their scent from one photo to the next! Makes me want to buy a lilac bush now! The lilac season is too short : (

  5. When growing up in Connecticut we had beautiful lilacs growing in every garden but since I have retired to North Carolina we don’t have these lovely flowers in the abundance we had in the north. Their fragrance was heavenly in bouquets brought into the house in early May. Short lived when cut but well worth it. Now I am awaiting the bloom of my Mockorange shrub to have that sweet smell of spring. Your table setting is so beautiful.

  6. Oh, my! Just an absolutely gorgeous tablescape! You’re so fortunate to have such bounty available to you and you have arranged it all, so beautifully.

  7. Anne Marie says:

    Lilacs are my favorite – unfortunately they do not grow here in Texas. I grew up in Minnesota and lilac time was my favorite time of the year.

  8. Just beautiful! I can smell the lilacs through my screen! You always do amazing things with your decorating and tablescapes! Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Every spring when I see all of the lilac photos it makes me a bit sad that they simply do not grow this far south and it’s been years since I’ve experienced the fragrance that remind me of my grandmother’s house in spring! Such a pretty tablescape and always fun tablescaping with you! Hugs…Janet

  10. Lilacs and peonies are both gone too soon. I wish they lasted longer. Beautiful table!

  11. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I love this! I had a lilac bush at my old house, but I don’t have one where I live now. I need to remedy that! Simply beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. Unbelievably gorgeous!

  13. Beautifully styled, Yvonne. Lilacs are my favourites. Unfortunately, we only get ours in mid May.

  14. You always inspire me.

  15. Brought back memories of the lilac bush that was in our back yard in my childhood.

  16. I grew up in Pennsylvania and we had a lilac bush,I loved when my mother would cut branches and we had that divine smell in the house. In the south we have to go to a flower market to get the, and they cast a queens ransom!

  17. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love the smell of lilac, even though I’ve never tried to grow it. Not sure it would thrive in the Texas heat, but it’s sure beautiful. I love your table! The hobnail glasses are my favorite. I love hobnail anything! So vintage, reminds me of my grandmothers.

  18. I love the scent of lilac. It is truly a breath of fresh air. Gorgeous tablescape as usual. I adore your mercury glass candle holders, they are so easily used in all seasons.

  19. This table setting is so pretty and the smell would be just delightful

  20. Beautiful table ! The purple glasses are a very nice touch. I have three lilac bushes just getting ready to bloom and the smell will fill the yard and just a few stems brought inside will fill the house with that great spring lilac smell ! Thanks

  21. My son gave me a lilac bush years ago and I love it! I have been waiting for it to bloom! It makes my heart happy to see it blooming in all it’s glory!!! I just love lilacs! I noticed that many of the tablescapes in today’s post did not have placemats under the plates. Is this a trend you see happening? Just curious .. Blessings!

  22. Karyn McBride says:

    Lovely Lilacs!

  23. I love lilac, the beauty, the smell. I love to bring it inside for my table.

  24. I can just imagine how wonderful those lilacs smell! Your tablescapes are always so beautiful and a feast for the eyes!

  25. I do love lilacs and your table is set so beautifully.

  26. Love this tablescapes! Your lavender dishes are beautiful, and I can almost smell the lilacs! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Victoria Schwalbe says:

    I dearly love lilacs too. My Easter table had small white pitchers filled with lilacs daffodils and white dogwood. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! We also have a Boomerang lilac Bush….it blooms throughout the summer. Not quite the same as the spring varieties but still lovely.

  28. debbie probst says:

    No one creates a more beautiful tablescape! So lovely!!

  29. Beautiful! I have very special memories of lilacs!

  30. Lilacs are such a herald of Spring; iridescent candlesticks & hobnail water goblets bring forth such wonderful memories. Absolutely ethereal presentation!

  31. beautifull table, I like the soft colors and the flowers as well. Bravo! ???

  32. Beautiful! Lilacs and Lily-of-the-Valley are my two favorite flowers. Their scents are heavenly! I have a question – how do you keep your lilacs from drooping and dying after you cut them? Mine go limp within a day of being cut.

    1. Mine do as well, Jan, and I do all the well-known “tricks” such as splitting open (or hammering) the cut end to allow for better absorption of the water, yet mine still droop a day or two later … sometimes even the SAME day! ?

  33. I love lilacs too and can’t wait until they bloom here in MI. They are at least 2 weeks away yet. I’m hoping they will be around for a beautiful Mother’s Day table. Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne!

  34. Jill Miglin says:

    Hi Yvonne. Love the tablescape. Lilacs and Peonies are my favorite flowers. As Jan asked, what is best way to keep the lilacs the longest.

    1. Joy Bennett says:

      Take a hammer to the last several inches of the stems. Being woody, you won’t hurt them. It will actually increase the surface area and they’ll take up more water.

  35. Your lilac table is outstanding. I love the plates. Unfortunately lilacs are not in bloom in this part of the country yet, but I love the smell when you bring them in the house.

  36. This tablescape looks so beautiful! I love my Lilacs. They remind me of growing up and my mom cutting them and placing them in vases all over the house.

    Thank you!

  37. Avril Crundwell says:

    I’m finally seeing spring come to life here in Ohio. We just moved into a new home and everything is still in a cluttered mess.But the blooms in my garden give me hope that all will be well soon. Your lilacs are fabulous. They are one of my favorite flowers too but unfortunately this yard does not have any 🙁 My mother always had lilac bushes. I just might have to make a new addition to my new garden. Thank you Yvonne.

  38. I love lilacs! They die so quickly it seems almost a shame to bring them inside. Have you found a way to make the blooms last a bit longer once cut?

  39. OH how I would love to sit at your lilac table and have tea with you! I hope you are right about lilacs in heaven, because they make me sneeze here! You do the very best tablescapes!

  40. You always create the most wonderful tablescapes!! Your home must smell so much like spring. Thanks for all the inspiration you share. Your daily post is one thing I always look forward to. Enjoy your day.

  41. Sandra Arnold says:

    Just love all these fresh ideas I’m getting for spring

  42. One tip for making lilacs last longer is right after they are cut, is to smash the stems with a hammer before putting them in water….. because they are so woody in the stems, this allows them to take up water longer. Hope this helps…..I too love lilacs and grew up with them.

  43. What a pretty tablescape! I loved seeing the lilacs and their gorgeous color in your dining room!!! We do not have lilacs, but the fragrance of a tea olive tree takes me right back to the second grade. I planted three tea olives, and when they bloom the memories rush in…must be similar to your lilacs. Our sense of smell is a powerful stimulant to the brain, isn’t it??? The flutes and transferware suited the table setting perfectly.

  44. That is a gorgeous table! I love lilacs too.

  45. Joan Moore says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
    Love how you always center your post around nature and our Risen Savior! Please keep sharing the message. ?

  46. Kathryn Barton says:

    I am with you, I love lilacs. They are so very special, and the smell is glorious. I just wish they lasted longer. Your tablescape is just beautiful. The essence of Springtime.

  47. Joy Bennett says:

    Yvonne: Your tablescape is beautiful and your message so true. Fleeting joys are that much more special–like lilacs and dogs! Love your posts.

  48. Linda Charlton says:

    We have one lilac bush. Hoping for blooms soon.

  49. Lizzianthus says:

    Yvonne I love, love, love your lilac table. I can smell the sweet fragrance right through the computer screen. Lilacs are my favorite!
    I have two lilac bushes but for some reason they have very little scent this season. I will have to check to see if the soil is missing something. Thank you for sharing!!

  50. Stunning. I’m looking into reblooming lilacs right now, love them. The salad dishes are pretty too. Amazing as always


  51. Carol Elkins says:

    This is beautiful!!!

  52. I absolutely love the look and smell of lilacs! The house I grew up in was surrounded by lilac bushes and they always bring back fond memories.

  53. I love the lilacs and your little plates! I think your table is just beautiful!!

  54. I can almost smell your lilacs!

  55. Karen Gamble says:

    Love, love, love lilacs! Gorgeous table setting.

  56. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I love the table dishes and the Lilacs. I have the Lilac bush that my mother and father planted on their bedroom. I trimmed it back during the winter because I wanted it to have more blooms next year. I have a few blooms this year. What pretty settings for the table and love how the dishes match the Lilacs. I can almost smell the Lilacs. What a pretty setting.

  57. Beth Brown says:

    Beautiful and lilacs are one of my favorites! I actually used them in a mason jar for my Easter lunch table.

  58. I had lilacs in my previous house, love the scent.We have something in common,
    I love decorative plates and hunting for goodies at Target ! As usual, you did a
    beautiful job with your table.

  59. This is nothing short of gorgeous! Your attention to detail is impeccable!
    There is nothing more joyous than the smell of fresh Lilacs.
    I’m guessing you most likely have a continuous supply of Lilacs from your yard.
    How Beautiful.

  60. Absolutely stunning, Yvonne!! I’ve been a huge lilac fan my whole life, but how you showcase them against this refreshing white table is just perfect! Love the little pops of color in the plates and flutes as well. Just gorgeous!

  61. The lilacs are so beautiful on your table! I haven’t seen any where I live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas. I need to be on the look-out for them.

  62. The lilacs look amazing and the place settings are to die for! Our lilac bushes are just now leafing out, can’t wait for the blooms coming soon! Thanks always for the inspiration.

  63. Your lilac springtime tablescape is absolutely stunning, Yvonne – gorgeous light and airy bright pics – truly gorgeous.

  64. Minnie mccoy says:

    Lilacs are my second favorite, Daisy are my first. They make me think of Grandma. Funny how flowers hold memories.

  65. Marcy Leonard says:

    In 1954 we moved into a newly built house in Lincoln, Nebraska with huge yards covered in snow. My mother was aghast when the snow melted to reveal large yards of mud. My dad hosed the soil daily to kept it from blowing away till the loads of sod were delivered and planted, and then we had large yards of grass. No one in the neighborhood put up fences, so my parents started planting long rows of lilacs to border the back yard, and my goodness did they ever grow! The next spring they leafed out and bloomed so full and so colorfully the newspaper came to take pictures of us kids peeking through the sprays–and they were so delightfully fragrant!Four years later when we returned to Texas, we had to leave them behind, but every spring I wonder if they are still there. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tablescape and triggering such a fond memory.

  66. Beautiful….Wish I could smell them

  67. genie steger says:

    Oh thank you for sharing your lilacs and the beautiful dishes…I miss my lilac Bush and Camilla s so much! I live in SC now and we just can’t grow them here, though someone told me of one called Miss Kim, that might grow here in the South! Thank you again

  68. Gorgeous. Why is it that they haven’t bloomed for a couple years? Is that normal?

  69. beautiful table!!! your lilacs are lovely

  70. Yvonne, I so agree with your advice of a smaller plate to carry ones theme or color choice. I had to do this years ago for storage reasons but have never regretted it for a moment. I must admit I have a love for beautifully set tables inherited from my mother and grandmother. Heavenly is the only word to describe your table full of glorious lilacs white dishes sweet napkins etc! Great post

  71. Both of my grandmothers had beautiful lilac trees in their yards. Just looking at your photos I could conjure up the fragrance.
    Your tablescape is breathtaking!

  72. Cindy Finter says:

    I just returned from a trip to Longwood Gardens and fell in love with the purple and white shades of tulips. Seeing them today and reading your blog and seeing your beautiful table have been very inspirational.

    I would like to know where you found your candle stick holders?

  73. Mary Nell Harding says:

    Beautiful table! I, also, like the comment about God giving us a glimpse of His heavenly home..something for us to look forward to. The next time one of my flowers blooms only for a short time, I’m going to think of this comment instead of being disappointed!

  74. Robin Talley says:

    Wow!!! I have never seen such a beautiful table!!! And my favorite color too!!! I love the Plates with the flowers also!! STUNNING

  75. Bernadette says:

    Brings me back to my childhood, we had Lilacs in abundance!!! Beautiful table Yvonne!!

  76. Gorgeous tablescape! I love the flowers you used with the beautiful purple plates! So pretty! Everything is so lovely in white and purple!

  77. Patricia A. says:

    Lovely and delicate are the Lilacs…Their fragrance is unforgettable…Thank you for sharing your beautiful table..

  78. Sharon B. says:

    Gorgeous table! I absolutely love lilacs and they look so nice in the white pitcher. I have always loved your white dishes with the detailed edges, especially the square ones. I have some white serving pieces with detailed embossed edges, but sadly have not stumbled across any plates yet, but I live in hope. Those purple flutes and the purple transferware dishes are lovely as well. And mercury glass just adds a bit of sparkle to the table. Thanks for the eye candy post!

  79. Beautiful lilacs and dishes as usual! However, I couldn’t help but notice that you moved the swan…it should always have a permanent home on the sideboard!

  80. I love lilacs. They smell divine! I saw some at the store today and they wanted $15! They just did not smell like homegrown flowers. Purple and white are gorgeous together in your pictures!

  81. Mmmmm. I can almost smell the wonderful heady scent of lilacs! Brings me back to my childhood and cutting them from our huge bush in the backyard before going to school. I would wrap the stems in a ‘tin foil’ holder and present them to my teachers! I thought I was such hot stuff! I really can almost smell them in my mind! Living in south Florida now so only have the memory to enjoy now! Thanks for the pleasant reminder.

  82. Love love ❤️ the lilacs!!!!!!!
    So beautiful- think they are so uchmore vibrant up north!

  83. Love love ❤️ the lilacs!!!!!!!
    So beautiful- think they are so much more vibrant up north!

  84. Pamela R LePage says:

    The lilacs and white vases are so cute!! Your photos are just too cute. Lilacs were my Dad’s favorite flower/

  85. Karen Cadden says:

    Lilacs are a wonderful flower to represent spring! To make the flowers last longer, it helps to remove the leaves from the branches with flowers, and use branches with leaves only to fill in the vase. Your table setting is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  86. Dawn Ackley says:

    Love the little touch of the lilacs in the tiny creamer at each place setting!

  87. Yvonne you’ve done it again! STUNNING!!!

  88. Our lilacs bloomed last month but one really needs a cold winter for the best blooms! Even so, I’m thankful for my weeks of blooms. I too have bouquets that last a day or two but I figure my bush needs trimming so I might as well cut bouquets! Also, I have a Korean Lilac that grows well in our mild winters. It is a small mounding bush with tiny flowers yet their cluster is more potent than a large Lilac!!! Ahhh the scent of lilacs is wonderful. Even though I do not have a keen sense of smell I can imagine!!
    I loved your tablescape!!! I hope you had company to enjoy the pretty table too ?✝

  89. What an absolutely gorgeous table! So simple and so beautiful! And oh the lovely lilac aroma!

  90. This is just stunning Yvonne. Such a gorgeous table. My lilacs just started to bloom so I will be doing a table featuring them also. Thank you for sharing all your incredible ideas with us.



  91. Thank you! I love that perspective!!

  92. Be still my heart Yvonne!…I so wish I had a beautiful Lilac shrub….they say it is hard to grow one here…but I think I shall give it a try as the lilacs on the table are stunning!!!….a table that would make anyone smile!

  93. Connie Hester says:

    Lilacs are my favorite flower! We had a HUGE old fashioned lilac bush in my backyard and after a spring rain, Mom would open the windows and that heavenly smell filled the house. I now have an old fashioned lilac in my yard that my Husband gave me for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It is now in full bloom and I just go out and bury my face in the beautiful flowers. I have some in small bud vases around the house. I pray that Heaven smells like lilacs!! 🙂

  94. Renee Wimberly says:

    This table makes my heart sing! These are my favorite colors; purple(egg plant deep), lavender, lilacs. Oh so gorgeous!

  95. I discovered your blog by searching tablescapes, and have been smitten with your blog ever since. This one is especially lovely.

  96. The lilacs…oh so divine! The table setting
    rivals their natural beauty.

  97. Absolutely gorgeous. I am waiting for my lilacs to bloom. We had a frost last night so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Meanwhile I will enjoy yours. Pinned and I would love it if you shared on my Thursday party ( you can link up until Saturday at midnight). Hugs!

  98. Have you ever been to the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY? In Spring, Highland Park has more than 1200 flowering lilac bushes with over 500 different varieties. Your tablescape brought back some memories of when I used to live in New York. Your tablescape is stunning and I love those purple flutes from Target. That was a great find!

  99. cathy claus says:

    Stunning! your pictures/photography always takes my breath away! living in upstate NY we look so forward to blooming lilacs and our own Lilac Festival! love your blog!

  100. What lady doesn’t love purple, flowers and pretty table settings. Lilacs and Wisteria’s make a beautiful arrangement. I have fallen in love with transferware and started collecting when I can find them.

  101. Lanita Anderson says:

    Your lilac tablescape is stunning… beautiful! I not only love the lilac fragrance, but purple is also my favorite color, so your table definitely caught my eye. Thanks for sharing…..

  102. Nothing shouts S-P-R-I-N-G like Lilacs ….. or Forsythia … or flowering Quince …. and tulips, jonquils, lily of the valley, hyacinth, daffodils, the list goes on and on!

  103. I love, love your tablescape! Lilacs are one of my favorites and the color purple.

  104. Like you I love lilacs and have since I was a child. My grandmother used to pick the stems and bring them inside to force them to bloom early for my birthday if the weather was cold longer than usual, because she knew I loved them so much. Your table is lovely and the lavender plates are very pretty.

  105. God’s creations are always awesome and so is the lilac tablescape. You did another outstanding job.

  106. Absolutely beautiful. Being a Texas girl would you believe I’ve never seen a lilac in person? I have no idea what they smell like. Because of the heat they don’t grow here. We don’t have peonies here either which I sure wish we did. Someday maybe I can travel to an area that has lilacs and it will be the right time of year and I’ll get to smell them. A girl can hope right?

  107. Love the lilacs and table setting.

  108. I can almost smell your lilacs all the way down here in Texas! Love the combination of lilac, mercury glass and white!

  109. My grandmother’s house had a humongous lilac right outside the bathroom window! Nature’s air freshener. I have lilacs in my garden and the fragrance brings back wonderful memories of grandma!

  110. Tammy Hobbs says:

    Your lilac table is BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me want to plant some ion my yard. Thank you for your beautiful post!

  111. Tammy Hobbs says:

    Beautiful table, make me want to plant laic’s in my yard!

  112. Love the Lilacs and your table decor!! Just Beautiful!!

  113. This lilac tablescape is stunning. I have to say the lilacs are the show stopper, but you accessorize them beautifully. I love your mixing of glasses–colors, shapes, and kinds. You have a real talent for creating beautiful tables. Please keep on sharing!

  114. Good morning! How EXQUISiTE! THe smell must be intoxicating! May I ask what your chargers are made of and where you bought them? Love
    your transferware, too! XOXO

    1. Hi Annie, The chargers are really large square dishes. I found them at HomeGoods a few years ago. Sorry I can’t tell you more than that.

  115. Donna Marie says:

    The lilacs are prettier this year than ever before, and I get a whiff of them when I am weeding my other flower gardens. God’s ways of paying me for my hard work!!!

  116. Donna Terry says:

    I am sooo glad I found your blog!! I look forward to receiving an email each day with beautiful pictures and great ideas.

  117. Oh my goodness, this had to be the most Exquisite I tablescape ever! The lilacs are so gorgeous, how fortunate you are to have a prolific amount from your friend! I have a lilac bush, which is unusual for central CA, because the heat is too much for them, but those two weeks of gorgeousness is a gift for sure! I’ve never seen transferware in the lilac color, so amazing! I tried your link to see your glasses but it took me somewhere else. This happened in another post too, thought you should know.

  118. Betty LaRue Mashburn says:

    Love those lilac printed plates! I also love to use the salad plates on top of white plates for each occasion or season.

  119. Rachel W. Robbins says:

    These lilac table settings are just gorgeous! Purple is my favorite color & Lilacs are my favorite flower. This makes me long for Spring!

  120. Patricia Bernot-Vargas says:

    It looks so gorgeous and fresh, you can almost smell it! I’m ready to go pick some lilacs out of my backyard. Any tips on how to prolong their life once cut?

    1. Hi Patricia, Thank you! Lilacs are so beautiful and so short-lived! I’ve tried so many ways to keep them lasting longer. My best tips is to pick them when they are just budding and to split the ends of the branches that go in the water. I used to smash them but found out this just inhibits the water. So I use a sharp knife and split the ends. Be careful!!! Also, keep them out of any sunny spot and put them in a cool place (maybe outside) at night.

      Hope this help! My best advice would be to just enjoy them!!! What a gift!

  121. Doreen Snyder says:

    So breathtaking! I’m not sure if anyone asked yet…Do you have a source for your gorgeous lilac plates?

    1. Hi Doreen, This might be my favorite tablescape. I picked up the dishes at a local antique shop. I knew they would be perfect for lilac time!

  122. Hello Yonne, I keep staring at your lilac tablescape! It’s breathtaking and inspirational. I have a large lilac bush that was beautiful this spring and I’ll be ready to use those blossoms nx spring after seeing yours… so so beautiful! Thank you!

  123. Ena Barnes says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I saved some of your earlier posts a long time ago and I’m unable to retrieve them now that you changed your blog, it no longer shows them. I’m looking for one in particular on a bridal shower which you did for your daughter (I believe) and another with a baby shower. Can you please tell me how to find those old posts? Thank you.