PRACTICALLY SPEAKING- let's talk about comparing ourselves and our home to others

With the holiday season coming soon, I want to take this opportunity to talk to you… my dear wonderful readers, about a topic that is near and dear to me. I want to have a little heart to heart about how awesome you are and and to encourage you! In this edition of PRACTICALLY SPEAKING let’s talk about our tendency to compare ourselves to others. especially when it comes to our homes. We all do it and it can leave us feeling “less than” and defeated. We need to guard against this form of self-sabotage and instead, love our homes and ourselves!

PRACTICALLY SPEAKING- let's talk about comparing ourselves and our home to others

I think it is the tendency of all people to inwardly compare ourselves to others. As women, we often compare ourselves to other woman but I’m not going there today. We also compare our homes to the ones we see around us. And “comparison” can suck the very soul out of us! 

As we read blogs and magazines and visit others during the holiday we will see so many beautiful things. Even here at StoneGable, I’ll be posting lots of pretty ideas and decor for you to enjoy. I just don’t want you, my beloved readers, to fall into the comparison trap!

The intent of my blog and others it not for your to compare your home to mine… oh, gracious no!!! I always say, “My blog is my real life, but only a slice of it”. You do not see what is on the other side of the camera. My goal is for you to be inspired. StoneGable is for you to say, I love that ___________. That one little thing in a picture or phrase I say that sparks your imagination and creativity and gets you excited about YOUR home.

I hope you see something in the coming weeks that you can say, “I can do that”, or “this gives me an idea” or “now I know what I can do”! I want my blog to make you say… “IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I”. 

“If this woman, who has no design degree and is in the second half of her life can make a lovely home, then I can too”! Because StoneGable is all about encouraging you and sparking your God-given creativity and letting you know that YOU CAN DO IT! Friends, you CAN do it too!

PRACTICALLY SPEAKING- let's talk about comparing ourselves and our home to others

Earlier this week my soul was fed so full of beauty it overflowed! I had the opportunity to visit Amy Howard, the great furniture designer, a leader in the interior design market and owner of Amy Howard At Home. Amy Howard At Home is a line of artisan quality paints and finishes that creates such beauty! A small group of bloggers were invited to Memphis to take part in a workshop. Amy and her husband Gene invited to their home for dinner. 

You can’t imagine how excited we all were. As our chartered bus pulled up in front of her home we all knew that we were in for a special treat! The stairs to her home were lit with candles and Amy and her husband were standing outside waiting for us to come. The graciousness of that one act, put all of us at ease. We were hugged and warmly greeted and made to feel like we were their most cherished of guests!

Amy and Gene’s home was the epitome of grace and charm and so beautifully decorated that we all ooohed and aaaahed all evening. Everything, and I mean everything, was stunning and curated and almost beyond description. House perfection! I was so inspired by everything I saw! For me, it was a major lesson in design and form and function!

But the best part of my evening at “pied e terre” was not her beyond-fabulous home. It was not the scrumptious food or the music from their grand piano. It was Amy and Gene’s open and gracious spirit. It was the way they loved us so well and opened up their home and hearts to us while we were there. They were genuine and transparent and fun and caring. No airs of grandeur, no stiffness or stuffiness. Just a generous spirit and lots of love!

I left entirely inspired by what my eyes saw and my ears heard, for sure! But what my heart felt left an indelible mark on me! My soul was filled to overflowing! I will forever remember my night at “pied e terre” as one of the most enjoyable of my life! 

So my friends, my hope is for you… and for me… to be inspired by what we see this holiday season. Enjoy it and savor it. Be inspired by it and pull creativity from it… but don’t compare! 

And as you celebrate your blessing during the Thanksgiving season and Christ’s birth during Christmas I hope you remember to extend graciousness and love on all those who come to your door! Our homes need to become the vehicle by which we can spread comfort and joy to others!

Practically speaking…Love the home you have… love those who are in it… and love yourself!




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  1. A wonderful reminder as to what’s really important. Thanks.

  2. What a beautiful reminder! Thank you for always being so positive and uplifting and encouraging to us who admire your home and creativity. You are an inspiration to me in so many ways!!

  3. Carol Risser says:

    So beautifully said! Thank you!

  4. What a blessing this post is! God, our family, our homes, and our creative spirits are the true Gifts that we have – not only at Christmastime, but all the days of the year. Thank you for always reminding us and inspiring us to be grateful for what we do have.

    1. Beautifully said, Alyson!

  5. Yvonne, I have always know you have a most beautiful soul. Today you put it into WORDS. Thank you for your inspiring blog for ourselves, our homes and our souls? God’s many blessings to you and your previous family

  6. Nancy Marino says:

    I so love your blue table settings Yvonne. I used to have blue onion and blue willow. I do miss those settings. But I have a lovely red set celebrating Columbus which has some awesome serving pieces… perfect with autumn colors… once again you have inspired me. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I enjoy it immensely.

  7. You nailed it, Yvonne! Your blog is so inspiring. Not only in the beautiful home that you’ve created, but you are doing exactly what God called us “seasoned” women to do………..to come along side of the young women He has placed in our life and to point them to HIM. You have a LARGE platform with your blog and I love seeing the way you are pointing 🙂

  8. Karen VanLoo says:

    What an inspirational message, Yvonne! I LOVE it. Thank you for being so positive and uplifting, and reminding us to love, care for, and enjoy our own homes. You’re right, it’s never a competition with others, it’s all about inspiration and we should be grateful for what we have. I sure am! I wish you and your family God’s blessings this holiday season. Thank you for what you do!

  9. Yvonne:
    Beautiful, beautiful post and so important for all of us to keep in our minds.
    Thank you.

  10. Erika Wilson says:

    Well said, Yvonne! Words to live by.

  11. Beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring post.
    You are one of the special ones.

  12. Thank you Yvonne! I think we all need a reminder that we are who we are to make the most of everything we DO have and not want to be like anyone else. Yes!! I have failed at times with the little green eyed monster. Your home and touches make me want for so much more but then I realize I am happy and most of all healthy! So I’ve got crummy dishes and outdated furniture that doesn’t match — I’ve got a husband I adore and who loves me with all my failings. My grown children are wonderful and they’ve blessed us with four marvelous grandsons. Yes I’be been blessed. And above all of this I am able to indulge in my passions — cooking, blogging, gardening, writing. So I will stick a bouquet of flowers on the dining room table, look around and pretend everything matches. There will be too much love filling the rooms of our house to let anything else matter. Have a blessed weekend!!

    1. Your lovely sentiments have brought a tear to my eye x

      1. Trios chat Gris says:

        What a wonderful reminder of the true beauty that surrounds us all. LOVE .Happy Thanksgiving to all !

  13. Content of our hearts is more important than the envelope of our houses.

  14. Such a good message…especially about being good hosts and enjoying your company. I have a tendency to be too uptight and I don’t want to convey that message. I can do better…starting today as I have my in-laws coming for lunch. Thanks for that!

  15. Being in a late season myself, it took me YEARS to realize this message! Now, I am more content with not only the things around me, but with myself. Thank you Yvonne, for yet another wonderful and enlightening post. Have a blessed week!

  16. Thank you for this post . It is an excellent reminder, especially this time of year to be thankful for everything in our life.

  17. You are always so encouraging and awesome Yvonne!!! I recently found you and it truly brightens my day every time I read your blog! So many wonderful ideas and anyone can see that everything you do comes from your beautiful heart!! Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family!! Peace and love!!!

    1. So glad you found StoneGable, Michele! Welcome to the StoneGable family!

  18. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  19. Well said. I live in the Memphis area would have loved to have met you and fellow bloggers?

  20. What a beautiful, well written reminder we all need to hear, especially this time of year!

  21. Kathryn Smith says:

    Yvonne, I hope to see a post soon with photos from your visit with Amy Howard in her home!! She is one designer I pay attention to her clean but detailed esthetic. Your message, as always, was inspiring.

  22. This topic is something I struggle with daily. I see the blogs and wonder why I can’t have the same live as many of you. Jealousy and envy are not attractive attributes and I am continuing to work on it daily. On another note, I am so sorry to miss your program today. A friend and I had planned to come but my knee pain intervened. I hope you have another one after my recovery.

  23. As I have followed you and other Christian bloggers (for several years now), I feel as though I have indeed learned to love our home. A creative spot has grown in my heart and, as a result, I have another “happy place” in my life. No, I don’t have the budget to follow up on the many ideas I get from you all. But I-and my dear husband- have begun to make our home a more beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming place.
    Your firefly lanterns, I think you called them, and your lovely dining room chandy were my first inspirations. And as I followed, your gracious, generous heart have also helped me grow.
    So thank you, dear Yvonne, for your servant’s heart. May God richly bless you and your family this holiday season and always. *hugs* Karen from Oregon

  24. Judy C in NC says:

    Just being around genuinely beautiful people and surroundings always bring out the love of what we admire – the love of home and the love of those who surround us.. You are one special lady … always an inspiration. Another very well said post and from now on “I will be on the porch when guests arrive” as I believe we can always improve our love. Thank you , Judy C

  25. Thank you! That was beautifully written and a great reminder, which I really needed!!

  26. Perfectly put Yvonne! I just noticed your Pottery Barn presentation. I am going to tell my cousin Tara as she lives in Ambler(Close to King of Prussia mall) and would love this.

  27. Excellent post…thank you!

  28. Very well said. Very well said Evonne! The joy comes when we take our eyes off others and place them on Christ, who created us to be unique individuals with our own tastes and talents.

  29. Yvonne,
    That was wonderful!. Thank you!. Your like a blog-cheerleader! Lol,. I’m sure I speak for all of us,. We needed that! Especially as holidays approach, we see so many pretties at others homes and wish we too had that. In light, each and every one of us should be thankful to have what we do have and just know it could always be worse and less fortunate!. I enjoy your blog,letters and devotions so much!. Thank you again for sharing!

  30. Your blog ran true for me – it’s really easy to feel envy at someone else’s home and/or life. It’s a great reminder. I love your designs, inspiration, instructions and message that accompany them. At the end of the day – our home should be a haven for all that reside, a reflection of us and hopefully for our visitors we make them comfortable. Many thanks for your wisdom – keep the inspiration coming.

    Happy Holidays!

  31. Maureen brinkmann says:

    I’m writing this and giving you a big hug at the same time Yvonne. You inspire me daily . We are currently building a new home in Canada in an area with incredible lake and orchard views. Having a beautiful, warm, and welcoming home is so important to me. Not only for my personal need to have a relaxing stylish environment, but also for my family and friends. We have 5 granddaughters,and when they visit I try to make our time filled with cooking, making jewellery, sewing fun things, taking nature walks, and just generally being creative. Part of each fun thing is taking responsibility for clean up. Our sweet 3 yr. said one day, “Gwammie ( she can’t say her R’s yet) you can can do anything”. So sweet , it still brings tears to my eyes. So many times I picture myself sitting in your kitchen having a coffee while watching you cook, laughing and sharing design ideas. You are my friend swee Yvonne, and we have never even met.

  32. Jinny Foor says:

    Guilty as charged! Thank for the wonderful reminder, Yvonne.

  33. Thank you for this post! My house is a disaster right now: beautiful Persian rugs rolled up by the side wall in the dining room, and lovely hard-wood floors with black burn marks from our geriatric little Schnauzer. Then there are piddle pads (which she seldom uses) strewn about. Very discouraging! I know this is temporary, but it’s not esthetically-pleasing!

  34. Meda Branwell says:

    Amen & amen! Soooo beautifully said, Yvonne! Reminds me of Gal. 6:9…about comparing ourselves to others.

  35. Thank you Yvonne for the uplifting and positive words of encouragement. I say thank you to God everyday for the home I presently live in. Just three years ago I didn’t live in my own “home” due to some circumstances in my life. I would ride around my town and look at homes and think these people do not know how “blessed” they are to live in their own home. This has forever changed me and has made me feel so thankful to my heavenly for the gift of my home.

  36. Pam kittleson says:

    Wonderful message today! Thank you for reminding us we invite people in to love them and make them feel special – it’s not about us

  37. Sherry Myers says:

    This is definitely a beautifully written post. I believe it spoke your heart. Thank you for reminding us that just as God made each one of us unique with many special gifts, the way we make others feel will always be remembered most. Always. Thank you for sharing your adventure and what you learned. We are blessed by it.

  38. Beautiful post. Your blog is an inspiration. I love to look at your beautiful home, your lovely Tablescapes, and read your inspiring words on Sunday. You have introduced me to a whole life style that I did not think I would ever be able attain. But I have taken lots of little things and made them my own on our little farm. Thank you.

  39. Linda Byrnes says:

    So true! And your words are always inspiring! It was so wonderful to meet you today at Pottery Barn. You are a gracious host each day through your blog and today was no exception. You made your audience today feel so included and welcomed. Thank you again! Don’t forget the fix-o-dent tip! Works like a charm!

  40. Kay Schulz says:

    You are so right. It iKays what you feel in your heart when you visit friends or acquaintances. I just love this post.
    Hugs Kay

  41. So true! Thank you for being such a positive and inspiring blogger! I had the pleasure of meeting Gene and Amy at Haven and they are just as you described! Love them and you!

  42. Sarah olivito says:

    I loved this post of yours ! you are truly an inspiration. it is not not about copying your posts but seeing what you do and feeling we can too make our homes what we want them to express. thank you. sometimes my days are very much brightened by you. Sarah Olivito

  43. You ate always so encouraging, and I thank you for that from my heart. Because of your encouragement I was able to share the fall center piece I made ,that is something I would have never done that before now.Thank you so much for the reminders and the love you put forth through them and sharing the word.
    Love in Christ
    Have a great day.

  44. Kathy Richards says:

    Thank you for this very uplifting post. I think we all tend to compare ourselves or our homes at some point in our lives. We are doing a little redecorating in our home and it’s easy to get discouraged, especially when on a limited budget. I love your blog and find it very inspiring. I’m finding that at this point in my life ( late 50’s), I do love my home, but most of all I’m thankful for it. I’m looking forward to following your blog throughout the holiday season. Have a blessed and happy thanksgiving!

  45. Yvonne,
    Thanks for always being you and bringing inspiration to us all!
    Miz Helen

  46. A bit late in reading yesterday’s post, but so happy I did. You are such an inspiration to so many Yvonne including me. I use to be like this…yearning to have or do what my friends did in their homes. I have a lovely home and have been blessed with many wonderful things. But for whatever reason I let me head tell me

    Your blog inspires me every day to explore my creativity.

  47. Well said. It is such a balancing act, especially in today’s culture, to appreciate, enjoy and reflect the beauty around us and incorporate it into our homes without obsessing and comparing. Magazines, catalogs, shopping malls and shopping online and the ever present home improvement shows on tv can become destructive or obstructive powers in our lives if we don’t have words of wisdom and truth and the constant reminder that the spirit of the home is the most important. Thank you, this post was a needed reminder!

  48. Jacque Avant says:

    I totally love what you just said because when I was younger and had so much less I felt that way at times too. I now see how wrong I was because you never know what is behind closed doors. Looks are not everything.

  49. Donna Heinen says:

    Thank you Yvonne,
    for getting to the real heart of the matter. Comparison is always lurking at the door and your timely reminder, especially in this holiday season was excellent. I love your blog and all the things you show us.



  50. Thank you, Yvonne for honestly sharing your heart, pointing us to Him. Also for that reminder to be genuinely welcoming to those who come to our homes. If I’m not careful, I’m so focused on making my home perfect, that I miss the needs of the people who visit. I must guard that my heart is not so full (Oh Martha!) of fretting over every detail that I miss truly showing open arms to those God sends my way.

  51. Thank you, Yvonne! I really appreciate you and your encouragement.

  52. Such a beautiful and realistic article you’ve written. When I first signed on IG I was definitely overwhelmed with all the beauty. I started to look at my home differently. I wanted to sell everything and start over. Ridiculous I know. I really needed a reality check and I got one.all my life I’d been given compliments on how beautiful i kept my home, so I had to stop and reflect on all God has done for me and given me, most of all, talent and a good eye for decorating. I admire so many feeds and yours is one of them. I appreciate your frankly speaking and your wonderful talent. Thank you and God blessings!!

  53. I just bought my first container of Amy Howard paint. My local ACE Hardware had a display and I found a cute wooden high chair just an hour before.
    Since the promise of rain didn’t materialize, tomorrow I’ll try it out.
    How great to meet her and be welcomed into their “pied e terre”.

  54. Thank you for the reminder and affirmation to stay grounded as we enter the holidays that can so easily suck perspective and joy from us. Bless you!

  55. So so very true! Sometimes when I was younger though I knew this, it was hard to practice. That said I have always loved making a warm welcoming home for our family and friends as we moved across the globe.

  56. I enjoy all of your decorating ideas. My grandaughter told me about your website and we have both garnished so many ideas .Thank you so much for sharing .Happy Thansgiving to you and your family.Look forward to christmas ideas.

  57. Rita Roach says:

    Very well said. I love your blog. You are such a inspiration as a lady, and housewife. Your home is beautiful! Regardless, some people feel the need to hurt or destroy a happy life in anyway they can. I felt bad over comments reguarding”Earl”. This is your home! I think if one doesn’t like something they should merely just pass over it in their mind as something they didn’t care for instead of verbally bashing it. All our homes are different and our lives. I don’t know why people you dont even know feel the need to “bash” things or ideas in someone else’s home. I guess it makes them feel big. A thought I have tried to live by is not to let my quietness be mistaken for weakness. I look forward to more if your pleasant blogs. Blessings to you.

  58. A perfect message as so many of us prepare to open our homes to friends and family. Thank you for the gentle reminder of what brings people together and creates beautiful memories

  59. Vyonne, thanks so much for this wonderful message. I loved your emphasis on welcoming guests and making them feel loved.

  60. genie steger says:

    A wonderful reminder to enjoy what we have and not compare!!!! I love to entertain and try the best to make our little cottage be as welcoming as possible.

    It sometimes hard as we live in area, where there a lot bigger houses with more money to spend!!! But we are lucky to live here

    1. Connie Fowler says:

      I think it’s important to remember that bigger is not always better. What’s important is the love that is inside your home. I’m sure your home is a reflection of you, and that’s what people really remember and appreciate.

  61. I love to start my mornings by reading some of your posts. You are such an inspirational person and a great motivator. Your words have the power to lift me up and make me look at things differently. Keep up the great work.

  62. Yvonne, thank you for this beautiful post and all that you share. These are such wise words and thoughts for everyone today.


    You are so right! We do tend to compare ourselves and homes to others. I love my home and it is truly a reflection of what I like (and a little bit of what you like, too!). I know I can always turn to your blog and find something to inspire me. Thanks for being there 🙂

  64. Thank you so much for your spiritual message. I ask God on a daily basis to remove jealousy from my heart. It is an emotion which only creates self misery.In this season we are exposed to so much consumerism we seem to think everyone else has the perfect life.So untrue. Things do not bring happiness. Love of family and friends create the Christmas spirit and remembering the reason we celebrate let’s the holy spirit enter our hearts and brings true contentment.

  65. And that is exactly why you and your blog are successful. You are talented and kind hearted but most importantly you are spirit filled!

  66. Thank you, Yvonne, for your “from the heart” message. You are a very wise woman and thanks for reminding us of what is truly important. Happy Holidays to you!

  67. Thanks for the reminder! I’m always thankful for what I do have because compared to homeless or very poor I am indeed blessed.

  68. Christelle van Zyl says:

    Thank you very much for this awe inspiring website. I am looking forward to receive all your inputs. Christelle